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Acura TSX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • drtraveldrtravel Posts: 395
    Think you meant 0.9%
  • Anyone getting good offers since they started the 0.9% financing?
    I wonder if it can be near at invoice nowadays. Anyone got any experience?
  • Still getting good offers...Radley in my shopping, Radley is still at Invoice +$400 processing ($27.4 +$400), Norris in Baltimore is at $27.1k + $100 processing and anyone will "meet or beat" any deal in writing...I think times are not easy for these folks even with the 0.9% financing...still waiting for December, though...
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    Things must be tough out there - brand new model realesed just 7 mos ago and it's already at invoice or less. Wow. And now special financing. What's next - rebates?

    I also noticed Pohanka has a bunch of 08s (loaner fleet?) w/ less than 10K mi for 22,900 - down $2k from a couple of months ago. Seems like resale values dropped a lot on previous gen models.
  • Update: I am buying tomorrow morning ; $29,381 for the 2009 tsx w/ tech and .9% financing. Out the door (before extended warranty) is $32,261 in the Bay, I got a call from another dealer that said they would go for $100 less and another that said they couldn't do that deal.
  • $29,381? Invoice is $30,224 for a TSX with Tech hard did you work to get that $800 under invoice?
  • I just bought my first Acura. The buying experience was overall superior to my Ford purchase. The salesmen were not pushy and they never called me (though it only took me 4 days from the test drive to the finance department). I purchased my car at David McDavid Acura of plano, TX. It came with a trunk matt, splash guards, and wheel locks. This is not a tech. system car.

    Purchase price: 27,250.00 + TTL @ 2.99% over 60 months.
  • I used Edmunds and CarDirect to request quotes from 6-7 dealers in the Bay Area. Everyone responded within a few hours with pretty decent quotes. I sent a few replies back stating that I had multiple quotes and I would come sign the papers the next weekend if they could do 29,381....the dealer was super super cool, they even sent me an itemized out the door price that showed all the fee's, tax, etc via email. When I went to sign the papers it took less than 2 hours and the only thing we had to discuss was the extended warranty. The process was surprising easy, although the economy definitely facilitated the deal. I got a quote for an 08 TL at the same price.
  • I am also in the Bay Area and looking for a base TSX 09. Which dealer did you buy from?
  • Purchase price (including destination) was $26,200.00 + tax, title and $400 processing. Pohanka in Chantilly, Virginia.
  • Redwood City (Hopkins) Acura. It's a smaller dealership, but the price was right and the guy I worked with, Jerry, was really awesome. I didn't drive the car there, but he mentioned they do a 20 mile test drive. Once I worked out the price via email, it was a done deal, no bs.
  • Hi Car Man,

    When you have some time, wondering if you could provide the December MF and Residuals for 2009 TSX base model for 15K miles/year, for 36 months. Also, if I decide to go with a 2008 model, how much do you think it might be discounted?

    Thanks so much for your assistance.

    Jackie O
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    Who still has new 08s? Considering people are getting 09s under invoice it must a substantial discount (at least another 1k off) to get an 08.
  • Has anyone had a recent buying experience for a loaded 2009 TSX in the Los Angeles area? I live in Chino Hills, and would appreciate any recent purchasing details, as I am looking to buy before the end of the year. Also, how well do you like the new TSX? I am purchasing the car for my daughter, and we are deciding between the TSX and the Altima Coupe, which seems to have a steep discount available. Thanks for any responses.
  • Just picked up my TSX, it is awesome...both are good cars, but it's hard to compare...especially since there is ~ 10k price diff
  • Woops, didn't realize the Altima gets up there in price for the SE, especially with options.
  • drtraveldrtravel Posts: 395
    December MF and Residuals for 2009 TSX base model for 15K miles/year, for 36 months.

    MF is 0.00263, residual is 62%. Same as last month and good until 1/5/09. Considering the standard MF is 0.00290 they are not really giving you much of a break.
  • I've read all the threads here and on Acurazine, and it looks like a few people have paid invoice (even under?) with the 0.9% financing. I live in San Diego close to Orange County, meaning I have access to all the LA-OC-SD Acura dealers. I'm interested in hearing from folks down here who can recommend a dealership that is willing to sell at invoice or under. Would really appreciate any insights. I'm looking to do this within the next two weeks. Thanks!
  • I live in the LA area and have been shopping for a TSX. I price-shopped via email from several dealers, and yes you should get invoice or below. Consumers Guides lists Dealer Holdback at $962 - so 29,250 is the CG rock bottom price, though you will have trouble getting that. I just bought a TSX AT w/Tech at Valencia Acura for $29,700. We were looking for a rare color/interior combo, so we settled there. We got quotes of 28,998 from the Santa Monica dealership, but that might not have included the destination charge. They didn't have the color we wanted, so we moved on.

    None of the dealers quoted more than $30,300, so I would not pay anymore than that. We qualified for the .9% financing, but went with the 2.9% for a smaller monthly. The total paid is only about $2000 difference, and we can pay off prinicipal early if we wish.

    All in all, these are historic deals, so if you are able to buy and sitting on the fence, now is a great time to buy. BTW, the TSX is one GREAT car.. :-) every bit as good as an IS-250 or BMW, Audi 4, and $4,000 less
  • Oops :-)

    I meant Consumer Reports, not Consumers Guide. I highly recommend their online price and features guide and reviews. They will list Dealer Holdback and other hidden incentives. Also, when they test a car, it is purchased as a consumer would, so the car company doesn't know they are being reviewed. This avoids any bias from getting a car as PR.

    They like Acura's and TSX's & TL's but have not issued recommendations based on the 2009's just yet.
  • I wanted to add that we had very pleasant experiences with all of the LA dealerships we went to or spoke with. Valencia, Glendale, Mission Viejo, and Santa Monica all were good to work with and negotiate with. We especially liked Nelson at Glendale Acura, but they didn't have the model and price we wanted. Too bad we can't afford 4 Acuras... :D
  • Thanks so much for the info. CherryTSX, did that price ($29,700) include the destination charge? Oh, and what was the color combo you ended up with? Again, thanks for the info!
  • scott31scott31 Posts: 292
    How on god's green earth did you get $600 under invoice? (I'm taking into account the $400 junk fee)
  • We got the Basque Red with Black Interior. It's a dark cherry red and very very nice looking. There were only 3 of this trim in all of SoCal (now only 2, I suspect) The 29,700 did include destination I believe. The $28,998 price from another dealership may not have. We paid that price, plus tax, plus doc fees, and got the extended warranty at $1500 ($1000 off sticker for the warranty, i think)
  • I asked for quotes on the internet, and got lots of competive bids. Almost all were no higher than $30,300, which is right at invoice.

    We came in ready to buy, and I'd start with a low-ball bid, just to see if there was any hidden dealer cash to make the sale. We'd then bid upwards using the lowest price quote from a printed email (this is important).

    Even though this is a rare trim, everyone was very eager to sell a car. We were all alone at the dealerships we visited, with only 1 or so other sets of people at the most. This was on Saturdays and Sundays.... wow.
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,055
    to pay $1500 for an extended warranty on a Honda (calm down, I've got a TSX myself), the vast majority of it is pure profit, and the store did just fine, overall.

    Our family routinely drives Hondas into the 200K (one pushing 300K) mile range without undue repairs, just routine maintenance (bought used, yet).

    You did great on the deal, right up until the F&I guy got hold of you.

    Either way, I'm sure you'll enjoy the car. I've got a red one too, (last year's, before the beak) with a manual transmission -- it was a hard one to find and had to be brought in from CO, so I got not such a good deal. However, I didn't give the F&I guy one red cent.
  • Can you tell me who you dealt with David McDavid? I am in the process of buying a 2009 base TSX here in Dallas. Did the $27,250 you paid include the destination charge and dealer add-ons you reference?

  • scott31, I got it on the last day of the month (December 1st). I am not sure how the accounting month works for car dealers, but the phone ran off the hook that day from the Acura dealers and Honda dealers that knew I was serious to purchase. Basically, I threw out a figure and committed to the sale and they bit on the deal. Note that all of these figures include destination.

    The pricing was as follows:

    $26,200 (including destination) vs. $27,398 (invoice) - $1200 UNDER invoice
    $400 processing fee
    $10 online state registration filing fee
    3% Virginia tax - $800
    Other state licensing, registration stuff about $100

    $27,500 on the road and out the door and I got my pick of any TSX they had in stock. Good thing, because I didn't even know which color I wanted. Note this wasn't a dealer demo or damaged in transit as I picked which car I wanted after the deal was done. Extras that they included in the deal include wheel locks, rubber mats, and of course the free oil change.

    Earlier in the day, Radley also accepted my "offer" to pay $26,200, but Pohanka ended up being closer. I financed the deal as well for the 0.9% financing from American Honda and the salesperson told me that they get like a $200 kickback for sourcing the financing customer.
  • Anyone, please let me know if you want salesperson details for this deal.
  • scott31scott31 Posts: 292
    Yes, please let me know who you dealt with.
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