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Smart Storage Feature - 2014 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel Long-Term Road Test Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 10,315
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imageSmart Storage Feature - 2014 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel Long-Term Road Test

There's a small slot in the console of our Ram 1500 that just happens to hold a cell phone, but it's not clear if that's what it was designed for.

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  • allthingshondaallthingshonda Member Posts: 878
    We've had numerous posts about the Ram since the post about the strange engine noises. What we don't have is a posts explaining what was causing the noise and the outcome of the service visit. Edmunds has a habit of simply ignoring problems (Dodge Dart for example) hoping that we won't remember.
  • hacefriohacefrio Member Posts: 29
    @allthingshonda: check back tomorrow. Dan Edmunds breaks down the recent Ram service visit, the noise issue and the fuel system update. And, I'm still curious about this: what about the Dart wrap-up is still unresolved for people?
  • grijongrijon Member Posts: 147
    edited April 2015
    Well, there is that fact that it doesn't show up in the blog. And that it was never posted in the LT Blog itself. And the fact that it's really not a wrap-up, but more of a "we're done so here's some stuff about the car, but it's really just kind of whatever instead of our actual experiences, oh and we're going to try to make it look good."

    Most of the Edmunds editors are great writers with genuine auto enthusiasm and knowledge, and I LOVE reading their blogposts - but in my opinion there are also a few here that really stand out as really having no place whatsoever among such company- and I can just look past them without being bothered or bothering anybody about it. What really bothers me, though, is that the site's journalism is clearly compromised and then defended (the Dart's coverage, or lack thereof, is a great example), and that it really looks like someone is choosing the make such compromises as a conscious decision, and that the website simply doesn't work well (consistent login and loading issues on a computer that doesn't have any trouble anywhere else on the net, and is being operated by a computer technician).
  • grijongrijon Member Posts: 147
    edited April 2015
    Ah, that turned into a bit of a rant; my apologies.

    ***What follows is not directed at any individual***
    What I'm trying to say, I suppose, is that perfection doesn't exist on this planet and we all make mistakes - but that fact doesn't give license to deny our mistakes, and doing so simply hurts the credibility of the person trying to cover up. Own your mistakes and your audience will probably say something like, 'hey, we all mistakes.' Saying "That wasn't a mistake!" makes you out to be either a blatant liar or as incompetent to recognize the mistake, neither of which encourages your audience in any way. ***Again, not directed any any one individual***

    At the end of the day, I started coming to Edmunds for its honest, quality automotive journalism. I feel that the honesty is slipping, and for me (not that I'm important, but I just may be a fair representative of your audience) will seal the deal of not bothering with Edmunds any more.
  • truckjunkietruckjunkie Member Posts: 8
    I posted this in the latest ecodiesel post as well.... I've owned a couple of the Cummins diesels and a couple of Internationals too. I have not owned one of these 3 liters, but it's still a diesel.... And guess what - diesels sound different than gas motors and they make different noises. Sometimes they sound different just because of a difference in the ambient outside temperature. The ticking noise that's been noticed is (in my experience with my latest Cummins) probably a exhaust regen taking place. I've heard that ticking noise in my truck during extended drives or towing - both of which are prime times for regens to take place.
  • thenewfthenewf Member Posts: 1
    The "cell phone" slot was designed to hold business cards.
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