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Acura TSX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hi all,

    I'm going to need to purchase a car in the next week, and I've been eyeing the TSX for years (since before my last car).

    Just got some quotes from local dealers in Southern California, the lowest quote I've gotten so far is a touch under ~28k with Navigation, and a bit under 26k without Navigation. (with destination, without license + tax)

    Are these good deals, or should I be able to push it further?

    I'd love to be able to wait for the 09 tsx, but the release dates seems far off.

  • Hi eights38! I mean is it worth waiting for 2009 models to be released? to negotiate for a good bargain price for 2008 model. I plan to purchase the car than lease as I would like to keep it for a long run. one dealer is in princeton area ... he put so much pressure on me when I went for a testdrive .. to buy .... saying its a good deal ... and people just don't come for test drive as I told him I have other cars to test drive .. Also heard Volkswagon Passat is really cool .... what do you think?
  • I finally decided to pull the trigger and buy this weekend. 2008 TSX auto (black/black), no nav. Price was 26375 and OTD was 27997. I probably left a little money on the table, but got 1st years service for free and a sweet 2.9% for 60 months on the finance side. Dealer was Radley in Falls Church and the experience was painless (3 emails, 1 hour in the dealership, no pressure to buy add-ons).
    As a FYI, they are getting only one more truck in with '08's. The stock on the non-navs is already thin, so if you want a particular color combo, start looking. Also, if you're in the DC area, the 2.9% deal ends this week.
  • For those of you interested, the 2009 TSX was unveiled at the Geneva Auto Show. It is the European Honda Accord, but it is the TSX in the USA.


    interior looks better, but like current gen exterior.
  • Hi everybody,
    Just wanted to see what you all though a good price might be for a 6 speed manual (no navi) in one of the blue colors. Apparently they are getting hard to find, and quote wise the lowest I've gotten is $27,300. But none of the dealers within 150 miles of me have the color + transmission I want. So with a dealer swap, do you think its still possible to get under invoice 26,630 I've been seeing?

    I know I'm stubborn, hence the manual and no navi. But I want to control my own rpms, and I don't want my car to tell me where to go, but my thought going in was that this might be the best time to get a deal with the 2.9% financing. I saw the 2009 tsx but prefer the curvier 2008, and figure dealers are hoping to get rid of them, and it is near the end of the month.

    Thanks in advance, and I've certainly enjoyed reading your postings!
  • I just bought my 2008 6spd no-navi TSX yesterday, paid $26,300+ttl. I did have to take a train to the dealership and drive it home 240 miles last night though...(it was one of the closest PWP/Ebony/6spd/no-navi's to NJ).

    The dealership experience was awesome, no surprises- which surprised me. I don't think I'm allowed to post the salesman's name, but the dealership is Pohanka Acura in was the internet salesman (not sure if there's more than one).
  • Marin Acura in Corte Madera CA is advertising the following for TSX

    Auto no NAVI - $26,088 ($173 above invoice)
    Auto w/NAVI - $27,988 ($147 above invoice)

    TTL and destination fees are extras.
  • Bought Tuesday, got $1 over invoice with 2.9% financing even with dealer swap, and got the protection package as a fluke, Love it! I thought Artic Blue might be too bright, but its perfect. Now the only question I have is the whole premium gas issue, I'm getting conflicting reports from the dealers about it. They actually filled it up with unleaded and it got 30+mpg on the way home. My husband still thinks it could cause some problems long term if we don't use premium...

    Any thoughts?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,699
    Use premium.. the engine is designed for it..

    Despite the long-term test of driving the car from the dealership to your house, you may find that you actually get worse gas mileage, while using regular.. ;)

    Many times, it is a false economy...

    Your car may get the same mileage with regular, but the company that built your engine says you should use premium..



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  • ruffyruffy Posts: 3
    Armishanks - I wanted to say THANK YOU for your post. I was able to use the information to negotiate with that dealer and ultimately to find a dealer locally (southern California) that beat their price. I got the '08 Acura TSX Auto w/NAVI for $27950 and that includes destination fees and the protection package. The only thing I paid extra for was the spoiler & window tint ($750 total). As near as I can tell they sold this car for way under "invoice" so I don't know what's really going on with those invoice numbers. There's no way a car dealer would sell a car if they were actually losing any money. Anyone considering buying an '08 TSX, the time appears to be now. :) ">
  • Hi - you are welcome. The invoice prices are fairly stable throughout the model year. What does change are manufacturer-to-dealer incentives and dealer holdbacks. For aggressive dealers, that enables them to sell at or below invoice.

    I believe Acura has a 3% hold back based on MSRP. However, I would follow Edmunds' advice and NOT use it as an overt negotiating tool. It's a back pocket 'nice to know' but may only antagonize the dealer if you seem like you are trying to squeeze every penny of profit margin from them.

    My approach has always been to provide a decent margin to the dealer (but certainly not at MSRP levels) if I want to maintain good relations with the dealer for service, goodwill TSB work, etc.
  • gs117gs117 Posts: 2
    Anyone have any feedback from dealers in Massachusetts on TSX w/ Nav? I know some locations still have a lot left in stock, but I'm hearing conflicting data on how close to invoice they'll go. I'd love to get one very close to invoice but someone who recently went to a dealer told me that they're not too worried about demand for snapping them up, so they're not going too low just yet.
  • After reading the forums and getting an initial offer of $27,000 for a base tsx my friend (the buyer) and I went into the Tempe, Az acura dealership. The internet dealer we were in contact with greeted us and instantly we could tell that he was sterotyping us. We are both 25, he's a CPA and I'm a teacher. He showed us the car in the showroom and we told him that we were interested in test driving, he brushed us off saying he had to unload cars from a shipment that just came in.
    At this point we became frustrated and were going to take our business to scottsdale. On our way out a very pleasant dealer greeted us and offered to take us on a test drive right away. After waiting a couple minutes the internet dealer comes running up saying he's now ready to take us. We assumed the 2 dealers talked and internet guy took over. It turns out he saw us with the nice dealer and rushed to get back to us totally undermining the nice dealer. To make a long story short we liked the nice dealer (obviously) and he was willing to work on the price with us. As he's talking to his manager, internet sales guy sees us talking business (and probably realizes that my friend is serious about buying) and conveniently steps in as soon as nice guy leaves. We were polite to him (even though we wanted to tell him to leave us alone and he's a jerk) and told him what nice guy was doing for us. He screamed at us telling us that no one is selling 08 tsx's below $27,000 (+tax title etc) and $29000 OTD is ridiculous and we're wasting HIS TIME! He repeated himself many times and we became offended by his tone and rudeness. We kept our cool and told him that we know what they've been selling tsx's for. After that he told us to get up and out of his dealership! So we did. Nice dealer called to apologize but said 27k was as low as they go.

    Has anyone encountered this type of dealer at acura? It was my first time but i expected much more.
    Also, was our request worth him telling us to get out and leave?
    Any other information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  • soparadesoparade Posts: 3
    Funny you should mention that, I'm 25 and my husband is 27! We shopped several local dealers, and I got a quote of 27300 for the base model from the closest dealership. So when I called the guy back about the quote, and told him I wanted a manual transmission he said, I don't know why anyone would want a manual anymore, but I guess we can try to find one for you, but you'll have to pay the transfer for us to trade with another dealer. Whatever, I could tell he didn't really want my business. So my husband and I went there to practice, basically, and while we were there the only manuals they had left were silver and gray (to me that spells BORING) but anyway we just wanted to see the gray to see if I could possibly live with it for the next decade. So at their front door there's an unlocked carbon gray in a automatic, so we were just looking at the interior and checking it out while the sales guy went to find the manual in gray. And while we are looking at the car, some Acura person sticks his head out and yells at us, can you please not touch that car, it belongs to a customer already. Seriously! Do I have a disease, am I not a customer too? It pissed me off to no end. Who do they think they are, just because that Acura dealership is right next to Porsche. Anyway, of course like I already knew they weren't coming down on price much, so we said no thanks and left. So we went to a dealership about 100 miles away, that did the transfer for free, so I got my artic blue in manual, discounted protection package, 2.9%, all for a couple hundred over invoice, out the door - just over 28k. But really who treats people like that??? I can't believe you got yelled at.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    Acura no longer says you have to use premium. They changed their wording in the owners manual around 2006. They now say 87 is minimum.

    For 2005 it states 91 octane premium required, lower octane may cause damage.

    The 2006 manual though says 91+ octane recommended however 87+ octane may be used with reduced performance. Lower than 87 octane may cause engine damage and engine knock.

    You probably won't get 100% possible performance with 87, but if you are using it for a commuter car and not pushing it hard, you will not miss anything.
    Acura now restricts their warnings of engine damage on the TSX to fuel used that is below 87 octane (which I don't think is even sold in the US).
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,699
    If you aren't getting 100% performance, you may not get 100% of the fuel mileage, either...

    I don't know... but, it's possible..

    They sell 85 octane regular in high altitude locations.. since the air is less dense, less fuel is needed for proper ignition.. (in those locations, it is suitable for 87 octane requirements).


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • nj2pa2ncnj2pa2nc Posts: 813
    I am the proud owner of a 06 6spd/nav tsx, bought new 11/17/06, with almost 38,000 miles. I average 32-36MPG, using 87 Octane gas. It has more than enough power and performance. I do not over-rev it and do mostly highway driving.
  • Hi, I been looking around for a TSX w/o navi and so far the best OTD price was 29588. I don't know how invoice is calculated but the sticker price is 28,910. I am in North California and am not sure about the pricing of this. I want to know some opinions on this.
  • frost4frost4 Posts: 1
    Went to Corte Madera today. They quoted an invoice $250 over Edmunds, and cited advertising fees added in the last month. They would not entertain the amount you talked about above. Any advice? :confuse:
  • nj2pa2ncnj2pa2nc Posts: 813
    That price sounds better if it included nav. I live in NC and bought my tsx in PA. I bought one vehicle in NC-never again.
  • That price is too high - especially with the 2009 models coming out soon. However, if you want to get one, the dealer may not have much selection (color) left. I live in LA and we have high tax. I had to pay 8.75% and I was able to get it $28.5k out the door.
  • nj2pa2ncnj2pa2nc Posts: 813
    NC sales tax on vehicles (it is called Highway use tax) is 3% but then we pay personal property tax each year on the vehicle.
  • I am getting close to that price, best so far is a little under $26,400 invoice with the OTD being $29,000 flat. I have been asking many other dealers and this is the best price so far. Will the price drop anytime soon or will it stay the same despite the 09s?
  • solid1solid1 Posts: 11
    Are there incentives on the 08 TSX? I think there is 2K on the TL. For about 3K more than the base TSX you could get a base TL. With the 09 right around the corner I would think there would be a discount.
  • In So Cal, anyone should be able to get a TSX w/o navi for no more than $26,000 w/ the destination fee included. In fact, on 3/8, I got one for 25,600. 2 other dealers were willing to offer it for that too.
  • pcampospcampos Posts: 12
    I'm getting just about the exact same price for these two vehicles comparably equipped (this is in Boulder Colorado). Any thoughts on their relative strengths and weaknesses? (I'm going to do a 36-month lease).
  • jfooljfool Posts: 15
    The moment 2009's will come out 2008's will be selling at 20-25% off just like TL in 2004 + now with gas prices as it is and auto sales in the toilet......

    Waiting for April-May ...

  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    If they manage their stock properly, when the 2009s come out, the selection of remaining 2008s will be pretty minimal. You should be able to get as good of a deal as you'll ever get on a 2008 right now if you shop around enough.
  • dmutdmut Posts: 2
    I was offered a 2007 Navi with 12,600 miles for 25,500 + tax and title. . In my mind thats about 10 or 11% of invoice price of a new car. Does that sound fair? I always thought the depreication would be more in the first year, maybe 15%. Edmonds and KBB both indicate its a fair price if not very good, but I was looking for some real world advice. Thanks. ps, I am in Chicago
  • greeneygreeney Posts: 1
    Can anyone tell me how much they paid for their Acura TSX 08 in the DC/MD area? The dealers here want to charge me basically sticker price ($28,000) they won't move. I have been told by dealers 26,400 won't go. They said they would be losing too much money. The only accessories I want added is a cassette deck-like in the TL-(too many books on tape @:>) . I thought they would be ready to move them since the 09s are right around the corner. I just want a fair deal and no scams. Can anyone help give me give me any advice? Or where to go in the this area. I would appreciate very much. I am on a time crunch. Thanks,

    God Bless
    Ms. Greenly
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