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Chevy TrailBlazer Transmission Problems



  • I did have the filter changed at the time it was flushed. Can a tranny shop diagnose this with any confidence? I really don't think the tranny is slipping. It shifts firm in all gears. I don't want them to tell me it needs a rebuild if it really doesn't. What kind of repair bill can I expect?
  • KUQUEKUQUE Posts: 8
    happy to hear that your truck is running great now. wish I had me to guide me when I first encountered I replaced mine over 3 yrs ago, and it's still running great. t/c :shades: :shades:
  • KUQUEKUQUE Posts: 8
    you can take it to any mechanic with a diagnostic computer and it will give them a code. take that code and call dealership and ask what that code means. if it refers to fan clutch, you don't need trans rebuilt. most diagnostics cost about 30-50 bucks. good luck.
  • Well I had it hooked up to the computer and there were no codes, so I didn't figure it was the fan clutch, but I ordered one and put it in anyway. It really wasn't too bad to change. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, it didn't change anything. I guess I'll have to take it to a tranny shop. I'm running out of time here before I take it on vacation. I like to put a few miles on a vehicle locally, before I take it on a trip to make sure everything is functioning properly. Do you think if the tranny needs repair, I can be confident that it will work properly and not leave me stranded? The shop I plan on taking it too seems pretty reputable.
  • dws2kdws2k Posts: 12
    I will take my truck to the trans shop and get the flush. I hope that works. They need to have a recall on these trans, if there are so many people having problems.
  • timb2timb2 Posts: 1
    I have an 02 Trailblazer with 160k miles. For the past year when I step on the gas from park or being stopped it goes well up til 25 to 30 mph, then it does not seem to shift into second gear until the rpms get up to about 3500 to 4000, The past month it has not wanted to shift at all into 2nd gear
    My mechanic said there are shifting solenoids that may be bad The tranny shop said 1800 dollars and I will rebuild it
    I just replaced the spark plugs and the problem has seemed to have gone away where it wont shift into 2nd gear at all and back to the first situation
    My question is what is going on with the transmission
    Two local dealers of G M Vehicles say the transmission is verry tough and they have not heard of this happening any Ideas???
  • replace the fan clutch my trailblazer was doing the same thing the fan clutch has a sensor in it and it some how tells the trans to shift gear aslo yoiu can read my post on that same problem on #394 and the answer is on 395
  • I have a 2004 TB Ext and just got a call from my friendly neighborhood mechanic who said my front differential is fried and will cost $2000 to replace. I have not owned an american car for many years and now I know why. I have a Toyota Sienna with the same amount of miles, it's a 1999, and have never had anything more than routine maintenance. Anyway, thanks for the posts on this topic, at least I know I'm not alone. Could someone who knows clarify the relationship between a fan clutch problem and this front differential problem? Is there a relationship? My mechanic told me several months ago that my check engine light being on was caused by the fan clutch and not to worry about it as it is expensive and doesn't really effect much except maybe the gas mileage slightly. WHat do you think??
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    I take it it's 4wd since your referring to the front differential. There's no relationship between the fan clutch and the front differential. What happened to the differential to make become "fried"? Was all the lubricant gone?
  • kapitkapit Posts: 1
    I was wondering if you resolved this issue and what did you have to do? I am having the same problem with my transmission on my 03 TB. I had the fluid and filter changed about 5k miles ago and the problem just showed up where it wants to fluctuate rpms from 2k to 1.8k and will not hold steay. Thanks
  • I never did resolve it. I've put another 4k miles on since my last post and it hasn't gotten any better or worse. I made the trip from NY to FL with no problems. The issue seems to not be apparent over 70mph. I did talk to a tranny shop for a bit about it and it sounds like it is more of an annoyance than a real problem. Eventually it sounds like it should be rebuilt, but he didn't think it was going to leave me stranded. Your's sounds to me like the same thing.
  • What would cause my transmission not to slip when its cold, but once warmed up it completely slips and want drive in any gear. If I pull over and let it cool off it will drive a little bit again and then completely not go into gear.
  • tb4metb4me Posts: 41
    Hi all been a long time since I posted. Happy Holidays!!!

    228,500 miles on the original tranny--just let loose 2 days before x-mas--ouch!!!

    I wanted to let you guys know to start checking the trans cooler lines as mine have rusted out--yesterday. What a mess!! caught is soon enough not to fry the new trans. It's an ongoing problem that GM fails to recognize yet. Go to the NHTS website and you will find complaints galore on this issue. I'm having new lines installed now.

    Still truckin--02 TB LT.
  • My 2003 trailblazer trannny failed same thing as I read here sun gear messed up whole tranny only 65,000 miles. Bought it used in 05 with 29,000 miles bought extented warranty 72 months / 72,0000 miles but dealership tells me it started when car was manufactured not bought what a joke called NHTSA today to make complaint they told me they have 27 complaints on this. Called GM they told me if I brought it to a GM dealer they could help me but since it went to a local shop no luck $1782.00 bucks later it still sitting at tranny shop trying to sell some guns to come up the dough. Thanks GM :mad:
  • Trust me, GM would not have done anything for you. I did everything they told me to do regarding my transmission - same thing...sun gear...mine had only 57,000 miles on it. I took it to a GM dealer/garage and pretty much jumped through hoops for them. They put me off for over 3 weeks saying that they had to have somebody go check out the car, blah blah blah, and they ended up denying my claim because of the age of the car - it was a 2002, and the mileage. I fought with them because all of the transmission guys we spoke to (even the ones at the dealership) said it's practically unheard of to have an '02 with only 57,000 miles on it to have transmission problems. GM pretty much told me "tough luck" and that was that. Then, I got a call from GM about 2 weeks after I had already had my car fixed, and they told me that they couldn't be more sorry about the way I had been treated and that they were going to try and "help me out". Long story short, they kept me hanging for another 3 weeks and came back with the same decision that because of the age and mileage, they would do nothing for me. Why did they bother calling me and initiating this all over again if they couldn't find a "better" reason? So aggravating. Bottom line...dump GM and buy foreign.
  • I have a 2004 Trailblazer with the same exact problem. Have you been able to figure this out?
  • We started driving today and all the sudden there was a loud thud and now the TB doesnt run in D or 3. Scanner showed no codes. ???
  • If anyone can help out I would appricate it,I got a '03 tb and like most of you am starting to I think I have a problem with my tranny for the past few months when its warmed up only,it makes a ..what I would call a "grinding" noise coming from the tranny?..It wasnt really all that bad till just a few days ago,I was giving a friend a ride home from work and at a stop light when I started off it made a louder than before grind and my friend said he felt it on his leg on the passenger side of the trans tunnel. well that got me very concernd.. so I checked the fluid when the engine was warm and it was below the "hot" mark now Im guessing this means its low a pint? quart? if anyone can help me out I would be very grateful.thanks.
  • Same problem as posting #430. Was driving back home to Texas from Florida. SES light illuminated. Codes for thermostat and coolant fan. An hour later, while driving at 70mph tranny went into slip. Could only drive it on 2nd. No tranny codes to help. Changed the filter, didn't help. AAMCO finds no code, suggest rebuilt and new converter ($2100)
  • Look to reply #395. it looks like Kuke answered this one. Apparently the tranny communicate via the cooling fan clutch harness and replacing it MAY fix the problem
  • Trailblazer is doing good at 210k, but I have an issue with my Silverado someone here might be able to help with. I forgot to set the parking brake and it rolled into my pond. It was completely submerged. I pulled it out within an hour and put in the heated garage with fans blowing on it. I dumped the oil, pulled the plugs and turned the motor over, and blew the cylinders out with blow gun. I pulled all fuses and blew out the connections. I pulled the radio, instrument cluster, heater controls, all dash switches and anything I could easily access to take apart and dry. I pulled the seats and floor also. The truck started right back up, but immediately stalls. Any idea what I should look for? Thanks in advance for your help!
  • Hello,
    My husband's TB has started "not wanting to shift" at about 35-40 mph. Shifts great up until that time and then it actually sounds as if it is in 2nd gear. It stays at a low rate of rpms when this happens but it sounds like it is reving higher than it should be. It has about 84,000 miles no check engine light or any other problems as far as we can tell. Any suggestions or comments? Thanks!
  • Were you able to identify the problem with your vehicle? As I am having some problems to with my 02 TB it will not go into reverse and when in drive the rpms are up and revving up. I would like to see if I can find a solution to the problem before forking out $$$$ that I don't have. Is there people here getting together to confront GM with this problem? Thanks
  • Did you fix this yet?
    Sounds like your fan clutch may be engaged all the time. I believe this is a default mode when it fails, to prevent overheating.
    Easy enough to check. With the engine off and cold, you should be able to spin the fan on the front of the engine. If you cannot, the fan clutch is bad. If you can, it would require further testing by a competent mechanic.
  • brettd1brettd1 Posts: 3
    No I havent fixed it yet I did just go outside and try to spin the fan and it spins freely..the engine was cold and off.Im guessing my trans is shot it doesnt shift into 4th gear anymore on the highway im cruising at 60 mph at 2200 rpm not good and the tach runs to 3000 rpm at low end shift points..I saw a completely NEW rebuilt transmission for these blazers on ebay for $625+150 to ship it from arizona ..its 150 anywhere in the lower 48...My G.M. dealer wanted 1790 just for tranny and no torque converter+another 1000 to install! Im guessing in the next few weeks Im going to lose the trans altogether,It then will sit in my garage until I can get another trans....I love this vehicle but I dont think im going to buy a GM again.
  • justanotejustanote Posts: 5
    edited March 2010
    2002 TRAILBLAZER LT-When it shifts into 2nd gear it hasatates before shifting.The cruise control worked until about the 3rd time on cruise it went out one day while drivng on the freeway and hasn't worked since.Took it to autozone for a code check and a cellanoid broken circuit error came up. I checked part of the wire harness on the transmission for loose connections but didnt see anything. Anyone ever have this problem or know what the problem my be? Can't afford to take it to a dealer right now! Thank you
  • hello. Ihave a problem with my 07 TB.
    I turn the key and nothjing seems to happen.
    We checke the fuel pump and starter but they are working.
    while checking the starter i realized that i couldn't shift into neutral.
    The manual says its a jammed tranny.
    Is there any other way to fix this?????
  • alblazeralblazer Posts: 2
    Thank goodness I have finally found a bunch of folks who can relate to the woes of owning one of these vehicles. I have a 2002 with 168,000. While it is easy to gripe and complain about it, I have had very little problems with it until the last six months. My transmission gave up at 166,000. I don't mean started slipping, I mean popped, banged, grinded and quit all at once. Went to a junk yard got a used one with 60,000 miles on it and stuck it in there.
    However now I have to dreaded jet engine disguise going on... I have been reading forums and chats about this issue and realize that if you drive this car, this is going to happen to you at some point. So, I have read it could be the relay in the fuse box causing it to stay on. If the computer has certain codes, the fan defaults to on to prevent overheating. I have a code for a cam shaft sensor problem which I am going to replace.
    Now yesterday on the way home, the reduced engine power light came on and that is exactly what happened... 5 miles an hour until I cut it off and started it again. I assume that this is related to the fan clutch. Has anyone else has this problem?
  • alblazeralblazer Posts: 2
    edited March 2010
    I had something similar happen to my blazer.... There is a release button to the left side of the shifter which should allow you to move it. Now my problem was the the linkage underneath the car had broke loose and the transmission thought it was in gear. Therefore not letting it start. If you look under the car on the drivers side, the linkage comes in from the left into the mechanism that changes the actual gear on the transmission. It is held on by a piece of plastic. You can totally disable the car with that little piece of plastic. Amazing... Good Luck!

    I would be surprised it if is a truly jammed tranny.
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