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Chevy TrailBlazer Transmission Problems



  • kisharkishar Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 trailblazer Lt..Had no problems until last mth with the slipping tranny... and like urs fluid is full. I even had it changed. My ck engine light came on so I took it to Advance Auto Parts store let them put the test machine that finds the code. Mine was a sensor, just like a friend told me These trucks have an electrical tranny and a sensor will make u think ur tranny is going bad. My truck pulls going from 2nd to 3rd..code stated solenoid b stuck on, which means the tranny is not downshifting when u slow down to stop. The sensor for solenoid b, is abt $18.00. Where is goes I still have to find out.. rather do that than buy another tranny
  • My 05 Trailblazer started slipping/missing about 2 weeks ago. I purchased it about 2 years ago, and with never replacing the spark plugs since I bought it, I did just that hoping that the problem would cease. Unfortunately, the vehicle is still missing as before. I've got 113,000 miles on the vehicle and have had no major problems with the engine since purchasing the vehicle. I'm not at all ready to hear a mechanic tell me its my transmission, but does the missing usually point to the transmission going out??
    As I'm driving down the interstate, I can feel the missing take place, but also watch my RPM Needle jump. It feels as if it's trying to keep up with my acceleration, but just can't quite get it. I appreciate any feedback.
  • My 2003 TB seems like it is stuck in one forward gear (3rd?). Sounds like high RPM (not engine rpm) with low power. Problem started two months ago and disappeared for two months but is back again. Will manually shift into reverse but still has whirring rpm noise, even in neutral.
  • I have an 02 tb with 185000 on it. ran great til today. the trans is stuck in 4lo and wont shift to 2wd. also slips a bit when starting out. I also noticed that if I turn the wheel right or left hard it seems like the front diff is almost locking up. Any imput?
  • WOW do I feel dumb. If you have this problem, take time to read the owners manual. You need to put the vehicle in neutral in order to shift out of 4lo. DUH!!!
  • I bought my 2002 TB in 2004, just out of warranty, I have driven only Honda's, usually getting 250-300K before trading. Not sure what possessed me to buy a GM product, but I did, and since the day I drove her off the lot, I spent money, on average, $ 500-600 every 3-4 months just to keep the darn thing on the road. Never mind that I paid almost 18K list price. Long story short, this TB has had two clusters replaced, the 2nd one does not work and I will NOT pay for another one, the switch for the heat and air work when they want to. The radio has gone out completely, it started going out about 18 months ago, Apparently, the transmission has been on it's way out for about a year now, though I didn't know it, and after six trips to the dealer and other repair shops, no one could tell me what the "funny" sound was coming from the rear of the car. "The car was paid off three days ago, and the transmission froze up this morning. I added up what I have spent on the "Chevy piece of junk" and it looks like 26,000.00 is a good round number, that does include the 18K I paid for the darn thing. It's sitting in my drive way, I dropped 2400.00 on it in the past 7 months, sadly none of the money was for transmission repair. It has 133,00 miles on it, and it will never roll another mile, as I plan to junk the car. I have had it. I cannot believe that only 3 days after paying the final payment, the car is not drive able. I called for a price on the transmission and they quoted 3100.00. I wouldn't pay 100.00 much less 3100.00. I'm done with ALL American Made Cars. I tried, and have regretted the choice I made almost daily. I'm going back to Honda, Toyota, or Nissan. Buyer beware!! Don't buy a Trailblazer, as I have a very good friend that bought a 2006 and she is having same issue with the cluster going out, and hesitation, sluggishness, which she worries is the trans.
  • Hi taluhlabelle12,

    How many miles did you have on your 02 Chev Trailblazer when you had it at the dealer for your transmission or when GM agreed to pay for the repair? Also I cannot find the Internet link to the safety recall for the sun gear/sun shield, where is it? so many people talk about it but I have yet to find it on If anyone reading this message knows where the Internet link is about the Sun Shell/Shield please reply with the link, thanks. BTW I have an 02 Trailblazer LT regular length with only 21K as of October 2009. I really can't afford to buy another vehile just to have peace of mind that sometime soon my 02 Chev TB transmission may bite the dust.
  • Wow get rid of it asap!
  • I had a transmission problem, checked the oil level, to high. Drained off one quart, chacked the oil level, low. I had to put back one quart to bring up the oil level back to the normal full mark. Question why did the oil level rise, and why did it go back down.
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    Was it warmed up and running when you checked it?
  • trail03trail03 Posts: 21
    The truck runs good and then it starts sucking in air and the rpms. go high and the trucks moves slow can anyone tell if it is the transmission going out or can it be a sensor in the truck. ;)
  • KUQUEKUQUE Posts: 8
    I had the same problem with my 02 tb, took it to a mechanic(good honest one, which not too many around this days) and he told me it was the engine fan pulley. Seems that a circiut goes out and that the computer communicates with the trans via that circuitry. The trans is not getting the info to shift properly coz of that circuitry problem. Got a new pulley from an authorized AC/Delco parts store for under 80 bucks. Installed it myself. When I started my tb after installation, I could notice immediately the difference in rpms and idling of the engine. Took for test and ran as good as new. Dealership wanted about 500 bucks for pulley with fan. Stated that pulley was not guaranteed if bought separately. This happened to me over 2 yrs ago. TB has been running great since. You can install without removing fan cover, but it will be tight. You can bend both fan and cover just enough to get pulley in there. Intalling screws will also be tight, but a bit of patience, you can get it done. Hope this helps. Spend the 30-40 bucks to get it checked for pulley, it will be worth it if you save the hundreds of $ to get the trans worked on and not be the problem.
  • trail03trail03 Posts: 21
    Engine Fan Pulley it is the part in front of the tb is it under or next to what part.Also thanks for answering my question . A little :confuse:
  • trail03trail03 Posts: 21
    Engine fan pulley i can not find it is this what i call that part when i go to the part store and what does it look like.thanks
  • my suv when i drive it i willl hit the gas pedal the rpm's will go up but the car seems as if its idoling like im revving the engine in drive is the best way to describe it and i cant get the car to go over 40mph it seems. autozone checked my check engine lite and they advised that there was a problem with the coolant sensor however would this causethis type of problem. i also just had the battery replaced and the battery is only a few weeks old we checked the connection on the battery an they were not tight but autozone tightened them for me and it is still doing the same you think this is similar enough to what you went through ?
  • KUQUEKUQUE Posts: 8
    My apologies, it is not called a engine fan pulley, but the fan clutch. you can see a pic of it at rce=google_base&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=new_google_base_feed

    where are you located? you might think of calling these guys(very repuatable) here in my area, outsells the dealerships in replacement parts for ac/delco parts.

    Full Service Auto Parts
    1518 Mid Cities Dr · Pharr
    (956) 781-8983

    see if they will ship to you. if not, contact me again and see what we can work out. if I am not mistaken, I got the part for a fraction of what the dealership was asking. good luck!
  • KUQUEKUQUE Posts: 8
    I think so. will it release gears after hitting certain rpms and you release the accel. a bit. will it shift ok if you start on d1 or d2 and manually upshift? if you said yes, I do believe you are having the same problem. see post 399 and 395. I even put a website address in 399 to where you can get an idea of what the part looks like and going price. call the guys I advice post 397 and try the same thing. they had the part for a hell lot less than those sites I found. also, if they can ship to you, come back here and let me know what we can work out. maybe have you pay them, i pick up and ship to you and you reimburse me via paypal or some other way. let me know.
  • dws2kdws2k Posts: 12
    I have a 2003 trailblazer ext and when I take off, it starts from a low gear and is loud. I have not been to dealer yet. Someone said it could be a trans sensor that needs to be replaced. What's your thoughts on this?
  • dws2kdws2k Posts: 12
    I tried to change the oilin the transfer case. I stripped the plug while doing this. What could I use to get the plug off. It is on there really tight.
  • dws2kdws2k Posts: 12
    If the fan clutch is bad, does it make a clicking sound when the engine is running?
  • dws2kdws2k Posts: 12
    How do we go about filing a class action suit against GM? My transmission is bad also. I don't have that kind of extra cash for a tranny rebuild.
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    Good luck. Most class action suits never get anywhere or take years to wind through the courts, only to see very little gain for any of the plaintiffs. How many miles do you have? What's the problem, broken gear cluster (star shell) like many people?
  • My 04 chevy tb has had the air compressor pump replaced thinking this was the problem but it didn't solve it. Sometimes it gets hung up on 2000 rpms in all gears and doesn't accelerate i can push the gas more and sometimes it will shift and go to a higher rpm. does anyone know what could be causing it?
  • KUQUEKUQUE Posts: 8
    sounds like you're having the same problem most of us have had. It's not the trans, it's the fan clutch. see posts 395, 399 and 400.
  • I am having my fan clutch replaced this tuesday will let you know if it works better :shades:
  • It is 2 day after the fan clutch was put in and the trucks runs great thank you for the help KUQUE the part i purchased from autozone cost me 216.50 but it came with limited life warranty and had a machanic put it in for 25.00 I hope that is all it needs so thanks again KUQUE :shades:
  • replace the fan clutch i did on mine and it works better now read my post on that same problem trail03 I also had that problem
  • My 03 Trailblazer has 201k on it with no problems. Tranny had first flush at 164k. Recently it started acting a little funny in overdrive. At cruising speed (50mph and up) it acts like it is searching for a gear. It doesn't actually drop down to third but at 60mph for example, it bounces between about 1600rpm and 1900 rpm about every 5 - 10 seconds. Ever heard of this? Any suggestions? I'll be going about 3k miles over Thanksgiving towing a trailer and want to prevent any problems. Thanks in advance!!
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    It could be the torque converter locking and unlocking. With that many miles the pump in the transmission is probably worn and the internal fluid pressure may be low. You may want to have it checked. When it was flushed was the filter changed?
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