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Acura TSX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • tsx2007tsx2007 Posts: 2
    Another dealer just offered 26700.00 everything else is same. i am not sure if i can shave off any more.
  • I just got internet quotes for new 2007 TSX AT non-navi from 3 sf bay area dealers:
    Quotes good until 04/30/2007. One dealer even said they'll match if I can get a better quote. Hoping to get one this weekend.
  • rujorujo Posts: 137
    Valuable info - exactly what we need! Well done.

    I just got internet quotes for new 2007 TSX AT non-navi from 3 sf bay area dealers:
    Quotes good until 04/30/2007. One dealer even said they'll match if I can get a better quote. Hoping to get one this weekend.
  • mf15mf15 Posts: 158
    Been watching the local dealer TSX inventory philly burbs.
    Two weeks ago they had 27 today they have 6. Have read on another site that 07 production is done,perhaps this is true and 08's will be in soon, not that they will change from the 07's, Old Mike
  • Celticdude wrote:

    I just got internet quotes for new 2007 TSX AT non-navi from 3 sf bay area dealers:

    Can you tell me where these quotes are from? I have quotes from Stevens Creek Acura and Los Gatos Acura at $26,250 and $26,199 respectively.
  • $25,920 - Acura of Serramonte
    $26,150 - Steven's creek Acura
    $26,188 - Sunnyvale Acura

    One thing I learned is that they have to have it in stock to be able give you a great price. So, it'll depend on the color and trim you want. Check their inventory at
  • absoabso Posts: 3
    07 AT w/Nav, carbon gray with quartz int. Dealer offered the car at invoice. I added on a spoiler and protection package. Price includes installation of spoiler as well.

    Out the door incl TTL and dealer fees (no hidden fees), 31870. Am I getting a good price on this, or should I go somewhere else. Got an out the door of 150 less at another dealership, (which is pretty negligible imo) but they are a 2 hour drive for me to get to, and would prefer dealing with the first place due to location.

    Suggestions? Take this deal, or should I be pushing for a lower price?
  • acleexacleex Posts: 4
    I got a quote on a 07 Black/Black TSX AT with navi in a MD dealership at about $29,680, incluing wheel locks, and TTT. Keep in mind that there is no spoiler/install and no protection package.

    I'm 99% likely to jump on the dealership's offer, but if your TSX offer is at this range minus the spoiler and protection package, I'd say we both have good deals.
  • absoabso Posts: 3
    You got the better deal I think. Minus the options, I'm at 30,950 or so. The guy had no intention of selling below invoice and never blinked at reducing the cost of the options. So I think I got the best deal that I could have at least. What are the taxes like up in MD? Mine came out to close to 1900, which could be making up for a bit of that difference.
  • acleexacleex Posts: 4
    I got mine at 27912 (invoice + 300). Maryland's car sales tax is 3.0%, or about 860 bucks. I am getting black on black with navi, and that is very hard to find from what the dealer said to me. There are no Black on Black non navis in Maryland or Virginia. I also live in Virginia and got the car in MD because the processing fees in VA are ridiculous (250-400) and the tax rate is at 3.17%. Maryland's is capped at 100, and the dealer charged 95.
  • absoabso Posts: 3
    Looks like we got the same deal then, as tax in fl is about 6.25%. So that makes up the rest of the difference. You might try and either get it at invoice, or try to get the splash guards/mats thrown in as well. They will likely give you the mats/guards no problem, so it doesn't hurt to ask either way. Enjoy your new tsx!
  • foreverudisforeverudis Posts: 17
    guys, i live in texas and taxes are 6.5%. I got my car 2 weeks back for 29800(including TT&L, wheel locks and window tint). I have a black on black with navigation. I never considered the car without navigation afetr taking test ride with navigation.I posted this previously so someone can get help and try negotiate with the dealers to get better deal..All the best.
  • skyline101skyline101 Posts: 4
    Is it possible I can get a 07 TSX Automatic w/ Navi for between 28,500 - 29,000K OTD including TTL in CA (anywhere in CA)
  • foreverudisforeverudis Posts: 17
    I doubt. because according to my knowledge, sales tax in CA is 6.5% the best i could get in houston was 29800 D.O. where sales tax is 6.5%. but still look around, you may get later this year when 2008 model will be out in market and dealers will try to sale their inventories.
  • skyline101skyline101 Posts: 4
    When are the 08's due in by?
  • lipalonglipalong Posts: 3
    Hi everyone! I live in Los Angeles and purchased my TSX from Acura of Glendale. The people there from the sales team to the service dept. are top notch. A very pleasant experience all around.
    I was just wondering if I got as good a deal as I think I did?
    I paid $28,088 plus 8.25% sales tax. $300 for DMV, title, license. $1,495 for 8 year/120,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty. Plus I got wheel locks, cargo net, splash guards, and door edge trim all installed and included in the deal for a total drive off price of $32,200 for a Carbon Grey 6 speed manual with Nav. I love this car!! Did I get a good deal? :D

    Thanks in advance for your feedback,
  • nj2pa2ncnj2pa2nc Posts: 813
    no offense, you really should be asking that question before you buy the car. too late now so enjoy it. i own a 06 milano red/ebony 6spd/w nav for almost 6 months now and it will probably have 15,000 miles on it on it's 6th month birthday. sales tax (highway use tax as it is called in NC) is 3%. your price sounds o.k. My car also got the wheel locks, mud guards, door-edge guards, trunk tray and painted-on pin-stripes. glad your buying experience was excellant. sounds like my dealer. I bought my car in Pa at a dealer I have bought numerous cars from over the years-Lehigh Valley Acura. top-notch service department.on yes best decision 6 speed-the best and nav which does come in handy
  • dsarnoffdsarnoff Posts: 4
    I just received an email offer from Nelson at Acura of Glendale for a 2007 Auto W/navigation for $27800 BEFORE TTL.

    This has been the best price I have been emailed. The Acura dealerhsip in Alhambra emailed me a quote for the same car for $28,000. So I think anyone should be able to get one below invoice right now. Also, there are special finance rates that just started in May. 24-36 months, 1.9% and 36-60 months at %3.9.
  • acurasuzacurasuz Posts: 1
    I bought my TSX in 05... an 04 model with just under 20k miles. Auto, cd changer, leather heated seats, alloy wheels, all the niceties but no nav. I paid just over 25K from Carmax.

    Bad news is, on the day my first payment was due I was rear ended. Some kid in an early 90's civic wreaked havoc on my back bumper, jamming it into the side panels causing them to have replaced. I've never seen a car crinkle like this one.

    Anywho... long story short, the repair was fabulous but the damage has completely destroyed any resale value of the car. I'm having a very hard time unloading it for even close to what I owe when according to Blue/Black book, I should be able to get at least what I owe.

    I'm probably in the wrong forum for this as a newbie... but as a warning to TSX shoppers, they're beautiful amazing little cars and I love mine... but if you get tapped, you will be SOL.
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    You did great right up to the point where you wasted almost $1500 on the extended warranty.
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    That's true of any car - not just the TSX.
  • autoshprautoshpr Posts: 2
    Has anyone recently bought or leased a TSX w/Navigation in the Bay Area? If so, what sort of prices are you getting quoted for the vehicle including the $670 destination charge?
  • autoshprautoshpr Posts: 2
    What have people received as quotes for the 2007 TSX 6spd manual with Navi?
  • Hello all!

    I received a quote from Valencia Acura for 2007 TSX non Navi around 26,700 and w/ navi for 28,600 or so. Does anyone else have any recommendations or quotes in the southern california area? Thanks!!

    Also, I am getting info that 2007 Black / Black non Navi's are getting pretty rare. Acura in Glendale stated only 4 in the state left? hmmm...
  • shoopashoopa Posts: 2
    Hi all,

    I'm getting ready to purchase a TSX. Thanks for all the recent quotes for the Bay Area. Those will help.

    I'm wondering is it worth waiting to the end of the month. Do sales people really get more competitive with pricing at the end of the month to hit their numbers? Though with a holiday weekend, maybe that goes against me :)

  • rujorujo Posts: 137
    I'd say those quotes seem about $500-700 high. Take a look at recent California quotes on this forum and see if you agree.
  • dsarnoffdsarnoff Posts: 4
    I had quotes for a 2007 Nav with Auto from Glendale Acura at $27800 and from Alhambra for $27745. Since Acura 101 had the color I wanted, they matched the lower price. My OTD price was $30460.00. So I think $28,600 is a good starting point but I am sure they can go lower.
  • jesyjesy Posts: 1
    I'm getting quotes much higher for a Glacier Blue (w/ nav) in the New England area. Ranging from 28500 to 28900. Some say the next GB they'll have is the 08, but have referred me to other (far away) dealers who have one on the lot. Is there a premium for this color? Anyone know a reasonable price in this area?
  • This is straight from Valencia Acura.

    With Navigation your out the door price comes to $31,184.
    Sales Tax - $2355.79
    Government Fees - $273.75
    Doc fee-$55

    Without navigation the out the door is $29,551
    Sales Tax - $2,232.04
    government fees - $264.75
    $55 doc fee.

    Glendale Acura seems a bit cheaper. I will contact them as well.

    Anyone confirm that black / black 2007 TSX non navi is pretty rare? That's what I heard from Glendale Acura.
  • orion75orion75 Posts: 4
    Hey guys, finally pulled the trigger on the TSX this friday.

    Got a TSX with Navi. in Black with Parchment without any additional packages or accessories. The final OTD price was $30,100 (incl. TT&L). Got this deal from David McDavid in Austin area.

    Had another price from Sterling Acura for the same car but White with Parchment for $29,800 Drive out. The Sterling guys have around 3 whites in the same configuration on their lot, so you can get the same or better price if interested in White.

    I wanted the Black with Parch. so was ok paying the additional $300.

    Hope this helps anyone looking for a TSX with Nav.
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