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Acura TSX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • cjmx3ccjmx3c Posts: 1
    Well I can't speak to your specific situation, but from a business stand point leasing cars makes little sense. You pay a lot of money without ever owning the vehicle, thus never gaining an asset. Obviously automobiles are never a good investment, but at lease with purchasing a car you could put something on the balance sheet other then the expense. If you do decided to lease, figure out the first deal not mentioning the second. Then, once the first deal is complete fallow up with "so what will you do if we add a second". That’s what I would do...It worked very well at the Lexus dealer a few years back when doing a deal with two cars, and two trade-ins.

    Now talking about the 09 TSX itself well, in one’s fantastic. I just test drove the car last weekend as I am in the market of one myself. You are correct the TSX does have memory seats but, no the mirrors are not included that. BUT, it rides well, is very quiet, and has loads of features. It was extremely impressive and a good buy for the money.

    In response to the last post from lusitano, the Accord and the TSX are by no means the same car. In fact the TSX runs on a platform similar to the Civic and the Accord is twice the size at the TSX (exaggeration, but it is ALOT bigger car). The TSX has better fit and finish, better standard features, a better Nav system, and TSX has handling the Accord can’t match and to even compare the two is obtuse at best. My assessment of the comment might be harsh, but besides the fact that the colors are close to the same, the two are incomparable.

    Best of luck...
  • jfooljfool Posts: 15
    Nice sales pitch.:blush:
  • jfooljfool Posts: 15
    Does anybody know the APR from Honda/Acura (AHFC Financing) on 2008-9 TSX for 36-48months? Thanks in advance
  • gatorsfgatorsf Posts: 22
    I've been offered a sales price of $26,500 to buy a 2008 TSX automatic with NAV. Any thoughts on the price?

    I may choose to go the leasing route.

    Does anyone know what the residual rate would be for 36 and 42 months?
    Any current info on money factor rates? I should be able to get the best rate.

    Does Acura have a loyalty program? I would be trading in an MDX.

  • smccreadysmccready Posts: 10
    $26,500 sounds pretty good for an '08 NAVI. I got my non-navi for $25,880 a few weeks ago and don't know of anyone getting a cheaper price.
  • lusitanolusitano Posts: 3
    $26,500 for TSX w/ NAV? Where do you live?
  • gatorsfgatorsf Posts: 22
    South Florida. I have a connection and I asked what's the best they can do. They told me with the $1,500 rebate 26,500 to 27,000.
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    That's about right if they're selling the car around invoice minus the 1500 rebate. I'm surprised Acura started the rebate so late (5/1) and it'll last so long (7/7). Acura must be stuck with a lot of 08s. Like all other deals separate the TSX buy from the trade in.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    Is the $1500 rebate replacing a different incentive or would you really be able to get a street price $1500 less on 5/1 than on 4/30?
    I only see info on the 2009 TSX on the Acura website.

    I assume $26500 is including the rebate, so the price would really be $28,000 plus sales tax, then you get the $1500 rebate after that. Sales tax applies to the pre-rebate price.

    If the rebate applies to my area and insurance isn't too much, I'll consider it. I hadn't bothered to test drive a TSX earlier because it was more money than I wanted to spend.
  • jfooljfool Posts: 15
    As I understand, the rebate is not a cash rebate: it is manufacturer to dealer incentive, which dealers would like to keep, but according to the price of $26500 for the navi model the dealer is pricing the rebate in + $500 off the invoice - not a bad deal.

    That means that the base 2008 with no navi should go for under 25K ($1000 incentive is for the base model), since it is selling most places for $25.8 and lower... minus $1000...
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    So it is a dealer incentive and not a rebate.
    That's actually better because that would mean you wouldn't have to pay sales tax on the pre-rebate price of the car because the actual sales transaction price would be lower.
    It's also great for the people who would want the nav because the extra $500 would help pay for part of the higher depreciation on nav models.
  • jfooljfool Posts: 15
    I agree on that. Looking for 2008 non-navi for mid - $24.000 - will see what happens...

    Oh, by the way, I hear that there will be a promotional financing from AHFC 0 - 0.9 across the board. Did anybody else hear about this?
  • gatorsfgatorsf Posts: 22
    No, where did you hear that?
  • jfooljfool Posts: 15
    Someone dropped a line at a party, claiming to be a car salesman...I will believe it when I see it...
  • astro13astro13 Posts: 26
    Let me know how successful you are getting close to $24,000. I am considering a base TSX as well, but with $2,500 Acura to Dealer rebate on the TL's I might be more inclined to consider one of them unless the dealers offer a better deal on the TSX. If they offer financing like you are talking about, that would be hard to beat.
  • jfooljfool Posts: 15
    I hope the financing will happen... TL does look attractive though... Thing will get better - I am an optimist - may we get all that we want, or at least, most of it...
  • skr2skr2 Posts: 32
    Looking for 2008 TSX base/ no options for under 25000 in the Dallas Area. If anybody can help plz let me know.
    BTW, does anybody know how much the 100000 miles warranty would cost on this vehicle?
    Thanks in advance
  • kjhighballkjhighball Posts: 10
    If you want a new TSX, try one of the Acura dealers - David McDavid, Goodson, Vandergriff. With rebates, a 2008 TSX base might be had for around $25K.

    For service plans, search for AcuraCare and you'll find several hits. Saccucci and others can give you online quotes. When I purchased mine at David McDavid, the finance manager matched the best online price. You can expect to pay about $1300 or so.
  • cyberdog99cyberdog99 Posts: 2
    Hi -

    Normally when I buy something I research everywhere and know it inside and out -- with cars, I feel pretty lost. My lease on my Mazda 3 is just about up and I'm having trouble deciding what to replace it with... I've enjoyed the car and it's been great, but I think I'd like to try stepping it up a level.

    So, I'm looking at the 2008 TSX, no navigation, to lease... I was given a quote for 12K/36mo of $345/mo with $1853 down. He said invoice is $26,630 and he's giving it to me for $25,130.

    The $1853 includes the first months payment, taxes, tags and an 'acquisition fee.' The acquisition fee is $595 and I asked them to take it off, but they said it had to be there...

    Does this sound like a good deal? Any tips? I've never had to buy premium gas, any thoughts on making this change? Is it gonna hurt now every time I fill up?

    This is in VA, near DC, if that helps anything...

    Thanks for any help in advance!!
  • hipreckhipreck Posts: 67
    To calculate if you are getting a good deal on a lease, you need to know the money factor and residual. Ask the dealer what this is and post it here. I believe the money factor on the 2008 TSX is now .00235 (5.64%). My guess is that Acura dropped the residual values when the 2009 came out.

    The acquisition fee is normal, some companies will charge a higher money factor and waive it.

    For the gas, what is another 20 cents on top of $3.65. For a percentage standpoint, it's now pretty minimal.
  • hipreckhipreck Posts: 67
    Checked dealers today on the 2009 TSX. They want MSRP for new customers and $500 off MSRP for existing customers.

    I would like to buy one, but I'll wait for availability to get better (and discounts to increase).
  • cyberdog99cyberdog99 Posts: 2
    Here's all the info I got on the lease....

    Residual = .56
    Rate = .0025

    MSRP = $28,960
    Invoice = $26,630
    Price = $25,130

    Total first month = $345 (first month) + $808.83 (tax) + $99 (govt fees) +$595 (acquisition fee).

    Thoughts? Thanks!
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    All of the incentives are listed here at Edmunds.

    Honda never does customer cash rebates - it's always cash to the dealer. Your job is to know that and have the dealer give it to you.

    It's sad to know that some folks paid $1500 more for a Navi model on 4/30 than they could have the next day. :cry:
  • gatorsfgatorsf Posts: 22
    I spoke with a different dealer yesterday. There is a $1,000 dealer holdback on the 2008 TSX with Navi. This is in addition to the marketing support.

    Any one know the holdback for an '09?
  • hipreckhipreck Posts: 67
    The dealer is charging about 25 basis points (.24) over the going lease rate. That is not unusual at all. That costs you about 5 bucks a month.

    I come out with $350.94 a month with those numbers (not including any taxes).

    Acura had been doing a much lower interest rate of .00071 (1.7%) in March earlier this year with the same residual. But they were not offering the marketing support on the purchase price. The payment in March would have been around $320. My guess is they do not have that many 2008 models left and they cut back on the lease support in favor of the marketing support.

    Leasing tends to be not as good of a deal at the end of a model.

    Based on the current Acura leasing numbers, you won't get a substantially better deal than what you are being offered.
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    The holdback is 3% of sticker (true of virtually every car) and dealers would have to be pretty desperate to give up any of it. They might be willing to go down to invoice but dipping into holdback is rare.
  • Top Notch team at Crown Acura in Richmond. I got a good deal and Crown Acura doesn't make you sacrifice on customer service like others do. Here's how my experience was...

    I have been considering an Acura purchase for approximately three years now. On April 18, 2008, I finally decided to do just that. I have nothing but nice things to say about my salesperson (can't name him here per edmunds agreement initials A.P.). He was an excellent salesman and really made sure that I was comfortable. He gave me the deal that I wanted and I walked away with a brand new 2008 TSX. I researched edmunds true market value which provides dealer's invoice and what others are paying. It is a purchase that I am very proud of. Management team was wonderful too. At the time of the purchase, I decided to add a few accessories, such as splash guards, moonroof visor, and a spoiler. We scheduled a service appointment and A.P. took care of all that for me. A very important matter came up for the Saturday appointment and I called the service department to reschedule and it was not a problem at all. They took care of the rescheduling and the gentleman with whom I spoke was very courteous. One of the best things about the service department is not only the courteousness, but the hours as well. I am an auditor, so I travel quite a bit. Some days I work grueling hours, so the fact that they open at 6:30 really helps out as well. It is easy for me to drop off my car and go on to the office with ease. When I arrived the morning of my service visit, the doors were open at exactly 6:30. One of the employees in that department came out greeted me, ask me my name, and knew instantly what I had brought my car in for. He gave me a courtesy loaner car to drive and sent me on my way in less than 20 minutes. Overall, my experience has been most excellent with Crown Acura. It has been such a good experience, I have shared it with other friends and colleagues that are in the market for a new vehicle. If my continued service and sales experience is this stellar, then Crown Acura will have my business for a very long time.

    I would never consider battling the traffic by driving to Northern Virginia to buy an Acura after buying from Crown in Richmond. I live in Richmond and got a good deal and Top Notch Service as well!!! For the first time I can say I am proud of my car purchase.
  • gotkrusgotkrus Posts: 2
    I walked into Sierra Acura in Alhambra, CA this morning and was kindly assisted by their Internet Sales Department. The 2008 TSX base models are extremely scarce. I emailed over eight Acura dealerships in the LA/OC/IE area and some had at most two left, while others had none. This dealership had a Silver and Artic Blue Pearl color available, but none of the Carbon Gray Pearl color I had wanted. I was told the Carbon Gray Pearl color was sold out over a month ago and that it would be extremely rare to find that model/color at any dealership. I ended up purchasing the Silver. While I was completing my sale paperwork, multiple buyers inquired about the car that was just to me. I think I received a good deal and wanted to share it with all those who have contributed to this informative forum.

    Vehicle Cost: 25,329
    Doc Fee: 55
    Sales Tax (LA County 8.25%): 2,094.18
    License: 164
    Registration: 64
    Tire: 8.75
    *TOTAL OTD: 27,714.93

    Down payment 15,000
    Financed 12714.93 at 2.9% (Memorial Weekend Special Rate) for 36 months
    Finance Charge (split between 36 months): 592.47
    Monthly Payments: 369.65

    One free complimentary oil change and mud guard to be added at no cost.

    Hope this helps someone. Good luck to those who are still researching a purchase.
  • dreamboatdreamboat Posts: 1
    Got an 08 las week with Nav and pro package in a dealer swap. Paid 28,400 OTD(6.75% tax + 250 doc fee0 with a beater trader in. Didn't have a very pleasant experience and wish I had a choice of better dealer. Just wanting to see if this was decent deal, didn't shop around much since there are not a whole lot of them available. Just wondering if I did ok on the pricing...
  • Was the deal guy for my gf - sticker was 29700 after dealer accesories(Mud gaurds, wheel locks, trunk tray). Did it all over the internet - knew that there was a 1k factory cash - in and out with 25k flat plus tt and license - out the door price 27,134. Very limited supply now - all the reviews say tghe 08 is better than the 09 :)
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