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Chevy TrailBlazer Transmission Problems



  • tntagttntagt Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 Trailblazer LT EXT 4X4. The front wheels locked up on me. Has this happened to anyone else?
  • biglinkbiglink Posts: 13
    Thanks for the link my transmission went out twice at 65k and then again at 80k.
  • biglinkbiglink Posts: 13
    Funny you say that since my transmission did not go bad until after the check engine light was on with a cracked gas tank. T did not get the gas tank fixed because they wanted $600.00 and then a couple of months later they had a recall.
  • biglinkbiglink Posts: 13
    My 03EXT first transmission went out with just over 70k and then 16mo (3 days before christmas) later went out again. No help from GM. I have owned a 99 Blazer and 02 Trailblazer with no real issues however this 03 has had numerous from cracked gas tank to catalytic converter going out as well as now having loud engine noise!
  • biglinkbiglink Posts: 13
    My 03EXT has had the transmission rebuilt twice in less than 2years and less than 20k miles. The last time I was told that water or radiator fluid had got in and destroyed everything. They could not explain how the water got in and with that can't guarantee that it won't happen a 3rd time.
  • I have a 2006 Chevy Trailblazer - bought it brand new. Has 44,000 miles (JUST over the warrenty) and I CANNOT get the car to go into ANY 4 wheel drive. Not hi, not lo, not auto. PLUS my gas level needle just quit working today! My trailblazer is a piece of junk! this is only the latest problems. Anyone else have problems with the 4 wheel drive not working?? I called the dealer they said they haven't heard of any problems and I checked online, the envoy was recalled for transmission problems.
  • hardhawkhardhawk Posts: 702
    Where did you find that the Envoy had been recalled for transmission problems? There have been many problems reported on this board but no one has ever been able to link to an actual recall. Does your 4WD switch light illuminate? My light went out with a concurrent lack of operation of anything other than 2WD. I took my 2002 Envoy to the dealer, who hooked it up to the computer and reflashed the transfer case control module. The lights on the switch came back on and it has worked fine ever since. If you find a link to a transmission recall please post it as I am certain that there are a number of people who would like to know about it. Thanks.
  • KUQUEKUQUE Posts: 8
    Have a 2002 TB LT. Bought new with 28mi. Have not had much trouble with it other than the recalled items, which were replaced. In 2006 replaced the fan clutch which was causing the trany to shift at high RPMs. Dealer wasn't able to figure out problem, but a small operation mech. was able to tell me it was the fan clutch and how it was affecting my trany. Have new problem come up that has me baffled. Since replacing the fan clutch have not had any problems. New problem just started a few days ago. The dipstick to the trany is being pushed open and trany fluid is leaking out. What is causing the dipstick to pop up? :confuse:
  • How hard is it to switch out the transmission for an 02 TB 4wd., I am not rebuilding I am going to take the old one out and install new one. Any help would be great
  • mnizzomnizzo Posts: 1
    I relize this is an old message I am responding to. I hope you get this. What happened to you 2006 Trailblazer - we are having the same problem - just as you explained

    Trying to decide if we should fix it and how much it could cost.

    thanks for your help
  • kymms39kymms39 Posts: 4
    Hello I hope I can help you I got lucky when my dad who is a mechanic did some checking on ebay ( I don't do anything with ebay) but he was able to find a salvage yard in Grand Rapids MI for $650.00 then one of his buddies at the dealership installed it at his house... so since I have the blazer paid off I did decide to fix it. Had I not had all these on my side I probably wouldn't have fixed it if I had to make payments or not had the ebay guy. Hope this helps
  • bmw28bmw28 Posts: 1
    2004 Trailblazers all owned by different people are having the same problem ... The transmission dip stick is rusting and breaking off and water getting into the transmissions and making the transmissions to go out . This is NOT Walmart. It's a manufacture defect that needs to be checked out and possibly a recall . We all need Help on this one. :mad:
  • hi, i had the transmission problem a while #197.......i did not receive anything in the mail regarding a recall on the gas tank. can you please tell me when you received this far as i know i have no problem with the gas tank except that the truck uses way too much gas.........i only get approx. 200 miles per full tank. not good!!!!!
  • hi,
    i got my transmission fixed and got GM to actually pay for it, im thinking i got lucky with the dealership that i bought it from as they would not take no for an answer..........anyway GM gave me a warranty for 6 yrs and 72K miles.......obviously i have an 02 so the "new" warranty is expired.........can you please send me the link that shows the safety recall for the sun gear/sun shell?
  • hardhawkhardhawk Posts: 702
    There is NO recall for the sun gear/sun shell. It has been a problem, but there has never been a recall on it.
  • how much did it cost to replace the sun gear?my 03 trailblazer just quit moving ,period!!!i can shift to any gear and it wont even try to move.i called the gm dealer and he said its probably the sun shell which i'm assuming is the same thing as the sun gear.the dealer also told me the transmission would need rebuilt if that was the problem.
    thanks in advance
  • notogm1notogm1 Posts: 2
    Once the sun shell gear shears off it leaves a nasty mess that filters through your entire transmission and therefor needs to be totally gone through. The cost is between $2200 and $3500 depending on the shop your dealing with. It is true that there is no recall on the sun shell and I found the the dealers will not admit it. I spoke to a few mechanics and one said he does 4 per month at the dealership. GM is sloughing off they research and development to the general public and WE end up with the bill. I had an extended warranty which covered the bill and then I had another $6000.00 worth of various warranty work done including electrical, and timing chain repair by GOOD Chevrolet in Renton, Washington who botched a simple engine light problem. They opened the front of my engine incorrectly and moved my timing chain... didn't want to repair it correctly and handed it back to me. I drove it off the lot and brought it right back. They tried to stick me with a $3400.00 bill. I had it towed to another dealer and they unraveled the story with pictures and an inspector from my insurance company. My 2002 Trailblazer is the worst car I have owned. I will think long and hard before I buy GM again and I have owned 3 of them. Hope your repair is cheaper than mine.
  • robiedrobied Posts: 4
    It cost me $2000 to have the transmission rebuilt and I got the used parts from the transmission shop. You could actually see where the sun shield/sun gear failed. Evidently when GM got these parts, they were not "hardened". The new ones (not sure what year they started the "new ones") have been hardened so that part is not supposed to fail.
  • hpd152hpd152 Posts: 1
    I own a 05 blazer with the v8 engine. I am having a problem with it not shifting into third gear. I have tried to manually shift it into third and it still won't up shift. My wife has said she has felt the engine surging, I have not. It only has 45000 miles on it. I have read only a few messages on here so if this is a repost I am sorry.
    I called the dealership and they seem to have idea of any transmission problems with the 05's. Any ideas?
  • jim317jim317 Posts: 1
    At only 63000 miles transmission is gone no towing no abuse, (only the 1st and reverse works). Did talk to GM but just lost a week of time going thru the "case reps and managers) calling centers outside of US. GM pays them cents on the dollar. GM has trained them how to talk and what to say. It is sad to realize what customer means for GM.
    It is real sad to see how GM has become, Goverment (our) money isn't going to help them, sorry but GM is a dying company. The transmission (planetary system) has engineering problems which they dont admit. Every transmission shop knows it including their dealers(GM's). My advice if you have a TB, trade it in before it may happen to you, and if you still believe in GM wait at least 5 years (if they turn around of what may be left of GM) because the current product must be worse than the old one with all the cuts in Eng, Labor,and supplier chain (everyone in GM is worried if they can last another day do you think they care about product or customers?). It is sad but its reality.
  • biglinkbiglink Posts: 13
    the same thing happened to my transmission dip stick and the dealer said that it was normal and that it would cause no issues. Since then I have had to have the transmission replaced twice in the last two years and now they are saying that the water is coming from a defective radiator. Looks like now it may be my third transmission in less than 3 years and 20k miles.
  • biglinkbiglink Posts: 13
    save yourself some grief and get rid of it. i have a 03 ext and have replaced the transmission 2 times in the last 2yrs and may have to again. Now they are saying that the radiator is leaking into the transmission.
  • biglinkbiglink Posts: 13
    I didn't get a recall either. I had the check engine light come on and the code was for a loose gas cap after this happened a couple of time I took it to the dealer and they told me where the gas tank meets the tube where you fill up was cracked. They wanted like $600 then the catalytic converter went out. A month after that I was traveling out of state and had issue when I went to the dealer in that state they let me know that a recall had just been issued so the swapped the tank out then. I went a while with no issues then the tranny went out twice and now possible 3x all within 20k miles and less then 2yrs.
  • genorileygenoriley Posts: 1
    My son-in-law has exactly the same problem with his 06 TB--exactly the same! Did you ever determine what the problem is? We have put $2600. into trying to fix it with no
  • edgex4edgex4 Posts: 1
    my brothers TB is having a bad slipping in the trans when accelerating acting just like as if it had a bad clutch if it were a manual but it is a auto trans does anyone have and idea here about what is wrong ???? :sick:
  • icojonesicojones Posts: 61
    I have an '02 LTZ that no longer has a third gear. I have the option of spending $2700+ for a factory rebuilt transmission from my local dealer or spending less than $2k for a rebuild at a franchised shop owned by a family friend. Chevy comes with 3 year warranty, franchise with 2 year. Car has 63k miles and is a station car that drives about 4-5k miles a year. Any strong opinions either way?

    Much appreciated.
  • kymms39kymms39 Posts: 4
    I went with a local guys it was much more cheaper and I haven't had one problem with it since....
  • My 2004 Trailblazer transmission just decided it didn't want to shift out of 3rd last Saturday. It only had 66,000 miles on it. I just had it flushed at 60,000 and I take very good care of my vehicles. Mechanic found dip stick problem as stated in other postings here as well as signs of rust. He contacted GM and of course GM is aware of the problem but doesn't want to take responsibility for it! I can't afford new vehicle ( out of job) and i don't want to just patch it, so I'm getting it replaced and it comes with a 100,000 warranty. Costly, I know. But I can't afford for it to go again. So we bail out GM again! Did I say how much I dislike my vehicle? Crappy gas mileage, a/c that takes forever to cool. I will never buy another GM product! :mad:
  • r3shortr3short Posts: 4
    I have 20,000 miles on this one and the tranny has been slipping around slow turns, and when starting off cold it has a whirring sound until it gets warm.Fluid is full and fine. Any ideas??
  • kathy29kathy29 Posts: 7
    To: r3short post 381 dated Aug 14, 2009. Your post title is Trailblazer SS 2008 then your message reads I have 20,000 miles on this one...May I ask you what "this one" means?, Are you talking about the Trailblazer SS 2008? If you are talking about the 2008 SS then it should be under warranty weather you bought it new or used, unless of course it has over 100,000 miles on it.
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