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Suzuki Forenza



  • There are icons on my Forenza radio display and in the manual that appear to indicate additional capabilities for CD playback effects including Church, Hall, Live, Stadium, and Theater. Does anyone know how to access these?
  • doohickiedoohickie Posts: 949
    I hunted around a little bit and found this at the GM site for the Chevy Aveo radio. Aveo and Forenza are both made by GM-Daewoo in Korea. I've test driven both the Aveo and Forenza and they look like they have similar radios. I think they both have a "SOUND" button; here is the description for how it works to change equalization setting from the Aveo Owner's Manual.

    SOUND (Equalization): Press this button until EQ OFF appears on the display to select customized equalization settings designed for classic, pop, rock, jazz, and voice. Turn the volume knob until the desired equalization setting appears on the display. When finished making the selection, press the SOUND button to select the equalization setting.

    To cancel an equalization setting, press the SOUND button until EQ OFF appears on the display, turn the volume knob until OFF appears on the display, then press the SOUND button again to select the equalization setting

    Sounds kind of complicated, but I bet once you get used to it, it's not too bad.
  • noursenourse Posts: 3
    Check the TRUNK when it is closed to make sure the luggage compartment light is NOT draining the battery, 12 hours could drain it if its a marginal battery. Fold down the back seat and look through to see if the LITE is on with it closed. Also check glove box lite, DOME lite, MAP lite, make sure ALL the doors are closed tightly, and anything plugged in the cigar liter or 12volt ports such as a cell phone charger, I doubt that though, cause my 2005 ports shut off with the ignition, I cant think of anything else. Does this ONLy happen in a 12 hr period? does it also happen, lets say for 3, 4 hours? If so, then you may want to go to an auto parts store(e.g.Trak Auto) and have them do a " BATTERY DRAIN" test Its usually FREE..good luck, mike
  • noursenourse Posts: 3
    I have a 2005 reno and same sound system. You Do know you can override the EQ system and use the BASS and TREBLE adjustments too. I find i get better sound adjusting those myself , other than using the preset EQ adjustments,.Very Happy with the sound. NOT an infinity SOUND , but not bad for an econobox, and my friends all give me compliments on the sound quality, they cant believe its a cheap 45 wattX4
  • First 25,000 miles turn on key engine starts. Lately it takes several tries to start engine. I did a 30,000 mile service early, hoping that would solve the problem, but it didn't. Otherwise my 2004 forenza has been a great car.
  • hi my forenza has had ---5 dead batterys....the dealer cant find any problem they say i dont drive it alot....its a 04- with 7700 mi.s.......and im trying to lemon law it here in ct. they- the dealer - say this is the 'first' forenza to hav a power drain.........can you shed any light on my Ingerson......"GO NORWAY" ;)
  • PLEASE READ MY NOTE..... :) :)
  • pfow99pfow99 Posts: 1
    Just bought my first new car :) 2005 Forenza S about 2 weeks ago.. Love the car... 2 questions.. First at 31 or 32 mph the car jerks, second the check engine light came on :cry: and has been on for about 3 hours, I have turned it off and restarted it a few times to see if it would go off and it won't.. I noticed when the light first came on it ran sluggish from a stop and was louder than usual. Any suggestions? The dealer is 2 hours from me and I'm just checking on input before I have to drive up there. Thanks
  • I recently purchased a 2005 forenza. The check engine light keeps comming on, when i make an appointment and finally get to the dealer they tell me it was because my gas cap was not tightened properly and they had to reset the code and erase the error code. Does anyone know what code reader works with the forenza. Any help is greatly apprieciated!
  • Advice from one who has been there:

    On my Forenza, the check engine light kept coming on indicating loss of pressure in the gas tank. The local dealer (Brantmeier Suzuki, Sheboygan, WI) has a great mechanic who finally figured it out. The top of the filler neck, where the gas cap seats, had a small indentation left from forming it. The gas cap couldn't always seal off properly. Take off the gas cap and run your finger around the opening. If you feel a bump or a dip, you may have found the problem.

    The second problem (jerking) is from the transmission hunting between gears at around 30 mph. It was a common problem. The dealer can re-program the transmission control module using the latest software and it will shift like buttered velvet.

    While he's at it, have him re-program the engine computer for the latest software there too. Idle problems will be solved, and the computer will work better when communicating with generic scan tools as well.
  • I brought my Forenza (05)to the dealer two weeks ago. They changed some parts. So now, it seems like that the steel wheel sit at 12 O'clock. However, the car keeps run off the road for only about 100 feet (even not on high way). They have done allignment.

    The dealer told me this is due to crown. I understand crown can affect this. However, it can cause such a severe drifting problem?

    So the dealer let me test a new Forenza. I feel the same thing. Run off the track for about 100 feet. Now, they claim that "drift to the right" is the characteristic of the Forenza.

    Are there anyone with the same experience?

  • Finally, the suzuki forenza's engine break down on high way last week.

    It is still in PA (I am in NY).


  • I have a 2004 Chev Optra (Forenza). In the cold weather and while the car was running I heard the A/C compressor cycle on, the defrost wasn't selected and the a/c switch wasn't on. The dealer tells me that this is normal for this type of compressor (variable type or something like that). Anyone ever hear of this?
  • I saw a Long Term report on MotorWeek, 1 year report, and they had no problems with the 2005 Reno.
    All they said was MPG was low(and from my test drive, the car with the automatic felt slow up to 45, but once it got out of shifting gears, basically, it kept up with traffic with fair amount of ease).
    I had read a report Suzuki had some (minor) words with GM about these/this car this past year(some survey said they ranked last for IQS? JD Powers?), and they are gonna re tune these GMDAT vehicles themselves(separately from the factory, or how GMDAT does it? Heard Suzuki has a part of this factory?).

    Anyhow.... in-laws had/have 2 suzuki's(trackers, made by suzuki) a 92 and a 97.
    92 was traded in 2001, at 213,000 miles. No issues.
    the 97 is still at their house, running, no issues, 80,000+ miles.

    Maybe because these cars were "new", they had issues?

    I dunno.

    I will monitor this thread more closely. I have a few years yet before trade in time.... hopefully, all issues will be ironed out by then.
  • I read the same thing. Actually the CEO of Suzuki, who's last name is Suzuki had heated words at a meeting with GM. Suzuki has had a hard time with quality impression to begin with. They build good cars but they are not luxurious at all. Some people equal hard plastic with poor quality. Our Suzuki, a 1996 lasted over 300000 miles before it needed repairs. I hope Suzuki uses the profits from the Daewoo cars to improve them.
  • chrisducatichrisducati Posts: 394
    News from Suzuki is that the next Forenza will be of Suzuki design. They will be removing the Daewoo product from their line up.
  • aladdinsanealaddinsane Posts: 182
    Hi, all. . .
    Can someone please explain if the "Hold" feature of the Forenza's automatic transmission really does help when one needs some extra traction in slippery conditions, such as snow for example. I know it doesn't take the the place of a true traction/stabilty control, but still I find this hold feature intriguing. I'm condidering the purchase of an '07 Forenza after seeing a brand new '06 yesterday, in Cobalt blue, just glowing under the sunlight (so to speak).
    It's very attractive, and I liked what I saw. :D

    How does it run, normally, in snowy/icy conditions though?
    This is the one thing I'm curious about.
    Anyone willing to advise/inform?
    I'd sure appreciate it. :)

    Many thanx!

    Peace. . .
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    There are a couple of new discussions on the Suzuki Forenza board. Come join in.

    If you click on Track this Group, you won't miss anything else that shows up there.
  • mazdalvrmazdalvr Posts: 16
    I previously owned a 2004 Forenza with the auto. Ok the Hold button allows you to put the car into the gear you want, so press the hold button and you have to pull the shifter down into the gear you need. Start in first the car will take off a lot faster this way watchout for the rev limiter and 1st gear takes a second or two to actually shift into second so watch out for that. Press the shifter into second gear and you wil pick up more speed, move into third and then into 4th. Thats it
  • Hello all I got a 06 Forenza and now I can;t find any performance parts for this car. It got me thinking I am taking it upon myself to make some parts for the Forenza. Here is whats on the drawing bord as of now "The parts that will be made is going to be CNC high quality made parts" I have my own shop so its only the best. A cold air intake, performance header, cat-back exhaust, and im talking to some guys about pistons. This is just a start there are alot more parts to come if anyone has any ideas just let me know.
  • That's what I'm looking for bud. So far I've got a cold air intake, exhaust, and plugs and wires. Other than those I haven't been able to find any performance parts for these cars. Everyone says it'll be a couple of years before they come around. Anyway, I'd love some performance headers on my '05 Forenza. Let me know how much they are and how to get them and I'll be all over it. Thanks!
  • mal6884 and bwstyles there are aftermarket parts for the Suzuki forenza/reno. Goto and goto the forenza/reno section and you should see a good amount of info there. Its a small community but its pretty active tho.
  • Hi all...

    Am I the only one to find that ABS is ONLY available with the 2007 BASE model of the Forenza? I find that bizarre corporate thinking on Suzuki's part. Maybe Daewoo's part too! This just doesn't compute, speaking for myself. Instead of improving this model, both Suzuki and Daewoo seem not to care enough to include ABS on ALL their models, whether standard or an option. That's too bad. I've seen two Forenza sedans lately, in my neck of the woods, (in red and cobalt blue) and they seem to be quite the perfect urban runabout. What's up here? Hmmmm... :confuse:

    Peace! :shades:
  • jdmcrxjdmcrx Posts: 1
    hey was sup guys i have a 2006 suzuki forenza which is very slow to me but i like it alot at the same time but i also have a crx with a 600hp 2.0 ls/vtec turbo engine in it which i happen run a 9.86 in a quarter mile,now this may sound dumb but i had an idea that would make my car run really fast i was thinking about throwing that engine from my crx and put it in my suzuki all i have to do is just make custom engine mounts,custom intercooler piping and have somebody convert my engine harness from my crx and custom make it to wire up to my forenza,after that you will have a 600 hp forenza and nobody will know what you have under the hood when you ask them to race,the only thing that might give it away is that big front mount intercooler but they will just think its just the stock engine that comes with the car
  • Ditto on the 2006. Mechanic had to do a "smoke test" to see where the leak was in the fuel system after the OBD registered it on the computer. I know they've replaced the cap, but I'm taking the printed message above to have them check the seal around the filler neck. Thanks for your contribution, as it added to my ability to somewhat intelligently discuss my car's problem.
  • For my opinion the forenza is a great car 4 wheel disc,abs,ebd. confortable interior, roomy, nice design, and the speaker are not so bad. The only not so good thing is the engine, good 2L but not the same with it´s power. Does anyone have any preformance feature with there forenza that has a good result?
  • I called 1 800 lemon law and 13 months later we were refunded every payment into the car minus 1500 for mileage, We got enough back to buy a 2007 Honda civic and are thrilled! That car was a nightmare.
  • irismgirismg Posts: 345
    Or is it just generally unreliable? I know it's a GM car, but wow... It's a shame because it is a very handsome, well-equipped car for a Korean, and it comes in a handsome wagon, too.
  • we had the wagon too. Stick with a honda.
  • I have a 2006 Suzuki Forenza. Where do you check the transmission fluid. There is no dipstick.
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