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Acura TSX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • acnj24acnj24 Posts: 5
    I was given a price of $26695 before taxes and destination for an 09 TSX Base model (no nav).
  • Thank you Acnj24!

    That is almost invoice, seems very good. In what state was that?
  • acnj24acnj24 Posts: 5
    NJ. Ramsey Acura
  • flagg4flagg4 Posts: 1
    Has anyone recently purchased a 2008 TSX in the Philly/South Jersey area. Based on incentives and other research, it seems like you can get one for $26.5k.

    Does that seem close?


  • haidonghhaidongh Posts: 16
    :shades: The car we get is the base model of the TSX with no navigation. Because it is a new model, some Acura dealership do not even want to sell it below the MSRP of $29600 (including $715 destination charge). We negotiate it for $28700 including the $715 destination charge, free tinted windows (a $300 option at the dealership) plus $300 anti-theft option (windows VIN number etching and ID trace) then plus taxes and title. The dealer says the manufacturer is not giving incentives at this moment for them. The sales person says this car is selling very well. It is not a bad deal, but next year it probably has a better deal. After taxes and title, we have it for $31,000 OTD.
  • Very useful information!!
    I think you got a very good deal according to the price quotes I received in Texas.
    Goodson was one of the dealers we contacted also.
    Most of them are saying the same, that the car is selling well and they do not have incentives, and some even offered us to get a TL cheaper, but my friend wants the 09 TSX with navigation.
    We probably will close the deal today with a local dealer who said he can match the best offer (32500 out the door seems to be our best, just technology package and nothing else).
  • haidonghhaidongh Posts: 16
    If you can get the TSX with Navigation system for $32500 OTD, congratulations.

    I just went through Edmunds article Confession of a Car Salesman. It is so good. It is a 3-hour reading, but it can probably save you thousands.

    In order to find out how the 2009 TSX compares to a BMW 328i, I went to a BMW dealership to test drive it. There is no comparison. This is my first time driving a German car, and it is sooooooo bad :cry: :confuse: . The interior design of BMW is so outdated, looks like an aged VW car. The leather feels so cheap (hard and rough), I feel like being in a low cost car. I cannot tell the car accelerates faster or handles better than the TSX, maybe only testing device can tell. I feel like I don't know how to drive a German car after driving Japanese cars (and some American rental cars) for 10 years. And the sticker price is $39,000 with same equipment and feature of a basic TSX without navigation. I never know you have to pay $800 for a silver paint on a BMW, or you have to pay a $3000+ premium package just for leather seats and other things that are all standard in an Acura. Even the iPod adaptor cost $400, a lot more than the iPod itself. I finally know what nickel and dime means :blush: . After some negotiation it is probably still $10k more than what I pay for the TSX. Yes, BMW gives you 4 years of free maintenance, the exterior style is cool, and it is a smaller and more nimble car, and people will fantasize a BMW owner, but give me a break for paying 10k more for a car I don't like.

    After test driving a BMW 328i, I go back to the TSX :shades: cuddle in the comfortable leather. The TSX never feels so comfortable and smooth. :D
  • I'm dead set on getting a manual transmission. I don't race my cars, but I like to drive manual and don't find the automatic SportShift to satisfy my wishes.

    I'm trying to decide between the following:
    2009 TSX with Tech package (navigation system) -- new
    2007 TL Type-S -- used with only 7500 miles.

    The Type-S is from a very reliable non-Acura dealer, and I have settled on a final price: $32,800 + TTL.

    TSX with Tech package is still under negotiation. Current offer is $1000 under MSRP: $31,775 + TTL. This price includes the destination fee.

    So unless the price comes down on the TSX, I'm looking at a barely-used 2007 TL Type-S for just $1025 more than the 2009 TSX. A relative bargain for the Type-S, I'm thinking.

    I could save some money by dropping the Tech package from the TSX, of course. But if I keep the Tech package to give these two models a similar comparison, how much less should I demand? I like both cars, and I like the 2009 TSX much more than the 2008 TSX. But I'm not seeing the benefit in a new 2009 TSX over this 2007 TL Type-S for nearly the same price. Can someone convince me otherwise?

    used TL Type-S advantages:
    50 more horsepower in V6
    more room inside
    rearview camera
    Brembo brakes
    upgraded wheels/tires
    upgraded seating

    new TSX advantages:
    brand new car in new model year
    fold-down rear seatback
    newer Navigation system (is the 2009 nav system any better than what is in the 2007?)

    Location: South Carolina
  • Not sure the price on the TL is that great, considering I was quoted 33,200 + TTL for a new 2008 TL-S manual back in June (North Carolina).
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    Yeah, what was said ^ - that used TL price is not that great. Granted it is a barely used car but it is used and in a couple of weeks it will be 2 MYs old. The problem is that with the TL is that you are getting from a dealer - to get a good deal on a used car you have to cut out the middle man (the dealer). Type S TLs these days are going for a song due to the arrival of the 09 TL. I'd wait on both of them till much later in the month. Both the used TL and new TSX prices should drop some more.

    As is generally the case you go shopping at the end of the month for a bargain. The TSX had a poor August (fewer sales than last year) so dealers may be more motivated this month. Also, as mentioned that used TL will be 2 MYs old at the end of the month. I'd go for the TL if the price were down to around 30K.
  • Thanks to both of you for your valuable feedback. The TL was the best price that I could find at the time. The requirement for a manual transmission has been the difficult part. As best as I can tell, no Acura dealers nationwide have a new TL Type S 6MT left on the lot. So it is down to used ones, and there aren't many of them around, either, right now.

    But I did just find another used 2007 TL Type-S 6MT with low miles today for under $28K. It'll require a long drive to get it two states away, if I do, though.

    Still no movement from my local dealer on the price of a 2009 TSX. $1000 under MSRP + a decent trade-in price for my old car. I ruled out the TSX's Tech package -- not very important features for the $3100 pricetag.
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    As with the other things mentioned, a trade is not a good way to get a bargain. This is yet another variable the dealer will use to make money. Sell your car privately - assuming it's an MT car the dealer will be even more reluctant to give you a good deal on the trade. It may take a while but there are people out there looking to buy an MT car. I sold my Accord LX 5 MT within hours on Craigslist.

    On the TSX - as I mentioned you either wait till the end of the month or widen your search area to get a better price.
  • My hubby and I got the 09 TSX + Technology pkg + destination fee + tinted window at $29,950. Yet, we added the paint protection program($950) so it becomes $30,900.

    I think the paint protection program is probably overpriced..but i guess it's still a good deal.
  • Stacyk, could you share who the dealer was that sold at that price?

    The TL Type-S that I mentioned above for under $28K was purchased by someone else today before I talked to the dealer.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    A large local newspaper would like to speak with consumers who currently owns or owned an Acura. The reporter wants to discuss why you stayed with Acura or decided on another luxury brand as your next vehicle. If you are interested in speaking to the reporter, please respond to with your daytime contact information no later than September 15.


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  • I got the following online quote back by email from Arlington Acura in Palatine (near Chicago) for a 2009 TSX (w/out tech package).

    "The MSRP of this vehicle is $29,113

    "Your Special Sale Price is $26,899. We have a huge selection of vehicles in inventory. This model is available in all colors! We have other trim levels that you may be interested in as well."

    I'm not sure why the MSRP is a little lower than what is on Even if they left off the destination fee, that would not exactly explain the difference.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,665
    If they left off the destination fee on the MSRP, then they probably left it off their quote, as well..

    It would be interesting to see what the final quote would come to..


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  • My friend finally closed his deal last weekend and took the car home.
    It is a TSX 09 with technology package and no other extras.

    He bought it from Champion Acura in Houston, for 32799$ including TTL. I will check how much was without TTL to post it here, but should be something like $31.000.

    It was really easy dealing with Champion and they didn't pull any trick at the end as other dealers did, specially McDavid Austin that played a bait and switch, and really got me and my friend upset. We are foreigners, and my friend's english is not the best, but that doesn't mean we are retarded as the sales manager apparently thought, so my friend prefered to buy the car somewhere else.

    I didn't drive the car, but looks nice, but my friend says he really loves it. I hated the GPS the few minutes I tried to use it, we almost got lost in Houston... lol
    I don't know if everybody finds it difficult to use, or I am just too used to my garmin...

    Good look to all of you looking for one, and congratulation to those that already bought one.
  • I was wondering if the following is a good deal on a used 2008 TSX (without navi):
    15,500 mi
    1 previous owner
    Sale price: $23,745 (before TTL)
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    Sorta - that car was about 26-27K new and you'd think the resale value should be lower but the TSX retains its value real well. I'd want another 1K off.
  • bolucaboluca Pittsboro, NCPosts: 30
    I am looking for a 2009 TSX, auto with technology. The best price I have found was $1400 under MSRP with no additional fees or accessories. This is in the Raleigh area. Are there any better deals out there in North Carolina? Would like to buy in the next two weeks. If I can't do better than that then I'll look at the Infiniti G35 or something else.
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 1,043
    Go with a G35, you will not be disappointed. 08 G35's can be had at about invoice right now.
    2005 G35 Sedan
    2007 G35 Sedan
    2008 G37 Sedan
    2010 G37 Coupe
    2012 G37 Sedan
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  • vvv2vvv2 Posts: 2
    I was in the market looking for a 2008/9 TSX. Looks like all the 2008 TSX's were sold out a few months ago.

    I was able to purchase a 2009 TSX Base model $400 below invoice. I spoke to 2 dealers and one of them quoted invoice and the other quoted 400 below invoice.

    Looks like there are plenty of deals available on Acura's now.
  • Can you let us know which dealers you contacted? Thanks!
  • vvv2vvv2 Posts: 2
    Ramsey Acura and Open Road Acura of Wayne
  • Is this a good deal? I have never leased before and the sales guy didnt email me all the info.
    09 TSX with tech package 6spd
    36mo,12k miles, $2k down, $424.09+tax
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    Don't shop the monthly payment - shop the cost of the car. Once you arrive at the lowest cost you'll also have the lowest payment. I'd aim for 2K below MSRP at this point - Tuesday, being the end of the month, might be a good day to go shopping. ;)
  • I am in the market in the Chicago area for a 09 TSX; just would like to know the quoted price of $26,899 is the starting prices the dealer offering? I means there is no destination fee, TTL and etc include with that price. I have been to a few deals around the area and they all listing a $760 for Destination Fee. So, should I been assuming the $26,899 + $760 = $27,659? Thank for feed back!
  • drtraveldrtravel Posts: 395
    e-mailed half a dozen dealers and the best price (thus far) is:
    $27,836 for the base model $29,720 MSRP - $27,398 invoice
    $30,912 for the tech model $32,820 MSRP - $30,241 invoice

    No hurry to buy - should be able to get a better deal after the new TL hits.
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    The destination fee is non negotiable - it shouldn't even be listed separately. Seems that with the pathetic sales last month invoice sales may become the norm.
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