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Jeep Liberty Diesel



  • synlubessynlubes Posts: 184
    do all 2005 crd warranty have the 7/70 mine does but sounds like some dont
  • arvmanarvman Posts: 95
    Yeah,had the recall done about 6-7 months ago.just started out of the blue last week.
  • campymancampyman Posts: 13
    Coolrider, since DC anounced the sale of Chrysler, do you think the match made in heaven of JGC body, drivetrain etc., and the 3.0 Mercedes diesel engine are going to continue, and 43,000 list curls my toes.
  • jeyhoejeyhoe Posts: 490
    Hi all. I'd love some feedback. I'm an owner of a 1986 Cherokee which finally died (engine siezed) at nearly 250,000 miles. I bought the 4cyl/5speed at the time to get the best gas mileage I could. These days I'm even more concerned about mileage, so I'm thinking of replacing it with a Liberty diesel. I'm in California so I cant get a new one, but a local dealer has brought in a half dozen used models and they have a nice inferno red limited with Navigation etc and only 8000 miles. They want top blue book for it. It looks brand new.

    I am tempted, but I dont want a vehicle that's going to be a PIA. In the sense of reliability. I've been reading the threads and I know its a crap shoot but I'm still tempted. Apparently mileage is also a crap shoot. I would HOPE to achieve at least the rated numbers 22/26. I know how to drive for max mileage, though a stick is better for that. I also do NOT like the noise and smell of say a RAM diesel or the older Benzes. The Liberties are supposed to be quieter and cleaner?

    Any thoughts? Thanks.
  • winter2winter2 Posts: 1,801
    I have a 2005 liberty Limited CRD and it has been a very reliable vehicle save for a few minor problems.

    It is a little noisy on the inside (mostly engine) at low speeds but at cruise, it is pretty quiet. From the outside it is reasonably quiet once warmed up to operating temperature. I have found that using B5 or some cetane improver quiets things down. As to fuel economy, do not expect to see the best FE until after 15K+ miles.
  • jeyhoejeyhoe Posts: 490
    Thanks, winter. I understand about break-in. How is your mileage? As for noise, I expect diesels to be a little noisier. Obviously I need to drive one (or 2) to get a feel for noise, handling ride etc. I'm wondering how many people would 'do it again'? I guess many who wouldnt have probably moved on to other boards.

    One real concern I have that probably people wont be able to address but I'll put it out here anyway is - since it is illegal to import new Liberty diesels to California thanks to the corrupt air resources board, the people who gave us the carcinogen MTBE in our gas and now our groundwater, but I digress, sorry - since there have been none in Cal, I wonder how difficult it will be to get quality SERVICE on a Liberty diesel?
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    Synlubes: There are some early 2005's that had a 100,000 mile warranty. I checked it out when I first got our old "Green Beast".

  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    jeyhoe: To be very honest and up front with you; service even where they sell them new has been an issue for me and some others. If you have a Dodge dealer that services diesels you just might be ok. Personally I found service to be at the core of my huge issues. We had our CRD 15 months and 29,000 miles. It was in the shop 25 times. DCX bought our CRD back and replaced it for us, We chose a Jeep Compass.
    I might be wrong, but is there not a extra fee to pay the DMV to get this regestered in CA? Might be worth your while tocheck it out.
    As a word of advice don'e buy the CRD without a 100,000 mile warranty Chrysler Service Contract. I would be suprised if it did not pay for it's self and then some.

  • winter2winter2 Posts: 1,801
    Mileage or FE is pretty good and beginning to plateau. I have near 21K miles on my CRD so straight highway driving at 60 - 65 MPH yields 28 to 31 MPG (calculated). Commuting FE is about 21 - 23 MPG.

    If you happen to buy one and it comes with Goodyear Wrangler ST tires, get rid of them ASAP. They are beyond awful. I put Bridgestone Alenza tires on my CRD at 111 miles and what an improvement.

    As to service, that is a tough question. I could recommend a very good dealer here in Maryland, but I do not think that you would be willing to drive that far for repairs/service.
  • jeyhoejeyhoe Posts: 490
    farout: Yes, I saw your name in many a post. I was surprised towards the end that you had it bought back as it seemed you really liked the thing and were reluctant to bad-mouth it. 25 times is a lot of service calls. Sheesh!
    Plenty of Dodge dealers around. Also of course the selling Jeep dealer who of course will swear to high heaven they'll service the thing before I sign the purchase contract. But I did get the feeling many are unhappy with the level of service they got even at "trained" Jeep dealers. Witness the EGR service stories I read. THat scares me as far as getting the Liberty CRD serviced. The worst service work I ever got with my Cherokee was at a Jeep dealer whenthe computer failed. They put in the worng replacement ($550) but refused to make it right for me even when I proved the darn thing was wrong by getting one from a junkyard that matched the one I had which fixed all the issues their new one caused.
    How is the gas mileage on the compass, BTW?
    The other car I'm considering is the Patriot, with the off-road gearing. But it's pretty pricey and the mileage rating is only 21/23. I expected a lot better and those are 2007 numbers (I think).
  • jeyhoejeyhoe Posts: 490
    Yes, I've read about the Goodyears. I'm 99% sure that's what's on the one I was looking at.

    Your mileage sounds like just the ticket for me. I hate going into the gas station anymore. I told the guy at the one I use regularly that soon I'm going to turn the tables and come in and rob HIM once a week.
  • goodcrdgoodcrd Posts: 253
    The Goodyears have served me well. I do mostly highway and now have 48K+ miles on the origional goodyear tires. I rotate them with every oil change at 12,000 miles. I also have the same brake pads the vehicle came with. 4/32" are left on the tires and I will be replacing them with the Goodyear Silent armor tires. It will cost me about $800 but with how I drive I should get about 100K out of them. The EGR valve has been a non-issue since the 25,000 mile mark. I clean the boost sensor with every oil change and a new air filter every 6K. I did get a code for egr at 32K. I removed and cleaned the valve and pipe from the exhaust. It was starting to clog up. Never have had a problem since. Average 26 MPG going to and from work daily. 40 miles each way half highway and half city. On long trips I average 29 mpgs. Best tank ever was 32 in the heat of the summer going 70 mph. I use rotella 5w-40 with the CJ4 cert. Run mostly on Sunoco fuel and bleed the fuel filter every month or if it starts to shudder after hard acceleration. The fuel filter heater plug became loose and became hot at about 28K. Clean it up and used di-electic grease to seal it. Love this CRD. I would by another in a heart beat. But won't let the dealer mechanics touch it if I didn't have a warranty.
  • jeyhoejeyhoe Posts: 490
    Hey, thanks that's good input.
  • thstrangerthstranger Posts: 60
    Glad to hear you are pleased with your CRD, as I have been with mine....I too use Rotella 5w-40, was wondering if you could tell me how to clean the EGR valve and the Boost Sensor ??
    Thank you,
  • I say go for it get the liberty diesel I have 2 of them and they are quiet and cleaner then the old diesels of yesterday I get 22-25 city and 25+ highway and have got over 30 mpg use a top quality diesel fuel as my libertys are picky about the quality of fuel or you could wait til mid 08 as I have heard the diesel liberty is coming back but those are just rumors at the chrysler plant my 05 has 23k and has only had one problem the boost pressure sensor went bad now it rtuns great and with no problems and my 06 is just plain awesome it has 11k you say you know how to drive for max mileage then you will do better then the rated I do much better than the rated mpg my opinion is youwill lovethediesel liberty I know I do
  • boredbored Posts: 300
    That's exactly how I feel about mine. :) It's the absolute perfect vehicle for me. It has all I want, Jeep, space, cheap insurance and low fuel costs!
  • My 06 liberty diesel is chrysler certified with a 8/80000 mile warranty which is better than the 7/70 try and find a 06 thats chrysler certified
  • arvmanarvman Posts: 95
    Got the truck back today,2 days sooner than expected.Dealership service depr was great.Looking at the invoice,they had a bear of a time figuring it out but they dug in and found some interesting things.
    It came down to resetting the trans module,they had to trick the computer by bypassing the overdrive circuit using a transmission simulator and changed the t60 O/D solenoid control with T159 circuit(4c solenoid control?).Final verdict,if MIL returns with same code,replace trans cont module,if it returns with a "4c" code it needs a wiring repair.So the service rep said keeep an eye on it and if anything happens bring it in asap.everyone at the dealership feels bad about this and we were told to talk to the owner of the place.Going to give it some time and see what happens,but i don't get a warm fuzzy about this.It's too bad because i really like this rig when it is working.hope none of you get the same issue but keep this post in mind,cheers all....
  • jeyhoejeyhoe Posts: 490
    Just to follow up with y'all - today the wife and I drove an inferno red 2006 Liberty CRD limited with leather/Nav (but no sunroof) has only 8200 miles and the dealer wants $31000 for it !! Seems overpriced but I can always butt heads with them if I decide I wanna go for it. We also drove a blue Patriot Limited they had. Loaded with Freedom Drive II, sunroof, Nav, leather, stickered at $27500 !!
    Impressions - my wife liked the Liberty better. Said it felt 'sportier' to drive. She noticed a bit of turbo lag, but liked the power and grunt of the turbo diesel.
    I liked the Patriot more than I thought I would. It really rides and handles quite well. Felt solid, smoothed out the bumps better than the Lib. Very quiet. Driving position and steering feel fit me very well. Brakes were near perfect too. The engine is actually pretty reasonable, if your expectations aren't too high. Certainly blows away the old 2.4 4cyl in my '86 Cherokee (172 HP vs I think 122 or something for the 86)
    Hate to admit it, I like the Patriot ride feel better than the Liberty. But that's probably not too surprising since it's on a car chassis. This was first CVT I've driven and it was quite smooth. Pulled into a 'downshift' pretty nicely when floored on uphill grade. In short, it's a pretty capable and smooth alternative to the ruggedness of the Liberty. The FD II is probably all most people will need off road.
    Must say though that the interior of the Patriot is really cheap looking. Almost embarassingly so. And this was the Limited model!
    Now, the Liberty did not disappoint me. The pull of the diesel and the relative quickness of it when pushed were welcome. It fells like a real stump-puller. 295 lb-ft! Right on. It was fairly noisy, but not overwhelming so by any means. My wife didnt like it at first, but was content to tune it out after just a few miles test drive. One thing bothered me - something was rattling in the rear, besides the salesmans' jewelry I mean. Sounded like the tailgate windor wasnt closed tightly, but I stopped and checked and slammed it shut and noise dod not abate. I do NOT like rattly noises and would refuse this car if they didnt fix that. Anyway .. Otherwise, the Liberty felt to me, not surprisingly, like a much improved Cherokee on the road. But as I said, the Patriot was better. But the Liberty was good. Quite good. Certainly good enough for me. And the Libery just is a more capable vehicle in just about every way. The biggest kicker is that I will almost certainly want to pull a cargo trailer and the Patriot just will not do that. Not if it weighs over 2000 lbs anyway and I'd be that much cargo alone in the trailer. And the Liberty would certainly run rings around the Patriot off road. And it'll be cheaper on fuel. I think the Liberty won both of us over. Now, to consider if I really wanna sell my current ride and do this ...
  • boredbored Posts: 300
    Just turn up the radio or if you have the blower motor up to 3 or so (as I typically do), you can't hear the engine.
  • vtdogvtdog Posts: 163
    I have just under 50k on my '05. No repairs beyond maint & recall except for EGR at 10,000. MPG is +/- 25 with 80% on hi way at 70-75. Very good in snow (not that you would care in socal) and off road.

    BUT, if you don't like the diesel noise, don't get it. Its not going to get any quieter.
  • whitgallmanwhitgallman Posts: 121
    While on the Interstate going home yesterday with cruise on about 62 mph and at about 1,750 rpm in 5th gear, the Jeep jumps out of cruise control, the tires chirp, engine revs to 4,000rpm or so and I'm thrown tight against the seat belt. No noticable dip in the road. Road relatively flat, not climbing a hill or going down one. Maybe my "car chip" caught the excursion.
    It righted itself and I reset the cruise and was OK the rest of the trip, except for my heart racing. This is about the third time. It has about 17,500 miles on it.
    Have any of you had that happen? How did you fix it?
  • 05crdjeep05crdjeep Posts: 59
    Maybe my "car chip" caught the excursion.

    What do you mean by this?? Did you put a new Chip in your Jeep and you think it may have malfunctioned??

    We had something similar but it was due to my boneheaded actions. We put both the carpet floor mats in and the thick rubber ones thrown on top for a dirty trip. The "gas" pedal stuck on the rubber mat and the thing wouldn't stop. The light for the electronic throttle control went on after we halted the vehicle by standing on the brakes and shutting it off. Pure dumbness.
  • whitgallmanwhitgallman Posts: 121
    a "car Chip" is a little data acquisition gadget that plugs in the OBD-II port and collects info on vehicle speed, hard breaking, check engine light info and other parameters.
    I take it to my computer where I download it & look for transients. Can reset check engine light with it too.
    Great for spying on your kid's driving style.
  • hamchamphamchamp Posts: 33
    Whitgallman, Yes, that is how my problem started. I HAD a 2005 with 23K. To make a long story short, it took them 110 days to fix it after it was towed. During that time DCX did a replacement deal. This was the 3rd time that I had BIG problems with the Jeep. Look at my other postings. Good luck. hamchamp
  • nescosmonescosmo Posts: 453
    Whitgallman..... Have you clean your Map Sensor?. The sensor is there to check for barometric pressure in conjuction with the Pcm and Wot (wide open throttle). If your map sensor is bad, it could cause many things, like wot and many others things.

  • mdamickmdamick Posts: 277
    I have had mine do the same thing. It seemed to be caused by the code reader computer after the PCM decided it didn't want to talk to it anymore. I think the PCM gets confused and tells the TCM to have the transmission drop a couple of gears.
    DC or C still has work to do on the computer interface.
  • siberiasiberia Posts: 520
    I've had it happen 3 times only not a severe - twice when it was raining hard and once when the ScanGauge was connected (about 8,000 miles ago last time). It happened at 65, jumped out of cruise control and turned up 2,800 RPM after a pretty good thump - consistent with 3rd gear TC locked. When I got home I fixed it with a couple of Keystone Ices and I hasn't happened since.
  • randy_rayrandy_ray Posts: 9
    I have an 06 CRD Sport with 12,600 miles. Love it... especially now that diesel is cheaper than gasoline. Most places here in Houston are 2.74-2.85 but a mom/pop convenience store sells Mobil diesel for 2.64. But I digress... my purpose is to tell about two occassions where my Liberty went plain nuts. The first was in traffic that averaged 35-50 mph with a stop light every few miles. All of a sudden it wouldn't go, it was like I downshifted to 1st gear at 40mph but it was sputtering and spitting. I could hold the pedal to the floor and the engine would sputter its way up to about 2500rpm and shake the vehicle ever so slowly up to about 30-35mph, no faster. I pulled to the side, shut 'er down, waited a few minutes then started 'er back up. She took off like nothing had ever happened. The second time was after about 15 minutes of 55-60mph highway driving. I realized I had to turn around so I made a 'u-eee' but had to hold on the shoulder for approaching cars. After the last one past I jumped on her to pullout before the next wave of cars... but nope, same sputter, shutter and shake with the RPM reaching 2500-3000RPM and the speed slowly creeping to 30-35. I stopped on the shoulder and restarted it like before. (Microsoft didn't design the computer program for this thing, did they?) HA!.. Anyway, she had probably 6000 miles the first time and about 8000 miles the second time. Since then I haven't experieced that drastic of a scenario but occassionally I feel her skip a beat or two at 55-60mph. And every once in a while she bellows smoke from stop. I considered taking her to the Jeep dealer where I purchased her but they are clueless... they'll want it to be doing it otherwise there's no problem. They argued with me that the speedometer is intentionally off by 5mph and that police radar and GPS were inaccruate (which by the way equalled each other while discovering the speedo discrepancy). They even tried to tell me that GPS systems, while I realize there is some inaccuracies, were again, deliberately 'off' due to government security concerns. Okay... thank you... I'll take my Jeep to the Ford dealer now (just kidding, take her to the Dodge dealer down the road instead). Anyway... that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
  • pttrilliumpttrillium Posts: 62
    The rattle is likely the closer on the window in the back. You will see a black, square 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch metal thing that presses on the glass and holds it into the latch. It has to have grease on the surface. A dab will do. It is a non-optimal design. I have the same rattle-be-gone fixation and I can almost guarantee this fix. I clean the latch and put new grease on about every 10,000 miles.

    I have an '05. Did the recalls, one for the transmission torque converter, and the other for the lower ball joints.

    Non recall repairs included one EGR at 18000 miles, recalibration of the temperature gauge, a new low restriction transmission filter and two reprogrammings of the ECM.

    Overall I am delighted to be driving this, have taken trips from the upper midwest to South Carolina and just got back from another one in Death Valley. I have driven the vehicle in 111F degree heat and started it when it was -21F without using the block heater, just to see if I could test it.

    I wish they still sold them, I know others that would buy one in a minute now that I've sort of "broken the ice" and taken the risk. It has proven, overall, to be a good investment. Fun is worth the minor trouble I've had.

    My complaints: The tires are a joke. The Wrangler ST's (ST stands for Sh***y Tire) should be replaced with Wrangler Silent Armor Off Road tires. They have a reinforced side wall and Kevlar belts. They really do everything well. The Goodyear Fortera's are nice but frankly are just another highway tire.

    I added tow hooks, skid plates and have scraped the daylights out of the bottom. I have ripped the muffler off twice and paid to weld and then replace it. Off road, it is a barrel of fun.

    I get 20 in town in the winter and 29.5 on long freeway trips. Mileage suffers most in 30-40 mph headwinds driving 85mph. It likes hills and it is really fun to drive a turbodiesel over an 11,000 foot pass. Turbo whine is your friend up there.

    I bought mine new, it stickered for $30,450. It is a Limited with everything except nav, uconnect and at the time, skid plates and tow hooks. I think I can negotiate well and got the selling price down to $26,800. I added a 7/70000 mile bumper to bumper warranty extention for $980.

    I'd do it again in a minute.
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