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  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,724
    All ABS systems are computer controlled...


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  • Never trust a dealer - PERIOD. She should contact BMW of North America customer service, let them handle the dealer.
  • babydocbabydoc Posts: 20
    Does anyone else have a problem with their 2004 BMW X3 windows rattling? I took it to the dealer, and was told that BMW was working on it, and for now, I am stuck with the annoying rattling. If the windows are rolled down half-way, the rattling stops.
    Also- dumb question- but do I really need premium gas for this car? The pinging sound is there no matter what grade of gas I use. Any input would be appreciated.
  • kdshapirokdshapiro Posts: 5,751
    As far as the gas goes, I've never heard a BMW knocking as they have knock-sensors to change the timing should knock occur. As far as the grade of gas, I would follow the manufacturers recommendation.

    Do you buy gas from one of the national manufacturers: Exxon/Mobil..etc? Are you putting a no-name brand into the gas tank?
  • I have my X3 about a year. When I got it it creaked and rattled. The fix was some type of lubricant on all the weather seals. It worked. However both my front door weather seals started to wear as a result. I had one replaced but the wear problem came back. I don't know if the wear is related to whatever they put on the weather strip. But I am not impressed with the body of this vehicle. For what they charge it is totally unacceptable!
  • I wonder if the rattling is somehow temperature related - metal/rubber expansion at the in the heat. I found the my previous car '01 Saab 9-3 was much noisier on hot days. Do you notice if its better/worse on hot or cold days?
  • babydocbabydoc Posts: 20
    I mostly purchase gas from Phillips, as it is the closest. I will try some of the other name brands and see if there's a difference. If not, sounds like I need to call the BMW service centers.
    The rattling doesn't seem to be heat-related.
    When I took it in for the problem, I was told that BMW was going to have to replace all the window seals- so far, nothing, and it's driving me nuts. I'll have to try and write BMW to see if what recourse I have. It's ridiculous to buy a car of this price and reputation and have to be barraged constantly with the rattling. Of course, when I test drove the car, they'd sealed it up well, so there was no rattling. Now they can't repeat the sealing process for whatever reason. :(
    I do love the looks of the car and the zippiness, but I'd think that I shouldn't have to put up all these noises.
    So if anyone out there is looking for a 2004 X3- check the windows!
  • kdshapirokdshapiro Posts: 5,751
    I wonder if it is possible for a total vacuum loss on the system? Brakes are mechanical (until I guess drive-by-wire-brake becomes standard). With two cylinders and multiple lines I would think the odds of both cylinders failing at the same time are astronomical. Even with a loss of vacuum one can stop the vehicle if the brakes are pressed hard enough or use the emergency brake.

    I don't know enough about how brakes are engineered with respect to the boost. We all know after the engine is shut off and the brakes are pumped 5 or 6 times there is no boost left. Maybe someone could comment.

    FYI - This link has a drawing of the master cylinder.
  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    It sure sounds like driver error to me, especially the part about "only" going five miles per hour. Heck, at that speed you can almost stop the car by dragging your foot. How much do you want to bet that the brake system checks out fine?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,724
    99.9% of these cases are driver error...

    However, if the engine died, it would sure feel like the brakes had failed, without any power assist..

    Without that qualifier... I'd say the percentage increases to 99.99%..



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  • The BMW engine (either one) requires premium gas. It is MORE expensive to use lower grade gas, since it is typical that more gas is used to keep the power up. This engine(s) has a high compression ratio. Use a minimum of 91.

    Also use a top tier gas and you will notice an improvement after perhaps a half a dozen tankfuls.

    "TOP TIER Detergent Gasoline is a recently established new standard for gasoline performance. Four of the world's top automakers, BMW, General Motors, Honda, and Toyota recognize that the current EPA minimum detergent requirements do not go far enough to ensure optimal engine performance."

    Top Tier Gas Home Page

    Over the weekend, another 600 miles -- purchased 3 tankfuls (never allowed the car to get to 1/2 full, always refilled above 1/2 tank that is, arrived home with almost a full tank.) Reset the mileage computer each time. Highest just under 26, lowest about 23.5. My QND average would be 24.5 for the whole weekend.

    Yesterday: 90+ degrees. Speed average 73. Speed peak 88, speed "normal" about 80, 2 people, luggage, 2 shelties (Sammy and Sophie) A/C set to 67, sunroof closed but inner light shield open (HOT DAY!).

    We are pleased with the milage -- been using about 2/3 toptier gas -- car passed 5,000 miles last week.
  • yetialanyetialan Posts: 13
    Anyone have window noise problem or switch problem with 05 model 3.0?

    Looking to lease an x3 3.0 for wife. Picking it up 9/1/05 should I not get it? Are there many problems with the car from your exp.?

  • rob34rob34 Posts: 58
    I have about 800 miles on my X5 '03. I use only top tier premium gas. I have been getting about 16.5 miles to the gallon. I would say 90% city as most of my highway driving is in traffic. I have used the AC at most 5% of the time. I have not been driving aggressive.

    Would this be classified as normal? I do notice when I am able to drive on the highway at 60 mph plus miles miles per gallon go up. But overall I have been disappointed in the mpg.

    My '02 X5 averaged over 18 mpg over the time I had it.

    On another note it was nice having the trip computer in the X5. It is way more comprehensive than the X3. I could reset my mpg for each trip and then leave the other one alone to calculate long period's of time. It was also nice to be able to see the outside temperature, clock, radio station and whatever the computer was set on all at the same time. In the X3 if I want outside temp and radio station, I have no clock etc etc.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,724
    The X3 shouldn't have any worse gas mileage than the X5 it replaced...

    800 miles isn't very much... give it some time to break-in..


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Our X3 3.0 has a manual transmission. I would be shocked if your X5 was a stick.

    The stick does get somewhat better MPG.

    The X5 weighs more than an X3.

    The miles on your X5 are so low, I would call it in break in mode.
  • yetialanyetialan Posts: 13
    Is the x3 body style changing for 06 or 07?

    Anyone know I am going o buy one but would hate to have the older style I guess I will be stuck with the 225hp engine sounds like they will put the 255 engine in the car

  • The X3 IS the newer body style.

    The upcoming versions of the SAV's from BMW all are based on the X3 look.

    The 255HP engine will be put into the X3 after January 2006.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,318
    My Dad's X5 was in for service (only the 2nd time in 32,000 miles) and they gave him a Non-Sport X3 3.0iA as a loaner. He brought it to work today with our Great Dane (security for work) in the back. The car was white/Tercotta. Great Combination. I especially like the White Exterior on the X3. You don't see too many of them. The Tercotta Leather was really nice too. He said it drove quite similar to his X5 3.0iA w/ SP. Body motions were very controlled (for an SUV). The X3 is like a bull dog. It only weighs 600 lbs less than his X5. He said he'd consider it as a replacement (with the 255hp motor and Sport Package) for his X5 (rumnored to get bigger and more expensive) when the lease is up about 2 years from now.

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2011 Pilot EX-L 4WD, 2015 Infiniti G37x Q40 AWD

  • bargamon1bargamon1 Posts: 110
    What are some of the drivers MPG for the after 5000miles (break in)?

    Thank you!
  • At least 22 and on trips over 24. And we have the stick shift and the 3.0 with virtually every do-dad BMW offers.

    We are using top tier gas, BTW.
  • bargamon1bargamon1 Posts: 110

    If they upgrade interior just a bit, and go to the new 255hp, this think will be at the top of my list!

    Funny, in your garage are my two top choices!

    In my garage is your allroad.

    New Falkens on the way. More love!

    Is the X3 a sport model?
    Do you fell the 0-60 in the X3 is fast enough?
  • Depends on what "fast enough" means. For an SUV, its plenty fast enough, but if your comparing it a sports sedan (G35, 3-series etc), its probably a couple (2-3) seconds slower.

    Remember, Torque is what ultimately determines your 0-60, not Horsepower. The BMW engines reach peak torque at lower RPMs than most.

    However, you will find the X3 3.0i to handle like a sports car, not like truck or mini-van.

    My only complaints about my X3 are the MPG, the noisy door seals (sometimes it sounds like the car is made out of wood), and the base sound system is subpar for a 40K car.
  • You mean you have my actual allroad that I turned in in June?

    Did you get Azenis ST115's 245 x 45 x 18"?
  • The X3 is such a chameleon.

    At its "base" (basic) optionless self -- it is a economy BMW but its materials while probably sturdy look and feel cheap and plastic-y.

    Start piling on the things that really transform the vehicle (Premium, Sport, Cold, sat radio, sat nav and upgraded sound system & Servotronic -- for starters) and whoooosh the thing can ring the register at close (too close) to $50 grand.

    But then you factor in the deal we got -- $581/36 months 15/k miles per year, no money up front other than a sec dep and first mo pay -- and the $47K sticker and the very nice outcome somehow don't seem overpriced (not that they seem like a screaming bargain either, mind you) -- the car is a blast to drive.

    And, don't you be callin' it no S.U.V. -- at least not at the BMW dealer -- they are quick to point out it is an S. A. V. BMW doesn't sell S.U.V.'s (according to them.)

    I am getting jealous, for once a week or more, my wife calls me on the phone to say "I love . . . my X3!"

    What am I chopped liver?

    Don't answer.

  • bargamon1bargamon1 Posts: 110
    Ziex ZE-512 225/55ZR-17 97W BLK

    No man, im not stalking you and your car!

    I have a burgandy allroad with 6spd. I was over at audiworld allroad forums a bit for a while. I have mine 2 years now.

    Those dudes at audi world are way too into mods fo rme. I keep it stock, including the tires. I think the sway bar and 18'S would have been nice. Should be done when leased, not put cash into it. No chipping though! Coming off my stock 2001 E-430 anything would seem sporty in comparison! Great engine, boring car!

    The falikens for 102$ a piece are nice tires, and if I chew them up fast, then so be it. Two sets are the same as some of the Mich's, and just almost as good.
  • julesqjulesq Posts: 1
    Just wondering if anyone has taken their X3 (smaller engine) on the beach? the surf permit requires 4 wheel drive...does the X3 with All wheel drive fall into this catagory?

  • heinzerheinzer Posts: 6
    Getting familiar with my one week old X3 3.0. Love it!

    Please - someone tell me what that white plastic light strip is for on the small tailgate hood that sticks out on top of the tailgate. Looks like LED lights - but what are they for? Thanking a knowledgeable X3'r in advance.
  • Center high mounted stop light -- comes on when you press brake pedal and it is RED.
  • Its a rear brake light. It appears white, but the bulbs are orange/red. Also, it does not turn on when you step on the brakes if the car ignition is completely off.
  • I passed on the Bluetooth option because I really didn't want or need the BMW Assist, nor the Premium package. But I would really like to have the wireless bluetooth capabilities. Does anyone know if this is something that can be added separately? I have an 05 X3 with the std. audio system and navi system. Thx, A
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