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  • I just purchased a new Bluetooth phone from Sprint(LG325KIT). I was able to pair the phone, but cannot send nor receive calls. I know this phone is not explicitly listed on the BMW supported list....thought I'd check to see if maybe I'm just doing something wrong. I start the car up, my phone does make a connection, but the Stereo display consistently shows Activate Phone. The steering wheel controls do not seem to change anything. Any advice? :confuse:
  • bdr127bdr127 Posts: 950
    Don't know anything specifically about the phone.... but Just like a lot of other users, you're getting partial usage.

    The consensus has pretty much stated that if it's not on BMW's "officially supported" list, then there are no promises as to what will and what won't work.
  • Pretty grim. There probably isn't much point in getting the dealer to look at it. I guess we'll just wait for BMW to upgrade their software to accomodate more phones and then go in to get the software upgrade. I'm really surprised that there are so many compatibility issues with a "supposed" standard technology. Ok, maybe I'm not surprised, I just wish my phone worked.
  • I know certain phones are not offered by all companies. But one of the least costly phones seems to be THE universal phone in all of these late model cars that come with bluetooth: Sony Ericsson's T630 and T637.

    Moreover, BMW offers a kit that fits in the upper part of the armrest that makes the phone far more powerful in almost every way. If you go with this $99 phone (say a T637) and use the BMW armrest kit, the roof top antenna is activated, the phone's battery is "optimally" charged at all times and full hands free use is activated and due to the use of the roof antenna, there are fewer drop outs.

    I had purchased a Motorola V505, which did work, but there was NO in armrest kit. The armrest kit has the effect, or so it seems, of quadrupling the power of your phone plus it is very easy to use.

    No one wants to hear this, but these cars (Audi, BMW and Infiniti) seem to prefer GSM type phones and they work flawlessly with the car's software.

    Why fight it?
  • bdr127bdr127 Posts: 950
    I'm really surprised that there are so many compatibility issues with a "supposed" standard technology.

    It is a "standard"... but not all providers and phone manufacturers are implementing it as such. Check out these high-profile cases:,1759,1751567,00.asp
  • with repect to size...;you should not consider it if you are over 5 feet tall. getting into the car is a pain becauwe they make the front door to narrow.

    another reason not to consider it is that you might encounter leakage problems. in my car, the recent rains came in through the roof and flooded the back seat floor. BMW claimed to have fixed it but then it rained again. guess what? wet floor!

    it might also have caused electrical problems since my interior lights do not work.

    even the car knew something was wrong because it started calling BMW assits by itself!

    the first time, was at 9PM in the evening whileit was in my driveway. I told BMW that it might have been lonely. maybe it was just afraid of thedark. anyway...the next day it called BMW assist 7 times in two hours while i was on the road. Annoying as hell! :mad: :sick: :lemon:
  • Simply pairs up to unit.....I can receive calls.....just can't answer them nor dial out. If anyone successfully gets the Sprint LG325 to work in their X3...please let us all know.
  • I have the LG 325 and it works fine with the X3 Bluetooth system. I just synced it and some how it works
  • That is good to hear, thank you. I will give my dealer a call to see if there is any adjustment they can make.
  • jrynnjrynn Posts: 162
    What vehicles did you all cross-shop before purchasing an X3?
  • We looked at:

    Lexus RX 330. Didn't like: it rode like a car
    VW Touraeg V6: Too heavy, too pricey with options
    Toyota 4Runner: Too bumpy and a little too big for us
    Don't ask me why: Toyota Highlander: drove like our Camry
    Acura MDX: Not sporty enough, too boxy shape.

    In the end I liked the sportyness, looks, performance and overall package the BMW provided..
  • I just traded my Porsche Boxter S (04) for the X3. I dont have any regrets! The trade worked out almost even I could of gotten 38K at CarMax and didn't want to sell the Boxter privately too much hassle.
  • My wife's 2005 X3 3.0 has turned over 10,000 literally trouble free miles.

    Last weekend we went to the dealer and asked for all three windshield wipers to be replaced (in anticipation of winter.)

    Car was washed and vacuumed, no charge, no appointment and they fed us danish and Starbuck's whilst we waited.

    I don't recall if you can get unlimited wiper blades (like I used to on my Audis), but the car has been trouble free, pleasurable and comfortable in every way -- darn near luxurious and remains a blast to drive (with the manual tranny, sat nav and sat radio at our side.)

    Our only regret is that BMW did not offer (and still doesn't) the more powerful, economical and cleaner 255HP 6 cylinder engine.

    We "fight" over who gets to drive the X3 on weekends.

    We're also actually looking forward to winter in this vehicle. Nice as her Audi TT quattro was, the X3 is better and more solid feeling (of course I always felt like a bug when I was driving the TT on freeway.)

    Can't say enough good about this car -- and likewise the folks at European car have one in their long term test fleet and the editors LOVE it!
  • newbmrnewbmr Posts: 26
    Have you noticed the problems the redesigned, 2006 M-class is having? With several people now having successfully declared their M's as lemons and getting their money back, our X3 growing pains appear to dissolve away...

    (Disclaimer: I own an X3 and M-class was in my consideration set.)

    Pasting one message from the Merc-Benz Problems & Issues forum just for illustrative purposes..

    >Everyone, MBUSA just bought back my 2006 M-Class
    >too because of the same transmission issues. I give them >credit for standing behind their product, and
    >owning up to the problem. Good luck to you all,
    >it is a beautiful vehicle, and if you got a
    >good one, I am actually envious!
  • YES! Everytime someone got in my car they asked me if a rear window was open - it was that loud. I brought it in several times and finally they pushed the entire sunroof forward and that helped for a couple of months. Now, the noise is back and I have to keep the sunroof cover totally closed to keep the noise to a minimum. Even without the sunroof noise, it's a really loud vehicle - both engine and exterior wind noise.
  • I live in Upstate NY, where we have lots of snow and ice for several months and it handled quite well. I am considering getting snow tires though, for even better handling. A few times the rear wheels fishtailed a bit on the ice, but overall the AWD is great. I had a Jimmy before this and it also handled well, but I think it mya have been a little heavier. I'll most likely get snowtires from Hope this helps.

  • I live in Upstate NY, with lots of snow and ice. Overall it handles well, but I agree that snow handling could be better. I am most likely getting snow tires and rims for this winter from

    I had a Jimmy prior and it handled better in the snow - maybe it's a little heavier too?

  • driver100driver100 Burlington, ON 7 mo/Tampa FL 5 moPosts: 19,341
    I'm a little late in replying but maybe this helps. I have owned 3 Jeeps in the last 10 years. I did try a Blazer, Explorer new Jeep Liberty and Cherokee. Also a Nissan X-Trail (available in Canada and similar to a Honda).
    Then I tried the X3, mainly because my wife likes European cars the most. She has a 2004 Mercedes C240 wagon.
    When I drove the X3 I didn't want to try anything else. It is perfect. I didn't even want to take it back to the dealer. I can't imagine a better vehicle, great handling, comfort, looks, lots of room, safety features, reasonable gas mileage, gorgeous sun-roof.
    Hope this helps.

    2017 MB E400 , 2015 MB GLK350, 2014 MB C250

  • Saturday morning at 6,596 miles my X3 shut off in the middle of an intersection. I went to start it and give it gas and it would die. Started it again and it had a very rough idle, engine sounds like a "tap tap tap" Check Engine light came on and it shut off again when I gave it gas. I barely got it out of the intersection. BMW Roadside Assistance came and got it within 30 min and took it to the dealership. Anybody have any clue on what might have happen to my car?

    Thank you for your time.
    Nick W.
  • Sounds like bad gas/ clogged fuel filter or both. Were you low on gas???
  • The BMW dealer called and said the cylinder #3 ignition coil went bad. Apparently there is a new recall out on it.
    Nick W.
  • jrynnjrynn Posts: 162
    Why hasn't the X3 gotten the higher horsepower/higher torque 3.0 liter engine?

    Is the AWD system in all BMW's now the same, or is the X3 still using an older version?
  • The X3 was never using an "older version" of the AWD system. I'd expect the new engines to appear in the X3 in the 2007 model year.
  • I purchased a new X-3 and had the "garage opener" (Home-Link) installed as an option. My door opener is a LiftMaster (Chamberland) with the rolling code feature. I have programed several vehicles with this opener without any problems. But, the new X-3s HomeLink controller (mirror) will not program the door opener. I have also programed a non rolling code opener on the same (mirror) without any problem. Have anyone had any experience with my problem?? I've contacted BMW assist and HomeLink with no success.
    Thanks in advance for any help.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,316
    I saw a few of these on a local dealer's lot today. Mark, I know you have the black and don't mind the plastic bumpers (I agree with you), but on the other colors, the X3 really looks sharp with body colored bumpers.

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2011 Pilot EX-L 4WD, 2015 Infiniti G37x Q40 AWD

  • I saw a silver one with the painted bumpers -- looks GREAT!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,624
    They were unloading about eight of them off the transporter Saturday at The BMW Store.. I really like the painted bumpers...


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  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    Anyone purchase their X3 with the standard leatherette seats? And do you regret not getting the leather?

    We have the leatherette in our Mini, and to me, it looks good and works great (low maintenance!). But in a BMW costing twice as much, I'm not sure if it would look the part.
  • bdr127bdr127 Posts: 950
    Some people can't even tell the difference. In my direct side-by-side comparison, I can see where the leather is a little softer and supple. Certainly the longevity and wear is much better for the leatherette.... But, ultimately, it is up to the buyer to decide if it is worth the extra $$$.
  • The dealer here in Cincinnati that we use offers "like for like" cars when yours is in for service.

    We have a 2005 X3 with Premium, Cold, Sport packages (plus a bunch of other options.) The car is Jet Black gloss with the Terracotta "Montana" leather sport seats.

    Further we have the optional higher-zoot sound system, Sirius and it is all in the 3.0 6spd manual chassis.

    OK, so what?

    Well, we were in to have the phone cradle and kleen wheels installed and they offered us the use of a 2005 2.5 (auto) "base everything" model.

    The car was red with the vanilla colored plastic seats.

    We felt like we had moved from the Trump Tower to the "projects" the interior look and feel were so stark in comparison with what we were used to.

    We basically said "ewww!"

    The designers of the X3 did so many things right -- but one of the things they didn't do was pick great "leatherette." And, the material of the dash with the coarse grained look is, IMHO, out of character with the rest of the vehicle (at least as we have ours equipped.)

    Obviously, these observations and opinions are subjective to the max. But it is our considered opinion that there is a huge difference between the regular plastic seats and the Montana leather (and, as noted, we have the sport seats, too.)

    Your opinion, however, is the one that matters.

    Question -- how long do you plan to keep the car?

    And, if you plan to buy the car with some thought of getting rid of it before it dies completely, the used car with leather probably will have at the very least a higher "subjective" retained value than the non-leather equipped version.

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