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Jeep Liberty Diesel



  • siberiasiberia Posts: 520
    An inspection of the wiring harness on my CRD some time ago revealed wiring that is substandard compared to other Chrysler and non Chrysler products I have owned. There are places where the outer wrap is open on the top and closed on the bottem in such a way as to potentially trap water or condensate in rain or fog. I have not had the problem you describe Flyingdutchm, but It would not surprise me if it happened due to this or other flaws. I have not looked at other new vehicles lately to see if this is a trend in wiring manufacture.
  • arvmanarvman Posts: 95
    I believe there may be a bulletin issued reference the wirirng of my invoices stated to check a harness,not sure which one,but they did replace it.cleaned the boost sensor last night and it was gummed solid with carbon,seems to have made a difference but will know more today.
  • coolridercoolrider Posts: 84
    gagrice: Check out the Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel Option thread, it's great btw just under 1k, 20.2, A/C on, 95% hum, 93F so far with Quadra II that's fulltime 4x4 for you 4x2er's. Diesel 40 cetane :( , @ 2.70.9 gal. Wish I could find some 50+ cetane.
  • coolridercoolrider Posts: 84
    I think you would be well advised to read this entire post/thread on the CRD and hope that the lemon law is still an option for you if needed. Just remember that not all states are so restrictive as 12/12,000. Some have no milage restrictions only time. Good Luck
  • randy_rayrandy_ray Posts: 9
    Had the same problem twice (randy_ray, "Jeep Liberty Diesel" #9155, 8 Jun 2007 2:03 pm) but no help from dealer.
  • coolridercoolrider Posts: 84
    amen :shades:
  • coolridercoolrider Posts: 84
    Keep your fingers crossed. Mine new harness did not last that long.
  • coolridercoolrider Posts: 84
    Thanks for the education. I had obviously heard of CA's "CARB" but did not have any idea of the sheer lack of common sense practiced by them. I agree that 7500mi is lunacy. I will let you know that vw's new tdi is due in 1/08 and 50 state compliant. Is the Mercedes diesel available new in CA? My new JGC CRD is supposed to be a copy of the bluetech in the Mercedes and the same as the new vw tdi thats coming soon.
  • zoomy2zoomy2 Posts: 50
    The computer has Windows software.(Sorry I wouldn't help it) My parents Olds Diesel would do the same thing, they had a fuel pump problem. The Old Delta 88 would only go about 20 mph. There was dirt in the pump, this came from the fuel they would buy a truck stops cause there just wasn't may places to fill-up. The did get around 31 MPG out of that big car. Today's higher tolerances parts may not like the fuel you are using, maybe not enough lubricity and the injector pins bind in their bores causing a misfire. Change the fuel filter and try a different brand of Diesel.

    I got 28.9 MPG after 44,000!!!! The best tank driving at 58 MPH.

    When does the timing belt need changed? This I think drives the fuel injector pump...
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    Jeyhoe: We did almost everything to get the "Green Beast" to stay out of the service bay. We wanted the diesel for several reasons, which we had to rethink after the CDR was bought back. They seem to have dome little or nothing with it so far.
    We like the Compass. However the 2.4 L engine with the CVT will never have the pep and power that the Neons had. The compass does not do well with the 10% ethonal gas. We get 21.3 with the 10% blend and 25.6 on the 100% gas. So I have no idea why it does so poor on 10% blend.
    As for the CRD's there are a good number for sale on e-bay motors. So if someone is looking for one there is a supply, and they all can't be bad. What really killed our CRD was the F-37 recall, it never ran worth a tinkers dam after that was done.
    I f you are considering a Patriot, when you add the Trail Rated package and make it well equiped the price comes out about the same as a 3.7 Liberty. So you just might reconsider what you expect and want to do with the SUV.

  • arvmanarvman Posts: 95
    cleaned the boost sensor the other day.huge difference for the better.truck has its pep back and it was a quick easy job.I'll check it monthly to see what kind of carbon build up I'm getting.I recommend doing this to all CRD owners,thanks to whoever posted that remedy,I think it was siberia or winter 2.
  • 05crdjeep05crdjeep Posts: 59
    Would someone be kind enough to post a picture of where it is? I read the descriptions and had no luck.

    My CRD is baaaaaaack in the dealer with a problem where it intermittently will not shift into reverse. Dealer cannot seem to replicate the problem, but I can't blame them as it is very hard to deal with intermittent issues. Had TSB done with new kind of tranny filter that has lower flow resistance but to no avail. Anyone else had a similar issue? Is it the transmission pump they didn't replace on my F37 that is the culprit or does anyone think it might be a solenoid?

    Thank you. :cry:
  • jeyhoejeyhoe Posts: 490
    farout: Thanks again for added info. First as to Patriot - that's bad that it runs worse on 10% ethanol because the whackjobs at the Cal CARB just voted to make ALL gas in California 10% ethanol. And my taxes pay these people.
    The Liberty CRD appeals to me on a gas mileage basis and a towing basis. I would use the thing for 4 wheeling and for towing a 6x12 cargo trailer and getting better than the 10 mpg I get now. BUT, I've never yet had a problem on the road and the Liberty CRD is scaring me a bit in this way. Seems that they made only what 11,000 of them and there are a lot of reported problems and buybacks in here... And now Jeep has dropped the vehicle from production. I'm just not sure I could 'trust' it. Still thinking about it though. I dont know if CA will allow the JGC diesels in here either. I am sick to death of <15 mpg and $3.65 gas though. Sick sick sick.
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    One soluton is to have two vehicles. One for what are probably rare towing occasions etc and a commuter car.

    If you drive a typical 15,000 miles a year you would save $3,650 every year in gasoline ($304 per month) by going to a 30 mpg Civic. A hybrid would do even better still. The gas savings alone would cover most of the car payment, and the current 4x4 will last longer since it has fewer miles.

    Just food for thought.
  • coolridercoolrider Posts: 84
    Hey good thinking, but hybrid no way, my Jetta TDI gets better mileage than any one that I looked at, yes Prius too(they really dont get 60mpg). I'm even pulling an automatic on it. I came real close to two of toyota's hybrids camry/prius as a daily driver and a highlander to do my towing hauling until I drove it for a while and thought about how much there is to go wrong, yes I am gun shy after the libby crd. I was thinking along the same lines as you about two vehicles. The toyota highlander hybrid and a camry hybrid would do every I needed towing and economy with a roomy car. The highlander's looks :P and price and abilities killed it for me. Then I started looking at the diesel options. My vw jetta diesel will run circles around the prius/civic and my JGC CRD vs the Toy Highland Hybrid is well you look at them and decide which one for the same money. It works for me anyway. Diesel anyday!
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    I should have said a Jetta/Golf after it is still a diesel. The Prius would probably do better in the city, but it won't beat a good small diesel on the highway.

    I am looking forward to the new crop of diesels coming in the next few years.
  • nescosmonescosmo Posts: 453
    After many thoughts I went and did the ORM and also unplug the fuel heater because is summer. It has been about 3 tanks full and i can said the CRD runs as never before, smooth, powerful and no smoke. after each tank i check the map sensor and allways clean; The only thing is that the cell stay on at all time but that's ok fo me, it will clear if i put everything back after 3 warms up. Well i passing the good news to all of you...

  • nescosmonescosmo Posts: 453
    I have been using Sunnoco fuel for the last month or so, i went the other day to wally world and found the diesel at 2.66 and i been paying 2.79 at Sunnoco. I have some diesel on a container for cleaning my hands etc. (chipper that mineral spirit). I went and i fill the tank with wally world diesel fuel and i took some in a container to compare it with the Sunnoco fuel. Well the Sunnoco fuel had the same color and lubricity,- but the smell; wally world smell like a very strong diesel smell and Sunnoco smell less strong and like gas. Went to the station and ask if the diesel had gas in it and they told me that 3 month ago they drain a tank of gas and convert it to diesel fuel.

    Now can this damage my engine or is ok.

  • caribou1caribou1 Posts: 1,354
    Nescosmo, if you can sample normal diesel fuel and low sulfur diesel (side by side), then you will easily distinguish the low sulfur fuel: it has no smell :shades:

    5-10% regular gasoline mixed with diesel won't hurt. This used to be the winter "mix" here.

    After doing the ORM, how does your tranny behave? Can you easily play with the shifting just using the throttle pedal?

    Mine is now close to 60,000 miles. I'm thinking of resetting the mileage to '000000'. It works like new and never needed any repair. ;)
  • butchmanbutchman Posts: 24
    Hi Caribou1,

    I tried clicking on the boost sensor link you had supplied earlier when discussing this with Farout. The link does not take me to a page anymore. You don't happen to know where this diagram can be found now do you?

    Thank you,
  • synlubessynlubes Posts: 184
    love mine now to thought we lost you on the forum glad to se you back since tourqe converter and pump no problems mayby low sulphur fuel is helping
  • thstrangerthstranger Posts: 60
    Glad to hear you are pleased with your CRD, as I have been with mine....I too use Rotella 5w-40, was wondering if you could tell me how to clean the EGR valve and the Boost Sensor ??
    Thank you,
  • caribou1caribou1 Posts: 1,354
    Hi Butchman,
    Could you please point me towards the defective link? I haven't changed any of my web directories...
  • caribou1caribou1 Posts: 1,354
    I was away for some time but kept an eye on the forum from the land of 'Flying Dragons', across the other pond ;)
    I hope you can finally enjoy your truck as we do over here.
  • nescosmonescosmo Posts: 453
    Caribou1..... Welcome back. If you reset your mileage please let me know how you do it.

    If the ulsd has no smell, then Sunnoco is ulsd and wally world is not. They said in the pump that it is 15 ppm but the diesel smell is very pronounce.

    The ORM is great, the tranny is very smooth between 50 and 55 the tranny used to jump back and forth you could see it at the rpm meter but now it stay at one speed all the time.

    When it goes to over drive at 58 or so it fill like it goes in to a silk is so smooth that you think there is on neutral.

    If back in 05 we would it known about the ORM, Farout would still have his CRD.
  • arvmanarvman Posts: 95
    i'll take a pic and try to figure out how to post it...
  • arvmanarvman Posts: 95
    what do you clean the map sensor with?
  • nescosmonescosmo Posts: 453
    ARvman.... With regular carb cleaner and if too sooty use a tooth brush. make sure to be gentle.

  • caribou1caribou1 Posts: 1,354
    Nescosmo, it's sad to understand a 'typical' problem and not be able to share convictions. The tranny issue was identified a long time ago by our local dealerships :(

    This is also why I never re connected my EGR valve :surprise:

    The problems Farout faced seem to be related to the "learning period" of his dealership(s). But if he's happy now with the Compass and the consideration DC gave him after all the worries he went through, well...
  • arvmanarvman Posts: 95
    Thanks nescosmo,I used a toothbrush on the boost sensor as do we unplug the fuel heater?
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