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image2016 Chevrolet Volt Gets Price Cut | Edmunds.com

The next-generation 2016 Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid will start at $33,995 when it arrives at Chevrolet dealerships in the second half of this year.

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  • gupdoggydoggupdoggydog Member Posts: 2
    Priced right and mechanically sound but exterior styling leaves little to be desired, especially that cheap, silver trim with waves in it that holds the Chevrolet logo and carries over into the spoiler. Reminds me of the old Pontiac trims that ruined even average looking cars. That esthetic concern alone drops the Volt from my list. Learn from the past GM!
  • mittzombiemittzombie Member Posts: 162
    Wonder how close the Federal subsidy is to running out on the Volts? Because when that is over the car is done.
  • dochideawaydochideaway Member Posts: 3
    Good to see this. There's def. a market for an affordable electric and it's about frickin time. Looking forward to Tesla's "affordable" option.
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