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Ford Freestar/Mercury Monterey



  • ham2ham2 Posts: 4
    Mine is a 2005 Freestar with exactly the same problem.Van was in 3 times. Still there. :confuse:
  • bombardierbombardier Posts: 9
    Anyone having this problem needs to have your front hubs checked. There is a TSB out there on this now. My noise used to go away when turning the steering wheel and re-appear once it straigtened out. It's now been a week with the new front hubs and the van is silent!
  • tomkc53tomkc53 Posts: 12
    Exact same problem with my 2004 Limited, seems to occur sporadically and then disappear under 30MPH. Is this a new TSB? Do you know the TSB number or date?
  • I have a 2005 Freestar. At low engine rpm (1100 - 1500 rpm) and at low speeds (10 - 30 mph) we hear a loud ringing/squealing from the rear driver side. Does anyone know what this is about? The dealer said that this was a normal cooling fan vibration.
  • sunburnsunburn Posts: 319
    The cooling fans are electrically driven, and any sound from them would not vary with engine or road speed. I would suspect either a problem in the braking system or a wheel bearing.
  • whit18whit18 Posts: 1
    Has this happened to any one yet? We were on vaction and trying to load the van and the handle on the back of the van just came off? I could see no broken parts and of course there is no way to put it back in place. Our van did not come with a power option. Any suggestions?
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    What year is your Freestar? I would contact your dealer to get it replaced.
  • meow3meow3 Posts: 1
    Reading your posting was like finding a long lost twin!!! I have a 2004 Mercury Monterey and I am pulling my hair out! In addition to major driver side sliding door issues like you mentioned, the air conditioning has blown three times, the driver side heated seat has never worked for more than a day after they fix it, the controls on the steering wheel for the radio actually do the opposite of whatever you push... the list goes on forever! my husband and I retained a lawyer and are currently proceeding with the "Lemon Law" route. I love the style and convenience of my van, however most of the "perks" - stereo, heated seats, sliding door, etc... have not ever worked! All the shop ever says is: "If we can't duplicate the problem, then we can't fix it."
  • ajo312ajo312 Posts: 2
    Don't know if you have solved the problem, but there is a saftey mechanism on these vans. It won't let you use the automatic doors when the van isn't in park. Also, there is sensors to make the doors open back up if they see something in the way. Sometimes it is just that the person sitting there with big feet or to much dirt in the track.

    Don't know if this helps, but thought I would share.
  • ajo312ajo312 Posts: 2
    I had unhooked the battery on my 04 van to hook up the trailer wire harness. Since then, my dvd sharred feature won't work. It's when I press 2 and 4 on the radio at the same time so that the kids can listen to the dvd player on the headphones while I listen to radio in front. Any ideas on what the problem is? What should I do?
  • tndjtndj Posts: 1
    The SAME exact thing happened to me last Saturday night.. Can you tell me how much it cost to repair the door handle and what they did to fix it?

  • I have a 2005 Freestar and I'm having the same issues as well as when I'm driving around 45 mph on occassion the van will start jerking. Have you resolved your problems with the doors? I have asked to meet with the Ford Rep for my area tommorow, I have 250 miles left on my warranty.
  • Hi,

    I just wanted to weigh in on the tranny issues with the 2004 Mercury Monterey's. I am getting ready to buy one and I saw this forum with all the complaints about Bad Torque Converters. I just wanted to say that everyone who has an issue should report it to the linked website. If enough people complain in the proper way it may be recalled.

    Currently there are only 12 complaints which makes me think it's not such a huge deal. If you haven't complained properly then please do so.
  • I have read all of the postings on this problem. I just joined the group this past week. Our van's transaxle started slipping while my wife was in traffic. She didn't get hit thank God, but this is a very dangerous problem. I took the van to a Ford dealership, and they called me just a few minutes ago, stating the transaxle needs replaced. Since our van has 38,500 miles on it, it is NOT under warranty, of course. They gave me a price on a rebuilt one from Ford at almost $3000.00. I told them to repair it because we need an auto ASAP. I have reported this to the National Safety group you had stated, and emailed Ford of the problem as you stated. I asked to see a factory rep, and the dealership told me to contact Ford. I have called for several hours, at Customer Service Number. IT IS ALWAYS BUSY. We need to get a law-suit together on this. ALL of us, not just a few. I will report this to my State Attorney General also. I suggest ALL of us do the same. If you know of any other things I can do, please help!
  • aka pleather....
  • Hello! I'm back. The deal is done. I called Ford service twice. First time they said they would contact Dutro Ford. I called them back in two weeks, and they confirmed I would NOT receive ANY refunds or NOTHING from Ford because my van was out of warranty. 2,750 miles out of warranty. So with that said I'm screwed, blued, and tattooed. I need help from all of you with this same problem. We need to know how we can compile ALL those who had/having this problem for 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 across this nation. That's the only way we can get help. Also post this problem in any and all news media across this nation.
    Please help all of us.
  • nadinebnadineb Posts: 190
    I have contact my local news station, but more important my senator, congressman, vice pres. and pres. You need to get their attention.
  • mgmbdfmgmbdf Posts: 1
    We were on our way to Jamestown (it is on a major highway I-86) to a doctor's appointment with our 7 year old son. Our van suddenly geared up and then we lost all acceleration. We are thankful that there was not a semi-truck or car behind us because we would of definitly been in a accident. We had no previous warning. I am gonna try and contact someone higher up in the Ford line. For as many of these that are going bad and us that have no warranty that is alot of money to pay out of pocket not to mention we are all risking our lives that have this mercury montery.
  • anabelanabel Posts: 21
    I know it has been awhile since you wrote in, and you may not ever receive this, but I wanted to mention or ask if you knew that the Ford Freestar is the exact same vehicle as the one you have only without the Mercury name on the body. Keep posted on the case that has started with the Fords transmissions. Seems that many more people have the Fords than the Mercury. Just a suggestion to you if you still care to keep informed. Thanks.
  • yanceyance Posts: 1
    My in-laws have a 2004 Monterey that they were driving down the road and the A-frame just broke....Could this be related to the trans-axle issue..Anybody else know of any problems like this?

    I find no recalls on this issue.
  • veepee1veepee1 Posts: 6
    My 2004 Monterey with 72K was diagnosed with OBD code PO401, This code referred to the EGR valve, or the DPFE sensor may be defective. I removed the EGR valve and there was no indication of carbon deposit. I was informed that the DPFE sensor was in the rear of the engine which is not easily visible. My question is how do I gain access to this unit, and what checks do i make to determine that it is defective. Your suggestion will be appreciated.
  • skibowskibow Posts: 1
    do you have any paint peeling problems, looking for anyone with 2005 Freestar with paint peeling off like a laminate
  • I had the same OBD code on my 2004 Mercury Monterey. I replaced the EGR valve, at a cost of less than $50. I am no mechanic, but it took me less than 30 minutes to replace. It has been about a month, and the engine light has not come one again since the EGR valve was replaced.
  • veepee1veepee1 Posts: 6
    My 2004 Monterey with 82k has recently began jerking or bucking when moving off, or under load travelling up to 40- 45mph. It runs smoothly when cruising. I changed the gas filter recently as I suspect that it could be fuel related, but it made no difference. It also idles a bit irregular. Does anyone have an idea or suggestion as what possible could be causing this problem, or what to check for. Your input will be appreciated.
  • Where did you find the EGR for $50? I have been searching and I can't find one that cheap, I would love to though. Can you send me the link. Thanks
  • I've got the same problem. I did have the P401 code flash. Found the part on amazon using the motorcraft pn from rockauto. cheap about $75. That didn't fully fix the issue but I've noticed that since it has gotten colder it doesn't happen as much but still does. Any progress? Has anyone had this issue and a transaxle change fixed the problem?
  • I should have been clearer on my problem. i have the same issue with my van jerking at 45 mph under load in 4th gear at low rpms before upshifting.

    I also have the driver seat heated seats not working. I see both problems in these posts. Has anyone actually fixed either?
  • fdbgtfdbgt Posts: 1
    Had the same problem.....replaced the EGR valve, replaced the coil and wires and spark plugs, no real difference.

    I now believe that moisture got into the PCM connector and once it dried out, the problem went away...see this link for a detailed description (its a pdf doc.)

    link title
  • philvidphilvid Posts: 8
    I agree, we need to get together and fight Ford. The problem is I'm in Canada so we don't have the same laws...

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