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Acura TSX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • rujorujo Posts: 137
    1) I really think that, for a model that's been around a while, "rare" is because it doesn't sell all that well - not because demand is extra high. I understand a dealer wanting to spin it as "rare" and I understand there may not be a large number available at any given time. But the other side of the coin is that the 07 model year is coming to an end and dealers need to sell their stock - just because a dealer's trying to use "rare' as a tactic to get you to pay more doesn't mean you have to give in to the spin.

    2) Those prices are $500-1000 higher than we were seeing on this forum a couple of weeks ago. It's possible the supply/demand equation has changed . . . but I'd be sceptical and wonder if it's simply this dealer being stubborn and/or non-competitive.
  • lipalonglipalong Posts: 3
    Well, I suppose when it comes to warranties, it's a matter of opinion. But its also a matter of experience. I had a 6 year 60,000 ext. war. on my Nissan 200SX. I still have it and it has 130,000 miles now (w/original clutch!). It has been such a reliable car and in the 10 years I've owned it, it has only broken down once when my alternator died about 4 years ago. Good marks aside, however, after the factory war. but still while under ext. warranty I had the sunroof replaced, my emergency brake cable replaced, and my radiator replaced (they were checking a leak and decided to replace the radiator) These three non-emergency but necessary repairs easily surpassed the expense of the warranty. I'm not the type who buys warranties on everything, but I feel better knowing that for 8 years or 120,000 miles with NO deductible, I am covered for pretty much everything. There's a lot more fancy electronic gizmos and computer controlled stuff to possibly break than was on my last car too. For 15 bucks a month, and considering the great deal on the car, I'll live with it and smile. I still got the car with $500 worth of dealer installed accessories for $30,700 which includes 8.25% sales tax and fees. Based on the prices I've seen on the forum, I think I did pretty well. Sure I hope I never need the warranty, but you never know. By the way, Love This Car!!! Acura of Glendale treated me right.
  • I received $30,560 out the door for Black / Black w/ Navi from Glendale Acura.

    Much cheaper than Valencia. The Valencia internet salesman has yet to match the deal. He says I must bring it in writing. I'm not going to drive all the way down there just to match the price.

    The term out the door includes all fees AND TAXES correct?
  • acleexacleex Posts: 4
    yes, that's what out the door means.
  • acleexacleex Posts: 4
    The black/black tsx non navi is very hard to get in the east coast at this point. I have a black/black AT with navigation and that is almost as hard to get too. However, I believe there will be a number of black/black TSX's coming to the east coast in droves before the summer buying season, so it should be that way in the west too.

    Acura TSX's and TL's look sweet in black on black.
  • shoopashoopa Posts: 2
    Well, I went ahead and bought a TSX (AT, non-navi) anyways. Couldn't wait.

    BTW, Stevens Creek advertised $25,809 as a "weekend special" So its already down from $26,150 noted on the board a couple of weeks ago. Maybe by Mem-day it'll be even lower.... But i'm pleased with my new ride.

    Now I got to clean out my garage to get the new car in there!

  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    It wasn't just a matter of the getting the warranty - but the cost of it. First that seems much higher than others have been able to get (I've seen $900 or even lower) and second, you could delay getting it till just before the factory warranty runs out.
    While it's great that some people are able to collect on warranties, some of the horror stories from people getting screwed on such warranties makes one wonder if the warranty is worth the paper it's printed on.
  • vwgti06vwgti06 Posts: 2
    An extended warranty is not a waste. I have used them on my cars for the smallest things. It is a way for you not put out money to get something fixed that breaks. At the end of the day you cancel the warranty when you sell your car and get mnoey back for not usin a portion of it. Better to have a clean piece of mind. A car will always be a car.
  • ausdtechausdtech Posts: 37
    Hi, could you tell me what publication they advertised this in? The mercury news online ads doesn't have anything for them.
  • jlh78jlh78 Posts: 1
    Whoa. Your post makes me nervous. I just leased my 2007 TSX from Continental Acura in Naperville on Saturday. I signed what looks to be a summary page and gave them my credit card # since I was told that the car was en route and should be here this week. Do I have reason to be nervous? What was your experience? BTW, for those readers out there, here are the terms of the lease:

    $27,500 selling price
    15k miles/year
    36 months = $385.84
    16,680.80 residual value
    2.65% money factor
    $2550 "down", plus first payment and license fees. Total is $3231.94

    The cook county tax is a killer! 8.75%, plus an additional 6% on the monthly payment when you lease! Painful. But I can get over it, if my car actually arrives...
  • gkg680gkg680 Posts: 25
    Sorry for the delay, I hadn't visited the forum in a while.

    I test-drove an Acura CL coupe with a manual transmission in '96, and loved it. I wanted a black one, and with a "stick", it was hard to get.

    Continental had a salesman who was related to a co-worker of mine, he's now long-retired, and I agreed to a price. The car didn't come, and I was irritated, because my car was near the end of its useful life.

    I contacted Acura corporate, and learned, in June, that the plant in Ohio used to build CLs would be building Honda Civics all summer.

    At that point, I needed a car. My '83 Saab Turbo had a transmission problem, serious, although I only had 92,000 on it. I was very disgusted with Continental, and told them so. They didn't seem to care, but they did return my deposit without a fight.

    I'm not sure if the personnel at Continental are the same now, but if you're happy with your deal, I would imagine they'll get you the car you want. Bear in mind, I was trying to buy a car that had just hit the market, and CL coupes with a manual, in black, were very hard to find. It was an interesting, enjoyable car, not expensive, and Acura had trouble meeting demand. My tax accountant has owned several Acuras, and he's loved every one.

    If the next car I buy isn't a TSX, it'll probably be a TL.

    Good luck to you, best wishes.
  • lipalonglipalong Posts: 3
    I thought the cost was reasonable considering the internet sales price was $1800. I saw their pricing sheet. So I figured I saved $305 on it. Plus, on a Lexus IS 250 they want $2999 for their warranty which covers less mileage than Acura's. With that, I figured $1495 was fair. Just curious, on that $900 or less figure was that on the 8 year/ 120,000 mile with no deductible warranty? They offer other types with $100 deductibles and lower years and mileage for lower prices.
  • gforce11gforce11 Posts: 225
    Picked up my 07 TSX tuesday night. $26200 sale price. $334 a month after taxes. current lease deal on tsx (60% residual, .0011 MF for 36/12k on non navi, 59% on navi) lasts til end of june.
  • deltmideltmi Posts: 6
    I got an email message from an Acura dealer in So. California. And the internet dealer said "I'm $1500 below invoice on whichever TSX you choose."

    Using the Edmunds Invoice (+ dest.) before TTL it comes out to:
    Auto, Non-Navi = $26,451 - $1,500 = $24,951 + TTL
    Auto, Navi = $28,282 - $1,500 = $26,782 + TTL

    Hopefully I can get the special APR that's going on right now too!
  • dsarnoffdsarnoff Posts: 4
    Which dealer emailed you that?
  • What dealership?!
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    Yeah, that may have been a differently tiered warranty. All it matters is that you're happy with the deal. It certainly sounds like the rest of the deal was good. It just seems like some folks start out with a great deal on the car itself and then are taken to the cleaners on a trade or warranty or financing or that $500 "protection package". :(
  • skyline101skyline101 Posts: 4
    Which dealership is this?
  • tijuana19tijuana19 Posts: 97
    hes waiting to close his deal before we all rush the dealership :shades:
  • thomcinthomcin Posts: 29
    Bought my 07 TSX for $27,007 out the door (including all fees, tags, title, doc. ect...) Mine is a base Black/Black.
    Love the front driver seat comfort, build quality and price.
    The TSX seats are more comfortable than the TL and have better bolstering. Looked at the A4 quattro, G35 Journey, Toyota Avalon XLS and all cost about $5,000 more than TSX in real world pricing. So far so good. Traded a 2004 BMW 3 series convertible which I had owned for over 4 years.
  • tijuana19tijuana19 Posts: 97
    How much did you pay before TTL? and where did you purchase?
  • I just bought mine today too. Did your dealer have to trade with another dealer to get your car?

    I'll post my details later. I got the last black / black base model in Cali.
  • thomcinthomcin Posts: 29
    Yes my dealer had to trade with his other dealership about 40 miles away. Although I live in NC I purchased my car in Virginia Beach at Hall Acura.
  • tijuana19tijuana19 Posts: 97
    So anyone know which dealer has the tsx 1,500 under invoice??!?!? :confuse: :confuse: :confuse:
  • xy1xy1 Posts: 1
    Anyone have TSX AT pricing (before TTL) in the NY area? Initial price quotes are higher than the 1,000-1,500 below invoice as posted on this forum in other areas.

    Quotes w/o Navi before TTL
    27,450 (1,000 > invoice)
    27,750 (1,300 > invoice)
    26,351 (100 < invoice)

    Carsdirect (27,360) and kbb (27,466) are also about 1000 above invoice.

    Prices with or without Navi before TTL welcomed. Looking for best deal in area or nearby. Thanks !!!
  • So I purchased my TSX at Acura 101 West and it was simple and easy.

    OTD was 28,XXX. I can't remember the exact OTD price. I took advantage of the 60mo 3.9 APR they are offering currently.

    I put 5k down, monthly payments is around 434$ a month.

    I LOVE THIS car. I'm 21 and this is my first purchased car, a huge upgrade from a 91 camry that was falling apart, which led me to buy this car.

    I love the acceleration and everything about the car. I always use the heated seats. The car LOOKS MUCH better than it does in photos. The interior is very nice :)

    I have a better car than my parents, my boss, and my friends lol :)
  • Hmmmmmm I think i might of been ripped off?? I just bought a Glacier Blue 07' Tsx fully loaded, Navi and all. Actually no Spoiler!! 0 down, lojack, gap insurance w/ the 4 year plan.72 months $586 per month out to $36,053

    please let me know if i got ripped off when im comparing to all the prices i see from you guys it seems like it

    email me if possible.

    thank you so much!
  • adding on to above
    cargo net, wheel locks, mud flaps, navi, no spoiler
    im in the los angeles, ca area bought at keyes van nuys

    email me

    i hate getting ripped off. thanks
  • thomcinthomcin Posts: 29
    Tax was $900 Title & Tag were $68 Doc Fee was $399 (nothing but pure profit) for amount of $25,640 payed without TTL.
  • thomcinthomcin Posts: 29
    I also used the 3.9 % financing, which will save me over $2,000 in interest compared with my local loan rate of 7.25%. I only put $500 down to take full advantage of this great low rate. Meanwhile I am investing my trade money in a CD @ 6% interest.
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