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Acura TSX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • does 26,400 include destination charge? wondering what other people are paying for 07 tsx without navigation. thanks for any help.
  • Just bought my 07 TSX with navigation. manual 6 sp, carbon grey/black. also came with the wheel locks and splash guards.

    Got a great deal - $28,630 (invoice+dest fee)... so got it for a tiny bit under invoice. OTD at a little over $30K (TTL only) the dealership also gave me a great deal on my trade-in. the best part about the dealership is that there were NO add on fees, and a very light sell on the extended warranties and extras. once i said 'no thanks' the finance guy said, ok done.

    all in all a great experience - plus i LOVE my new car! The dealership was Acura of Pleasanton, for all you SF Bay area folks.
  • tsz_girl: Good that you like the car... just for others to know now:) the invoice price of $28,129 INCLUDES the destination price of $630.00 (This is as per KBB.COM)
    For Others: Dont let the dealership folks add destination charges twice..
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    The salesman may have only made 27 cents but that's not because the dealership only made that much money.
  • That was $26,700, and yes it included the destination charge.
  • vol1vol1 Posts: 1
    Has anyone purchased a TSX Nav/AT in the Tampa/Ocala/Sarasota area recently? Most dealers seem to have a lot of inventory, but they are barely budging(if at all) on the price. Best internet offer so far is just $500 off MSRP (ie- $1000. off the Msrp plus $499 dealer fee). That quote was from a dealership where my husband and his partner bought two new company MDXs, plus one for partner's wife and one for his mother all at once in 2004. Getting discouraged-may buy something else if I can't get anymore discount-esp. since model will be changing soon and other cities are discounting.
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    Florida in general seems to be that way - not only do dealers fail to deal much but they are all charging outrageous fees.
  • I have a deposit on a 2007 TSX without navigation.
    $26,500 which includes the destination charge.
    First Acura in Seekonk, MA
    Ask for the internet manager, Tim Foley.
  • refriderrefrider Posts: 1
    What would be a price I should expect to pay for a 07 TSX w/nav in the Chicago metro area? Anybody with any experiences in this area (either good or bad) with any dealers and prices they paid would be helpful.
  • The invoice price is $28,129. As per KBB This price INCLUDES the destination charges of $610. Do not let your sales man add that again..I would say you should be able to get TXS w/nav for Invoice + ($300 to $500) Do teh internet thing before going and just start your conv with "how many hundered dollars over invoice". It will be use ful to take print out of KBB page..:)
  • frenchvfrenchv Posts: 42
    I'm looking at a 04 TSX with Nav for $20k (negotiated to 18K) from a Honda dealership. It comes with a 5 years pwr train warranty.

    The only thing is that it has 80k miles on it. The car drives fine except that I feel some heat coming from the left front vent and the air is not on. Not sure what that means.

    However I do like the car but I'm wondering if it's safe to buy an 04 with 80k miles on it.

    BTW TSX's only take premium?
  • gooddeal2gooddeal2 Posts: 750
    I would not touch this even if you can get it for 18K, IMO. 80K is the main problem here. If it's only 40K miles, it would be o.k.

    By the way...are you sure you still have the warranty left since it's 80K?
  • frenchvfrenchv Posts: 42
    Yes I thought of that, they said something about 5 years 60k miles, I didn't inquire more but at this point I'm looking at other cars with lower mileage.

    Thx! :shades:
  • deltmideltmi Posts: 6
    I've read the past 100 messages or so, and it seems like the prices for the 07 TSX are getting very close to invoice (both nav and non-nav). I'm very interested in buying the TSX, but when would be the best time to buy? In your opinion, should I buy the 07 TSX now or wait until the 08 TSX is reveiled? I know there's a lot of variables, but I'm concerned about timing. Thanks for you input.
  • mikeuclamikeucla Posts: 2
    Just my opinion, I'm not a professional or anything, but I think now is a great time to purchase/lease a 2007 TSX. I've read that the 2008 TSX will not be the redesign. The redesign will be the 2009 model, which will start arriving in dealerships early in 2008. Both the 2007 and 2008 model cycles will be shortened, down to 9 months each. That's why the deals on the 2007s are going on now. They are clearing the way for the 2008s to come in July, and the 2009s will come in March of 2008. FYI, I just leased a Carbon Gray Pearl, ebony interior, manual transmission with navigation. Price was just under invoice, 27,995. Zero down, $675 drive off, $360/mo lease. Great deal. The car is phenomenal!
  • deltmideltmi Posts: 6
    Mike, I'm assuming your in the Southern California area because of your screen name. I am too. Where did you lease your car, and what were some of the T&Cs (Length of loan, APR, any "back-end" costs)?
  • mikeuclamikeucla Posts: 2
    Hi Deltmi,

    Yup, I'm from sunny socal. I shopped around at a lot of dealers and they were all very friendly. I was mainly working with the internet sales managers. I got great offers from Power Acura of South Bay in Torrance, Sierra Acura in Alhambra, and South Coast Acura. The special lease that's available now has a money factor of 0.001270 which is basically equivalent to an APR of about 3%. Residual on a 36 month, 10k mile/yr lease is 61% for a TSX with navigation, 62% without. No hidden fees. My amount due at signing was my first month's payment plus tax, title, registration, doc fee, tire disposal fee, etc... total was $680. I elected to roll the acquisition cost (bank fee) of $595 into the lease. I chose to put no money down because generally, on a lease you want to put down as little as possible. Good luck, and happy hunting! :shades:
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    End of the month is a good time to buy - like today. You'll have a few more chances but the 08s could roll in (with no changes) by July (assume another $200 bump in MSRP). Some info about the new TSX should be out by the Frankfurt show (Sept). The ultimate low prices will depend on how much Honda is willing to help the dealers move the last of the current gen cars. Like with the 06s I'd look for at least $1000 cash back soon and maybe even more later. By this time next year the left over 08s might really get discounted. Based on past history, probably late Dec or around the time the new TSX debuts will be the best time to make a great deal on the last of the sub 30K entry level luxury car (I assume the 09 TSX will be over 30K and sell for sticker for a while)
  • deltmideltmi Posts: 6
    Thanks for the insight biker4! I'm getting an itchy trigger finger...
  • radhayradhay Posts: 17
    southern florida, 27,995 + 595 dealer fee for 2007 tsx w/navi.
  • radhayradhay Posts: 17
    OK guys pulled the trigger. I ordered it over the phone. Can't wait to see how it actually looks. I am going to Jacksonville,FL monday and hoping it will be a good experience at the dealership at the acuraoforangepark. Will keep you posted. Final price was 28156.20 + tag & tax.
  • I paid $28,129+300 for my 07 TSX w/Navi. I was in and out of the dealership within 30 mins. I was talking to the guy for few weeks prior to visiting the dealership. I bought it from Rosenthal Acura. Had visited Radley and Chevy Chase but they both were not so good. Chevy Chase sales man was *bad* he was hell bent upon adding the destination charges twice ie over the KBB invoice price which actully includes the destination charges. He had the courage to say " We as a policy don't bench mark our prices with Kbb and Consumer Reports pricing..."At this point I realized I was wasting my time there. btw, I am in DC area. I dealt with a guy called Chris at Rosenthal He was excellent. I wrote a personal mail of to the dealership owner to give him kudos..With such people you dont mind if the make few hundered dollars after all they are sweating to exceed excpectaions and attain their targets.
  • radhayradhay Posts: 17
    Thanks. I think we both paid about the same price. It took over 3 hours for me get out the dealership though since I changed the car color choice (from pearl brown to black) after comparing both the cars visually and also wanted to see the financing options. Any way it was a good experience overall. It is easy to work with acura of orange park, Jacksonville,FL sales person Henry.

    Still trying to figure out voice command, Can't get it to recognize correctly the phone numbers I am inputting. Hoping its just my accent and not a problem.
  • I had that issue too but soon I started being confident and it worked... Just say the #s in flow but each # should be clear... :) it really works..
  • psu03psu03 Posts: 1
    I was wondering if anyone had a good purchasing experience in the philly area on a 2007 TSX w/o nav. The best internet quote I have received is $26,695 + tags/tags. Thanks.
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    It's surprising to see better prices (and service) at Rosenthal than elsewhere. My in-laws got a Mazda 3 from them also at a good price.
  • tsx_fantsx_fan Posts: 1
    Been a frequenter of the forums for a long time, finally pulled the trigger on. Thought I'd share the deal I got on the last 06 TSX in Boise, ID. Arctic Blue Pearl w/ black leather.
    Sale Price: $25,400
    Tax: 6%
    APR: 3.9% @ 60 months
    Monthly: $505.47 w/ nothing down incl ttl
  • fm8dcifm8dci Posts: 6
    Picked up my new TSX for $26.4 plus tax and tags at Motorworld Acura in Wilkes Barre, PA. Also had this price from a dealer in langhorne, PA
  • mf15mf15 Posts: 158
    Might be hard to do too much better. Edmunds invoice plus delivery is 26451 so they are asking 244 over invoice including delivery. If the 08's come out early there could be some dealer cash. It is not like TSX is flying off the lots as the dealer would like you to believe. My problem with the TSX right now is that it is an old design and a bit expensive for a 4 cylinder no matter how nice. I am trying to wait until the 08 accord comes out, with the new V6 which should be much improved over the current one. Old Mike
  • I just decided on TSX a week back and started reading reviews and prices. I fortunately got to look into this forum and read someone paid 28129+300 with navigation. I went to the deals in houston area under the impression that 28129+300 was the drive out price and started negotiating with that figure in mind. I was upset because noone took me anywhere close to that. Finally one dealer gave me quote of 30,101 Drive out. And with that quote i went to another one and he gave me 30,001 drive out with 4 year free car wash and oil change with premium service amd yeah it's back exterior with black leather and navigation...i guess there's nothing better i can get so i am buying it this weekend. Hurray !!!!
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