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  • Oops! Upon further review, with the mirror control switch set to the left, the passenger side mirror will tilt down when I put my 2004 X3 in reverse.

    Also, the only place I see to get full text of all the service bulletins and recalls is at and pay for a subscription for one vehicle. But it tells me " does not support Honda, Acura, and BMW at the request of the manufacture." So I don't know where to get this info. Funny, I have a Honda AND a BMW!
  • Our '05 was ~ $47K.

    $250 down (long story.)

    Sec dep and first month only (plus plates.)

    36 months/15K annual.

    Including tax $581.00.

    Your deal would sound pretty good for 36 mo and 15K miles, but not for 12K miles and probably not for 39 months -- Ohio, like your state requires prepayment of taxes which when rolled into the lease as we did, raise the price in an unnatural fashion.

    My 2 cents worth. :shades:
  • I've noticed a few posts about the creaking and rattling some have experienced. It's getting worse with just under 4000 miles. Taking in to the dealer next week. Any tips or suggestions? Remedies?
  • Of course it creaks, the X3 Ultimate Creaking Machine is made of wood... didn't anyone tell you...

    This is appearently a classic BMW annoyance which appears to plague the X3 particularly. You can search just about any BMW forum and find a lot of discussion about this solutions people have tried
    The problem is the door seals rubbing against the door. What works for many people, myself included is simply applying some lubricant on the door seals. BMW sells something called "Gummiphledge" which I believe is German for "rubber care" or you can try some kind of silicone or teflon based lubricant, or even liberal application of WD40.

    This is not a permanent solution, but appears to work for many.If your dealer offers you a better solution, please share for all of our benefit.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,571
    Honda Odyssey owners swear by Shinitsu grease for their sliding doors.

    Steve, Host
  • Have we no set answers form BMW as to what the changes are to the X3 other than the deletion of the 2.5?

    No firm equipment levels noted, no confirmation about interior upgrades?

    All we know is there will less black bumpers?

    And certainly no company notes as to when the engine upgrade takes place.

    Its september!
  • My dealer in Cincinnati is The BMW Store (catchy huh?)

    The owner, my wife and I have known each other forever. Unlike many dealers, this gentlemen is actually an advisor to BMW AG. He travels to Munich regularly to attend and teach other dealers around the world how to (essentially) become ISO certified. His dealership was the second or third US dealer to become so certified.

    The point is, he seems (via what he says and how he acts) almost like a BMW insider rather than "merely" a BMW retailer.

    His personal daily driver (although he has many personal cars) is a 2005 X3 3.0 stick shift that has "virtually every possible option" on it. He seems to "wax poetic" about two cars, his 1997 hot rod 3 series BMW and his X3.

    We asked him about the "next" X3 (and X5 for that matter.)

    He responded:

    The X3 body style is "the newer of the two SAV's, and the X3 body style will carry on and the X5 will adopt the X3 look."

    "Moreover, the X3 will get the 255HP 3.0 (the engine in the new 3 and 5 series -- as will the X5.)"

    The X3's with a build date (at least I think he said BUILD not availability date) in early 2006 will offer customers a choice of two 3.0 engines (just like the BMW 3 and 5 series do), a 6speed Steptronic and a 6 speed manual (under consideration is the SMG). The bumpers will no longer be "unpainted" but will come painted in body color. I assume this means the X5's painted parts (on the current model) will be imitated on the X3.

    Additional options (in due course) will be offered -- but I am unclear if i-Drive is one of them, but it does seem logical. Of course we wondered if the dashboard would be upgraded from the course grained look to the more granular, finer grained look that is in the rest of the BMW line -- again no clear answer here.

    Major changes?

    He claimed none until the refresh for the 2008 model year.

    IMHO, the 255HP 3.0 engine and the Steptronic at 6 speeds are pretty major -- but I understand the answer, since the 255HP engine is more of a running change (as it was in the 5 series.)

    Now, is this an authoritative answer? Yes, no, but. Yes, this guy is an atypical dealer, no he is NOT a BMW employee or official despite the fact that he is more of an insider than many dealers seem to be. But, what he says does track somewhat with the buzz here there and everywhere.

    Clear as mud, I know.

    This would appear to mean, you can order your new X3 for a January production and it will be "upgraded."
  • as always, your the man!

    I do hope the dash and the doors get some ugrade touches.

    While i dig the rugged approach, this model does not reek of being a rock climbing-hose it down interior. The seats dictate the interor and they are fine, but seem out of place in the rugged interior.

    Perhaps two levels of trim would be available. At 35k or about, its just fine and a good value. At north of 45k, it needs some touches. Sounds like most folks are pretty happy with it as it is, but thats usually par for the course.

    Im looking forward to drivng the new motor! Yes, that is a big upgrade!
  • Please understand while I believe I was accurate and I was quoting someone I assume to be "on top of the next," there is still a chance that my dealer is mostly right, somewhat right or right but not timely, etc.

    If you can order what you want, you know it is real.

    I believe the X3 is due in January. . .but that is my best guess.
  • Whats this? A lawyer's waiver of liability incase your wrong?

    Don't worry about it, I understood you perfectly.

    You said your dealer is on the planning commitee and was 200% certain about the changes! :blush:
  • timmbojtimmboj Posts: 123
    Thanks for the news Mark.

    If I'm understanding you correctly, I could order a new 2006 X3 now and get the current 225 HP. Or if I wait to order one in January 2006 I will have the option to order a 2006 X3 with 255 horses. Correct?

    Do you know when BMW will release official photos and specs on the 2006 X3? Since they're starting production mid September I would think there would be some concrete info for consumers out there somewhere.
  • I thought he said his dealer was the X3 Product Manager...

    Seriously, thanks for the info Mark...I wonder if they'd consider bringing the X3 3.0d here now, with gas at its current prices, I would definietly consider a diesel.
  • Had an incident last saturday while returning from Toronto which I thought I would share with folks on this board and ask for suggestions. Heard a noise like the tail pipe falling off on the highway and after some time noticed the flat tire warning on the display. Contacted BMW assist and got the wheel changed. On returning home, checked the tire and did not notice any nails but found an area of rupture in the groove between the treads. BMW service repaired it yesterday and put it on the vehicle but the flat tire warning light has come on again.
    My questions are - why did we hear a loud noise and is it okay to have a flat tire without a nail or sharp object in the tire. Should I report it to NHTSA. As for the warning light, will ask BMW service to have a look at it soon. Thank you for any suggestions.
  • Thought I'd add my 2 cents...

    BMWUSA.COM appears to have photos of the '06 X3. They only offer a 3.0 engine, but it's the 225HP version, not the new 3.0 from the 3/5 series (255HP).

    Also, the photos indicate that there has been no revision to the interior, but the exterior has much less black plastic body cladding. Instead, the cladding is now body color, probably exactly like the aftermarket body color cladding upgrade offered on prior model year cars. IMHO, it still looks aftermarket... a little bit like a prop car from "The Fast & The Furious" :-) Hey- can't fault them for trying to make it sporty/more appealing.

    The current X5, I think, maintains the right balance of body color and black plastic trim. The old X3 probably had too much black plastic, the new one- too little. I am a current X3 owner ('05 3.0 model) and love it. Think it's a great car and, to be honest, the black body cladding sort of becomes invisible after awhile.
  • Hi!
    you're quite right about considering a diesel 3.0 X3 if you can get one in North America; here in France no one would dream of buying a non diesel 4x4 gas guzzler; I've been driving a 204HP 3.0d for over a year, getting more than 30mpg and fantastic torque at low revs; the noise is perhaps just a little higher at tick over than on the gas version, but as soon as you are off it is very difficult to tell it's a diesel!
    the only problem I've had so far- '25000miles- is the creaking of door seals or window guides, but that is not specific to diesel apparently
    black bumpers do not bother me; in fact I think they look OK and they do not scratch as easily as painted ones
    hope this helps...and again if you can GO DIESEL, you won't regret it!
  • . . .for 2006 will offer the 3.0 225HP engine. No 2.5 engine designated X3 for 2006 is being offered (here at least -- here being the US.)

    The MY 2006 production MAY actually start in September, I thought any change that would include the engine (which is what I personally would wait for if I could) won't happen until calendar year 2006.

    Full body paint, 6spd steptronic and 255 HP 3.0 engine and perhaps options and minor other changes are all that my dealer says are likely until the next big change (the X5 will, however, get the X3 look.)

    I interpret all this as a bit of truth, a bit of speculation and consider the source (which means I basically believe him.) I was with an Audi product manager once in Ingolstadt who told me what was coming and when -- well, when it finally came, there were changes that obviously must have been decided upon after the manager shared them with our group (this was during January -- and the production actually began in July, so I can understand that a lot of tweaks can happen in 6 months.)

    There is NO economy to be gained by keeping the 3.0 225HP engine much longer, considering the new 3.0 is both more effective and more efficient and ultimately must cost about the same (or less) to produce as the old 3.0 version.

    Perhaps, at this juncture, BMW doesn't want to upstage the X5 with the 3.0 engine at 225HP with an X3 with a 3.0 255HP engine. And, it would certainly be understandable for BMW to NOT adapt the 255HP engine to the X5 since that body style is in its final chapter.
  • capriracercapriracer Somewhere in the USPosts: 855
    "....but found an area of rupture in the groove between the treads."

    This is probably caused by an irregularly shaped object - a piece of steel perhaps.

    "....BMW service repaired it yesterday..."

    Hopefully the "rupture" wasn't larger than 1/4" long. Anything larger than that should have resulted in replacing the tire. Also, they should have used a combination plug/patch to do the repair. If they only patched it, then the steel belts will corrode over time, eventually causing the steel belt to come off - very bad.

    "My questions are - why did we hear a loud noise...."

    What you heard was the air coming out rapidly.

    "....and is it okay to have a flat tire without a nail or sharp object in the tire.""

    I think you mean a flat caused by some object other than a nail, etc. Obviously there are a variety of objects that could puncture a tire.

    "Should I report it to NHTSA."

    Only if you feel that a puncture caused by an irregularly shaped object might be important for the agency to know about.

    Hope this helps.
  • Thank you very much for your response. At least I can rest assured that I am an unlucky sod and that the SAV and tires are OK. Well, I realized that the warning light was for real the second time and had to call BMW assist to change the rear wheel on the passenger side today. But this time there was a nail in the tire and did not hear a loud noise. I don't know whom to blame now - my luck or the Pirelli tires - flat tires twice in one week and not even off roading."
  • timmbojtimmboj Posts: 123
    The BMW website appears to have been updated, reflecting the new 2006 X3. The interior shots show the 3-spoked steering wheel. Wonder if this is standard equipment? If so, I'd love it. The Sport Package still lists the 3-spoke steering wheel, but lists it as an M version.

    Not sure if I like the painted bumpers. Might be something I need to get used to.
  • In reading the website it appears the X3 does not offer homelink or a security system?

    Seems odd!

    Does anyone know differently?

    OK, I can dig out the garage door opener. I can live without starting my hot tub from the car, but security system?
  • It does. But it costs money. Homelink is $425, for instance. Seems like the nickle and dime patrol doesn't it?

    We quit at just under $47K with a lot of (but far from all) options. And, we don't even have metallic paint!
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    I haven't checked in here for awhile, but when did kyfdx become a HOST?! :confuse: :surprise:

    Is this the same kyfdx that used to be just a regular member? So anyone can become a Host? Might be a good idea to become one. That way you can post all sorts of nasty stuff and not get deleted! :P
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    the 2006 X3 is (at least currently) still available with the 2.5 motor. No change in hp for the 3.0. Black bumpers remain for the 2.5, but full body-color bumpers for the 3.0 as standard equipment. The Sport Package will also get you some additional lower-body cladding. Not sure I like the look. Looks aftermarket, as someone had said. IMO, the current X5 still does it better.

    Other than that, it appears they re-config'd the option packages, resulting a a few grand higher price if you tick off the same packages. :mad:

    Overall, kinda disappointing. :cry: With the X5 about to be changed, it appears the looker in the BMW line-up is now the new 3-series.
  • I would agree, the LOOKER in this line up IS the X3; and, when you see the new X5, which looks perhaps like a 115% version of the X3, I would think you'll really appreciate what has been done to the porky old X5.

    The only thing that made the X3 look like an ugly duckling, to me, was its lack of body color bumpers.

    We bought the Jet Black Gloss (standard paint) with the sport package, and the Terracotta Montana leather. The contrast between the paint and bumper is minimal and with the striking leather sport seats, this little ugly duckling is almost transformed into that beautiful black swan.

    With standard full body paint now on the X3 3.0 (and with the mandatory Premium, Sport and other vital upgrades), the X3 can now almost join the "class crowd."

    The performance with the promised 255HP 3.0 and 6spd steptronic, should be a sight to behold.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,724
    Sounds like a good idea...

    But.. since I've become a host, I've been deleted twice, and one forum I was posting in was shut down completely!!

    So, even I'm not immune... ;)

    The biggest difference? When I get the e-mail about having my post deleted, the sender now makes fun of me.... I didn't get that when I was just a member.. :surprise:

    Host-Prices Paid Forums


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  • kdshapirokdshapiro Posts: 5,751
    /snicker on

    /snicker off
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    I actually think they went a little too far with the body-colour bumpers. A little bit of black plastic would be good.
  • Can anyone give me some advice on what octane level I should use on my new 2005 X3 3.0? Should I fill the tank with the middle grade (91 octane) or is regular 87 octane OK? Whats the pros and the cons to using the different grades. I've heard it doesn't really make a difference on which grade you use.

  • kdshapirokdshapiro Posts: 5,751
    All BMWs to my knowledge require premium. That's what the manufacturer says and that's their story and they're sticking to it. :) There is a lot of chatter and opinions about mid-grade and 87 octane, the difference in the money, gas mileage and performance. BMW engines have knock-sensors that retard the timing (resulting in less power and some engine protection) should ping be detected.

    Hope this helps. YMMV.
  • Thanks for the reply. I guess I'll just have to see. I'm going to try mid grade to start out with. But I always was of the belief that most cars don't need premium fuel and that regular gas is fine.
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