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Porsche Boxster and Boxster S



  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Haven't heard of that company, but if you haven't done so, might want to check with both your local Porsche dealer and ones in the Savannah area for referrals. My dealer in the Baltimore area regularly transports cars to and from the dealership and they recommended a company when I was considering selling my car to a buyer from Phoenix. They had a good reputation and gave me a decent price.

    As I am sure you know, completely enclosed transport vs. open carrier is a lot more expensive.
  • My son moved from Dallas to Chicago about a year ago, the moving company simply put his car on the moving van. It was inside the truck and had no wear and tear. when they movers got to CHI they simply drove the car off of the truck.

    he was moving a 1 bedroom apartment so the car probably took as much space on the truck as his furniture, etc. did.

    He drives an Audi A4
  • I have a 99 and want to change the shift knob and boot. My manual calls for a set screw where the boot and shifter meet but there is no set screw. What holds the shift knob on the shifter and how do you remove?
  • bapchabapcha Posts: 5
    I needed new front brakes at 16,000 miles. Cost me a grand. Is this normal ? The dealership's take was that I treat the road like a track [which I sheepishly admitted to doing....]. My tires [PS2 17"] lasted 16K miles too. I got an awesome deal from Costco. $760 for 4 PS2's installed!!!

    Bottom-line: Is 16K miles "normal" for front brakes ?

    2005 Base Boxster, Seal Gray/Blk/Blk/P+ Package, blah, blah.
  • dyldyl Posts: 17
    Got a deal on a 06 boxster, silver listed at 50k.
    The Dealer asked for 40.5k but still have some room to negotiate.
    I will trade in my car - but for a fair price.

    The boxster was a company car serving as a service loan car - almost never used and has 500 miles on it. However, the car was titled and its not "new".

    My question - is this going to be a problem when i will sell the car? Is the price I'm getting is a good deal?

    Also this car will be my main car (have another car at home - wife driving it). Is it possible to drive the Porsche on a daily basis?

    Last question - how reliable are the late models of the boxster? Should I expect big expenses?

    Your comments will be appreciated.
  • dl7265dl7265 Posts: 1,381
    Well, carfax will probably reflect you being the 2nd owner. Will that matter ? Perhaps not. You just won't list it as "one owner" will you decide to move up :D

    As for pricing Id try a little more Ive seen 9k ish off "Brand New" cars. I think the most important question is this the car you want? or are you settling , to accept a decent deal ? If option/color wise its your choice, I say go for it.

  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    "The boxster was a company car serving as a service loan car - almost never used and has 500 miles on it."

    That 500 miles represents about half of the "break in" miles. Take a quick guess as to how many of those "loanees" took care to not exceed 4,000 rpm or only drive the car for 15+ minutes at a time to allow it to properly warm up?

    Frankly, I wouldn't touch this car. If you can afford a Boxster, you can afford to get a new one at a good deal or a slightly used one that has been properly broken in. But a loaner? - no way.
  • dyldyl Posts: 17
    Thanks for your comments.

    I got the car for 39k.
    It's true that if you believe in the break in theory you need to drive it carefully, and care for the engine - but that a controversial subject.
    Also no one promise you that when you buy a used car the previous owner did break in the engine as needed.

    I also think that people who drive Porsche respect those cars, part of them have better models like 911 and wont go wild in this loaner... well i hope that was the case in my new car.
  • gord1gord1 Posts: 11
    Just got a 2006 Boxster S.

    I hope this doesn't sound too stupid but...

    At what RPM to you guys shift most often?

    Do you think 4,000 is too high for normal driving? Will it have any impact on the longevity or maintenance cost of the engine?

    How often to you rev it too the max? What is the max? Is it 7,000 or 8,000? There are some red slashes starting at 7,000 and a darker one at 8,000.

    I want to enjoy the car but I also want the engine to last a while without huge repair expenses.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I'll bore the regulars again, but, assuming this is a new Boxster S, you should:

    (1) Keep it under 4,200 rpm's for the first 1,000 miles (that was 911, w/ 7,200 rpm redline - check your manual)

    (2) Avoid short hops - drive at least 15+ minutes at a time during break-in to give the engine oil and parts time to heat up to full operating temperature and expand/contract as they are supposed to during breal in.

    (3) Avoid use of cruise control - vary your engine speed during break in.

    If the car isn't new and has more than 1,000 miles on the odometer, drive it like you stole it. And as far as shift points following break in, I have been told there is more carbon build up and damage done by shifting too low (i.e. dropping rpms below 2,000), than too high (but short of red-line). My average 1-2 and 2-3 shifts under normal acceleration in my 911 are at about 4,000 to 4,500 rpms. For non-highway cruising (i..e. under 55 mph), I like to keep it in a gear that keeps the rpms close to or above 3,000. I don't use 6th unless I'm over 65-70+.

    P.S. These are not my recommendations from personal knowledge of mechanical engineering and materials science, of which I have little. They are from 3-4 people that I consider serious experts - including 2 former Porsche race team engineers, one AMG/Motorsport dealer that has numerous sports cars himself, and one friend who holds masters degrees in both ME and MS. Among them, there is no "controversy" about what you should do and the value of a good break in procedure.
  • gord1gord1 Posts: 11
    Thanks Habitat1.

    I should have said that I have been breaking it in according to your instructions (and the manual)and now have about 1,600 miles on it.

    I was interested in how to drive it thereafter and your information was very helpful. Your sources seem pretty darn good to me.
  • Has anyone out there replaced the alternator on their Boxster? I have opened the engine compartment lid, looked into the engine bay, and I blew a gasket.

    Is there an easy way to pull the alt without a service garage being the answer.

  • tomk17tomk17 Posts: 135
    I'm looking at a few indoor car covers on eBay for my 06 Boxster. Does anyone know if a cover from the 02-04 years will still fit the slightly different body style of the 05-06 model? I have the sales books with dimensions for both the 04 and 05 styles and can check exact car dimensions but maybe someone has first hand experience. Does not have to be a perfect fit just decent.
  • doug18doug18 Posts: 4
    I have my eye on a '02 Boxster S with 38,000 miles at a dealership specializing in high end pre-owned cars. They provide a 2mo/2,000 mile warranty and mentioned a bumper to bumper warranty up to 100,000 miles would be available for an extra $2,000. I've heard that extended warranties are rarely worth it, but am wondering if it would be worth it in this case?

    Also, what should I expect the annual cost of ownership to be and how much ongoing maintenance will be needed? I don't think this will scare me off, but I at least want to have an idea before I purchase.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    If that 100,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty for $2,000 is legitimate (i.e. covers everything, with no hassles getting them to pay up), it sounds like a pretty good deal.

    986 model Boxsters (and 996 model 911's) were known to have an issue with rear main seal (RMS) leaks. If the problem surfaced under warranty and led to adverse engine wear, some dealers were getting Porsche to agree to replace the entire engine. But just replacing the RMS is an expensive job.

    If you plan on keeping the car for awhile, I'd consider the warranty. But I'd first make sure that the company providing it is legitimate and that they have a good history with your local Porsche dealer. My dealer has had third party warranty companies that ranged form very good to others that the customer had to fight with to get reimbursed. Or worse, refused coverage.

    I can't help you on a 2002 Boxster S maintenance schedule. I just took my 2005 911 in for a 1 year / 10,700 mile oil change. (Owner's Manual says first service is 2 yrs/ 20k, but I just couldn't wait that long). Cost me $240, with 10 quarts of 0W40 Mobil 1. The full 2 year maintenance will run me around $600. But, so far, brakes, tires, and everything else look good. Call your local dealer and ask about both the warranty company and the maintenance schedule.
  • drjamesdrjames Posts: 274
    "At what RPM to you guys shift most often?

    Do you think 4,000 is too high for normal driving? Will it have any impact on the longevity or maintenance cost of the engine?

    Not a stupid question at all. I've had my Boxter S for almost two years and have been very happy with it. As for shifting, to be honest, I never look at the tach and RPMs. I just go by feel and sound but never race anyone. Though I do drive fairly hard, I don't hold RPMs or try to max them for the fasted launch.
  • 986 model Boxsters (and 996 model 911's) were known to have an issue with rear main seal (RMS) leaks.

    Is this a problem all model year Boxsters are known for, or is it more common in some than in others?
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I'm not sure. Porsche has not been very forthcoming about the RMS leaks, at least not as far as I've seen in wirting. Every dealer I've spoken with has a slightly different story - according to my current dealer the RMS was redesigned for the 2005 Boxster and 911, but I've heard elsewhere that there may still be an issue. You might want to check out some other Porsche specific forums to get more information.
  • tomk17tomk17 Posts: 135
    I just picked up a Porsche Charge-O-Mat from a guy who lost the instructions. It's model 000-043-202-56. The one with the large plug in transformer and long cord with cigarette plug. I know what it does but can someone clarify the operation of the red, green, yellow light on it for me? When I first connect it the LED is red, if I left it plugged in does it eventually turn yellow or green? I have not put the car (2006 Boxster) away yet and will only do so for 3-4 weeks ar a time. A quick recap of the instructions would be appreciated.
  • drjamesdrjames Posts: 274
    Hello, I've been thinking of storing the car away for the winter, since I rarely drive it now winter's come and stick to my RX and Camry, but have never stored any car away for such a long period of time. My dealer told me that it wasn't really necessary if I can drive it for 10-15 minutes every few weeks, but have heard otherwise. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I would modify that 10-15 minutes every few weeks to 20+ minutes every 2 weeks, assuming the battery is relatively new/strong. I have gone as long as 10-12 days without driving my 911 and there was no problem with start up. But I've heard of others that find the battery dead in 3-4 weeks. And it can get drained so far that it won't take a recharge. Twenty minutes or more of driving in (presumably) colder weather is also good to get the engine oil and parts competely warmed up. Ten minutes won't do that in my 911 (9+ quarts of oil).

    If you really want to stow the car away for 2-3+ months, there are various recommendations I have heard. But I've never done that myself, so I'll let others chime in.
  • drjamesdrjames Posts: 274
    hey habitat1, thanks for your input. The point about the battery is definately worth consideration. But, it's the lubrication and first start up of a 'dry' engine that worries me the most. All the snow is gone again, and the next few weeks seem to be warm.. so who, knows.. maybe I won't be putting it away afterall.
  • Assuming you are using Porsche approved synthetic oil with a viscosity of 0W-40, you should have no cold-start problems resulting from a "dry" engine as you put it. The 0W syn oil is designed to flow immediately in these conditions, remember it gets very cold in Germany too! You may experience a short blast of dense white smoke at start-up. This occasional behavior is consistent with boxer design engines.

    As to your battery, you should check on a battery maintainer specifically designed for Porsche, they usually plug into the lighter socket. Your driver-side door probably has a notch in the gasket for the power cord.

    As always, driving your car frequently with a certain amount of abandon is the very best PM for both you and the car!!!
  • andysdandysd Posts: 87
    On impulse a couple of weeks ago I bought a ’99 Boxster from a San Diego Union ad - cheap price, 57,000 miles, and then got Eibach lowering springs, Bilsteins, new front brake rotors, brake pads all around, 4-wheel zero tolerance competition alignment, new front 225-45/17 Yoko Advan Neova tires, plus new rear window and a few other things including Mobil I oil change, brake fluid flush, and air filter. The 255/50-17 Pilot Sports on the rear are still good. The car has some good options – power seats with memory for the driver’s, Porsche premium sound, aluminum look gauge dials, and automatic climate control. I don’t know if they’re options, but it also has side airbags and cruise control. It’s black with gray leather. Engine and rest passed inspection. The water pump seals are dry, often a problem I was told with Boxsters of this vintage and miles. I’m not sure what interest any of this is to you, but I had to share my enthusiasm of having a Porsche again – my fourth. The first was a white ’57 Speedster 1600 Super with chrome wheels bought new (obviously I’m not exactly young), fast forward 42 years to a ’67 912 that I autocrossed from 1999 through 2004 when the engine cratered, and a ’95 silver 993 I owned for just six months in 2000 (but I found that concurrently owning four cars (a ’94 C280, a much-improved ‘99 red/black Z28 which I still have, the 912, and the 993) were too many with a two-car garage. Since I was dedicated to autocrossing the 912, I regretfully sold the 993. Now I’m really thrilled to have another open car, which we drive with the top down and the heater blowing just as we did the Speedster 49 years ago. As I recall, the Speedster’s heater was like the Beetle’s with a knob you screwed out for heat. On request I’ll email photos of the two open Porsches with the same gal in the driver’s seat. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.
  • andysdandysd Posts: 87
    Just to correct a minor error in my posting: the rear tire size is of course 255/40-17. (Ever have thoughts like this occur to you during the night?)
  • andysdandysd Posts: 87
    Hi DL - Never heard of it, but will check it out with the tech who inspected it, the one who did all the work (different shop), and the Sales Manager of one of the two San Diego Premier Porsche dealers with whom I corresponded about the purchase. None mentioned such a thing.
  • Hi Everyone - I just got a brand new Boxter 2007 - and just went past the 1000 miles mark (was very cautious to break in well) and today when I drove it (40mph at most for about 20 minutes) I came home and it had this terrible burning, smoking smell and now it says the TPC monitoring is inactive. The onboard computer seems to indicate that the tire pressure is off - but why the terrible burning smell? I literally had to leave it in my driveway to air it out. I also have smelled a oily smell many times while driving the car.

    Anyone have the same problem? Any ideas what it might be?
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    "but why the terrible burning smell? I literally had to leave it in my driveway to air it out. I also have smelled a oily smell many times while driving the car."

    Get this car flatbedded to your dealership by roadside assistance immediately. You really don't want a bunch of Edmunds forum posters doing diagnostic speculation.
  • andysdandysd Posts: 87
    Has this story about the "Boxter" brought the word spoof to your mind?
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Damn, why didn't I catch that? :surprise:

    O.K. jgboxcat, since you don't know how to spell the name of your purported new car, give us any credible reason to believe your "spoofy" story. :confuse:
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