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Lexus RX 330



  • I agree with finch3 - our 2004 330 is a much better car than our 2000 300. In addition to the power rear door and smaller turning radius, the radio and air conditioning controls are much improved. If you get the nav system, the backup camera is very handy, particularly at night. There are many other minor improvements that demonstrate to me that Lexus engineers did their homework when they updated the RX design.
  • I have an 04 rx330, thinking of trading it for another with a Navigation system, Mark Levinson audio and Laser cruise control. Are they worth the extra money? Would like to from those that have these options and your experience with them.
  • Hey..we have an 03 LX470, and an RX 330...both have Navigation. I would NEVER have a vehicle without it. Well worth the money, and very easy to use and understand. Go for it! From what I understand from my salesperson (take with a grain of salt), the Lexus navigation software and display has won awards. (maybe, maybe not)

    But despite what he says, we really like the navigation.


  • rparisrparis Posts: 368
    Does the 330 seem much larger than the 300?


  • finch3finch3 Posts: 113
    Can't say the 330 is noticeably larger than the 300. I like that size and call it "just right".


    I could pass up the HID headlights. Mostly, they are a bother. Have no need for Nav, would be a bother. Also, I like that you can select either 3rd or 4th gear and stay there. I call that a Driver's Option.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    are a great help at night if you're amongst the older generation like me.
  • my3rdrxmy3rdrx Posts: 167
    This is my third RX (previously '99 & '01), and by far the '04 is much more superior. Other than what finch3 and sandiegotom have described, I opted for the Performance Package and especially enjoy the air suspension with the sequential shifting which make the handling much more sportscar-like and more fun to drive. I'm hoping the new 400h would have this option as well.
  • gardencargardencar Posts: 293
    My '04 RX330 hit the 10,000 mi mark, recently.


    The cost of a 10,000 mile service, oil $ lube, rotate tires, inspect ball joints, and various other inspections at local Lexus Service: $139.99 plus complimentary car wash. No loaner.


    The cost of same 10,000 mile service at a local, trusted service garage: $40.39! No car wash, no loaner, no problem. For this particular service, I can "rough it"!
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Your dealer already won this round, second service should be at 15,000 miles.
  • finch3finch3 Posts: 113
    I called my dealer about the brake light switch recall and they said they need to order the part. Will take about a week. They seemed to think it was something that should be taken care of ASAP.
  • I just had my 10,000 mile check at my dealership for $75 ($100 minus a $25 coupon they sent me as a Holiday gift). I also had the recall done at the same time. They gave me a loaner car but I really didn't need it as they called me after 90 minutes that both were done. GREAT SERVICE from my Lexus dealer. I've had my RX330 for almost a year and I just am 100% pleased with it.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Brake circuit electrical is used to "kill" the cruise control when you step on the brakes. Additionally I presume that it might fail and provide no warning to the driver behind.


    I wouldn't use the cruise control in the interim were I you.
  • I own an'04 RX330 with the premium package, NAV, 18" wheels, HID lights and more. I traded an '01 RX 300 with premium, NAV and HID and we think the '04 is so much more car. The NAV screen is larger than the '01 RX and about the same size as my wife's '01 GS300. I don't know about problems that other RX 330 owners have had, but we have not had any problems with 4000 miles on it now. I did complain about poor gas mileage and they adjusted the computer. We now get a combined 19-21 mpg city/highway and 23mpg strictly highway. It handles much better than our 101. BTW, this is our 5th Lexus -we've had 2 ES 300s, 1 RX300 and now the 2001 G300 and 2004 RX 330. We will never own any other car but a Lexus.
  • I just purchased the new mud guards for my RX330. The retail price is $122.10, outrageous for four pieces of molded plastic. However, got the parts tech to give me a 20%, good customer discount and paid $97.68, instead. (I know has them for $88. But, plus shipping and handling, and the wait, and I was already at Lexus...)


    At first glance, they looked pretty puny when compared to the ones on previous SUVs I've owned. Heck, they looked puny when compared to the ones on my neighbor's Civic! They seem to drop down for only 2" both front and rear. It made me wonder just how much mud they could actually keep away from my vehicle! After I inspected them more closely they seemed better made and more sophisticated than other mud guards. I decided that maybe those Lexus people knew what they were doing when they designed these wee guards.


    I haven't put them on yet, might put them on myself or have a nearby garage do it for $35.


    I'd like to hear about experiences from anyone who's had them installed already. Like, do they really work? They seem a wee bit puny.
  • We just purchased a 2005 Lexus RX330 2WD a few months ago. I was riding in the back seat (behind the driver) and noticed some strange marks on the carpet in the front passenger foot wheel. When I took a closer look, I discovered that Lexus had actually stapled the carpet in place leaving staple marks on the carpet. The floor mat covers about half of the staples.


    Do all the RX330 have staples in the carpet?
  • My wifes 2004rx is now into its second winter in Canada. The mudguards are small but effective in keeping snow and dirt off the sides and rear.

    Like post 3331 we have "staples" through the carpet on both the driver and passanger side. Strange to see on a luxury vehicle.

    My wife loves her rx but we've had the transmission shift issues, multiple squeaks in the dashboard, and now cracked windsheilds from stress cracks. The lexus dealer in toronto has been excellent resolving all the issues except the dash rattles which are getting worse. My 2003 MDX is prooving to be a higher quality and more durable vehicle.
  • I had to check mine, but didn't see any staples. My vehicle was manufactured in Japan, but I'm not sure if that makes a difference.
  • Our car was also built in Japan. The dealer has indicated that this is the normal way all RXs are made but offered to have their carpet guy take a look to see what he could do. This is so blatantly cheap you have to wonder whether Lexus has forgot their motto "The Relentless Pursuit Of Perfection". Oh by the way, we also have increasing levels of squeaks and rattles.
  • Hi,


       Thanks for the feed back on those mud guards. It's good to know that they will work because they aren't much to look at.


    One thing, the guys who installed them informed me that they had to use their own, larger double sided tape to make the left rear mudflap stay flush on the upper corner. I had to agree that the little strips of adhesive that Lexus put on the inside of the outer edges of the mudguards looked pretty flimsy and Mickey Mouse. They told me that I might have to occasionally replace the adhesive if the rear parts of the mud flaps ever came unglued. I'm hoping the double sided tape can withstand seepage from road splash and regular washes.


    Guess I'll have to look for waterproof double sided tape.
  • You're kidding right? The mudguards are double sided taped onto the car??? I'm about to pickup my RX this weekend and thought about getting the mudguards. Aren't they usually screwed onto the car?
  • Yes, they're screwed onto the car, in the wheelwell area. However, the rear parts stretch rearwards a couple of inches, and must be stuck with double sided tape, onto the contuored, black, plastic bottom door sills.


    If you want the guards, get them to include the mud guards as part of your price, or at least throw in the installation for free. Good luck.
  • My wife has fallen in love with the 330 and our new baby in due in 6 weeks. My friend, however has tried to talk me out of buying the car because of the limited storage area for stroller, diaper bag, groceries, etc. He suggested I look at the mdx because of the larger space issues. Does anyone have small children and have any issues like this?


  • I don't think I'd agree on the rear cargo space...with the third row seat, I would expect that the MDX space decreases considerably (whether its folded up or down). I've never run short of space. My sister, her husband and their 2 child-seat kids drove my car for a week and loved it...and they have the Honda Pilot.


    One thing to consider though...if more kids are on the way (or already here) the 3rd row in the MDX will come in handy.


    As for the MDX vs. the Lexus...its not much of a comparison in my opinion. I almost bought the MDX in '03 but waited for the 330 to come out in the Fall -- the fit and finish blows the MDX away, and I think that the ride is better.
  • I ordered the Navi on my 04 rx330 primarily because I was living in LA at the time...and Navi there is essential if you want to get around anywhere outside your own neighborhood. Since then, I've moved to Chicago...and I'm hooked. Whenever I drive another car, I find myself constantly looking over to find the screen! I like to know where I'm going, and if I get stuck in traffic or construction or in an unfamiliar place, its great to be able to look at the screen and quickly determine an alternate route. I only use the actual programming maybe 10% of my trips. It is a pain that you can't use it while the car is moving...understandable, but if I have a passenger they should be able to use it. On our Acura RX the Navi can be used while in motion. The resolution and information is great to have...but I do find that i'm already in need of a new disc as many newer streets are not on the list. As for the sound system, I don't have it, but love the "basic" one I got. Laser Cruise Control: If you drive long distances with cruise control, it would probably be a nice feature...otherwise, I'd skip it.
  • If you just picked up the car, I would go back to the dealer. Maybe it sat on the lot for awhile and you got an '04 or '03 disk? I have an '04 purchased 9/03 and am just now getting to the point where I frequently find that I'm missing streets. If I were buying new today, I'd demand the most recent disk.
  • No problem! We have a three year old plus a 20 lb. dog. The dog travels in the back in her dog kennel, with the stroller, a large cooler, a medium travel bag, two tackle boxes, several fishing poles, a large box of toys, and I can still see plenty, out the back window.


    We also have an Explorer and I would say the cargo areas are comparable.


    I also picked up four relatives at the airport and stuffed five large bags in to the RX. This time, I couldn't see out the back window, but everything fit.


    We also thought that the quality, ride, fit and finish of the RX were much superior to the MDX. Don't forget that the MDX is a much larger vehicle, as wide and long as the LX470.
  • gottlsgottls Posts: 21
    This afternoon I was checking out Lexus's home page re: the RX 330, and the main window showed a picture of a Special Edition RX Thundercloud. Checking their web site this evening is was gone and no where to be found, but here are the statements that were presented.

    MSRP: FWD $36,975 AWD $38,375

    Exclusive Thundercloud Metallic and Flint Mica exterior color

    Exclusive Black bird'-eye maple wood trim and light gray interior color combination.

    New horizontal front-grille desigh inspired by the GX/LX

    Exclusive badging on front doors and floors mats

    The front grille really made a big difference in the appearance. The other big difference was the Nav was not offered with the Premium Plus package, however it was moved to the Mark Levinson package. For what I remembered it was a price increase of 2 to 3 thousands.
  • finch3finch3 Posts: 113
    Took my RX330 to the dealer today to have the recall headlight switch replaced. While there, I asked them to try to adjust the HID lights because they seemed too low. The service person said the mechanic said there was quite a bit of adjustment possible and he did it. Haven't been out to see the difference. There was no charge for either repair.
  • I rode in the GX470 the other day and found the front seat depth way too shallow, hits me upper-mid thigh. Is the RX330 deeper? How about the XC90?


    Also any new news on the RX350?
  • I have a 2yr old and a 8yr old and the 330 is the perfect family size suv. Not to big and not to small. The MDX is a bit wider and can fit the stroller,diaper bag,etc...nicely but the 330 fits these just fine. If your looking for quality go with the 330 much quiter and smoother ride. I got out of my MDX and got into my lovely crystal white 330. After driving around town in the MDX, I just found it to wide, to hard to park at times. no compact parking for MDX!!!The 330 just perfect and you can park it just about anywhere. My favorite feature is the power rear door. Trust me you will love it too. Good luck with your decision and congrats with new baby!!!
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