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Audi A3 steering wheel locked

cpr3cpr3 Member Posts: 16
edited April 2015 in Audi
Hi there-

I am hoping someone can offer some advice as to how to unlock a steering wheel that locked up while parked on a steep hill ( heading downward w/ tire turned into curb). I'm unable to start the car ( turn the ignition key over) as the steering wheel is locked and will not budge.



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    kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 237,185
    Keep working the wheel back and forth as much as you can, while gently trying to turn the key..

    Eventually, it will usually move enough.. but, if not, have someone push on the front bumper.. while trying to do the same thing... Just budging the car an inch might do it. (make sure they aren't putting weight on the hood, or you may bend the sheet metal.

    To avoid it in the future? Set your parking brake, before putting your car in park (you did use the parking brake, right?)

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    cpr3cpr3 Member Posts: 16
    Thx - I'll give it a try and let you know - and yes, I did set the parking brake :)

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