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Kia Sportage 2005 and newer



  • hfxnshfxns Posts: 74
    I have been to the BVI's, beautiful area - fantastic sailing. I am keen to get down there again to charter sailboat again. Are you sailors?
  • fbk4fbk4 Posts: 3
    Use the door handle built into the armrest on the inside of the door.
  • fbk4fbk4 Posts: 3
    I am getting a slight rattle from the right front which the dealer acknowledges but cannot remedy. He said he spoke to the factory and they claim it is a known problem which they are working on. Related or not, I also get a "onetime" clunk from the same wheel after backing out of the driveway and attaining a forward speed of about 10 mph... this happens whether the car is in drive or neutral. Otherwise the car has been fine. Has anyone else experienced this problem. :confuse:
  • jacquesjacques Posts: 34
    Well things got better highway milage wise. I ran 160 miles on 8 imp. gall or 20 miles/gal

    much better than 12 !!

    So much for highway miles.

    My most recent fill-up has been more city driving & pointing to better than 12 miles/imp. gal but nothing to brag about.

    Winter is weird this year and comparing appels to appels is proving a challenge in itself.

    I would say things have improved slightly city milagewise...just slightly

    I think this baby need warm air to feel better and suck less gas!

    I will try another run and report back latter.

    Suffice to say I still am not please with gas milage on my kia Sportage because it is no better than my previous 4000 pound Sorento! :mad: and it should be :mad:

    32 more payments and... bye bye Sportage for me if things don't improve.
  • gascgasc Posts: 2
    I live in the Ottawa area, have a 2006 Sportage V6 and get between 420 to 440 Km per tank (mix of city and highway roughly 60/40 split). You should be getting a little better mileage than you are if it is all highway driving.
  • I've had to jerk the wheel hard twice now because of this problem. I make sure the wheels are straight when I put the car in park, and try not to pull on the wheel when I get in or out of the car. I am noticing an area on the steering wheel around the key insert is coming loose. I am planning on talking to the service dept. about this problem this week. Does any of this sound familiar to anyone else? :confuse:
  • hfxnshfxns Posts: 74
    Jacques, Ditto - I just got 320KMs on my last tank - 100% city driving. So it looks like the reprogramming worked to a certain extent.
  • hfxnshfxns Posts: 74

    I have noticed better mileage since my recalls were performed and since they reprogrammed my engine. I got 320KMs on city driving. I think I could get close to 500 if I drove purely on the highway.

    I used to live in Ottawa, and its pretty flat compared to Halifax which might make a bit of a difference. Although the colder weather would reduce fuel efficiency in Ottawa. I am driving to Ottawa in May actually. I will check out my fuel efficiency on that trip. I am trying not to lead foot it these days.

    Dan HFX NS
  • hfxnshfxns Posts: 74
    No, but it used to happen on my old 1984 Mustang.
  • hfxnshfxns Posts: 74
    I have started to hear a whine in my car. I am not sure if it is the AC/Heating system or the engine. My guess is that its the AC/Heating system. I am going to look into it during my next appointment. Try turning off your heat or blower - and see if they whine subsides.

    Dan HFX NS
  • artgpoartgpo Posts: 483
    My wife's '05 Sportage 4WD V-6 is up to 11,100 miles. Fuel mileage is now 21.1 in mixed but mostly city driving. She started at around 19 mpg but is has steadily improved.
  • Hello folks, just joined this forum...interesting.

    Has anyone fitted a rear spoiler to their Sportage? I'm noticing our vehicle gets dirty very quickly, especailly the rear glass and trunk lid. I'm thinking a spoiler may help keep the crap off.

    BTW I've been keeping track of fuel consumptions since we got the car (Oct.05) I'm getting anyway from 11.428-13.438 L/100 Klm. Even after having it re-programmed twice.
    V6 Ex with 9K on it.

    PS in NS
  • hfxnshfxns Posts: 74
    Interesting I have the same car(LX V6 4WD), I am in Halifax. Your getting slightly better mileage than I am. Although mine has been improving. I have about 8,5000 to 9,000KMS on mine also. I was just in for my first service 3-4 weeks ago. Which dealer did you buy it at? What was the second reprogramming? I have only had mind reprogrammed once.

    I mostly drive in the city, commuting in bumper to bumper traffic from the rotary to Dalhousie.



    HFX NS
  • hfxnshfxns Posts: 74
    Oh, by the way I haven't gotten a rear spoiler. But I have thought of it because of the same problem. The whole car can be fairly clean - but the back of the car will be filthy.


    HFX NS
  • hfxnshfxns Posts: 74
    I am getting a whine, whistling on the right front passenger side - but I wouldn't call it a rattle. Must be the same issue though. I haven't taken it in yet, since I noticed it a week ago.



    HFX NS
  • hfxnshfxns Posts: 74
    Do you have 4WD?
  • Hello Dan:

    First recall was for the Parking Brake clevis pin, so my wife took it in (Kia Dartmouth), and while removing the centre console they broke the rear cup holders.
    Had to order new parts, so it went in again and at the same time they did the re-programming for the fuel cons. Don't know what they did but I noticed a huge jump in the trip ODO etc. Oh! so when they replaced the broken parts of the cup holder they managed to put a huge scratch in the console.
    A month later they ordered a new console(expensive recall, for them)and we asked then to re-programme the computer again. So now my cons. seem better. Actually, it's my wife car. Driven mainly from Fall River to Bayers Lake.
    I'd like to hear from anyone who fitted a rear spoiler. The back gets dirty real quick.

  • Upate : Kia Sportage V6 AWD - Alias Hunday Tucson gas guzzling

    I am 56, had a dozen cars, lived 56 Winters and Springs , I know what gridlock is and warning- up my car in the driveway and idling at the grocery store getting 0 miles/ gal.

    My driving habits have not gotten worse or better only the cars have changed

    Kia Sportage latest figures on gas consumption in Montreal Canada

    9.75miles/us gallon (128 oz.)
    12,18miles/ imp. Gallon (160 oz.
    23,31liters / 100 km

    The other day, as I posted in a previous message it was a bit warmer in Montreal and I did some highway miles which seemed to show an improvement but now, I am back city driving and the above reflects my current consumption on 156 miles (251km).

    I will go back to the dealership and they can drive it for a week if need be.
  • gascgasc Posts: 2
    2006 V6 4WD and just turned 4800 km. The gas mileage has stayed about the same since I bought it even though the weather is quite a bit colder. So I am hoping it will get even better once spring hits.

  • artgpoartgpo Posts: 483
    My wife's Sportage EX V-6 4WD has over 11,000 miles. The mixed driving mileage is averaging just at 21 mpg. When the car was new the mileage was around 19.2 mpg.

    We noticed a stain on the sunroof cover. I brought it to the dealer's attention when the car was in for its oil change on Saturday. Turns out the sunroof is leaking and must be replaced under warranty.
  • We bought the 2005 EX 4WD, and it has the rear spoiler on it. The rear glass and trunk lid get dirty extremely fast.
  • My 06 Kia Sportage v6 awd with 4500 km was dealer reprogrammed this a.m. (2nd time in a month). Apparently the first reload did not take... ???

    Dealer seemed confident this will solve my 25l/100km problem.

    I hope so.
  • 2005 V6 1500 miles
    My rear windows only open 3/4s of the way. I don't see anything about this in the manual. Is this normal?

    re: mileage... I live in Los Angeles where it's been in the seventies and I've never gotten more than 14.1 miles per gallon. I sure hope the reprogramming works. I never would have bought it if I'd known.
  • latest fill up for 98.5Km (about 60 miles)was 27,8 liters
    about 6.5 gallons US so I get about 9.2 miles per US gallon.....after two reprogramming....

    next week the dealer keeps the truck for 5 days and loans me one.

    They ar e suppose to attach a computer and use the car around town to see what is going on !! Dealer has been have I.

    does this thing suck gas or what !!
  • We have now had our Sportage (06 EX FWD) for about 4 weeks. Our mileage has been pretty consistent. About 22 HWY, 16-18 city. Having owned a Hyundai Santa Fe with the same engine for about four years, this is what I expected. I even reset the trip computer one night last week so I could keep a good eye on the highway mileage, and with temps dropping down to zero degrees (F), it still was getting about 21 mpg.

    Is the 4wd system possibly causing the issues that some are having here, as opposed to the computer programming? Just a thought. Good luck getting your mileage under control. I can only imagine your frustrations.

    Re the car itself:

    So far, we love this car, as we did our Santa Fe. The heated seats are great and the stereo is one of the best factory stereos I have heard yet. (The only reason we got rid of our Santa Fe was our son's Toyota died and he wanted to buy our Hyundai.)

    Will post more as our experience with it grows.

    Tim :D
  • shc1shc1 Posts: 10
    I'm in the market for either the Kia Sportage or the Hyundai Tucson. Re the Sportage: is there any significant difference between the '05 and the'06? I am considering the EX with 4WD. Both dealers in my area have plenty of either year model. Obviously I would get a better price on the '05, but will consider the '06 if there have been major improvements. Thanks for any help.
  • 14milo14milo Posts: 5
    I've been told that the only difference between the'05 and'06 is that the'06 has a tire pressure sensor. The model was brand new in'05 so it won't have major changes for a while.
  • shc1shc1 Posts: 10
    Thanks for the reply. That's pretty much what I thought, but wanted confirmation that I hadn't missed something. I've not driven either the Kia or the Hyunda as yet, but since I've narrowed down from a much longer list of possibilities I will test drive both, and decide based upon which drives best for me...and how good a deal I can make.
  • I'm Moving to PA and wanting to buy a new inexpensive vehicle that will eat up pot holes, AWD and have heated seats. I thought my decision was made and then I read the bad gas mileage posts here. Now I want to :cry: It seems like you can't win. Has anyone found that SUV?
  • fbk4fbk4 Posts: 3
    My Sportage came with the spoiler... save your money!
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