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Kia Sportage 2005 and newer



  • kcrnmalekcrnmale Posts: 47
    My wife has a 2005 Mazda Tribute which is the same SUV as the Escape. I have a 2005 Sportage. Both are V6 and AWD. My wife's car is much quicker on acceleration and handles better. The Mazda engine is noisier. The radio is decent but my Sportage is better. I think my Kia is prettier both inside and out. I think my Kia is a little more like a car than my wife's Tribute. My seats all fold flat including the front passenger seat. The Tribute's rear seats fold almost flat and the front passenger seat doesn't. I like my car better and she likes hers better. I think her Mazda will have a better resale value. The Mazda w/o side curtains will be fatal if you're ever T-boned by another vehicle (per crash test results), while the Kia has side airbags as standard. Just my 2 cents.
  • aunt_briaunt_bri Posts: 4
    Thanks Guys!! :shades:
  • kcrnmalekcrnmale Posts: 47
    Found your tire issue interesting. Oddly enough, I have over 16,000 miles on my 2005 EX V6 AWD Sportage, and the tires look great with plenty of tread left. Only rotated them once so far.

    Are your new tires the correct size and only "look" bigger, or did you buy a bigger tire? How do you like riding on them and how's the road noise?

  • hfxnshfxns Posts: 74
    I have had no issues with steering. But obviously you should get your alignment checked, and you may want to consider getting rid of the OEM tires - they suck, and they limit mileage.
  • hfxnshfxns Posts: 74
    I concur regarding the dealership issues. I am Canadian, but I have been putting my mileage in Imperial measurement, even though its an inferior measurement system its not base ten), and the rest of the world uses metric.
  • hfxnshfxns Posts: 74
  • hfxnshfxns Posts: 74
    Glad to hear its taught in the school system, it took forever for Canadians to convert. In fact my grade 3 class in the mid 70's was amongst to first groups in Canada to be taught the metric system.

    Most Canadians over 50 still go by miles, feet, inches, etc.
  • hfxnshfxns Posts: 74
    I also still have lots of tread life on my OEM tires, I will stick with them for at least another year maybe two.
  • mikdeemikdee Posts: 27
    These particular tires must've been defective from day one, when I bought it new off the showroom floor, I noticed the tires were very dry, & brown looking, no amount, or type of tire sidewall cleaner/shine would restore them for more then 2days, It always appeared as a new car with old tires, even though checking the tire thread when new, all looked just fine, as it should be? I've had good luck with BFGoodrich tires before on many vehicles, and even prefer this brand. Your tires may not be defective like mine. Anyway, I upgraded to a BFGoodrich Traction T/A (H-speed rated) in the same stock size 235-60R16, it appears to be a much better tire, the tread design is even more of an A/W aggressive design, also it is a directional tread. All around/all weather traction has been even better then before, they are a tad noisier, but not objectionable. I'm pleased, give them a try when needed, good luck, Mike
  • mikdeemikdee Posts: 27
    If you goto and put in your vehicle info, it will show you the original equipment tire for your car, in this case it is the BFGoodrich Traction T/A (Spec) tire. Which is a good tire for the money, suitable for this vehicle if it's not found to be defctive like mine were. Better yet, is the BFG Traction T/A (T, H, & V) just check the ratings graph right there, & compare. I upgraded to these: - - - - %2FA+H
  • martintmartint Posts: 12
    How much of the exhaust system did you replace, since it has dual? Also did any of these changes affect the warranty? Any further info would be appreciated. Thanks
  • swamanswaman Posts: 6
    The exhaust was replaced from the cat on back. The new muffler has twin exhaust just like the original. I put different tips on. They look just like the Hyundai tips. No, it did not affect the warranty. I have not had any problems with the dealer and they upgrades sure make a difference. :D
  • mikdeemikdee Posts: 27
    "The exhaust was replaced from the cat on back. The new muffler has twin exhaust just like the original."

    Hey swaman, You say it looks, and fits, just like the original, but is lower restriction, & has more sound, Fess Up, what's the muffler brand, and where did you have it done, so myself, & others here, might be able to do this also. I like a little sound from my car, as well as low restriction exhaust. thanks, Mike
  • martintmartint Posts: 12
    I would like to know a little more. By chance, did you just replace the air filter first and did thay make any noticible difference? What was the brand of muffler and was the exhaust pipe repalced with lareger diameter pipe.
    Thanks for the help.
  • We are seriously considering the Sportage as a replacement to our 1992 Subaru Legacy Wagon (204,000 miles!). Have looked at the Subie's, but they appear over priced and the Forrester is very small in the back seat. We drove a 4x4- 4 cyl-5sp Sportage, and while the vehicle itself (inside room, features, especially safety) where very good, the engine was not very rev-y. It seems it would get the job done and having lived with our old Subie w/120 hp. with have learned not to be in a rush. After reading the many complaints about poor V6 mpg, I'm a little liery of going with the V6. I would if I could get a 5sp, but not the automatic.

    Would like to hear from some 4 cyl owners about their experiences.

  • swamanswaman Posts: 6
    OK, sorry it took so long to get back to you all. I unfortunately lost the paperwork but went out to look at the exhaust. The pipe is just a bit larger than the original. The muffler is a Magnaflow. And the tips are Silverline (these are oval like on the Tuscon). They also help with the sound. It is not loud by any means, but a nice little rumble to it. Let me know if you need any other information. Oh, I did replace the air filter first with a K&N and it did help a little bit. But there was a larger difference when the exhaust was done.
  • martintmartint Posts: 12
    Appreciate the info. Can you tell me how much the exhaust mods cost and where you had it done. I am in Los Angeles and not sure what place to talk to. Thanks.
  • martintmartint Posts: 12
    After I replied to your last message I looked up Magnaflow web site on the internet and doesn't appear to show any mufflers for KIA. The only thing they had was tips.
  • mikdeemikdee Posts: 27
    True That! I surfed, & searched myself for any exact replacement peformance muffler besides that one also, all to no avail, But you can get a variety of universal fits all perf. mufflers, to just slip on the pipe if you measure the pipe size, I'm guessing 2" pipe size will fit. You can get them with single or dual outlets, but you would have to use a Y adapter & some flex pipe, with 2 exhaust tips, in order to make it mock dual exhaust like the original.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I started up a new topic dedicated to gas mileage for the Sportage and moved some of the posts from here to the new page. Please join in the discussion here: KIA Sportage: Real World MPG

    tidester, host
  • Hello All from Jamaica. I am looking for a front grille for the Sportage 2005 (new design) are they out yet? I also need to know where to get parts in Florida (closest place) for the undercarrige molding that has the air intake valve opening. I scraped mine on Jamaican roads - anyone out there have any leads for these?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
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  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
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  • My dealer told me that the burning smell would be there for about the first 100 miles due to coating and painting of the engine. And sure enough, it went away after driving for about 100 to 200 miles.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Talk with Ian Beavis – Vice President of Marketing of Kia Motors of America about building the Kia brand in the U.S. Get exclusive takes from an industry leader about Kia's quality, safety, product development and globalization in the automotive marketplace.

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    Here's the link or use the banner floating at the top of the discussions this week.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    And here's the transcript:

    "now we will focus on growth in each of the segments where our core products are - Spectra and Sportage."

    Building the Kia Brand in the US
  • Could someone please tell me why Consumer Reports has given the 2005-2006 Kia Sportages such dismal (much worse than average) reliability ratings? I haven't seen anything here that indicates this. Mostly I see that people really like their cars...except for fuel economy (me included)and that very few problems are reported. This is rather distressing - am I to expect my car to fall apart?

    Obviously, I'm not too car savvy. I just want it to run well!
  • I don't know why either. CR seems to get a bug in their butt about certain vehicles that continues for years. The Sportage is essentially the same as the Hyundai Tucson which is "recommended". Aside from a few sheet metal and interior tweaks they are the same vehicle. The Hyundai salesman even told us when we were comparing the two that if he were shopping for this car he would buy the Kia because it costs less and is the "twin" of the Tucson.
    I test drove about 21 vehicles before settling on the Kia. I thought that it was a better auto than the Honda, Toyota, Ford, Chevy, Nissan, or Mazda offerings. My neighbor is 75 years old and has been driving a 2002 for 5 years with no problems. She traded in her Explorer and kept the Kia. She still drives the Kia daily. Just my 2 cents on why I bought the Kia.
  • In my opinion, CR has a bias against car makers for a long time. For example Not until recently did they even consider Hyundai a safe car to drive. They give bad ratings to Isuzus that are basically Chevys. I think because the car wears a Kia badge it automatically gets a bad reliability rating from them. We have a 2005 Sportage LX V6 4WD and with almost 35, 000 miles on it and it hasn't been in the shop for anything but the few recalls it had. We did have a problem with the tires wearing out quickly, but that was BF Goodrich's problem, not Kia's (will never buy BF Goodrich tires again). But to CR if they slapped Honda or Toyota badge on the Sportage they would rave about it. Just goes to show that not even the "experts" are closed minded sometimes. Hope this helps. :)
  • seniorcitseniorcit Posts: 4
    My 2005 Sportage EX now has its first problem. When cruise is selected and I attempt to set the speed, the set light flashes but will not stay on or set.

    Has anyone had this problem or know the cure?
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