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Jeep Liberty Diesel



  • caribou1caribou1 Posts: 1,354
    edited January 2011
    Hi winter2,
    $3000 is very little money in this case considering that the engine alone is the cheapest component of a standard vehicle.
    How is the rest of the Jeep? Mine has to have new brakes soon, new shock absorbers, new seals on the transmission line, plus whatever I have forgotten...
    Would you marry your ex-mate after a divorce? The polish is fading away now and you will be tied to the dealer for as long as you intend to keep the truck because you know what you are exposed to :sick:
  • Really shouldn't be posting. Gave up on our crd due to dealer support and took a big hit by driving across a small street from the jeep dealer and into the hummer dealership. Ed Wallace, during phone ins, asks the caller what they paid for their vehicle. If you "love a vehicle" you will lie, push it, live without it while it is being repaired. Normal pleasure sales require movement from the emotional attachment to a closing position.

    You may have an emotional as well as an economic decision. Each to be dealt with separately. What is the true cost for that diesel from Italy. Did Penske sell out to someone? Is Daimler involved? How are Fiat/Chrysler/VM connected.

    There are rock crawlers clamoring for a diesel that diesel whatever in a wrangler. Believe Darby rock crawls/crawled with his - don't know, can't seem to get away to join the off roaders.

    Impolitely, there are vultures(smart buyers) out there. Maybe instead of taking a hit, like cleaning an old painting, the value of the crd after spending $3k would be greater than the value now and $3k in your pocket.

    Better_Half and I loved test driving that 2004.5 2500 cummins years ago and maybe that was part of the emotion in her crd purchase. We wont have anything to do with the crd. And probably the time of the diesel, for now is dead. Owned a /2 bmw and only saw a couple guzzi's never met a guzzi owner.
  • winter2winter2 Posts: 1,801
    I have finally agreed to get my Jeep repaired. I pay 25%, Chrysler and the dealer eats the rest. I am getting a new long block that should be here in about three months. Repairs will have a 3/36 warranty on them. Looking forward to getting that older bugger back.
  • I had exactly the same thing happen to my 2006 Liberty Diesel. Nothing came through the block but all water went into the engine. Engine was ruined and a new engine was $10,000. Sold for scrap.
  • winter2winter2 Posts: 1,801

    The rest of the Liberty is in very good condition. It has been off road one time as I wanted to find out how much of a grade the bugger would handle (to 40%). I got scared after a 30% climb in low 4WD as I was getting uncomfortable with the angle. The Jeep was stable.

    The brakes I redid at about 42K miles but I put on much stouter stuff (cross drilled and slotted rotors, Hawk pads) which have yielded much better braking performance than stock. I have in excess of 20K miles on the pads and the rotors are clean (no grooves or warping). The rest of the suspension is in good shape as 98% of what the Jeep sees is highway driving. The rear shocks are a touch soft but I can replace those myself. Everything else is tight.

    The Jeep has seen duty in heavy deep snow which it has handle with great aplomb and ease.
  • caribou1caribou1 Posts: 1,354
    Hi winter2,
    You certainly bring the good news to this forum!

    Were you told why and which component failed in your engine?
    Inadequate distribution of oil flow in the lubrication circuit was common 40 years ago. I searched for such problems happening with the VM engines and found nothing concerning failure of connecting rod or crankshaft bushings nor any information concerning defective (graphite?) water pump bushings (separate issue).

    If your engine suffered from mechanical fatigue (Woeller-curve) then we could incriminate the higher torque value of the recent engines applied to a weak point of the old connecting rod design.

    From the day your problem occurred, I began listening carefully to my engine during cold starts with the intention to switch it OFF quickly in case it would knock.

    My original glow plugs are still fine for starting below freeze point after seven years. Chrysler provided good equipment when they were brainstorming about this engine for the NA market ;)
  • Conratulations.
    Been out of touch when got access to write that earlier response.

    After my last post, got a chance to check lost and found posts of at least one other failure and response about nine crates coming from Italy. $10k seems to be the going rate.

    Again, congratulations and you win with both the monetary and emotional decision. And thank you FIAT/Chrysler for winter2's fix.
  • Hey Nor_star,
    Was wondering if you had any luck finding a mechanic around Toronto. I've got a similar issue with my CRD, and I'm just 2 hrs down the road in Rochester. Have done some of my own diagnosing but haven't found the right thing yet.
    Besides the advice you got here, I'd recommend checking the website called - they have extensive tips on the CRD.
  • winter2winter2 Posts: 1,801
    edited February 2011

    I really do not think the oil or lack thereof had anything to do with the catastrophic failure I experienced. I am convinced that there was a defective part (connecting rod) and with your comment about parts looking like they came out of a motorcycle, that in itself does not bode well.

    It is a rare occurrence for a diesel to implode the way mine did unless there was poor maintenance. I am guessing that the part(s) that broke had issues to begin with.

    I will be writing to the oil company, Lubro Moly, to see what their warranty covers and to see if oil analysis on their part can find fault with their oil.

    I have asked the dealer to hold onto the old engine block and pull the oil pan before sending the sucker back to Chrysler. I intend to take pictures and hopefully post them here for all to see and for all to comment on. It will be about three to four months before I see the Jeep in running condition.
  • I agree, something was not right. Timing belt skipping a a couple of teeth?
    Maybe bad fuel (gas in diesel). Did it have a K&N air filter? over oiling them I have read can cause engine failure. Oil getting sucked into the turbo can also over pressurize a cylinder. (this is why many like to install a Provent filter).
    Back in my teenage years, a friend had a beater 55 chevy, The block broke at the oil filter, the filter and the part of the block it attached to seperated from the motor, leaving a large hole in the block and most of the oil went with it. Just to see how long it would last, we drove it for 2 more hours, trying to blow it up, no success. We finally parked it in a vacant lot and put a brick on the gas pedel. It ran wide open for about 15 more minutes before it finally seized. (we were hoping for something more dramatic).
  • winter2winter2 Posts: 1,801
    Something was definitely amiss. I will have the fuel looked at also. I purchased my last load of fuel at Murphys in Delray Beach, Florida. I have purchased from them before many times and have never had an issue.

    As to the K&N filter, that is a non-issue. I clean and re-oil the filter yearly and do not over oil it. I check the passages on the clean side of the filter and there is no oil film any where to be found. The MAF sensor is also clean.

    There is always a little bit of oil in the hose between the CAC and the engine intake where the butterfly valve lives. The hose has a small coating of sticky goo that is easily cleaned with mild solvent.

    I am still convinced that there was a defect in a connecting rod. Once the engine is opened up, we will see for sure.
  • Got bad news yesterday after finding coolant on the garage floor under my 06 Jeep Liberty diesel. My water pump and engine heater have apparently failed at a mileage of 46,000. Coolant got on the serpentine belt saturating it, although replaced last year must be replaced again? Estimate from Jeep dealership 2,200.00. Will get second diagnosis before splitting with that kind of bread for sure. Am on fence to keep or replace this vehicle after reading about others experience with it. Will wait for second diagnosis results next week. This problem comes on the heels of a superb trip of about 400 miles the weekend prior. Well almost, as during the last 50 miles or so the rpms got crazy high at a highway speed of 75mph. I thought, perhaps, I accidently hit the little button on shifter O/D on off so I immediately pushed button with no results. Maybe the rpm increase was the warning of things to come? The next week I had the Libby's oil changed. No leak then as the oil change shop is great at catching irregular things especially leaks. Well I feel a little better venting this unpleasantness. Cheers for now. Will post continuing saga.
  • lippslipps Posts: 10
    The price is so high due to the difficulty in getting to the pump. The same effort is required to change the timing belt.
    That stated, I had them replace the pump when the belt service came due. I kept the old pump. Upon inspection it appeared to be in quite good shape. Cant see why it would have failed so prematurely.
    Is the heater you are referring to the viscous unit driven by the serpentine belt? If so that is a cabin heater, used when the vehicle internal thermostat requests heat. It is a viscous heater and fairly robust. Not likely to expire. Especially unlikely both pump and heater would simultaneously fail!
  • Why had you changed the timing belt already? Are you sure it was not the serpintine belt you had replaced? A timing belt is good for 100k miles (at least). Usualy when the timing belt is replaced the water pump and thermostat are also replaced, due to the fact that there is very little additional labor involved and they normally will not last until the next timing belt job.
    You are talking about around $600 in parts to replace the above. It is about a 4 hour job for someone who knows what they are doing.
  • very possibly a defective part then, hope they help you out with the repairs.
  • lippslipps Posts: 10
    I have 135000 miles on the vehicle. Yes I had them replace the water pump when they did the timing belt. I also had them replace the EGR valve and boil out the intercooler. The crank case vents to the suction side of the turbo, this intern flows thru the intercooler, then into the air inlet. The oil vapors that do not condense in the intercooler impinge on the hot EGR valve opening and bake! Installed a provent.
  • I too had a water pump failure on my 2006 Liberty CRD. It was also at about 40k miles, just outside the 36k warranty. It was a few years ago, bit Chrysler stepped up and covered all the repairs for free. At first it was just the water pump and timing belt. Then a cylinder head, then the block, then the turbocharger. Amazing that Chrysler covered all of that outside of the warranty. In my instance all the coolant leaked out in a short time while I was trying to limp to a service station in single digit Michigan weather at night. No high temp on the gauges or idiot light. By the time my heater started blowing cold air and I pulled off the road my terrific little diesel engine was TOAST.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Once the engine is opened up, we will see for sure.

    Any more news?
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    edited March 2011
    Just a note from farout who had the "Green Beast". Chrysler bought my 05 CRD back in 02/07. Mine was in the shop 25 times in 17 months. Chrysler called me. I was told the VM engine had given me enough problems that they did not believe it was up to Chrysler standards.

    I know this does not help you too much. But it might explain why they fixed your CRD's problems. Just for your info, VM is also going to supply the CRD's for the Jeeps that will be for US use. They are not the same as the one we had.

    I have only seen two CRD's in Missouri, and most used ones have been inCalif and AZ. Odd because their smog emission standards were not allowing New sales of the CRD's.

    I surely wish all of you with CRD's good fortune. I do believe Chrysler would still be interested in any problems you experience. Maybe they still would help you? Would you still have bought a CRD if you knew what was ahead?
    ps: sorry about the underlining I can'y stop the darn thing!
  • $2700 and I have a new head gasket, new O rings around the injectors (they had disintegrated and no one knows why) intake got cleaned of coked up residue and as long as it was disassembled, I had them replace the timing belt and serpentine. Oh and the thermostat had been stuck open for awhile so I got me one of them. This is actually the first thing I've had to do out of warranty and I'm surprised it hasn't happened sooner from reading about everyone's escapades here--which has been incredibly helpful and great.

    I have no explanation for why this happened except I can say it's been started and driven at -26F and also run across Death Valley when it was 118F over a pass with a full load of gear. It's been from 280 feet below sea level to Loveland Pass at 11,999 feet all on the same trip. I"m pretty sure VM Motori hasn't bothered to consider vacationing with me but they should, I probably could eventually somehow damage anything they make.

    It's gone 13 hour stretches on I80 at 80 all day and then parked outside, not plugged in and started at -15F.

    I've even yanked bushes out of my yard by the roots.

    Had the usual transmission, front pump, reflash stuff but I had no complaints about it and my dealer service department has been really buttoned up and never gives me a sour look when I drive in, they have a bunch of diesel techs because they also sell/service Dodge.

    Turbo replaced awhile back under warranty and I'm only on my second EGR

    Crazy thing is I still like this vehicle.

    Just turned over 80,000 miles. I guess I'll squeeze a few more out of it.

    Thanks to everyone who posts on here, it's been great to be able to read about the variety of experiences, issues and likes about the CRD. Puts some of this in context.
  • winter2winter2 Posts: 1,801
    Any more news you ask? There certainly is. On Thursday (3/17) afternoon I received a call from the Florida dealership that the long block had arrived from Italy a few days before.

    Once I send them my portion of the money then they will do the repair. I have told them that they will need to drive the Jeep for at least a week before I take possession of it again and the dealer has agreed to this.

    They are going to hold the engine for me to see, but they are reluctant to pull the oil pan off for me to see what has occurred. I just might bring my own tools and do it myself.
  • winter2winter2 Posts: 1,801
    Hello Farout,

    Not up to Chrysler standards? How recently was that tidbit passed onto you?

    A new engine from VM? That should be intriguing!!!

    If I knew that this engine was going to be as difficult as it was I might have taken a harder look at VM products and asked a few more questions. At the time I purchased my Jeep I had also considered a VW TDI (pre-common rail) and they were having their own aggravation with them too. The thing that killed it for VW was that the dealer insisted that I had to come to them for service otherwise VW would void the warranty. I really had no time to argue with them about and bought the Jeep.

    As to the so-called "new" engine, my guess that the engine is going to be the RA428. It is similar to ours but the big difference is the injectors which are piezo-electric allowing for more quick consecutive injections, allowing for a cleaner, quieter burn plus another 40 lb-ft of torque. The question is did VM gussy up the rest of the parts to handle the addition torque and will Chrysler have a torque converter to handle the additional torque without crapping out like ours did.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Sounds like you are making progress. Slow, but progress. Thanks for the update.
  • samm43samm43 Posts: 195
    These newer piezo-electric injectors than your old engine had, have been used in newer engines in order to better able meet ever stricter emissions regs. They will be very expensive when the time comes to replace them, but of course with a bit of luck and clean fuel, you likely won't have to deal with them for the next 250k+ miles.

    And given 40 extra foot pounds of torque, I agree that it would be good if we can assume they have beefed up con rods, wrist pins and main bearings. I would write them (VM Motori) a postal mail to tech dept and ask them. If the auto is the same 5 speed that is used in the Grand Cherokee, you should be OK there. Ask Chrysler to be sure. It may not be as I don't think they had the TC issues the Liberty had.

    I have read quite a few of your earlier posts and I feel your pain. Was glad that your near give-up turned into a perseverance that paid off near the end, even though having to anti up 3 grand is no pocket change by any stretch of the imagination, it is way better than the total loss that would have been the alternative. Your story hit pretty close to home with me as I too do all my own work. I keep records of the date and time, what all was done, all the receipts and I even rub a dirty oiled finger or two on my maintenance schedule for even greater authenticity. I'm honest in my claims but they don't know that.

  • winter2winter2 Posts: 1,801

    The trans on the Grand Cherokee CDI is not the RFE 545 but the NAG-5, a Mercedes slushbox. It is a a fairly good trans for the CDI but they also used it in the Chrysler Crossfire and in that application it was a hunk of junk.

    This past Friday I stopped at the dealer where I purchased my CRD and told them the news. The service manager urged me to hold off on writing to Sergio until after I get my CRD back from Florida. They have one in their shop right now that will be getting a new engine that Chrysler is paying for. The engine has a significant oil consumption issue and only has 67K miles on it. The owner has had the dealer do all of the oil changes and all of the usual culprits have been ruled out. I am good friends with the diesel tech there and he is not looking forward to doing the engine swap.
  • caribou1caribou1 Posts: 1,354
    edited March 2011
    Hi winter2,
    A significant oil consumption do you say?
    Does it burn the oil or leak to the ground?

    Mine produces a messy oil stain pattern, wherever I park, near the junction of the tranny and engine. Seen from the back of the Jeep it looks like this:

    ° °
    O O

    The funny thing is that my fluid levels are always good!
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    Hey Winter2, this is farout. I had the "Green Beast" remember me? Do I understand you have a Grand Cherokee CRD? Do You still have the Liberty CRD?

    I might have it wrong but does it seem that the Liberty CRD's are having more issues as they get more miles on them?

    My Pacifica AWD now has 94,600 miles on it and we like it better all the time. I wish the CRD would have worked out as Chrysler thought. But for us 25 times in the shop in 16 months was too much for Chrysler and us.

  • winter2winter2 Posts: 1,801
    As I understand it, the oil is burned. There are no leaks. The guy who owns it does not blow the engine's nose so I am guessing that the poor thing is full of carbon and the rings are totally foulled with carbon and sludge.
  • winter2winter2 Posts: 1,801

    You are unforgettable!

    I have the Liberty CRD and up to the point where the engine let go my primary issues had been the trans, namely torque converters and more recently glow plugs namely number 2 (dealer fixed) and number four ( I fixed).
    Outside of that, the engine gave me very few problems except for a pulley (Timing belt) that went bad (dealer fixed), EGR valve and a computer flash.

    I forgot to respond to Caribou's oil leak. Caribou, look at the CVCC on top of the valve cover toward the rear of the engine. Check the hose(s) as they may not be tight fitting any longer. I had a similar issue with oil on the right side of the engine. I Cleaned out the CVCC (make sure you treat the gasket gently) and reattched the hose(s) with some gasket cement. That did the trick.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    winter2: My Pacifica has had two TC replaced. One at 10,000 and the other at 80,000. Both were defective. Maybe these Chrysler TC's have issues. but after 2008 I have'nt heard of much.

    Are you the one with the light weight travel trailer? If so do you still like it? How many miles on your CRD now?

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