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What was your first car? What happened to it?



  • Hey folks! It has been some time since I last posted, but want to know. What is your current ride compared to your first one? Sort of like what was your first girlfreind/boyfriend? I am now driving Jeeps exclusively, and love to explore still. It has been a long way since that 49 Pontiac I lost my virginity in!
  • rea98drea98d Posts: 982
    Current ride Vs. first ride?
    Let's see, Current ride, "Patsy" is a 95 Ford Thunderbird with 205 horsepower, 281 CID V-8, 1,000 pounds less weight, an air conditioner that works, a driver's window that rolls down (without the drivier pushing on it from the top), 27.5 MPG highway, flimsy plastic bumpers, and looks like everything else on the road.

    First ride? One light green 1978 Mercury Grand Marquis with a 153 horsepower 400 CID V-8 (gotta love 1970's emissions controls), no air, the drivers window was operated by a hand pushing down on it, a horn that occasionally satyed on when you released the button, got 12.5 MPG highway the only time I was brave enough to calculate it, had enough room to relocate a family of pachyderms, a massive chrome bumper that was known to give broken down Chevys a loving nudge outta the way, and more steel than Pittsburg's NFL franchise. My T-Bird is a more practical daily driver, but I hung on to the mercury, figuring I'll eventually rebuild the enigne minus the obsolete, ineffective emissions controls, add a computer controled EFI, and see if I can't get some decent numbers out of that engine. But first I'll have to concentrate on finishing college ;-)
  • My first car was a 1969 Buick Skylark. I bought it when I was 18 and right out of high school. It was green and had a 6 cylinder motor in it I think it was a 283 but I am not sure. That car went over 110,000 miles. It was a darn good car.
  • speedshiftspeedshift Posts: 1,598
    My first car was a 1960 Corvair four-door sedan. That was thirty years ago, and my social life still hasn't recovered.
  • mark156mark156 Posts: 2,006
    The first car I bought was in 1977 at age 19. it was a 1972 Dodge Charger, 33,000 miles, $1,400, brown with tan vinyl interior, forward half black vinyl top, hidden headlights, 8-track. It was an automatic with an eight cylinder engine (318). Then about a year later I sold it to my Dad when his '65 Valiant died. I then bought a '73 VW bus, automatic, 30,000 miles, $2,000, no power but lots of fun. I traded the Bus after 8 months on a new '79 Datsun 210, white with blue clothe, Listed for $5,500. (I was very proud of my first new car!) Then an '81 Olds Delta 88 diesel (junk), '84 Peugeot 505STI, '87 Maxima, '89 Maxima, '91 Mercedes 560SEL,'96 Jeep GC ltd, and currently a 99 Jeep GC ltd. QD and a '00 Mercedes E430 sport.
    2010 Land Rover LR4, 2013 Honda CR-V, 2009 Bentley GTC, 1990 MB 500SL, 2001 MB S500, 2007 Lincoln TC, 1964 RR Silver Cloud III, 1995 MB E320 Cab., 2015 Prevost Liberty Coach
  • ndancendance Posts: 323
    My first car (bought in 1976) was a 1970 Boss 302 Mustang. Grabber blue, rear spoiler, louvers, flat hood, $1800, headers, Minilite wheels (15x8's I think). Sold to finance the next muscle car, which in turn was sold to buy the next, etc... Thought I had found it for sale on the net but turned out that that car (which looked identical) had been owned by a guy who had bought another Boss 302 from me (I think I said that right).

    Pretty good all-around cars. They're not real fast but look cool and sound great. It always seemed to me that the build quality on 1969/1970 Mustangs was a lot better than Camaros and Cudas/Challengers of the era.
  • My first car was a Bug - great car to learn stick on, wish I hadn't squashed it. I cracked a cylinder on it after going over a speed bump too fast (it was ready to go). Fondest memories were going to the shore w/o parents and the two inch whole in the floor board that would allow water inside. Had a monsoon night one night. Great car - wish I had one or could import one from Mexico. May buy the New Beetle - but not the same thing.

    Car I first learned on? '65 Plymouth Fury with a Slant 6. Real dependable - my parent's car.

    Second car - '68 Chevy Impala 305 - o.k. great back seat for my age (like a couch, used as a .... I'll let you fill in the rest!)
  • CooperCooper Posts: 55
    Don't laugh. First car was a '74 Ford Pinto. Didn't even have carpeting. Had it from '76 to '79. Don't remember what happened to it.

    Then, got my parent's '72 Plymouth Valiant Scamp with a 225 slant 6. Great engine, as the separate discussion topic shows.

    Had that until I got my first new car in May 1983: VW Rabbit L. 1715 cc engine, last year with a carb, 4-speed. Neat little car.
  • ajvdhajvdh Posts: 223
    I had the dubious privilege of piloting the family chariot for the first couple of years. 'Twas a 72 Fury with the 318 and towing package, which included a "heavy duty" suspension. The best thing about this boat was its uncanny resemblance to an unmarked cop car. Left lane bandits were not a problem.

    My father had a temporary assignment in Italy, so they moved there for two years while I was in college, so I got sole use of the Fury. It did develop a fascinating problem - there was a fault in the wiring harness that would cause intermittent temporary electrical separation between the interior and underhood sections. When this happened, everything electrical would switch off, and the ignition switch was a dummy. No lights, horn, windshield wipers, etc.. And you couldn't turn off the motor. Chrysler issued a recall for this (go figure!).

    My parents sold it to a neighbor when they bought their diesel Peugot (they wanted a diesel they could buy in US form in Italy, and bring back to the US). The neighbor drove it for a couple of years, then an engine mount let go and the cost of fixing it was more than the car was worth.

    The first car I actually owned was a tennis-ball yellow '79 Civic 5 speed purchased a couple of months after I graduated college. A fun little beast that was one of the few '79s that could run on leaded gas. Quicker than it looked and dead reliable too. I put on better shocks, stiffer and shorter springs, a bigger front sway bar and added a rear bar. And an Ansa exhaust.

    Sold it after 6 years and 80,000 miles for about 1/2 of what I paid so I could buy an '85 T-bird Turbo (which depreciated 75% over the 6 years I owned it). I ran into the people I had sold it to a few years later, it was at 130,000 and still going strong.
  • The year was 1982 and I was 15 1/2. My father always wanted a car when he turned 16 so he told me he would buy me a car within reason. He found this 66 Impala convertible at M&M Auto sales in Waldorf, MD. We went to look at it and it was love at first site. It had a Power pack 283/powerglide, 4 barrel carb, and duel exhaust.
    I learned to drive in it, drove her to college, back and forth to work. She was my baby. I had an on the body restoration done to her. I loved the way heads turned when she went into the parking lot. :) I was getting high milage so I put another car on the road for a daily driver. I was given a 79 Transam with 6.6 litre engine. Would pass anything but a gas station. That was a money pit. LAter sold it and bought a new 94 Lumina and paid it off to buy my now current 2000 Impala LS (bought in May,1999). Now my LS is my daily driver and the convertible is my nice weekend car. Http://
    you can see a picture.
  • She's a beauty, identical to my second car, except mine has a red interior. I drove it for many years and finally put it away, my dad restored it and now uses it as his "go to the golf course" car.
  • cookie01cookie01 Posts: 369
    I finished my college internship in 1986 and bought my first car, a 1982 Honda Accord hatchback (lt. blue) with 82,000 miles on it... Yeah, that's a lot for a four-year-old car. But my Mom trusted Hondas and I thought it was worth a try.

    Only had one speaker, and the former driver must have been a "large" person cause the driver's seat tilted to one side quite a bit.

    The VERY FIRST day I had it some lady in a huge boat backed into it at a McDonald's. Of course she had no insurance.

    It ran pretty good, but no one told me I had to add water to the battery. I spend my first tax return on new battery and rotor. Sheesh.

    What happened to it? I "loaned"/"gave" it to my fiance and when we broke up he took it with the promise to send me $2000 for it... Of course, I NEVER saw a dime.
  • 1964 3-duece 389 Bonneville convertible. It's being restored.
  • My first car was a 1959 Plymouth Savoy with a 3 speed on the column. I bought it for $35. It had a crushed rear fin, but it ran good.
  • speedshiftspeedshift Posts: 1,598
    Nice car! 4 speed or Hydro? Any options? I had a '61 Bonne convertible and a '63 Ventura.
  • It was fully loaded, pw, pb, ac, power antenna, power driver seat, big chrome vac gauge on the console and had the rare Pontiac spoke hubcaps. This one had a 4-speed hydramatic. There were 3 gears on the selector but low had 2 gears.

    We had alot of old Pontiac stuff. My father used Pontiac engines in the race cars. There were alot of interesting performance parts laying around. He had 3 Pontiac convertibles over about 7 years. The 64 was one of them.

    Excellent. A diehard-Pontiac buddy of mine found a 61 Bubble top Bonneville. He's looking at restoring it. It's alittle rough but all the pieces are there. You still have any vintage Pontiac stuff?
  • speedshiftspeedshift Posts: 1,598
    No, all I have left are a few shop manuals and the Q-Jet off a '69 Judge I had in the mid-80s. Old cars were more than a hobby for many years, but I had two life changes: a '68 Cougar, the last of many projects, I took a $5k hit on; and an urgent need to get on with my life. Got middle-aged, I guess. Just saw a '61 Catalina yesterday, still a sharp car. Always liked big cars with lots of power.
  • A Judge. Have you seen the prices on Judges lately?
  • speedshiftspeedshift Posts: 1,598
    Don't remind me. I traded a '67 GTO HO for it, then had a hard time selling it for $1500 in the late '80s. It was real--I documented it through Pontiac, back when they were still doing that. The problem, believe it or not, was that it was a column-shift automatic, not floor shift or 4 speed. The white vinyl top didn't help either, and it was missing the spoiler...and it had a small ding, and someone had cut a hole in a quarter panel for a CB antenna. But very clean and a strong runner--I beat a Six-Pak Challenger at the strip. That Ram Air III put out every one of its 366 horses. Handled well, too. One of my favorites.
  • My first car was 1970 VW that I purchased for $1500.00 right after I graduated high school. White with red interior in excellent shape bought from an older gentleman. I sold it in 1985 to my fiancee at the time who inturn painted it candy apple red with mag wheels and beefed up the stero system in it. He sold it in 1990 for a van you know. The person who bought it who was older than the both of us sold it w/in a year to a young kid and I haven't seen it since. Many fond memories in that car.
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