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Acura TSX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • ldanldan Posts: 12
    Went ahead and purchased a preown with 6380 miles for 26,800 OTD. sales prices was 24,700 given a few more months of warrty and more miles. I thought we did okay. This is in Dallas Area. Hope this helps.
  • crlaoycrlaoy Posts: 1
    Did anyone get a quote from any Acura Dealership in Southern California? What are they offering? Thanks.
  • ldanldan Posts: 12
    Discovered that the dealer add some fees. I called them back and they were kind enough to void the contract. As a result I found a better deal through another dealer about an hour away. 09 TSX base with gray interior with 6,900 miles. but his one has moonroof visor, spoiler, tinted windows, bodyside molding and chrome wheels. Vandergriff in Arlington gave me this preown for 25,250 + TTL no trade in. we did buy the additional warranty as this car has a lot of neat stuff, including the 3,134 dollars worth of chrome wheels. if anyone looking for preown in dallas, go to vandergriff Acura in Irving. Good luck everyone.
  • If I got an offer for a TSX Base for $26,000, what would be a reasonable OTD price?
  • 26K out the door for a non tech 2009 TSX? thats an awsome price..Go for it
    Is that a preowned car?
  • Sorry, I wasn't really clear. The price quoted to me was not an out the door price. The $26,000 is the car plus destination. I wanted to know what a reasonable out the door price would be given that as a starting point.

  • bobgwtwbobgwtw Posts: 187
    Add Freight, tax, tags & title. Forget any extra dealer fees; They're just extra profit in the dealers pocket
  • I think that is a good price. My base was about 26,3, so your 300 bucks less than me and i shopped around. Go for it. Also remember you will get an added deduction for the sales taxes if you buy a new veh by 12/1/09
  • resslingressling Posts: 1
    That is a very good OTD price!

    on 12/31/08, I paid $27.3k OTD for a 6MT CBP on a 36 mo. lease w/ $3k down. If you can get under $27k OTD for a base, I'd say you're in good shape.
  • Do you mind telling me what your out the door price was, given the 26.3 starting point? Does it end up being about 10% above the starting price (that's what one dealer told me)?

  • Yes it does come to be about an additional 10% out the door price. I paid 28,900 out the door for a non teck 2009 TSX no mileage.
  • cfrstruncfrstrun Posts: 10
    The best price I got OTD for an Acura TSX with tech was $31424.50. I would probably ask for only $28,000 OTD for Base Acura TSX.
  • Are you financing through them?

    If so, what does the financing package look like?

    What interest rate are they charging?

  • cfrstruncfrstrun Posts: 10
    I didn't discuss financing yet. This is just from online quotes so far. I'm waiting for next month's incentives to exactly see if there would be a better deal before I jump into financing.
  • te718te718 Posts: 6
    this is what i paid for a new 2009 tsx with tech...grigio/ebony:

    date of sale = 4/30/09
    price of the car = $29,600
    trade = 2002 hyundai elantra (70k miles) = $2,500
    7% NJ sales tax = $1,897
    registration/tags = $275
    doc fee = 120
    5 year rims/tires replacement = $575
    out the door (when factoring in trade) = $29,967

    i put 12.5K down and financed the rest at 4.69% for 60 months.

    is this deal just average or what?

    thanks guys.
  • adamh1adamh1 Posts: 15
    Thats sounds about right, should be able to get $750 below invoice.

    I personally am waiting until after today to buy mine, as the current set of incentives end today (5/4) and I am hoping they will have some new financing incentives.
  • te718te718 Posts: 6
    thanks, let me know what kind of deal you got on yours when you buy it...
  • aak1aak1 Posts: 13
    Does anyone know what is the new incentive on the TSX? It's after 5/4 and so the $750 rebate is gone?

    I'm waiting for financing specials to pull the trigger. If anyone talks to a salesman, or is a salesman, please let us know.

    Does anyone think I can get a 2010 TSX base at invoice come June?

    Considering the rebates and 0% financing everyone is running (including Toyota) I feel a bit jipped that Acura is giving me nothing on the TSX, or worse giving me 6% financing. (When I know they are able to borrow $ for much less from the govt/banks)
  • adamh1adamh1 Posts: 15
    They extended the $750 dealer cash for another month.

    I wouldn't expect any financing incentives on the 2009's until after the 2010's hit the lot in a few months.
  • ledfoot08ledfoot08 Posts: 3
    I called and talked to Honda Financial Services and they told me that the TSX is selling so well that they are not offering any incentives until after 7/6/09 other than the $750 cash rebate or the lease deal they currently have. I feel the same way about the financing. I love the car but the financing is way above all others. BMW was at 0.9% and Infiniti was at 1.9%, when I mentioned this to the dealer they told me the best they could get me was 4.49% from a private bank. I think its crazy myself and I definitely feel your pain.
  • te718te718 Posts: 6
    i know what you guys mean but if you think about it, BMW and Infiniti are much more expensive cars so they almost have to offer the low financing to attract buyers. i just bought an 09 TSX with Tech for $29,600 and that includes dest. (I personally don't think the extra cost for the Navi is worth it but I couldnt find a dealer in my area who had a base in Grigio/ebony and that was the only color combo i wanted. so...i settled on the Tech. also, i financed about 65% of the cost and i got a rate of 4.64% for 60 months. they initially wanted to give me 5.39 but you can negotiate it down. they came at me with the price of the car at $29,900 and 5.39% and $2,300 for my trade (02 elantra 70k miles)...and we settled on $29,600 and 4.64% and $2,500 for my trade. i only wish i had asked for some freebies...trunk tray etc but i honesly just wanted to get out of there. also, don't the car on the last day of the month. you'll always do better.
  • aak1aak1 Posts: 13
    BMW/Infinity also give you RWD and V6's for the price, so yes they cost more.

    Acura's sales are down 32% in march and Honda lost 1.5 billion if I'm not mistaken last year or last quarter, so I hardly think they can say sales are 'great'.

    I'm not even asking for 0%, how about 3.9% for 60 mo? Something....

    I read the 2010 TSX is coming out June 15th, is that correct?

    I'm their golden customer, so I'm going to make my offer and see if they refuse me. I'll be pretty shocked if they do. I'll definitely see if my car seat can fit in the Is250 and make the same offer to Lexus. (Invoice plus 3.9% financing)
  • te718te718 Posts: 6

    yes, acura/honda TOTAL sales are down...but do you know how well the TSX has been selling? the TSX is up 5.7% in YTD sales thru April 2009 when compared to YTD sales thru April 2008 and it's the only vehicle in the Honda/Acura lineup with a positive % in that time period. (

    Acura knows where they can make the most money and it's with the TSX. so you arent going to get any special financing like you can with the TL. i would suggest you looking into the credit unions near where you live. they should be able to do better than 6%. good luck with trying to get 3.9, 60 months from Acura though...i don't see that happening for you.
  • radondradond Posts: 2
    I just bought this last week; it was service loaner car with the dealer. (showed up as corporate fleet on reports)

    Arctic Blue Pearl/Ebony
    Price: $21,500
    + 9.25% CA tax ~ $2,000
    + registration and other fee ~ $250

    Final out the door price = $23,810

    put 5K down and financed the rest at 3.9% for 36 months.

    I think it's a good deal, what do you guys think?
  • adamh1adamh1 Posts: 15
    I finally gave up on waiting for financing incentives and bought a TSX with Tech. I didn't have a trade in so the only things that mattered to me in the negotiating process was interest rate and price.

    I was able to negotiate the price down to $29,600 (including destination) without too much effort.

    The interest rate was a different story. They initially came at me with almost 6% on a 60 month. Then when I said that wasn't even close to acceptable, they came back with 5.5% on a 60 month. Then they tried to sell me all kinds of service plans/protection plans/extended warranties. They offered 4.75% on a 60 month if I bought one of the service plans. I strongly believe that all extended warranties/service/protection plans are a complete waste of money and declined any of them. I said I wanted 5% with no plans and he said he would meet in the middle at 5.25%. I was ready to walk out and finally he agreed to 5% on a 60 month.
  • adamh1adamh1 Posts: 15
    If you like the older style TSX alot better than the 2009, then you got a good deal. I personally would have much rather paid an extra $2000 and gotten a comprable 2009 TSX.
  • rrubianesrrubianes Posts: 4
    Where did you go? Is this Southern California? That's not much more than a 2006 TSX (with Navi) I am looking at for around $20K, before negotiation. What would be a fair price?
  • radondradond Posts: 2
    This was in bay area (Nor. Cal).. I negotiated down from 23K to 21.5K ..
    the good thing was only 9K miles on it and 1yr./+12K extended warranty that comes with certified cars.
  • tarheeldadtarheeldad Posts: 2

    First post on this Forum. Closing on a Certified 2006 TSX---AUTO without Navigation from my local Acura dealer.

    Have to decide whether to purchase the extended "wrap" bumper to bumper warranty to match the 70k/100,000 mile powertrain warranty. And if so what is a fair price. As a second car, the TSX will run low mileage so I would be buying 2 plus years of possible peace of mind insurance. A $850 offer is on the table---down from a $1,500 list!!!!!. Any assistance would be appreciated---I have to decide at this week.

  • aak1aak1 Posts: 13
    Adamh1: What dealer did you get that deal from?
    Was the 5% rate from Honda Finance or from a bank via the dealer?
    Was your credit score about 740?
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