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Should I buy 2004 Suzuki Verona?

johnnytestjohnnytest Member Posts: 1
edited April 2015 in Suzuki
I would appreciate any advice on this.

I know the Suzuki line is not very good and I am looking into buying a used 2004 Suzuki Verona 2.5 L V6 engine with about 96K miles. Previous owner used it to drive on highways to college and back. The check engine light is on and the owner says the mass air flow sensor needs to be fixed. The driver's seat window does not go down. The driver's seat door makes a noise when opening it. Also, the steering wheel turns so easily which is very weird for me. Exterior looks okay. See picture attached. I could get this car for about $1700-2000. I am wondering how much the mass air flow sensor will cost me. Looking online it seems like it's something I could potentially fix myself with aerosol cleaning spray or replacing it. Although, I have never done anything of that sort. When I drove it there seemed to be no issues. Brakes were very good too. The steering wheel is what just feels weird because it turns very easily. I heard that steering wheels can be easy to turn if the tires are overinflated but I didn't get to check the tire pressure.

I am a college student who works two part-time jobs and makes on average $900-1000 a month. Also, since I am only 22 years old insurance is going to be high for me around $200/month (progressive - no comprehensive/collision). Anyone know if there are other insurance that can offer me a lower price. My parents can give about $1000 and then the rest will be up to me. Also, starting in July my average income will drop down to $500/month and then in August I will not be working at all.

After doing research on the 2004 Suzuki Verona I am worried in the future I will be plagued with many problems. I plan to use this car for driving around my neighborhood to do errands and driving on the highways 2-3 times/week (36 miles round trip). I basically just need a car to get to places here and there. Should I take a risk with this car? I believe the owner wants to sell this car because his registration is due for renewal in July and with the check engine light on I guess he rather sell it rather than spend money to fix the problem himself. The owner knows my uncle really well who told me about the car and we are same nationality and we live around the same neighborhood. I don't think he is trying to trick me into buying a worthless car but then again who really knows. I have the VIN and the odometer is clean but should I buy the carfax? I would appreciate any advice for what I should do. Thank You!


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    steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    edited April 2015
    Got Uber in your area?

    Cars, even new ones, can be a real money pit, what with insurance, gas, tires and all. Throw in the inevitable maintenance and ... well, you know.

    It's nice having "freedom" but you're going to be working a lot of hours just to pay for your car and the insurance.

    It'd be worth it to pay a shop for an hour of their time to do a pre-purchase inspection (if the issue was only the sensor, why didn't the seller just go ahead and replace it?).
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