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Jeep Liberty Diesel



  • My 2006 is having similar problems. Up until now this CRD has been great (with exception of stuttering early on that worked itself out or was fixed by fuel filter changes and not turning OD off). I have just over 76k miles and while hubbie was doing the scheduled oil change he noticed oil around the turbo. (engine light had also recently come on). Took it into Chyrsler service and found the turbo failed and with that sent oil to the inter cooler, throttle body and EGR. From what I have quoted, your $2600 is about what I'd pay. Altho mine is over $6k to fix and 3rd party extended warranty is only covering the turbo, gasket, diagnostics and cleaning of parts, not replacement. I'm worried about "cleaned" parts and want to drive this CRD for many more years so chose to replace with new OEM parts. After completing the work, the service dept. test drove it and before 30 miles the check engine light came on and they found oil in the EGR again. So it's still being worked on and I fear they also do not know what to do.
    I agree with you Ruth. It's a diesel, it should be breaking in about now not breaking down! I think I'm going to take this further with Chrysler as this sounds like it's going to become more common - found a few cases now already. In my line of work, more than 2 is an 'excursion' and an indication that there are more to come of the same.
    How does one proceed to take this up with Chyrsler?

    btw - there's a pic on my user status that I did not put there, not even my pic. How did it get there and how do I get it out? Checked my profile and can't seem to find it.
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    there's a pic on my user status

    Where exactly are you seeing that?

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  • I have had my 2006 since August. There is a ton of info within this forum. The guys here are way ahead of the Dealerships as far as maintenance and preventatve cures.
    A Provent system is a must. There are a few cheap ways to accomplish teh same results explained on this forum. a comercial system runs $160-$200 and protects the EGR and turbo from the excess oil accumulation.
    These are great cars with a few design design deficiencies apparently purposly deleted to save $$ when manufactured.
  • I found it only shows up when I preview my post. gues it doesn't matter then since that's the only time visible.
  • Thanks UncleBob for the reply. I haven't been on the forum much in the past 4 yrs as my CRD was doing so well until now. I've seen this Provent mentioned a few times now but haven't had the time to research this more. Forgive me as I know these things have been discussed many times already I'm sure. Is this something I should have a mechanic install or can it be installed by self? (or in my case my husband who does most our own vehicle work.)
    As far as my issue at present, the Jeep is still in the shop. In the opinions of the experts here, if a small amount of oil is getting to the EGR do I put the Provent on and then I'm done? Or should I have them keep working on the issue. Sounds to me as if they are mystified.
    I'll read up on the Provent system on the forum today if I can find time away from my job. thanks.
  • UPDATED: ok found instructions on how to install Provent and where to buy. Will get this done as soon as it arrives (and I have the Jeep back home!)
  • I am sure your Husband can install one. The most difficult is making a mounting bracket for it. Most have mounted it in front of the computer next to the battery.
    It will not remove the oil that is already in the system, it prevents future sludge from entering the turbo and egr valve.
    After your work is completed would be the best time to install one. (while everything is still clean.
    I just dod a Google search to find mine, I paid $160. All the installation instructions are in this forum, just have to search to find them.
    There are some who hafve built their own out of plastic bottles, etc..., there are also some who just re-route the vent hose to the underside of the jeep, very cheap, but then you get drops of oil under the jeep, not good if you have a nice driveway.
    I am a shor time owner, but did alot of research, and made alot of improvements the first month of ownership. I plan on keeping mine for many years.

    Best of luck: Bob
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    I think that preview pic was left over from a forum feature that never got implemented. I think it may be going away soon.
  • lippslipps Posts: 10
    Good Morning;
    I have a 2005 Liberty CRD with 129,000 miles. This has always been a very faithful automobile. At 100,000 I had the dealer replace the timing belt, and EGR valve. Being used to the “standard” auto engine, I decided it would be good to have the water pump replaced, as a preventative measure. (Probably a waste of $ but that is a different story)
    In the past the cabin heater would be “hot” within ½ Mile or so. Now this machine never warms up. I did a visual check, the clutch on the viscous heater is engaging. The service manual is woefully inadequate when it comes to the diesel cooling system.
    Could it be possible the dealer “reversed” the hose connections?
    Does anyone have any ideas?
  • Just wondering if you had a thermosat that was removed during the water punp process and it was not replaced.
  • I am only a 4 month owner, but have done quite a bit of research into these little jeeps. The Thermostat has a tendency to fail in the open position. Often this can be a partial failure, where it still works but never completely closes.
    This little diesel runs most efficiency with the temp gauge straight up. When the thermostat starts to fail, you will notice that the gauge does not reach the straight up position unless under a decent load (pulling or a long hill).
    If your thermostat is stuck open, and you are in a cold climate, your heater will not work worth a darn, the fan is blowing air through a heater core full of water that is not hot. These Thermostat's are (unfortunately, another design flaw) built into a cast housing, so what normally would be a $10 part costs $110.
    There is a buy on this forum that will take your old thermostat and curt and machine it to accecpt a $10 replacable thermostat, he charges $100 (or was) plus shipping. So that future replacements will only cost you $10.
    You should always replace your water pump when changing your timing belt, because it requires no additional labor, only the cost of the part. And Water pumps life span is not much more than the timing belts. The thermostat is usually replaced at this time as well.
    Hope this helps: Bob
  • Sorry to hear about your experience.
    You always tried to keep the faith with "Factory" engineering.
    You even called VM about correct oil.
    I hope Fiat/Jeep gives you a nice present,
    a new big heavy box from Italy.
  • I am curious to know how many miles people have on their CRDs. Mine is a 2005 and I have 77,000 miles.
  • i too have a 2005 with 66,000.
  • I have a 2005 w/62,000mi
  • caribou1caribou1 Posts: 1,354
    I have ~125,000 miles on my MY2003.

    We recently had 19°F (-7°C) and my engine started without coughing with its original glow plugs :shades:
    The 10W40 synthetic engine oil is due for the 15,000 miles change but this doesn't seem to affect cranking speed. I had to top the engine oil level with less than one pint during the last 14,000 miles.
    The original thermostat keeps the cooling circuit gage at a 11:00 hours, so I have plenty cabin heat available.
  • 2006, crd limited. 78,000 miles, Provent, in tank lift pump, air filter modification, ARB front bumper, GRD Eco-tune
  • mdamickmdamick Posts: 277
    2005 with 197100 mi.
  • Oil in the EGR is a common problem, installing a Provent will prevent this, not hard to install, part is around $160. It may also prevent oil getting into your turbo as well.
    There are many backyard mechanics on the Lostjeeps forum who have taken a kind of Cult interest in the CRD. they have made many improvements to the factory cost saving original specs. It is basically a great car, just Jeep cut a few too many corners building them.
  • winter2winter2 Posts: 1,801
    Last Friday, I received a call from Chrysler customer care. They are not going to fix my Jeep. They blame the failure of the engine on insufficient lubrication. I was very disappointed to get this news.

    A few hours later, I spoke with the service manager at the dealer where the Jeep was left. He expanded on the District Managers thinking/comments.

    1. Since the Jeep was beyond 70K miles, it was out of warranty.
    2. Since the cost of the repair was equivalent to the blue book value of the car (had it been in good running condition), they would not fix it.
    3. Even if I had had an extended warranty Chrysler would not have fixed it. Extended warranties only cover up to $6000 of work (basically the cost of a long block). The dealer would have to get approval from Chrysler to continue the repair. Again because of the cost and blue book value, no go.
    4. I kept a detailed log of the maintenance I performed on the CRD but only a few receipts. That hurt the most but even if I had had every last receipt the outcome would have been more than likely the same according to the service manager.
    5. The service manager did tell that if I had had my CRD serviced at the dealer, things could have been potentially different. So is this guy implying that non-dealer/self servicing/maintenance is a problem?
    6. The service manager also told me that the K&N filter could have contributed to the demise of the engine. I learned that installation of K&N filters or similar on new Dodge Cummins powered trucks could/will limit the warranty on the engine as could the addition of devices like the Provent.

    I have started looking for a new set of wheels. Chrysler is not exactly on my short list at this time even though my wife and I have been loyal customers for more than twenty years. The Chrysler customer care rep I dealt with told me that Chrysler has a known problem with customer relations and they are trying to fix them. They are off to a wonderful start with me.
  • I feel for you. Our 06 CRD is still running fine but, the tran. recall lost us about 10 mpg. I told the dealer that he would never see me again for a new vehicle.
  • winter2winter2 Posts: 1,801
    The F37 recall you speak of did not alter the fuel economy on my CRD but did decrease pulling power on hills a little bit.
  • winter2winter2 Posts: 1,801
    I am not sure what point you are trying to make here ;)
  • caribou1caribou1 Posts: 1,354
    Hi winter2,
    If you would have known that Jeep could put you in such a miserable situation...

    I'm keeping my Toyotas until the CRD dies.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    There's some sort of IE bug that's not fixed yet that's causing people's posts to disappear when they try to post them. That's probably what happened to Unclebob9 (sorry Bob!).

    Bummer about the engine. Manufacturers do sometimes go the extra mile when you've been a loyal customer (i.e., paying shop rates for all your mechanical work and maintenance at the dealer).

    I suppose you could send a note to K&N....
  • lippslipps Posts: 10
    Wow I feel for you. There was a CRD engine on Ebay a few months ago They were asking 3500 for it.
    Just curious, What kind of oil and how often did you change it?
  • fustfust Posts: 29
    I have started to notice that my 2005 crd has starting cranking over faster and takes longer to start, has anyone experienced the same problem and eventual repair? I use my block heater and park in a heated garage so the temperature is not a factor. I feel it will lead to an eventual no start situation just over cranking. Any help appreciated.
  • mdamickmdamick Posts: 277
    Try pressurizing your fuel filter with the push pump.
    It sounds like you may be getting air in the fuel system.

    A lot of people have been installing lift pumps to solve the air in fuel problem. I have not (yet). There was an issue with the fuel heater connector allowing fuel into the filter head.
  • caribou1caribou1 Posts: 1,354
    Hi steve,
    The VM engine as such is a wonderful piece of equipment but Daimler Chrysler killed the hen in the egg by trying to make something over sophisticated out of it.
    I bet K&N engineers already read these lines ;)
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