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VW Passat TDI



  • dia1dia1 Posts: 2
    To all you TDI folks I am currently driving my 1983 VW Pickup non turbo deisel. It has 180,000 miles and is just about broken in. My last Golf deisel had 265000 and I lost 5th gear to end it's career.
  • deweydewey Posts: 5,251
    "Jettas that should sell for $21-$22k are going to be carrying $26k stickers, and Passats are going to be uniformly north of $28k, "


    The prices above do not concern me at all. It is not the MSRP that is important, but what the market is willing to pay. I am sure that within a year(maybe within months) great deals will be possible especially with the price estimates you provided above.


    The more hefty the MSRP, the more eager I will be in using my negotiating skills to get the TDI PAssat at a price I want and not what VW wants! Anybody who recently bought a Passat W8 or Phaeton will confirm what I am saying(assuming the buyer was a good negotiator)!
  • huynhthuynht Posts: 1
    Hi everyone,


    I am very interested in the Passat TDI but still have some concerns regarding to the noise level and also (as someone mentioned this in early posts) that the oil consumption. Can someone comment on these issues?

  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    If you drive with the windows up the noise should not be an issue. It should actually be quieter than a gas version on the highway because of the low revs.
  • cosmocosmo Posts: 203
    I really haven't noticed the diesel engine noise when driving the TDI except during the first few minutes after cold starts on winter mornings when it has been below ten degrees. You can definitely hear the characteristic diesel sound when you are outside the car, but it is nowhere near the raucous din blasted from diesel pickups. At highway speeds, the TDI is much quieter than my 1996 Passat GLS (only 2200 RPM's @ 70MPH vs 34000 RPM's @ 70 MPH). The engine noise above idle is IMHO a pleasant low toned exhaust note. Also, no oil added (except at 5000 mile change) in 7,000 miles, and I check the oil at every fill-up (two to three week intervals).
  • mrjettemrjette Posts: 122
    I agree, the engine sound inside the car is not an issue. The knocking diesel sound is not even heard (they must insulate well). At stop lights, there is a low frequency growl that actually sounds sort of 'mean'. While different from a gasser, it is not at all annoying to me.
  • Thanks for the comments. I've read on the other forum about the EGR tweaking (I think that was the item mentioned to reduce the soot).


    From all the pages I've read here and the other forum, it seems most of the Passat's problems are actually mechanical in nature and not computer related. So rather than a car like a Cadillac CTS that has alot of computer dependent functionality has an expensive computer related malfunction, the Passat seems to have real mechanical issues, so that if one is proactive about changing out stuff (timing belts, water pumps, snow filters), then the Passat is less likely to leave you stranded somewhere.




    I like the way the CTS drives, but I'm concerned about the repair cost if a computer thingy crashes. Thanks.
  • obieobie Posts: 39
    Now that they've been on the road almost a year, anyone have any reports on fuel consumption in Passats with 10,000 miles or so?
  • todd53todd53 Posts: 47
    My '04 Passat has just over 20k miles and MPG is consistently in the high 30s to low 40s. I got 634 miles on my last tank of gas. Oil consumption is little to none (I run VW spec 505.01 synthetic). The car has been excellent thus far.
  • obieobie Posts: 39
    Thanks for the report Todd53. What portion of your driving is straight highway miles? I'm curious what kind of mpg I could expect mostly in/around town.
  • todd53todd53 Posts: 47


    I would say that that about 80-85% of the miles are from the highway. Based on my experience, I would guess that city driving would yield MGP in the low 30s.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,110
    The car has been excellent thus far.


    How does the Passat TDI compare to your Acura TL?
  • mrjettemrjette Posts: 122
    I have an '05 Passat TDI. Much of my driving is to work and back, a total of 8 miles each way. I average in the low 30s. I do much better (high 30s) when I make a longer trip or drive the highway. MPG decreases in the winter. I would guess this is due to colder engine temp and different fuel mixture to prevent gelling.
  • Please let me know those dealerships selling used TDI wagon for over $35K. I would be interested in talking with them.
  • todd53todd53 Posts: 47

    The TL was good car also, but it was totalled back in October. A college kid ran a stoplight and t-boned it. Thankfully there were no inuries. And it held its value extremely well based on the amount the insurance company paid me for it. I have since replaced the TL with an '05 MDX, which I am also very pleased with.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,110
    Here are older posts on the reliability of the VW Passat TDI. I see so much negative verbiage about VW reliability. It all seems to come from people that have never owned a VW TDI.


    I drive 60 miles one way to work and have done so since 1989. In that time I have owned and driven several different cars. In 1996 I decided to try the Passat TDI. It sounded like the vehicle for me. Three and one half years and 120,000 miles later I can honestly say that this is the best car I have ever owned. I have been thinking about replacing it in a year or two. However, I will only consider TDIs from now on.


    gatewood1, "VW Golf TDI" #88, 9 Jan 2000 3:05 pm
  • todd53todd53 Posts: 47

    You might be interested to know that prior to my Passat TDI, I owned a '98 Jetta TDI, which I bought used in '02 with 65k miles. Drove it for 2 years and 40k miles (105k total) with no problems whatsover. It was a terrific little car. I sold it on ebay (for well above blue book value) when I upgraded to the Passat. So while I'm sure that there are some legitimate reliability issues with many VWs, I have had nothing but positive experiences - knock on wood! So if you drive a lot and are concerned about fuel economy, you will be well-served with a TDI. If MPGs aren't as important, you should check out the new Acura TLs. Good luck...
  • I was at the auto show last week and picked up a brochure on the New Jetta. From the side it looks like an Accord. There's no mention of a diesel engine in the brochure.


    However, I was curious about the dimensions between the present Passat and the New Jetta.


    Within a half inch on each measurement, the Passat and Jetta are almost equal on front leg room, rear leg room, and rear head room. Within 1 inch on each measurement, you can add front head room, front shoulder room, exterior height, exterior width and front & rear track. Jetta's truck is larger by 1 cubic foot, while Passat's total passenger volume is a scant 1.3 cubic feet larger.


    To me, it'll mean the new Passat will be larger and people that don't want to pony up the additional cost of the new Passat can go with the Jetta with not much loss in interior room. The Jetta is 6 inches shorter overall.
  • Would you mind telling me the brand of oil, name on the container, and how much and where you get it? I just was at the stealership, and they want US$12/liter!!, for their VW-Castrol oil.
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    Yes, the new Jetta rivals the current Passat for room both inside the car [except width] and most definitely in the trunk.


    The engine rollout on the Jetta is 2.5 first, TDI in May [or thereabouts], and 2.0 direct injection turbo [same as Audi A3, A4, GTI, etc.] by summer. The diesel and turbo 2.0 will get the 6spd DSG transmission as an option.


    New ['06] Passat drivetrains will include the 2.0 turbo, a diesel, and the new VR6 making almost 280 hp....again, not all offered at launch [VW still doesn't understand how to market these cars in the US, after all these years].
  • I have a '92 VW double-cab truck with a 2.5L 5-cyl. engine, and my wife's '94 Eurovan has the same engine. Is this the same thing going into the new Jettas and Passats?

    (its transverse, and a longer-stroke versionn of Audi's old 2.2L 5-cyl, which was generally longitudinal ... but all new VWs will be transverse starting with the new Passat I understand)


    Which TDI will the new Jettas and Golfs get?

    2.0 like the current Passat?
  • todd53todd53 Posts: 47
    dolphin - I went online and purchased Motul VW spec 505.01 for $28 per 5 liters. The website is

    Hopefully they will start making this stuff available in stores...
  • I had just bought a Passat Wagon GLS TDI in January 05, but I was also interested in the 05 Mercedes E320 CDI. I like both cars very much. The Passat Wagon GLS model that I had has the leatherette which I prefer over the leather because I think it is stronger and no animal has to be sacrificed. Although I bought the Passat TDI, I'm not over the E320 CDI. I'm thinking of trading it back in to get the E320 CDI. I would lose about 2k for doing this. This really does not make good financial sense to me, but I want to be in a car that I love to drive for a long time. I traded in my 95 S320 for this Passat TDI and I missed it. The E320 CDI costs twice as the Passat TDI.


    Can anyone convince me to keep my Passat TDI or I should go ahead and trade in the E320 CDI?
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,110
    Can anyone convince me to keep my Passat TDI or I should go ahead and trade in the E320 CDI?

    Welcome to the forum:

    The Passat wagon has all that extra room. It will probably get slightly better mileage. But then that E320 CDI is a beautiful car. If it was me I would drive the Passat until it gets 7500 miles on it. Take it to CA and sell to someone for about what you paid for it. Then get your E 320 CDI....
  • gagrice, do you use CA to refer to California or Canada? Is Passat TDI allowed in California? I know that E320 CDI is not. Are people paying slightly more for this car in Canada or California?


    I thought that for longevity, the difference between these two cars is that in 10 years the E320 CDI will probably be worth $15k, but the Passat Wagon TDI will probably not worth as much, maybe ~$4k. However, it most likely costs more to maintain E320 CDI which makes up the difference.


    Another thought is that VW won't be making Passat TDI for 2006 and there is really no plan on when they will make the next diesel model. Mercedes, on the other hand, plans to make 3000 of the E320 CDI every year starting from 2004. I read somewhere that VW may actually raise the price of the next Passat TDI which could mean that the 2005 Passat TDI could actually appreciates in value.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,110
    The market for used VW TDI cars in California is good. One VW dealer in Los Angeles buys them with 7500 miles and sells them at or near new MSRP. I would think in a year you could get your money back along with a trip to California. A quite a few sell on eBay also. I have considered both cars to keep at our home in Hawaii. It is just difficult justifying $60k for a vehicle to sit and depreciate over there. Plus the wagon would be more practical. It sounds like the 2006 Jetta will kind of take the place of the Passat with very close to the same dimensions.


    Are you getting decent mileage with the Passat? I assume the handling is good.
  • That sounds very encouraging. Right, financially it does not make a lot of sense spending $60k for a car. We just have to meet in the middle of the needs and the wants.


    The Passat handles reasonably well and I do have fun driving it as compared to my old S320. The difference is that rear-wheel drive cars tend to do a better job going up hills than front-wheel drive cars. I like the Passat's Tiptronic feature where I can feel like I'm driving with a stick-shift. The only problem with the Tiptronic is that it doesn't shift when you tell it to. It only shifts when you tell it to and when it's ready.


    I drive in the city about 80% of the time and my manual calculation tells me that I'm getting about ~28 mpg. This is probably because I use the Tiptronic a lot. Somewhere I read that the Tiptronic tends to use a bit more gas. It's interesting that I don't get better mpg even though I coast a lot when going down hill or coming to a stop light.
  • Does your local Benz dealer have any e320CDI's out on a 2-year lease? They probably do, and you can pick which one (for color, etc) you want.


    The Benz is $30k more than the Passat now.

    In 2 years the Passat will still fetch $25k and the Benz lease returns won't be much over $40k.


    So, in 2 years, trade-up the TDI for the 2-year old CDI of your choice for only $15k, and you've got $15k in your pocket compared to buying it now!
  • I'm not really sure if this is practical. Has anyone done this before?


    Are you overly optimistic about being able to sell a 2-year old Passat Wagon TDI for $25K considering that the retail price of a new Passat Wagon TDI GLS is only $27K?
  • What everyone is saying is that used TDI's sell for new prices in california because you are not allowed to buy new TDI's there. People who want a diesel VW need to buy used there.


    I live in CA and I want a TDI, but you can't buy new TDI's here. But I will wait until next year when the feds lift the diesel rules in CA.
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