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Rotor hot spots and brake pad replacing

soulwomansoulwoman Member Posts: 1
edited April 2015 in Kia

I bought a used kia soul from the lexus valencia dealership with 36k miles on september 30th. I noticed loud squeeking noise from my brakes 2 weeks later so I took the car back to the lexus dealership on october 18th. They said that the brakes had glaziing and needed to be resurfaced. so they turned the routers and said the car should be good at no charge. Now 5 months later I heard the same loud squeeking from my brakes and decided to take the car to the Kia of valencia dealership which happens to be owned by lexus of valencia(where i bought the car) and Kia told me that I need front and rear brake pads and the routers now have hot spots which will require the router to be resurfaced again to remove the hot spots. They also mentioned that the brake pads should have been replaced to begin with before when the glazing was found on the routers even though at this moment 7mm(70%) of pad life is there.

So I ended up taking the car back to lexus without doing the recommended repair by Kia because to me this is a connected issue to when I first had problems with the routers. Lexus is now pretty much placing the blame on me saying that I could have caused the hot spots by braking too hard when I drive too fast or riding my brakes which is a lie because I dont drive like that. They also started saying that their lexus techs are better than the kia techs and would like the lexus techs to take a look at it instead so the sales manager can speak to the general manager to see if they would help us out.

To my knowledge if glazing is occuring there is something wrong with the calibration, possibly after market pads, resurfacing and turning the routers caused to router to be thinner which caused the hot spots due to the router heating up more than it could take since there was not enough heat distribution, or taking the advice of the Kia dealership, the pads should have been replaced from the start.

What is the proper way to fix this issue? Should I ask for the pads to be replaced and routers to be turned like Kia recommends or is there another issue? Would getting new routers instead of pads be a better idea since there is 7mm left? How can I prove these lexus [non-permissible content removed] wrong?

Thank you so much in advance,


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    Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    I would start fresh and install new rotors and pads. I doubt the rotors will take a 2nd turning anyway and remain in specification. If you indeed have "hot spots", which are really buildup of what we call "cementite". It's an actually molecular change of the iron in the rotor, and often this nodules of cementite go deeper than a rotor cut can reach.

    What causes hot spots? Well that's mostly a product of rotor overheating that melts some of the resin the brake pads, which is turn collect on the rotor as glaze and cause MORE heat. So it's a vicious cycle and I think the only way for a sure cure is to throw the whole system out and start over.

    Lexus may not be at fault here--if they measured the brake pads and rotor thickness prior to sale, and there were no symptoms during a road test of brake pulsating, then they might not have known about the hot spots.

    If you want a safe car with good brakes, then this is the way to go. If Lexus wants to help out with this expense, all the better if they kick something in for goodwill. Ask them to do it, but demanding all new brakes for free might not get you very far. I'd imagine new brakes and rotors on all four wheels would run you something like $600 to $800. If Lexus picked up half of that, I'd say that's a fair deal all around.
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    steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
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