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2015 Audi Q7 Lease with 15K San Diego ca

kidkenpokidkenpo Member Posts: 5
edited April 2015 in Audi
Hi everyone.. Thought I would start a new post. We just did a new deal yesterday and wanted to see if it was in line with what others are getting for their Audi Q7 2015 models

Here is what we ended up with:
just did a deal here in San Diego (hopefully we did not get taken) :smile:
2015 Q7 Premium Plus Orca black 15k
warm weather and cold weather package
upgraded 20" wheels
Tow package
MSRP 62,215. Selling price was 55,324
54% residual
2100.00 drive off and 824.00 a month icl tax and all service for 3 years

Would like to know others thoughts and/or maybe this will help others with there lease.. good luck everyone
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