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Toyota Sienna 2004+



  • pottebaumpottebaum Posts: 15
    "There are only four packages on the XLE without leather, none of them have DVD."

    I swear I saw a XLE Sienna with cloth seats and a DVD at the dealership though.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    Many regions offer the DVD system as a stand alone accessory (PIO). I'm not sure if is the same DVD system (including a pair of 110v outlets) as is included in the packages listed above. Speaking from memory, I believe the MSRP on JUST the DVD system was $1600. So it is certainly possible to get an XLE with cloth and the DVD.
  • pottebaumpottebaum Posts: 15
    Another thing we would really want is the 3-row seet side airbags.
  • pottebaumpottebaum Posts: 15
    We are more interested in buying the van from a dealership than actually ordering it, since we need the van within a month or two.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    Actually, only the front seats are available with side airbags (airbags built into the seats designed to protect the torso). The 3-row airbag which you are referring to deploys down from along the top of the doors to provide head protection in a side impact. Technical point, I know.....

    As an aside, does anyone know if any minivans are available with true side airbags (designed to protect the torso) for the second and third rows?
  • pottebaumpottebaum Posts: 15
    Do you think Toyota will include something like stow-n-go in the 2005 Sienna?
  • pottebaumpottebaum Posts: 15
    I actually sort of hope they won't. If we buy a Sienna, we have to get it in 2004, and I would hate to see a Sienna come out with stow-n-go right after I bought my 2004!
  • kenhall64kenhall64 Posts: 16
    I think the the Stow-N-Go second row seats will not be copied by Toyota, Honda, Ford or GM. They eliminate AWD and for seats to fit into the floor they are built thin. The only advantage I see in them is the storage area.
  • kmeadkmead Posts: 232
    Side airbags in 2nd and 3rd rows are not recomended for seats where children sit as they are often out of position such as asleep and leaning against the side bolster.

    Several high end luxury cars (Audi, BMW, MB) offer side airbags in the rear, all of them recomend that the bags be deactivated for children if they are the primary occupants.

    Side curtain airbags don't have the same problem as they extend from the top and hug the window line closely and will generally not hit a person before the person hits it. It is a good idea to ensure your children are never leaning against the side of the car. In the Sienna due to the arrangement of the seating it is not possible to really lean on the window sill.

    If you are really concerned about side impact safety for your children, please consider the new Britax seats: id=55919304-ADD8-4E21-84D0D7E6C23B708C id=E1B65DDE-13AE-4AB6-BEE87A144FAFBCB5

    I have a Sienna with package 7 which includes side airbags, side curtain airbags and VSC and highly recommend them all. A few dollars invested at purchase could reap huge cost savings and quality of life benefits someday in the future.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    Thanks. That makes a great deal of sense. WRT the children and seat-mounted side airbag issue, couldn't manufacturers install sensors in the seat so if the seat was either unoccupied or had too little weight (child occupant), the seat-mounted side airbag wouldn't fire, yet protection could be offered for adult occupants?
  • dako_tiandako_tian Posts: 298
    I think the answer is $. The idea is complicated by the fact that most people also want to be able to do stuff with those middle and rear row seats -- like fold them and/or remove them. Bending is tough on wired connections. Plugging and unplugging is worse. These can be handled, of course. But the solutions get expensive pretty quickly, the more so when you consider that they would have to wire all the vehicles this way or have even more expensive special-handling during construction to supply the option.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    Hadn't considered the wiring issue and the need to flip/fold/spindle/remove the 2nd row seats. It would involve a series of contacts like you see in the side sliding doors but you are right concerning the cost. ANYTHING could be built in by the manufacturers but they've got to consider the cost against the market demand. As usual, the answer (rightfully so) is money.
  • dako_tiandako_tian Posts: 298
    On the other hand, they did manage tire pressure sensors at a reasonable cost. The continuously-moving wheels exposed to the elements would seem a nightmare environment compared to folding seats. Hmmmmm. How did they manage the pressure sensor connections? Radio transmitters? Brushes on/in the hub?
  • pottebaumpottebaum Posts: 15
    Also, if they were to include stow-n-go seating in the Sienna, they would need to make the seats quite a bit thinner, therefore making them a bit less comfortable (something the T&C has experienced)
  • sev6sev6 Posts: 26
    Hey, you just made the 2000th post.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Congress mandated tire pressure monitors so the suppliers got to spread the costs over a lot of new cars.

    They are still pricy though - Conner from Tire Rack was quoting someone ~$120 a tire the other day for a replacement sensor (over in Tires, tires, tires iirc).

    Steve, Host
  • kmeadkmead Posts: 232
    The Sienna uses a system which monitors the total circumference of the tire versus all the other tires by monitoring the ABS sensors. A tire that is a different (smaller) circumference has lower pressure and there for lower pressure. It does not actually sense the pressure.

    If they are all equally low on pressure it will not sense a problem. What it is really for is a relatively fast reduction in pressure.

    So, beyond using the existing ABS sensors there is no wiring or added sensors. Other systems do use a pressure sensor in each wheel, these are much more damage prone and can suffer other types of failures.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Here's Conner's post - it was in regard to a Lexus sensor, so maybe it has no applicability to the Sienna's system:

    connortirerack "Ask Connor at The Tire Rack" May 13, 2004 11:24am

    Steve, Host
  • nofeernofeer Posts: 381
    has anyone sat in a stow n go seat????? i have and the 2nd and 3rd row seats in the t&c i tried are TERRIBLE, hard poor back support. it's a neat feature but i wanted something that adults as well as kids would be comfortable in well it ain't stow n go. As soon as i sat down it's like a board and no shoulder, back support.
    BUT--the way the t&c rear seat had numbered pulls makes it easier to understand how to fold and unfold the rear seat--nice feature. because the toyota is a bit like a puzzle. which won't take long to learn but longer learning curve. Sienna rocks.....for now.
  • vanmomvanmom Posts: 2
    Anyone have suggestions on what type of extended warranty to purchase for the XLE and what is a fair price? I pick up my new XLE that I ordered from the dealer in 2 days and would like to be a bit educated before I sit in front of the Finance guy. I hear that warranties should be negotiated. Toyota has such a great reputation but man, there are a ton of electronic gizmos on the XLE.
  • tarantaratarantara Posts: 3
    I visited local Toyota Dealer yesterdau and observed 2004 Sienna XLE with DVD Navigation system ($3650.00 option)

    A hestiant saleman told me the Nav system DOES NOT USE GPS! HE said sattelite-based systems have _many_ problems due to "fading" :)

    The Toyota site has a disclaimer for the system indicating that "Discrepancies may be encountered between the system and your actual location."

    Please ... can someone confirm that the Sienna system does not use GPS? I find it had to believe as it renders the system very prone to error.

    Many Thanks
  • wildredwildred Posts: 43
    See Lee Ann's (spongen) post #3926 in the "Toyota Sienna: Prices Paid & Buying Experience" thread. I bought from her dealer too. $500 for a factory platinum zero deductible 7 year 75,000 mile plan.

    You're right about "a ton of electronic gizmos". One power door repair only would worth the cost of the plan. Just think of it as insurance. Hope you will never have to use it. Good luck!
  • pottebaumpottebaum Posts: 15
    I just built an XLE Sienna on the Toyota website, and I'm a bit frustrated. I know I want the DVD, but the only way to add that on is to buy some 6,000 dollar package full of stuff that I don't even need. Is there any way around that?
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Go to target and buy two DVD players for less than $700.00.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    I moved the above post over here (maybe it really should be in the Toyota Sienna Owners: Accessories & Modifications discussion?).

    If there's a lot of interest we can make a separate discussion like the Ody folks have.

    Steve, Host
  • ewtewt Posts: 127
    The salesman is incorrect. The NAV system uses GPS as well as other sensors.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    Your salesman says its not GPS but is satellite guided? What does he think a Global Positioning Satellite is?
  • dako_tiandako_tian Posts: 298
    are all too often lousy sources of technical information. On the other hand, they serve reasonably well as communication devices to carry messages between the customer and the sales manager.... ;-)
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    Re: desire for DVD without massive package?

    Yes. (at least in my zip code, yours may vary)

    DVD is available as a stand alone option under the "options" tab (AFTER the "packages" and "interior" tabs on the 'Build Your Own' section of Toyota's website). The DVD system (with the power inverter which adds the two very handy 110v outlets) has a MSRP of $1599.

    Hope this helps.
  • wolfxwolfx Posts: 72
    took delivery last Friday of an XLE Artic Frost with Package #5 & Leather, and boy do i love this car.

    My worse fear was to become a dad that drives a mini-van, but crazy enough, I dont mind driving this car at all. To go from a 2001 Miata to a Sienna is a huge culture shock, but nevertheless, I'm so impressed by the drivability of this car, and the creature comforts that I've convinced my friends to order one too!

    So far 200 miles and no problems! Just a simply delicious car.
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