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Jeep Liberty Diesel



  • Thanks for posting this. What the mechanic is telling you totally makes sense--thanks for posting it.
  • Lightnin - thanks for the information. I notice that I have a smoother running CRD after a highway trip. I also am using a diesil fuel conditioner in addition to Shell Diesel fuel.
  • winter2winter2 Posts: 1,801
    Does anyone in the forum know what the maximum allowable exhaust gas temperature is for the engine in the CRD. I am looking to update the exhaust system in my Liberty and have gotten hold of the mathematics to calculate the correct pipe diameter.
  • caribou1caribou1 Posts: 1,354
    Hi lightning3,
    What your technician told you about running a few miles on the highway produces the same remedy as the "nose blowing" of the EGR valve. This trick was found by Renault 'Road Angels' many years ago. They could get the cars going again without opening the engine compartment;
    I still do it for my catalyser once a week, preferably at night. :blush:

    I have close to 85,000 miles with no issue apart from the battery. I observed that when the battery was getting problematic, the free spinning pulley of the alternator was constantly dirty. This can explain that :) Since then I have a new truck again.
    The BFG T/A tires have 56,000 miles and still 1/4" of rubber on them. They are getting slippery on wet pavement now but have been a wonderful deal since day one!
  • winter2winter2 Posts: 1,801

    I use your "nose blowing" trick on my CRD several times per week. I get some smoke initially but then it clears up after repeating it a second time. On a recent long trip, I performed the nose blowing a few times. No smoke/soot after the second treatment. I have been using Amsoil cetane improver and Amsoil detergent additives pretty regularly and they seem to help. I wish U.S. diesel fuel had better quality and had higher cetane.

    I will be replacing the hose from the CAC to the engine in the next week or so as part of it has oil soak through. I am looking to get a custom built silicone hose, with a drain to replace the existing one. Changing it is tiresome.
  • mike6206mike6206 Posts: 35
    I was cleaning out my Liberty yesterday. When took the top engine cover off (the one that has "2.8 CRD") I found for the 2nd time that either some field mice or some other small critters not only made a nest under the cover but also chewed the loom and insulation off of 3 wires for the injectors. :surprise: I covered them quickly with eletrical tape, but I'l have to either re-splice them with weatherproof butt connectors or just use heat shrink tubing to re-insulate the wires to keep them from shorting and catching on fire. I kept the cover off thinking that this will discourage a repeat visit from these unwelcome tennants because it will hold the engine heat and it makes it an excellent place for them to nest in.

    Anyone else have some ideas/thoughts on this? :confuse:
  • alvankoalvanko Posts: 1
    GET A KAT :surprise:
  • mike6206mike6206 Posts: 35
    I don't think the cat would enjoy living under the hood of my Libby, especially with the motor running! Having to remove cat remains from the engine fan, falling out on the Interstate only to be runover by an 18-wheeler, etc..!
  • elder2elder2 Posts: 17
    Same thing happened to me with my 05 CRD this last winter. The mice made a nest under the engine cover, using a bunch of foam insulation they tore off the underside of the cover. I repaired the bare wires with liquid insulation by starbright. I have used it for permantly insulating and sealing out moisture on jobs like trailer lite wiring, boat wiring, etc. Rodents seem to like chewing on wire insulation and they did a good job of it on the wiring for the 2 middle cylinders. Most auto parts stores and hardware stores carry it. More permanent, seals tight, and easier to apply (has a brush on the cap).
  • mdamickmdamick Posts: 277
    You don't want a cat for that.
    They get killed when they are under the hood.
    Had it happen last Xmas :cry:
  • nescosmonescosmo Posts: 453
    If I have to go to the dealer once a year and pay 4or 500.00 dollars for them to tell me that something is broke and is not. I wll get ready of the CRD.

    All you have to do is unplug the maf sensor or install a Serg and install a Provent to stop the oil from the turbo to the FCV, and about the fuel? do not ever use Shell fuel, go to any other station that you see truckers stopping and use that fuel. If you like to see your engine to smooth out you can use TCW-3 oil at 2 ounces per gallon of fuel and that will make a lot of change in your engine. I buy my at wally world (Super Tech).

  • winter2winter2 Posts: 1,801
    Interesting solution, but are you asking for trouble? I can see where the Provent might be helpful, but disconnecting the MAF sensor? What problem have you had with Shell diesel? I use it frequently and I have not had a single issue. What have you run into for issues with Shell fuel? The addition of two cycle oil? If things run more smoothly, then it must be improving the cetane of the fuel.

    As to the oil vapor problem, I am running Amsoil 15W-40 full synthetic. It specs out like Mobil 1 5W-40 except the vaporization rate is lower. I also clean the boost sensor every 5,000 miles as well as the hose from the CAC to the engine. There is barely any oill film in it when I clean the hose. As to fuel, I prefer to go to busy truck stops when travelling long distances. I generally use Pilot or Love's stops. They are always busy. I also add cetane improver and detergent or try to find a station that sells B5 or B20. The closer I get the cetane to 51 to 54, the smoother and quieter the engine runs, plus FE goes up. I blow the engine's nose twice weekly and that helps alot too.
  • I notice that after I install the Master E8012S fuel pump I do not have to clean the nose on my CRD. Seem to me that air bubbles in the fuel have to do something with the carburation in the injectors causing the smoke that we persive. Something to think about it.

  • What and where is the "LOST" forum? Thanks - JP
  • The used kleenex disappeared from our little stuffing places and was found under the plastic shroud when I was inspecting. It was the whitest mouse nest I've ever seen. We have a lake place and the abundant mice will invade the auto but rarely make it to the city home. Thanks for the info, I will now check the wiring thoroughly and inspect more often. - JP
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I think he means Lost? Ask a Host for Help!?

    This may be helpful: Where To Find Your Car Owner's Manual Online

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • Purchased new which promised 22 - 29mpg. Typically got 20. However I moved to a small town and in the last 9 months, I've been driving mostly short distances within 2 miles. I fill the tank about once a month. Went from 20mpg down to 10 mpg. Spewing black smoke whenever gunning accelerator. When idling, the running sound switches every 5 seconds.
Dealerships not helpful at all. Brand new oil and fuel filters. Drove for 4 hours to blow out/clean injectors. No difference. Will have the injectors checked and cleaned if necessary, will also check: mass air flow sensor, particulate filter, and EGR valve. 

Please, can anyone offer advice before I take it in yet again? Mechanics here don't seem to know a whole lot about diesels. South Bay, Southern California. Thanks.
  • My '05 ha s been making a pesky belt squeaking noise. Brought it to the dealer (Island Jeep in Lindenhurst NY). They said it needed a belt, $250 later, it still squeaks! Brought it back, they said it needs an alternator $700! Yeah right! My mom & pop mechanic says it's a belt tensioner. Not to be a sucker twice, my feeling is to try the tensioner. Someone out there must have had the same problem. Any help?
    Bill Z in NY
  • I had a similiar issue and after a long high speed run with a low sulfur diesel additive in the tank, the problem disappeared and has not come back. I suggest the use of an additive.
  • Drive on a HWY 25 to 50 miles. In light or no traffic slow down and then put the pedal to de metal. Rapid acceleration will give a puff of black smoke that will fade as you pull away.. Do this every month. Do not be temmid.. The smoke and sludge will be blown away.. Diesels need this to keep clean. OK :)
  • caribou1caribou1 Posts: 1,354
    Welcome aboard...
    I had the same problem and I left it squeak for a long time until a friend begged me to stop it :sick:
    It was only the serpentine belt that was not routed properly: it went around (outside) the alternator & idler & A/C pulleys instead of wrapping around the inner side of the idler pulley. Look at the routing picture above the radiator and you will rapidly understand.
    Fix: Take a 15mm ratchet (that has a long lever) and tension the spring of the tensioning pulley located between the crankshaft and power steering pulleys. You will get dirty rubbing agains the fan shroud :( This takes less than one minute :)
    I may have inverted the A/C and power steering pulleys, I don't remember which is which.
  • Is seems to me that you have an EGR issue; To see if it is: take the Maf wire off the sensor (at the air intake) take it for a ride, blow it nose and see what happen. You will see an increase of power,smooth ride and no smoke. also the engine light will come on, not to worry that is normal. run it like that for about 100 miles and see if your fuel mileages increases. if so, then clean your EGR and FCV.

  • Some times if you have high mileage the alternator pulley will do that.
    If you go back to the dealer tell them to replaced the pulley not the alternator, you need that any way if your have high mileage, then see what happen.

    Note: If you buy the tensioner. pulleys they are all the same, one of them is different but the pulley is the same. that one cost more that the others so do not do it, buy the regular one.

    Good luck.

  • winter2winter2 Posts: 1,801
    Air in a high pressure injection system on a diesel will cause a diesel to miss badly and not smoke. If you are getting air into the fuel system, then the lift pump, if the CRD has one is the problem. Otherwise, the problem lies elsewhere.

    The smoke I get when I blow the nose lasts for a second or two and after a second consecutive application is gone. I attribute a good part of the smoke problem to the poor quality diesel swill sold in this country and secondly to stop and go driving that many of us do. The addition of detergents and cetane improver help significantly. The use of biodiesel helps even more.
  • winter2winter2 Posts: 1,801
    As others have suggested, use a good fuel additive from RedLine, Amsoil or Power Kleen. The short distance no warm up driving you do , will carbon up an engine, gasoline included. Sounds like that engine is really loaded with carbon. The tech at the dealership I use can tell which CRDs are babied and which CRDs are not babied. The former emit clouds of soot when he beats on them.

    As suggested, find a nice lonely, long, straight piece of highway. Make sure you have driven your CRD at least ten miles so that the engine is thoroughly warmed up.

    While at a complete stop, lockout the overdrive (button on side of shift lever. There will be light on the dashboard). Then nail the gas to the floor and hold it there until you get to to 3200 RPM (speed > 60 MPH) and hold there for a few seconds. Come to a complete stop and repeat the process several times until you do not get large clouds of soot. By the time all or most of the carbon has been removed, you should get little or no visible smoke.

    You will need to use detergents and cetane improvers regularly along with flogging the engine several times per week. Also, check your air filter.
  • Will a 02 Jeep Liberty Over Head Console work in a 2006 Diesel? Is the wiring harness in place even though the vehicle was never so equiped.

  • winter2winter2 Posts: 1,801
    On Friday afternoon when I was performing an oil change on my CRD, I noticed a bunch of black oil on the right rear quarter of the engine block, the rear one-third of the oil pan, and the front of the transmission pan. I checked the top of the engine and found oil leaking from around the CCVC on top of the valve cover. I cleaned everything off with solvent (Amsoil Power Foam) and ran the engine for a few minutes and nothing more seemed to leak out.

    Today I drove the Jeep and after a bit started to smell burned oil. I got the car home and there was oil leaking from the back of the engine and not the CCVC. I again cleaned everything. I ran ran the engine and opened the oil filler, I put my hand over it and noticed positive pressure. I was expecting a vacuum. Also, I pulled the hose off of the CCVC and it was spitting out small droplets of oil.

    My first suspicion is that the CCVC has failed. I will try to remove it tomorrow and see if it is cleanable. As for the oil, I am wondering if the rear main seal has failed or if this stuff I did not get with the first cleaning.
  • caribou1caribou1 Posts: 1,354
    Hi winter2,
    I also found "oily" stains on the ground that I interpretated as an oil leak.
    Liquid was dripping from the two bolts located under the engine, near the transmission.
    All levels were OK (coolant, transmission, power steering, engine oil).
    I put a white piece of wood under the truck to identify the color of the "oil" and left it overnight.

    It turned out to be diesel fuel that had washed the block on its way down.
  • winter2winter2 Posts: 1,801

    Was not diesel fuel. The right rear of the engine was where the oil was with almost nothing on the left side. Did not smell like diesel fuel but like engine oil. It is black like the engine oil.

    On top of that, I have a new issue. The trans slips when it engages in top gear. You get the sensation of going over rumble strips for about one-half second.

    The CRD is off to the doctor tomorrow. I am going to check the color of the trans fluid and see if any codes have been thrown.
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