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2013 and earlier Nissan Murano Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • mikesmuranomikesmurano Posts: 118
    I disagree with your statements.

    At least Toyota firmly is standing behind their products.

    The accelerator linkage problem can be traced to a number of bad decisions Toyota made; one being listening to their cost accountants who wanted to cut cost and out source the components to the cheapest bidder.

    Nissan is not addressing their quality issues and will be in front of congress in the near future after enough people die from faulty CVT's.

    Read the NTSB reports about the crazy accelerations of the CVT and throttle motor failures.

    I don't buy into conspiracies but it sure looks suspicious here.
  • iolo72iolo72 Posts: 29
    Not this again.
    For the 627,895th times this thread is called "Nissan Murano Prices Paid and Buying Experience" for a reason. Can we just keep the posting to this topic? I am sure there are boards that deal with reliability and you will be welcome there. If my Murano self-destructs I am sure I will be very upset but I won't come here to complain to everyone. We got it. Some Muranos have CVT issues. Some Lexuses are getting recalled left and right. Now, what I want to know HERE is where are the Murano deals???
  • mikesmuranomikesmurano Posts: 118
    Listen girlfriend, how many of these threads do you need to read before you make your decision to buy a Murano? If you made your purchase awhile ago then your benchmark is now old news.

    FYI, I was actually making a dual reply to the CVT thread & Customer Satisfaction thread that led back here. It might occurr that some other inquiring minds (i.e. smart shoppers) check various threads to make their decision.

    "627,895th"! Gotta lotta time on your hands?

    To be fair and balanced, you should send the same message to replys #2803 & #2804.

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 66,887
    ... back on topic, please....



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • digbig43digbig43 Posts: 4
    I have a 2007 Murano SL that's about to come off lease (in Sept). We're interested in buying / leasing a 2010 model. We're currently over our mileage cap by about 7K. Of course NJ dealer is pushing NMAC's early buy-out program. But we want them to waive mileage fees instead! Anyone find themselves in a similar sitch?
  • sdmacusersdmacuser Posts: 1
    Yes. I'm in the same trap unfortunately. Not too happy with our Nissan Murano at the moment. Have a major safety issue that nearly cost us our lives. Nissan won't address after a half dozen requests.

    2007 Nissan Murano (leased vehicle currently under warranty that dealer /Mossy Nissan refuses to repair. Visors are $500 for parts alone not including installation) safety hazard sun visors flop down and completely block vision. Happens constantly or whenever vehicle hits a slight bump on the road. Driver's side is most effected however sometimes (at least once a day) both visors flop down and block visibility completely. Both my wife and I are tall. She's 5'8" and I'm 6'2". NISSAN WAKE UP! ... THIS IS A SERIOUS SAFETY HAZARD! IT HAS THE POTENTIAL TO BE LIFE-THREATENING.
  • Just wanted to ask a couple of questions. My wife wants to buy a Black Nissan Murano SL AWD with Premium package, 360 package, and Leather package. We were offered a payment of 575.00 a month with 1850 down payment. this would be for 60 months. We live in Michigan. Just wondering if I could do better then that. I think MSRP is 36650 or close to that. With my calculations I am thinking the price they are selling it to me for is around 33100 or close to that. Should I do it? Also would we have to worry about the CVT? I am seeing a lot of people that are unhappy with the way it performs. I don't want to have the car for 5 years and have major problems on it. Any information on it would be helpful.

  • Well that's a total of $36,300 for five years after which you have no asset. I think its way too high. My guess is that they are placing most of the car value in the first five years by quite a bit and leaving a minimal residual value which winds up increasing your monthly cash outflow.

    You MAY want to look at a three year lease and see what happens. Two main steps are as follows ;1. negotiating a price on the car to be leased and 2. maximizing the residual value based on available data. Both are negotiable and will greatly affect your monthly payment. A higher residual value and obviously a lower negotiated price will lower your monthly payments.

    As far as financing, I'd try and get it through a bank. If the only place you can get financing is from a car dealer -- you're probably in the wrong lot or looking at a car you may not really want to afford. ( I know its a rough comment - just be careful)

    In general folks will talk about Nissan's MF ( money factor) and such. I wouldn't pay much attention to any terms dictated by a car manufacturer for any reason - its all negotiable as long as you stick to the main two points I mentioned. Unless a car company buys and leases cars - they make no money. It's just that simple.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 66,887
    I must have missed the part where he said it was a lease?


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • hey ya thats true! :-)

    I still think its a very expensive proposition at 575 a month for 5 years and the down payment. So I would amend my post to consider leasing in a buy vs lease scenario.

    You would take the total cost of the lease option including any benefits such as free maintenance and compare to the buy. With the buy scenario you would add in the residual value as part of the deal, which of course you don't have with the lease.

    My vehicle is almost identical to the buyer here, and came in under 30K. So for 6K more over 5 years ( or about 20% higher) it still seems like a pretty high interest rate to me. Nissan Muranos can be purchased for up to 6K below MSRP interestingly.

    As far as the CVT question -- differing opinions. Mine is that its an excellent transmission with a 10 year warranty - but that getting transfer case problems included in the warranty has been a problem - so getting an AWD is a risk. FWD makes more sense for this particular vehicle. My opinion only.

    back to the buyers negotiation - I am curious as to what price the financing option was based off of? I think that fact is missing. I just see a total.
  • mikesmuranomikesmurano Posts: 118
    edited August 2010
    To answer your question, the first gen. CVT is riddled with defects and problems.

    In recent months, the second gen. is starting to reveal some of the same defects and others.

    Keep in mind, the CVT is not a typical transmission. Many of the vehicle's major functions are mechanically & electronically dependant/linked to the CVT.

    If the CVT experiences a problem it is literally like breaking a link in a chain. It cascades into other areas causing many other problems.

    Traditional transmissions operate mostly as an independant system or module. If it breaks it is usually limited to the transmission.

    This is an important point to consider as you stated.
  • Thanks for the input everyone. As I said before the msrp was 36550 or something like that. It was for the SL AWD with Leather, 360 package. and premium package. The finance rate on it is 0.9%. they were going to sell it to me for 33100 or close to that. I would still have to pay tax which is 6% and also title and license fees. after that I would be putting 1850 down. that is how I came up with the 575 a month.

    After looking at all the feedback with the CVT it has pushed me into not buying the car and looking elsewhere. It sounds like that could create a huge problem which I don't need. Thanks again for your advice.
  • Glad to have helped.

    I think you made a smart decision.

    Best of luck in your hunting.
  • 2010 SL AWD with the 360 package. Sticker is $36,960...How much do you think they'll take of sticker. They are tagged at $32,999.

  • I just picked up a 2010 LE AWD for the wife with Nav, and a few others things I forgot it has already LOL!

    $41,670 with shipping

    - $3,964 Dealer Discount
    - $ 750 rebate
    - $ 500 holiday rebate



    Documentation Fee: 132.50
    State Taxes: 1,420.30
    License Fee 65.00

  • I'm a first time lease 2010 murano sl awd w/ 360 pkg, premium no tech pkg.
    $4800 net trade in allow + $1890 cash 39 mo 12K mi mo lease pay $456.
    Car sticker $37,150 cash rebate $1250 buy out $18203.
    How I should have lowered from sticker and how is the $18,203 buy out important to negotiating my lease down the road? How do they get buyout?
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    If anyone lives in the st. louis metro area and is looking for a deal on an sl-awd-leather-panoramic roof murano, my trade in is at alton toyota for under 24k. It has 18k miles and was serviced every 3750 miles. There is a year of factory warranty left plus 10 years on the cvt. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the car -- just wanted something smaller. Sapphire blue with beige interior. You can tell them the original owner vouched for the suv.
  • vegasmuranovegasmurano Posts: 18
    edited October 2010
    Currenlty own a 2010 SL AWD,and owned a 2009 S AWD as well.No problems with the CVT whatsoever with either of mine.... in any conditions.Including harsh moutain roads,deep snow and blizzard conditions.

    The only thing that takes time to get used to is that when you put it in to gear,it takes about 2 seconds to engage.other than that it is amazingly smooth and problem free for me.

    I even owned a 2003 AWD murano back in the day with no problems either.The only problem I have ever had with ANY of them is a broken cupholder door in my 2009 which was replaced under warrantee.I can afford pretty much ANY car I choose at any price,but the Murano is still my choice of anything out there.
  • sanishsanish Posts: 66
    Murano S FWD $28,500 USD
    Murano SV FWD $31,910 USD
    Murano SL FWD $35,450 USD
    Murano LE FWD $37,540 USD
    Murano S AWD $30,100 USD
    Murano SV AWD $33,510 USD
    Murano SL AWD $37,050 USD
    Murano LE AWD $39,140 USD
  • What prices are people seeing on the east coast for the 2011 Murano LE or SL FWD with navi? And also whats the difference between the SL and LE?
  • Are these dealer cost prices?
  • $29,300 - I got quoted. Is it good or shabby?
  • I recently purchased a 2010 Murano SL FWD in the San Francisco Bay Area (East Bay)

    MSPR 30460
    360 Package 1190
    Premium Package 1000
    Splash Guards 125
    Leather Package 1600
    Detination 800
    Sticker 35175

    Final Price

    Vehicle 31250
    Rebate 500
    Total 30750

    I took 0.9% Nissan financing over the an additional $1500 in rebates.

    It took longer to fill out the credit app than it did getting the price and reviewing the finance options.

    If I wanted to go to a very well equipped SL or LE, they were offering between $500-1000 more off the price.
  • crivcriv Posts: 9
    edited December 2010
    I purchased a used (10k miles) 2010 LE AWD for $30545. It has the NAV and all the options only thing it does not have is the DVD entertainment. Plus it is certified so I have the 84 months/100,000 mile warranty. I financed it at 3.9% through USAA. I think it was a better deal than if I had purchased brand new.
  • sunshine5sunshine5 Posts: 1
    edited December 2010
    Does anyone know if there is room for negotiation if we are doing Nissan VPP? Or would the dealer be able to match the VPP price?

    We got an offer for 2010 Murano LE AWD with Nav & Mats for $35,000 + Tax/lic (includes Destination). We want to make a fair deal for both the dealer and ourselves. Are they able to go down to $33-34?

  • Hi: Do you have any current updates to the above A, B and C VPP Plans?

  • My current Nissan Murano SL lease is going to expire this March. I had one more payment 455$ + over milage (3500M, value at 475$). I went to local Nissan dealer to check what is best price for 2011 Nissan Murano.

    After negotiaton, the offer for Nissan 2011 SL FWD is 33300 + tag + tax + dealer fee.
    The packaing includes:
    360 Package
    Premium Package
    Splash Guards
    Leather Package

    Also they will take care of my last lease payment + over milage charge ( around 1000$ value). So actul value of offer for is 32300. Nissan is offering 0% APR now.

    I am not sure if this is the best deal, but I just like to know if this is a pretty fair deal here. I am appreicated if anyone can give some comments about this deal? thanks.
  • Our local dealer here in South Eastern PA have a few 2010 SL's left. They all have the 360 package, Leather and Premium package. Some also have roofrack crossbars etc. Edmunds doesn't have prices for 2010s anymore. What do you think would be a good price ? Any help would be appreciated...
  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481
    Go to; they still have pricing for 2010 Muranos....nationally, regionally and locally as well as what a "good" and 'great" price would be..... :)
  • Dealer told me $34000 drive out... Is that a good price please let me know..
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