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Toyota Sienna 2004+



  • raydahsraydahs Posts: 449
    Yeah, you nailed it on the head. At first I thought it was loose, then I though maybe the attachment point (pivot point) was too high. After looking at it yesterday, and seeing the way it's mounted (which is quite impressive for a tray table, alot of thought went into that). It needs something like the rod that holds the hood up, to do exactly what you described.

    In the mean time, I found this stuff to dampen the vibration. The Taupe matches perfectly =23&plid=102&PID=1571
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    The update on the Long Term Road Test mpg error will take a while longer. The Sienna is being enjoyed by an Edmunds exec. (my guess is a family road trip is in progress <g>) and editorial hasn't been able to access the gas logs to review the numbers.

    Steve, Host
  • sirtaxsirtax Posts: 2
    I have a deposit on an LE (quoted $24,344) with package 1 (AM) {trip computer, auto sliding door on passenge side, and rear audio}-$500, and free floor mats, for a total before tax of $24888 (is this a good deal?). Should I go for it or hold out until 2005 when the hybrid (hopefully) comes out? And when will it come out? Could it be later this year?? I am toying with the tax credit for qualified electric vehicles as this moment? Need feedback. (in South Florida)
  • I have a 2004 XLE model that we bought in Jan. 2004. The van was smooth as silk when we first got it and now we have about 3800 miles on it and the transmission feels very "jerky" to me. When I turn a corner or even on interstate with the cruise set it will seem to "jump" a little. Any thoughts on what this could be before I contact the dealer and get the runaround.
  • davenowdavenow Posts: 171
    can you explain more of your symptoms, and when they come to roost?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Either of you (or any recent buyers) live in MI?

    A newspaper reporter would like to talk with recent minivan buyers who live in Michigan. Please respond to [email protected] or [email protected] with your daytime phone number by Thursday, June 17, 2004.

    Thanks, Jeannine Fallon
    PR Director,

    Steve, Host
  • carmaven18carmaven18 Posts: 21
    I had a question about the rear audio in the 2004 sienna, but not when it is integrated into the rear seat dvd system. I would like to know how it works, what features it has, and its layout. Thank you.
  • carmaven18carmaven18 Posts: 21
    On the Sienna Xle and Xle Ltd, I was also wondering about the power rear liftgate and power doors. How well do they work, and where can you power the trunk and/or doors from(i.e. remote, overhead console, etc.) Thanks so much!
  • wildredwildred Posts: 43
    Yes, On the Sienna Xle and Xle Ltd, the power rear liftgate and power doors could be operated from the remote, or the overhead console if the door power is on and the doors are unlocked, plus 2 more push buttons on the pillars for the sliding doors.

    Also, pull a little on both the inside and outside handles will trigger the power sliding doors to operate. Lift the handle will also power open the liftgate. Pull on the strap will power close it as well. They all would auto reverse if encountered resistance during operation.

    The power is controlled by a switch on the dash near driver's left knee.
  • shiffrinshiffrin Posts: 6
    The fuse for my 12V outlet is blown and I'm trying to find a replacement without buying it from the dealer (which I assume will be expensive, but I'm going to check today).

    The fusebox for this fuse is under the dash and there are no spares. The fuse is not a standard mini fuse like the ones under the hood (which do have spares).

    I've been to some auto supply stores, but they had never seen a fuse like that.

    Has anyone found where to buy these fuses?

  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    "The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has released its latest set of crash test and rollover rankings -- and the Toyota Sienna minivan has emerged as a good choice for minivan buyers interested in rollover safety. The van, new for 2004, received a four-star rating from the agency, which recently began rating rollover likelihood with a new real-world test in addition to its former mathematical tests."

    Source: Edmunds Vans Newsletter and

    Steve, Host
  • dcheung1dcheung1 Posts: 1
    I got a 2004 XLE AWD and had the same problem, the seats are rattling too much. Was this problem resolved? Is this suspension problem? Can it be adjusted?
  • Hi,

    It appears to happen most when I go to accelerate or have a sudden change in speed. Also have noticed this problem while the cruise is on.

    Thanks for any help you can give.
  • mueng92mueng92 Posts: 1
    Ocassionally our radio antenna will loosen up and rattle on our 2004 LE. I then have to get out and screw it back in. Thankfully, I have always noticed it before it backed all the way out and flew off the van. Anyone else have this problem?

    Any ideas on how to keep it tight? I am afraid if I use something on the threads, it will effect the quality of the radio reception.
  • kmeadkmead Posts: 232
    Get a small tube of locktite and you will not have this problem anymore. Don't use red, its pretty permanent
  • ckwalkerckwalker Posts: 2
    I'd try a split lock washer between the antenna and the base.
  • Have a 2004 sienna limited awd van and would like to know if you can add running boards.Toyota dealer claims you can not add running boards. Has anyone added running boards after purchase?
  • scottjyscottjy Posts: 6
    Anyone know of any cons to having the 2nd and 3d row side impact airbags with young children?
  • kmeadkmead Posts: 232
    In the manual they state one should not allow people to lean on the sides of the vehicle with one's face against the glass. The bags come from the headliner right at the edge where it meets the inside window trim straight down along the sides of the windows and pillars.

    Given the configuration of the car; the distance of the seats from the sides and that armrests, it would be very difficult to lean on the sides of the car in any case. In addition most modern child seats and boosters have considerable head bolsters that keep the child centered in the seat.

    We have the side curtain bags with 3 children and an 8 passenger (which has less room from the outside seats to the sides of the vehicle) and have had no problem with our kids being near the sides.

    The benefits of a side curtain are considerable as has been shown by the IIHS tests. Some info can be found at the IIHS web site. rrent.htm

    Notice the difference in the results for identical cars (Accord and Camry) with and without side curtain airbags. In the unfortunate chance that you need them, they could be the difference between a deadly accident and debilitating or possibly just walking away.

    Personally, I won't buy another vehicle without Side Curtains or Vehicle Stability Control.
  • carmaven18carmaven18 Posts: 21
    Did someone say that there would be a hybrid version of the sienna? Will it be available with All Wheel Drive? What other changes are there on the 2005 model?
  • kmeadkmead Posts: 232
    Apparently the majority of changes will be package differences or replacements. There will be some new features such as mirrors with turn signals on some packages.

    The hybrid will be a bit later and will use the same system shown on the RX330 and the Highlander. I believe it will be AWD
  • carmaven18carmaven18 Posts: 21
    Thanks for the info. Can you tell me where you found it or heard about it, because I would also like to actually see it myself. Thanks!
  • kmeadkmead Posts: 232
    There is another web site devoted to the Sienna that has a wide spectrum of members. Due to the rules on this forum, I cannot post its URL, but I would assume a search would get you the address.

    We don't know all the changes obviously, but as 05 production will be starting soon we will soon know.
  • resque84resque84 Posts: 21
    I'm looking to get an 8 seater LE Package # 7, how easy is it for the kids to get into the rear seat ?does the middle row seat slide forward or fold forward ??
  • filodfilod Posts: 189
    I am not sure but I think for 2005, Toyota will come up with some SUV hybrids (Highlander or EX330)

    Sienna may be beyond 2005

    2005 Sienna changes &#150; most car manufacturers do some minor cosmetic changes for their 2nd year models, and this will include the Sienna. We can always be surprise though!

    For me, whether it is model year 04 or 05, I think that I will be looking for options that will improve a little for safety in a Sienna now that my wife have a changed of heart (again) and willing to give up her SUV

    Driver and front passenger seat-mounted side and three-row side curtain airbags
    Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) + Traction Control (TRAC)
    Rear disc brakes

    If I am happy with the price and options available, I will not wait for the 05. If one can, another 2-3 months won't hurt
  • storm11storm11 Posts: 38
    Resque84: I have an LE8 and the seating configuration is wonderful. It is easily accessible to the rear with a mere lift of a lever on the side of the passenger second row seat. It is spring activated, so once you lift it, the seat folds and tumbles forward, out of the way, in one motion. Pretty slick system. Wish my '04 Honda Pilot had the same system to access the back. On it, the seat folds and slides, but no tumble out of the way. Honda needs to learn this trick from Toyota. It's a much better system.

    We're a family of six, so the LE8 was the way to go. Would've preferred an XLE8, but it's not offered. Need the extra two seats for friends and family visiting. Works great, roomy, comfortable, reliable, and that Toyota quality. Nice van. Go for it. You won't be disappointed.
  • filodfilod Posts: 189
    Do all the Sienna (2004) headlights turn off automatically or just those with auto options?

    Thank you.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    I think that now with all the delays for delivery of the RX400h it should be becoming obvious that Toyota has run into problems, like hitting a BRICK WALL maybe, with scaling the hybrid design up to V8 performance.
  • kmeadkmead Posts: 232
    We love our 8 seater (3 kids). Each seat in the second row can: slide forward, fold the seat back down flat, fold up and be held in the up position with a strap. They can also be removed. The center seat in that row can also be moved to a forward position and still do all the above actions.

    The outer seats are very easy to flip up with the same lever used to adjust the back rest angle (this is a two step process, fold the seat back flat and then pull the lever to fold the whole seat forward).

    We have a LE8 with package BW (7) and are pleased with it, we live in west Michigan and the VSC and TRAC came in handy several times last winter. Get the gray interior.
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