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Cadillac SRX



  • A good morning SRX fans.

    I just attended the Toronto car show where I gave a goings over on the SRX, the Subaru Tribeca, AudiQ7. The SRX and the AudiQ7 were within $5,000 of each other and the Tribeca was a good $10,000 less than the SRX

    What really struck me was the design and fit and finish of the SRX vs the Tribeca and Q7.

    This is a subjective analysis because everyone's tastes are different. But I was interested to see the differences given the 3 vehicles are in a similar segment and many folks would analyze the 3. I still prefer the exterior styling of the SRX vs the others, but the awful interior simply will not allow me to purchase the SRX.

    The SRX was a massive disappointment. The interior was boring, bland, cheap and uninspired vs the others. My husband and I were shocked. Cheap and old fashioned is the impression.

    The SRX was truly awful. The plastic texture and look reaks of cheap. The labeling of the dials was appalling, crooked and bland.

    The Tribeca and Q7 were grand, inspired, the plastics were of fine quality with high end texturing, the dials were designed with flare.

    Also, go look at the new Porche Ceyenne - similar price point to the SRX, but a much more impressive vehicle as well, the fit and finish were well above the SRX and at the same price.

    I was shocked when I left the show, I came in liking the SRX and left realizing what a dinoseur it was.

  • thx TMACGUY,
    I ended up buying a 2005 V8 17k miles with RWD NAV,DVD,panoramic sunroof,3rd row seat,all wood treatment,6cd changer, rear AC, magnetic ride and it's a blast to drive. comparing it to my other v8 car (s500) which is rated at 0-60 at 6.1 sec it feels a hair slower. compared to all other SUV's it's by far the most bang for the buck. I ran it up to 115mph and felt every bit as confident as if i were in the S500.. truly a great car and i paid $33k for it. the commercial where the husband and wife wake up earlier each day to drive their new car is the level of enjoyment my wife and i feel. we've been reserving the car in-advance to ensure we have equal time in it.
  • I compared almost all suvs & most either didn't have features & most were more expensive once available features were added. (Won't consider Lexus.) Will probably buy one, partially because it can be purchased locally, but mostly because it appears to be both a great ride & buy. I'm test driving one tomorrow.
  • Hi bz4...sorry it took so long to reply to this...

    We purchased our 2005 SRX V6 in August 2005 and have since added about 9000 miles, mostly by my wife since it's her car. We got the luxury option so that included wood trim (but not on the dash), heated seats, power passenger seats, third row seat and a few other things.

    So far the SRX has been very good for us. We miss the responsiveness and the sportiness our old CTS, but it's clear the CTS' DNA is in this vehicle. The only real problem we've seen is a sporatic electrical issue that has shown up about 3 times, mostly dealing with the OnStar system. But it's rarely come up enough to go back to the dealership to try to solve. We'll ask them to look at it for the next visit to the dealership.

    The best thing for us about this car is the space....well mostly. The room behind the second seat is great...much better than most vehicles in the class. We easily throw my son's stroller back there along with anything else on grocery or Costco trips. We could do that with my brother's VW Touregg or some other vehicles. The place I don't like the space is the passenger front seat. The room and configuration is exactly the same as the CTS and previously I just wrote it off in that car to it's size. But in the SRX, it's just annoying and after being in my brother's Touregg, I know it doesn't have to be that way. At first I thought the seat needed additional travel rearward, but not I realize the issue is really with the dashboard design. If they flattened it by an inch, it would go a long way to satisfy us long legged folks. But the STS' configuration didn't really solve this problem...if anything, it made it worse.

    I have two issues with this car. As always, I thought it was inappropiate to have the CTS' dashboard in this car. It's an "S" class car, not a "C" class car. And second, there needs to be a real sport option for this vehicle or even a V-series. Just because I drive a big wagon doesn't mean I don't want to feel the road under me. The 2006 supposidly has a handling package now but I haven't driven it.

    And my wife is disappointed with the mileage and wishes a hybrid was available. She got a chance to drive her sister's Lexus RX400h recently and is smitten. But a six speed would help the mileage equation too.
  • A 300+ HP V6 version would be welcome, but there needs to be a hybrid version too. That may be difficult to retrofit in an existing design but Lexus is setting the standard here.

    The V6 would be very welcome but I question if the form factor for the design will fit in the current SRX (or CTS) transmission tunnel...otherwise we might have seen this tranny already.

    But since we're not supposed to see a completely redesigned SRX until 2010 (maybe), GM is going to have to do things to keep it fresh in its old age. The competition is not sitting still.
  • Don't know anything about the Q7, but I am thrilled with my SRX V8 AWD luxury/performance. I was fortunate enough to get a factory exec car with 2K miles for about $45K (list $61K). It was a "certified used" car with the 100K warranty. I now have around 12K miles including a trip back and forth from Illinois to California. It behaved beautifully on the road, including a day of snowy roads through the rockies. It seemed to be most happy at around 80mph, and since most interstates in the west have a 75 speed limit, I didn't feel concerned about the gendarmes at 80.

    The car was loaded to the hilt with 2 1/2 months worth of luggage, and took the mountain slopes without a complaint. My previous vehicle was a 2002 Bravada with the 4.2 I-6, and it was constantly shifting on the mountain roads, including shifting down into second on uphill climbs at about 5K rpm. The Cadillac with its V8 and 5 speed auto took the slopes effortlessly.

    PS: I don't think a Century, Montana, and Rendezvous are among GM's finest, and probably should not be used for comparison!

    Good Luck
  • e052756e052756 Posts: 2
    My wife and I just test drove a V6 SRX yesterday and my impressions are the following----> Exterior styling was great, ride was great, extremely quiet interior, plenty of cargo space and pricing seems low in comparison to other vehicles of this caliber. The only thing we did not like were the materials and styling of the interior. Does anyone know if Cadillac plans to do anything about the interior for the 2007 model? We are also going to look at the new Lincoln MKX when it comes out later this year. It seems to me that at the end of the day, we are going to select between the SRX, MKX and RE330. What are peoples impressions of these vehicles? I realize that the MKX is not available yet, but maybe someone has some inside info and what to expect.
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    2007 will have restyled interior.
    The reason they are ddoing this is because the Buick Enclave will have a very upscale interior that would have surpassed the Cadillac's.

    I am also doubtful that the SRX and CTS will get the new 6 speed right away.

    It would really help things. They could go from the 3.73 rear gear to a 3.23 and with the even taller .67 overdrive vs. our .75 we would probably see a 2 mpg increase on the highway.

    I just got back from H'ville, NC yesterday and we did 240 miles in 3 hours. Was running 90 several different times. This is the fastest I have driven on an Interstate trip. There was almost no traffic and we followed a couple of people who were running faster than us.
    Gas mileage on theinfo center was 20.3mpg.
    Actual was probably in the 19 mpg range.
    The SRX was glued to the road and quiet too.
  • vreffettvreffett Posts: 6
    I purchased a new SRX for my wife in August 2005 with a MSRP $48,985.00. It has the Luxury Pkg., Ultraview, Nav, etc, etc... It has been 231 days since I purchased the SRX and it has been in the garage for 58 days and counting. I have been to two different dealers with multiple attempts to resolve the problems but nothing has changed. I have filed with the Florida BBB for the Lemon Law but Cadillac has done nothing to help the situation. It is extremely dissapointing to have a vehicle with such major problems but, it is even more so when the manufacturer :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: does nothing but try to intimidate you.
  • What problems are you having with your SRX? Do you have the V6 or V8?
  • vreffettvreffett Posts: 6
    :lemon: I have a V6 with all options. I just got the SRX bqck from the garage after a total of 62 days in the shop. I have had problems with the Ultraview ( will not close, rattles, squeeks, etc. ) Nav system that cannot find a direct route to my home, dash lights that pulsate, power windows that work at random, trip odometer that resets itself, etc., etc.

    I have a hearing scheduled for next week for the Lemon Law which could be interesting. I have received some interest from a Consumer Support Group to attend the hearing. No cameras allowed in hearing but all will be recorded.

    :lemon: :lemon:
  • mil6753mil6753 Posts: 52
    I have a 2004 SRX VS AWD that over the last 6 to 8 months has developed a very strange shudder when going 35-40 mph, tach just at or below 2000 rpm and in 4th gear. If cruising along and slightly press accelerator the thumping/shudder begins and you can physically feel it. It seems to be searching for 3rd gear which it does not engage unless I further press the accelerator quite a bit. In for service twice now - first time they 'couldn't replicate'. Yesterday I took the tech with me and demonstrated it - he acknowledged it. When picking up the car they said nothing is wrong with it; there are no service bulletins, etc. I explained that this was not how the car operated when I first got it (new). Any one with similar transmission issues? Any suggestions/solutions?
  • tazmwltazmwl Posts: 3
    Bought a 2004 CPO SRX AWD w/V8 on e-bay from a Cadillac dealer near Akron, OH. Should be here next week. Based on my research the V8 comes standard with everything but the dvd, navigation, and magnetic ride, so this must be a base model. It has the power 3rd row seat, large sunroof, etc. Looking forward to driving it. Haven't owned an American car in 10 years, and this will be the first GM we have ever bought.

    At less than $30k and only 21k miles for a CPO, I figured I couldn't lose too much money.

    btw.. anyone have experience with the Cadillac CPO program and extended warranty?
  • Suggest going to >> <<, enter your VIN and follow the prompts for service info for your vehicle...... alternately .... call the GM/ Cadillac # 800-458-8006....have VIN & problem symptoms.....hope this helps.. your problem sounds like one that is posted somewhere on Cad SRX Owners Forum
  • jdonahuejdonahue Posts: 10
    I am in the market for a crossover. I think I have my choices narrowed down to the Cadillac SRX or Infiniti FX (still undecided on V6 or V8). I am anxiously waiting get confirmation of the rumored interior redesign on the SRX for the 07 model year. Has anyone seen or heard more about this? I was hoping there might be more info about it after the New York show. I have yet to see anything at all.
  • bert1102bert1102 Posts: 1
    This message is actually for anyone looking at this vehicle. My advice is RUN in the other direction. I have a 2005 SRX. In December of 2005, my daughter had a rather significant car accident. All passengers were fine, the car however was not. Today is April 16,2006. I still do not have my car back. All do to cadillacs inability to provide a part. Whatever your alternative is, go for that instead.
  • jdonahuejdonahue Posts: 10
    bert1102 thanks for your input. Glad to hear your daughter and all passengers were fine. I have to say that speaks well for the safety of the SRX. I am in the retail business myself and while I completely understand the frustration of backorders, I also know that sometimes the situation is beyond control of the manufacturer.

    Best of luck to you.
  • sms01sms01 Posts: 3
    I'm looking hard at a 2006 SRX - V8, 5 seater, White Diamond, AWD, UltraView, Rear Air. Was quoted $46,262 and 0% financing for 60 months. In Maryland. Anyone have any comparative experiences with pricing? Thanks.
  • mil6753mil6753 Posts: 52
    See message 634 - would be very interested in speaking directly to you regarding this issue!
  • mil6753mil6753 Posts: 52
    I would be interested to see if you had any luck getting your situation remedied? The shudder is getting worse week by week and I feel like i'll start losing pieces of the car along the road. It's ridiculous that Cadillac washes their hands of the problem and says "it's within specs". See message 634.
  • fkerfker Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 STS 'CPO' Purchased in July 2004 with only 23K miles on it, it currently has 67k on it at this time, you will need the 6 yr 100K warranty believe me. My car is in the repair shop at Cadillac once per month for problems 3 times for AC problems (2 Compressors 1 AC coolant line replaced, Orifice tube once), bad left front wheel bearing at 45K, both Heated front seats grids replaced, NO Start > Battery dead had to replace battery & battery cable replaced [OnStar] did not work 'NO POWER' had to use cell phone to contact Cadillac Assistance, Security system module replaced, StabiliTrac problem (Steering wheel position sensor replaced), underhood sound insulatator de-lamination, lower body facia trim fell apart, both rear brake lamps have burned out, Major engine oil leak (required 3 days of mid-section of engine seal & Front & Rear seals replacement), throttle body valve assembly requires cleaning every 25k. However they provide a free loaner vehicle every time. The dealership has been great because they are billing GM @ $85.00 per hour for labor. GOOD LUCK with your CPO, you will need it. Buy either German or Japanese in the future.
  • jdonahuejdonahue Posts: 10
    Still wanting to know if anyone knows anything specific about the 07' redesign? I am debating on taking advantage of the close of the model year pricing OR waiting for a new improved SRX. :confuse:

    Does anyone know anything?
  • stuckstuck Posts: 2
    Just let me say I've given up on this vehicle and GM in total. The drive line thump is still there and the transmission shutter remains. I'm told however all of this is normal so I guess the unknown running gear growl will be normal as well. This pile of junk will be off warrantee in some 1200KM so the only way I'll get the problems solved is sell or trade it off which will be done. I would like to trade it off to a GM dealer so they would be stuck with the used vehicle warrantee they give with a dealer deal however that would mean buying another GM product which is not going to happen. The only satisfaction I am getting is warning people who inquire how I like the SRX just what my experience has been and point out the problems GM would not acknowledge and fix.
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    Not only will the 07 SRX get the newer interior but it will
    get the 6 speed transmission too!!

    Hopefully in '08 it will get the 305 HP Direct Injection V6.
  • jdonahuejdonahue Posts: 10
    Where did you get the information about the 6 speed tranny? Has anyone seen pictures of the new interior yet?
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    It was a press release from GM.

    I saw it on another forum.

    You might be able to pick it up at

    Or just search the net.
  • omalonomalon Posts: 1
    I understand the 6 speed will be offered on the v8 only for 2007.
  • jdonahuejdonahue Posts: 10
    Thanks for the info. I still have not found anything else online but will keep looking.

    I did find out that the 07 production begins August 14th.

    There must be some interior pictures out there. Or at least a description of what they have done.
  • bparmleybparmley Posts: 3
    I have the same issue with my 04 SRX V8 AWD. Dealer ordered torque converter. I found a similar memo at
  • mil6753mil6753 Posts: 52
    Wow - thanks for the information. I've printed out the TSB and will take in with me. Did they repair your car yet? Did it work?
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