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Acura TSX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • stones3131stones3131 Posts: 21
    Acura in Turnersville on RT 42.

    Basically I lied (as do car salesman) and told them I had that price quoted to me from a dealership up in north NJ and that I didn't wanna have to drive all the way up to north NJ to get the car.

    In fact, I was there so late they couldn't even wash/detail the car for me, so I said I would come back and get the car later in the week but they basically told me to take and they'll owe me a wash/detail.

    Good luck and let me know what happens.
  • gregd1gregd1 Posts: 38
    It seems like we can get the invoice prices, what others are paying, etc... on new cars.

    However, lets say I would like to buy a "new" 2008 TSX. I have checked some dealers web sites. And they still have some 2008's left.
    What kind of prices can you get on them? How much of a discount could someone get?
    Or do dealers consider, new is new. Either a 2008 or 2008?
  • milo57milo57 Posts: 16
    A week or two ago Sterling McCall Acura in Houston offered to knock $3,000 off the sticker price of a new '08 TSX, whether with our without NAV.

    This would put the base model around $26,000 and the NAV model around $28,000.

    This was their initial offer after a test drive, without my making any effort to bargain them down or "play the game." (I didn't do serious bargaining because I have not really decided between TSX / Altima Coupe / Accord Coupe.)
  • milo57milo57 Posts: 16
    Typo in the previous message: the '08 TSX with NAV would be around $29,000 after a $3,000 discount, not $28,000.
  • gregd1gregd1 Posts: 38
    Thank you. Very interesting.

    I see they have 12, 2008 TSX's. listnew&InventoryType=new&CurrentPage=1&yr=2008&make=Acura&model=TSX

    When you run TSX (Nav + Auto) in Edmund's, you get
    MSRP - 31,000
    Invoice - 28, 600
    TMV - $28,293

    If I could get 3,000 off of Invoice or TMV that would be a nice price. (I know you said 3,000 off of MSRP.)
    $25,500. I think I would jump on that in a second.

    Do you know how to haggle on a year old model?
    What kind of prices?

  • milo57milo57 Posts: 16
    I would be extremely surprised if anyone could get an '08 with NAV for $25,000, but there's no telling what can happen at the end of a model year.

    The way I would haggle on a year old model is the same way I would haggle in any situation -- play one dealer against another, and be willing to walk away if they demand more than you've decided, after research, than you're willing to pay.

    As I said, I am considering going with the Altima 4 cyl Coupe rather than the TSX, since the Altima gets more torque and better mileage, and does it with regular unleaded. SInce I'm downsizing to save money on gas, the Altima seems like a stronger contender. But if I were negotiating with an Acura dealer, my interest in the Altima would give me more power -- the party with the lesser desire to complete the transaction has the stronger bargaining position. I know I can give up on Acura entirely and have a great alternative with a Nissan.
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,041
    ". . .the party with the lesser desire to complete the transaction has the stronger bargaining position."

    I agree 100%. The way I express it is "he who cares least wins the negotiation."

    When I bought my TSX a few months ago, I knew I was in trouble because I wanted a manual transmission with no nav & didn't want white, black or silver. In other words, I cared & most assuredly did not win the negotiation. I did get a good car, however, and a reasonable deal. Nothing like what people have been posting on here lately, but reasonable. It's averaging ~27 mpg in mixed freeway, urban driving to work & back -- 33+ on the highway. Plus, it'll run forever, hold its value well and handles okay, for a FWD appliance.
  • gregd1gregd1 Posts: 38
    I am not totally sold on the TSX. I have been going round and round on what to buy.
    I have a 1995 Infiniti J30. So I run cars into the ground. That takes a few cars off my list immediately. (*cough* BMW, VW)

    I was looking at the new 2009 TSX. Then I have gone around on other cars.
    The new Maxima is nice. But for 35 to 38,000 not a deal at all. Also the lexus is way too much money.
    Drove the honda accord, Toyota Avalon and Volvo(s).
    I rented an Altima once on vacation. Maybe I will try it out again.

    I was just at a volvo dealer. Drove both the s40 and s60. And the sales guy let me drive his S80 with 200,000 miles on it.
    It seems like you can get a great deal on a Volvo right now. They seem to want to throw them at you.

    So now I am back thinking TSX, but the 2008. Instead of a 2009 TSX. Thinking I could get a good deal on one.

    Not in any real hurry. Again I have an Infiniti, so I can keep running that sucker into the ground. Never had any problems. No work on it at all. Just showing it's age. With the slow car sales, thinking I could get a good deal on something.
  • gregd1gregd1 Posts: 38
    I think most dealers have 2008 TSX's left.
    You can go to local Acura web sites and check inventory.
    One deal by be has 36. Another has 11. These are all styles.
    I am looking for auto+Nav. Which seems to be what is built most.
    And I actually like all the colors. And would go for any but red. So I am not really picky on my model.
    But I think your local dealer would love to sell a car. Enough to ship from another dealer.

    I drove the Accord. It just seemed too noisy. I had posted a thread about that:
  • gregd1gregd1 Posts: 38
    Out of curiosity,
    Have you thought about the Altima Hybrid? I know they are limited to specific states. I am wondering if they can ship them to other states. California seems to have lots of them. Just wondering?
  • milo57milo57 Posts: 16
    My understanding is that the Altima Hybrid is only available in California. And as with the Camry, it is available only in the somewhat stodgy sedan, not the coupe.

    In addition, I would like to let hybrid technology mature a little more (5+years) before committing myself. I have seen almost nothing about hybrid reliability, (although it occurs to me there might be a thread here at Edmunds somewhere.)

    Last but not least, supposedly some hybrid owners are claiming that they feel bad in their cars due to the electromagnetic fields generated by the hybrid drive. I doubt there's much to this, since I don't think the field would necessarily be that strong, but it is another disincentive to be on the cutting edge.
  • gregd1gregd1 Posts: 38
    Yea, they are only available in: California, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, Rhode Island, Maine, and New Jersey.

    I was looking at some N Cal nissan dealer web sites. They seem to have lots of Altima hybrids.

    I have also posted questions here. Just to find out info:
  • pj1369pj1369 Posts: 16
    Hi All - What's the best price you all have been able to get for on an automatic TSX w/ nav? Thanks in advance...-PJ
  • hipreckhipreck Posts: 67
    in MN best is around $700 under sticker. They are selling VERY well here.
  • cabaretcabaret Posts: 4
    without nav , almost all gone in PA/NJ/DE; with nav, I got a quote around 27000. Please help me to see if I can get it better?
    I really don't need the nav, but it is still cheaper than 2009 new model w/o nav.
  • novanova Posts: 135
    I am looking to but the 09 TSX base model auto trans. Any one from west palm beach to miami have any good deals?
  • pj1369pj1369 Posts: 16
    Same here - thanks for the quick reply!
  • milo57milo57 Posts: 16
    Just bought an '08 without Nav from John Eagle Acura in Houston.

    TSX Price: $25,900, $3,000 below MSRP

    Tradein: After some negotiation, $1,000 above KBB wholesale

    Interest: 7.4%, with decent but not great credit

    A good deal and a good experience, although I had to run a fairly hardsell F&I gauntlet about various add-ons. The dealership throws in some freebies like free oil changes, nitrogen, etc.

    I think all the Houston dealers are offering $3,000 off MSRP for the '08s, but the supply seems to be going fast. There were eight '08s on the lot when I showed up Friday morning, and 4 when I showed up Saturday morning for the actual handover.

    As I've noted elsewhere, the dealerships seem to have a very large stock of '08 TLs on hand, and I suspect there are deals to be had on them also.
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 1,043
    Invoice is 26,675 plus there is $1000 dealer cash taking it to 25,675. Your trade-in probably precluded you from getting the invoice + cash.
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  • xmomxmom Posts: 4
    Hello All-

    What price would be fair to pay for a TSX with 30k-33k miles and Automatic?
    I've come accross two in the Atlanta area both a priced at around $20,900. I had been shopping for a new civic .
  • mvictormvictor Posts: 4
    just picked up my 08 tsx w/ navi last weekend. I had to call around to alot of dealers just to find one none in my area had any left. Paid 26,500 + taxes and tags ran me about 29,000
  • cabaretcabaret Posts: 4
    where did you buy this car? Are you in PA/NJ?

    I got my car (08 tsx w nav ) today, 27000, include tax, tags, titles at about 29000. I have to pay about 200 doc fee, and 100 titles , tags etc. Not sure if everyone else paid same doc fee like that. 27000 is the best I can do here in PA.
  • Thanks to everyone for the great info posted here. I paid $26,556.

    MSRP $31,005.00
    Invoice $27,841.00
    Dest Chg $715.00
    Mfg to Dealer Incent. ($1,500.00)
    Invoice minus Incent $27,056.00
    Trade ($500.00)
    Offer $26,556.00
    Sales Tax 5% $1,327.80
    Prep Fees $269.00
    Title/Plates $86.00
    Out The Door $28,238.80
    off MSRP $4,449.00
    off Invoice $1,285.00

    The dealer still made their $930.15 holdback profit plus the $269 "Doc Prep."
    The Internet Sales Manager at Acura of Auburn near Worcester, MA was great to deal with.

    Herb Connolly Acura - Not so much...
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 1,043
    Doubtful there was any holdback left since the car was sure to have been on the lot for more then the past 90 days.
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    2007 G35 Sedan
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  • starman8starman8 Posts: 2
    Looks like there are some great deals on the '08 TSX. I have finally locked down and purchased a '09 TSX with Tech package. I don't have the car yet, it had to be ordered and will take about 4 weeks to reach me. Here is the bottom line:
    Total Cost 31000 + TTL. I purchased the Polished Metal with Taupe interior. I was thinking about waiting for the '09 TL, but loved the drive, location of the Nav, and the MPG rating ...I drive cars to the ground, I'm moving from an 96 Accord EX with 190K. This will be fun upgrade :)
  • dmason12dmason12 Posts: 14
    $600 over invoice on model without Navigation
    Money Factor is .00270 w/ $400 Security Deposit (is .00280 w/ no Sec. Dep)
    Residual is 66% w/ 12K miles per year on a 36 mo. lease
    No Cap Reduction, drive off of 1st payment, DMV fees, bank fee of $595 and doc fee
    Payment is $397 including tax
    This is at Park Ave Acura in North New Jersey. The Manhattan dealer let me walk out with this same offer, so I must have done OK.
  • jlopintojlopinto Posts: 19
    Bought '08 Certified TSX w/Nav -10,900 mis.
    $23.7 + TT
    No Trade-In
    5.19% AHFC - 36 mos. Note

    Got new tires and wheels, mats, full detailing, full tank of gas plus some touch up paint work.
  • paulhrichpaulhrich Posts: 1
    I was offered the following terms on a 2009 TSX, base model: 48 months, 12k miles per year @ $380 per month (includes 5% sales tax), with $1300 due at inception. Any thoughts on whether or not this is a good deal?
  • dmason12dmason12 Posts: 14
    You need to find out what the capitalized cost and money factor are. I made a mistake on my post. My payment is $387 including 8.375% New York Sate sales tax. Figuring the difference in our tax rates, my payment is actually lower than yours, and I put no money down (cap cost reduction). Also, mine is a 36 month lease, which would generally have a pmt of 10-20% higher than a 48 month. If your cap cost is more than $1000 over invoice, you need to renegotiate.
  • Dealer won't go past 27100. They started at 27800 and I've brought them down to this. They have 3 on the lot, but he's claiming any lower and he begins to lose money on the car. Claims they do "work" on the car, including clean up and waht not when it comes off the truck that totals $300.

    So 27100, should I go for it? I was really hoping for 26500, 26700ish as seen above, but I guess different dealers in different states have different prices?
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