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Acura TSX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • gregd1gregd1 Posts: 38
    I also found this. You might be interested in:
  • im in central jersey. I have not yet talked to the dealership so i dont have an offer from them. But what have others been paying for the 2009 TSX basic. I am hoping that i can get one for 28K out the door. (NJ sales tax is 7%) There is no trade, and i wanted to do the purchase this weekend. Is that a good price????
  • casdmgcasdmg Posts: 11
    It is possible

    My car buying service has a quote of 26582 for regular TSX and 29174 for tech package. Both quotes did not include tax and tags. These quotes based out of the Washington, DC area.

    You may have some leverage with the announcement of the 2010 TSX V-6 but you never know.

    Good luck
  • gregd1gregd1 Posts: 38
    For people interested,
    I just bought my 2008 Acura TSX + Nav for 26,200.
    I was quoted at 27,00. And I asked 25,500.
    My limit was 26,200. And that is what we agreed on.
  • adams472adams472 Posts: 1
    Thoughts on 2004 Acura TSX with 85,000 miles? Good body, no major mechanical issues. 6-speed manual. $9,000.

    Thoughts on pricing, considerations? Is this a good value? Thanks!
  • This past weekend, I purchased a 2009 TSX Tech-Auto at Metro Acura in Montclair, CA.(prior to a 1% raise in CA. sales tax). I thoroughly researched eight different So. Cal. locations, and I was very pleased with the honesty and integrity and the $31,650 out-the-door deal that I received from this dealer. I have, also, done all of my maintenance for my 2005 RL at this location, but was surprised that they were the most competitive on a new vehicle, as they are a smaller dealership than most. They do not sell you uneeded repairs and their service dept. has twice told my wife that maintenance wasn't needed at that time. This 'no pressure' small town feeling is unusual and refreshing in this big City. My college-bound daughter loves her new TSX!
  • gpb59gpb59 Posts: 82
    I've seen a few dealers advertise some of these, most have about 5000 miles. What does anyone think would be a good offer? Better yet what would be a steal? Of course they have them listed for higher than what people have paid on here for a new one.
  • npolitenpolite Posts: 33
    I would avoid the 2004 model. There have been issues with the A/C system blowing up and causing damage to the entire system. The cost of the repair is close to $4000. Honda is now looking into the issue but some people are still having to pay for the repair. It only seems localized to the 2004 model so far.
  • swts8996swts8996 Posts: 14
    congratulations! how do you like it? I am still eyeing the 2008. What do you think a good price for one without Nav would be? The one dealership sold one and has one left. Does $22,500 sound reasonable or too low?
  • igozoomzoomigozoomzoom Waleska, GeorgiaPosts: 801
    The '08 TSX w/o Nav has an MSRP of $28,950 and Invoice of $26,690. Edmunds TMV for a used '08 (with ZERO miles and in 'Outstanding' condition) has a Dealer Retail price of $25,560 and Certified Pre-Owned Retail price of $27,400. I'd consider $25,000 + tax/tag/title a good deal!
    2015.5 Volvo S60 T6 Drive-E Platinum, 2012 Mazda CX-9 GT
  • swts8996swts8996 Posts: 14
    wow...that's generous. I was offered $26,000 on a 2009! I just am not a fan of the new model hence wanting the 2008. The 2008s will almost be 2 years old once the 2010s come out later this summer. Private party/dealer trade-in on a 2008 with 30 miles is about $22-$23K. I guess for the price I am looking at getting the 2008 just, it isn't going to happen, unless they get really desperate which they don't seem to be yet. And in this market, I would never pay retail price, anyhow. I guess I'll just keep shopping.
  • kasi1kasi1 Posts: 2

    I'm planning to buy new Acura tsx 2009 base or Tech. I live in Boston area, can you recommand the best dealer around Boston.
    If any one bought new one recently, at what price you got it?
  • kasi1kasi1 Posts: 2

    can you tell me the dealer with whome you bought acurs tsx nav 2008?
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,041
    When I was shopping for my stripper TSX (manual trans, no nav), the Framingham dealership (Herb Connolly, I think) was very helpful, even though I was shopping on a business trip.

    I learned then that the manuals were rare and that a manual without nav was rarer yet. Now, if you want a spercific colour. . .

    Anyway, I eventually got my red TSX without nav and with a manual, but it was in an adjacent state.

    It's been a fine car so far.

    Good luck.
  • ldanldan Posts: 12
    I have seen the same offering. I called and they did confirm these are loaner cars. I am also torn in not sure what to price to ask for. I know the 2009 tsx base is about 26,600. If I were to take such a car back to the dealer I bet I would only be offered 22-23K per KBB 2008 model pricing. So I am going to start with 23K and work my way up. If anyone has better suggestions, I am all ears......
  • I just returned from Acura dealer in New Jersey for a 2009 TSX base with a price of $27,512 at 4.9% financing. With $2,500 down, monthly payment would be $525 a month. Is this a good deal or does anyone think I can do better? Thanks.
  • cfrstruncfrstrun Posts: 10
    I got an offer from a dealer in Central Jersey for $28,265...Is that a good price?
  • sarav01sarav01 Posts: 10

    Looks like the best deal in Central NJ for Acura TSX with TECH that I have heard of. Do you mind letting me know the dealership from which you received this offer?

  • cfrstruncfrstrun Posts: 10
    I got this deal from Springfield Acura. I'm a little concerned though that it may not be including dest, charges, which would bump this price up to ~29,000. Another dealer said they may be able to match that price, and that would be in DCH Montclair Acura. If Springfield Acura says this price includes dest. charges then I would definitely pull the trigger, but if another dealer is willing to offer the same price, I think I may be able to go lower.
  • sarav01sarav01 Posts: 10
    I too think the price is not including destination and other charges. Usually their quotes don't include destination. The charges (documentation et al) do usually varies dealer to dealer...some lower their invoice a few hundreds and add it up in the charges it is better to ask them to give you a line by line breakdown before u get to the negotiation phase.

    I think if you give it some time their prices are bound to go lower considering 2010 models are around the corner. When are you planning to buy? I live in Central NJ as well and seriously looking for a good deal...planning a purchase in a month or so...

    Good luck with u r search and keep me posted...

  • I just recently got a TSX non tech package out the door price 28,900.
    I live in central jersey. I think the 28,265 for the tech pkg is a good price
  • cfrstruncfrstrun Posts: 10
    I talked to the dealership. They are willing to do 28,265+760 Destination charge for a total of 29025 +taxes and tags. I wonder if I wait longer, will this price be lowered? Or is this still a good deal? I'm about to pull the trigger in a month also.

    What do you guys think?

    BTW where did you get that 28,900 OTD deal from?

  • cfrstruncfrstrun Posts: 10
    I looked up link title

    I found out that a "good price" is 29,539 + dest. and a "great price" is 29,230 + dest. I feel that 28,265 is an amazing deal even if you add destination charges. I'm going to also contact DCH in Montclair and see if they can offer 28800 including destination charges.
  • jc50jc50 Posts: 1
    Clinton Acura is offering 2009 TSX Tech 29
    $29,295. with destination charge other remaining charges are sales tax, motor vehicle, and document processing ($198 for doc fee).
  • cfrstruncfrstrun Posts: 10
    DCH Montclair offered me a TSX with TECH for $29000 incl. destination charges. That's the lowest they'll go. I asked for total OTD and they said $31421.50. Is that a good deal or should I walk?
  • cfrstruncfrstrun Posts: 10
    Acura TSX Base for 27,512 OTD would be an amazing deal. If it is 27,512 +dest. and taxes then that is way too much. If I can get 29,000 for Acura TSX with tech incl. dest. charges, then I would go for 25,500 - 26,000 + taxes for an Acura base.
  • Your numbers actually have me considering the TSX w Tech. The dealer told me that the $27,512 is w/o taxes but does include dest. charge. Thanks for the heads up. I will keep you posted. I may start trying to neg. with Tech now.
  • Good luck. I love my TSX. I didnt think i was allowed to mention the dealorship but seems i am. It was Precision Acura in Lawrenceville. They were great. There is also a tire tax (go figure..this is NJ after all) and another charge of i think 189.00 for something. Plus there are registration fees. Get the out the door price and all that will be considered. Let me know what you got.
  • cfrstruncfrstrun Posts: 10
    I requested a price from Clinton if they could beat 29,000 including destination charges, they said to take the 29,000 deal from the other dealer.
  • cfrstruncfrstrun Posts: 10
    Looks like the BEST DEAL around NJ for an ACURA TSX with TECH is 29,000. I've called other dealers and they will not budge the numbers to 29,000 incl. Destination. They are, however, claiming that after this month, I would have to do research again because incentives for next month are coming out. So it may even be cheaper than this price...
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