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DVD-Audio Tech Package

suharshsuharsh Member Posts: 33
edited April 2015 in Acura
I love the DVD-A and the ELS sound system of Acura. Unless you go to RLX Krell or Lexus Mark Levinson system (wasn't impressed with Mercedes Burmester sound) ... the ELS is best in this range.

One disappointment that I had was the burnt DVD-Rs (DVD-A) that play in my MDX don't in the TLX. Anyone experiencing or know about his? Maybe the TLX plays only certain brands of DVD-R (at least I hope that is the case).


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    suharshsuharsh Member Posts: 33
    edited April 2015
    Ok I found the answer to this after some research.Acura, has removed DVD-A from the ELS from the 2015 models. No wonder why the RLX also didn't play my DVD-A discs. I know the # of consumers who use DVD-A is probably low but it was a feature that made me go to Acura again and again..

    While talking to the Sales people they couldn't tell me why the DVD-A didn't play. They don't even know their cars!
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