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Acura TSX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I got a a 2010 base TSX white pearl/ebony from Metro Acura in Montclair, CA. Dealt with the internet/fleet manager, he matched the lowest price I found in all of SoCal, $26,709 plus $810 in destination. The specific vehicle included a few dealer accessories, i.e. mud flaps, taking the total price of the vehicle to $27,741. Add $55 in doc fee and $2500 in 9% California tax (!), $8.75 in CA tire fees and $406 in registration, my final OTD was 30712. It was a very simple process, done in less than 90 mins, no stress. Glad to be out of my :lemon: of a Murano!
  • my budget is 25k, do you think I have any possibilities to get a tsx pre-owned 2009? Cause when I test drive tsx 2010, I don't want to get an accord/carmy ...

    I'm in Florida, 6.5% tax

    It is way better~!!!!!!!!
  • hbeanhbean Posts: 4
    I am new to this forum and looking to lease a 2010 base Acura TSX. I am located in the midwest and might give this dealership a call to see what they can offer. It would be a drive, but that seems like a very good deal. Did you happen to get this deal at the very end of the month? Do you think that was motivating the dealership?
  • The salesperson did seem anxious to get the deal sealed before the end of the month when we picked it up on the 30th, but this might have been for any number of reasons. At pick up, he said that the deal was still going but that delivery on some cars might be up to a month. Even if you get the car for a bit more, it's still a great deal.

    Richard was very efficient, but also nice, so it might be worth five minutes of your time to just give him a call.
  • >> The salesperson did seem anxious to get the deal sealed before the end of the month

    I had salespeople contact me on the last day of the month (last month) asking if I'd come buy the car that day to help them with their quota.
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,041
    just the end of the month -- it was also the end of the quarter. Great time to deal for a car. It's also in the middle of the week. Only thing that would have made it better would have been lousy weather -- you'd have been the only prospect in sight.

    This week, not so much.

    Timing is everything.
  • Hello all,
    So....After reading several post - it appears that going for the 2010 TSX V6 with Tech package is not really a good call because the price jump and "overall" would make more sense to go with a TL...Correct? I'm new & not good at this whole car buying thing and do not want to get ripped off. Thanks!
  • Well, I picked up a new 2010 TSX 4 cyl (base) this weekend for 29600 OTD in Houston (Texas has 8.25% tax)
    I decided that my $100 GPS won over the tech package although it was very slick and nice. I got my choice of 3 cars (Palladium with grey interiors) and I was out in 2 hours...
    Its a brilliant car!!!
  • I just got a quote from a dealer in Philadelphia, PA area for a base 2010 TSX : 27390 + 810 (destination charge) = 28200 plus fees and tax. Is it a good deal? Need to find out soon because I'm planning to pick it up in the next 2 days. Thanks.
  • litoturto: That seems like a reasonable deal, but have you shopped around with other Philly dealers? I paid less in Ohio and have seen better prices on these posts for other states, but that's definitely ballpark good. Maybe you could get them closer to the $26,959 invoice price. Also, how extreme are these "fees"? That' always an issue.

    I'm sure you have more than one Acura dealer in close proximity to compare with, and it would be worth a few minutes to send a few e-mails or make a few phone calls.
  • stripe1stripe1 Posts: 72
    I'm ready to purchase a 2010 TSX V-6 W/Navigation (Tech Pkg). The best price that I received before yesterday was from a dealer in S/Jersey for $36,192 + tax and tags, which I thought was great. I received an email from an Acura dealer in Pennsylvania who gave me a price of $34,573 + tax and tags. I email back what's stated below.

    "Does price injclude destination charge? Are you sure the $34,573 is for the 2010 TSX V-6 W/Tech Package? Tech is with navigation, correct?
    What color is the vehicle that you have in stock? Is this the only vehicle for that price? I want to purchase by Saturday, and don't want to go back and forth. My wife was set for the silver color."

    Below is dealer response from above.

    "Sorry for just getting back to you, I was not here yesterday and am getting caught up today. The price stated is correct. We do have silver with ebony interior in stock available. If you would like to leave a deposit on the vehicle I can put it aside for you until Saturday. Please let me know."

    Has anyone come close to buying the TSX V-6 W/Tech Pkg, for the price quoted?

  • Thanks for the infor. My total Out of The Door price is 30,104. Here is the break down:
    Price of vehicle 27390
    Destination Charge 810
    Sale Tax 6% 1692
    Doc fee 120
    Messenger fee 15
    Plate fee 10
    PA tire tax 5

    Total 30104
  • jak51jak51 Posts: 17
    If you go to Edmund's incentives area you will see there is a $2,000 mfg to dealer incentive on the vehicle you are looking at, so with an invoice before ad fees of approx $34,800 it looks like they are making at least $1,200 still on the vehicle.
  • What dealer in PA did you get the quote from? Look like it was a good deal.
  • stripe1stripe1 Posts: 72
    Piazza Honda Of Ardmore. Mfg List $38,760

    My intention was to make a trip to Souty Jersey (boardwalk Honda), and purchase the TSX. However, the price I received from Piazza Of Ardmore is a no brainer. Hopefully, there's no b/s like "there's a mistake made." The salesman was off today, and I'll call him tomorrow to confirm.
  • albert72albert72 Posts: 146
    Can you let me know if the folks at Piazza in Ardmore honor what they told you? Also, how were they to deal with - lots of typical games or straight forward. Would also be interested to know when you go to get your car if they get you in and out in an efficient manner.

    I like the Acuras but have not heard much good feedback about any of the dealers in the Philly area.
  • stripe1stripe1 Posts: 72
    Albert: Yes, the price quoted is correct. The reason, the $2000 Dealer giver back from Acura. And, it's starting to snow ball. Montgomery Acura on Rt 309, stated that I can purchase the 2010 TSX V-6 W/Tech Pkg for $34,495. That's a big difference from the $36,192, that was originally quoted from another dealer. I'm going to ask the dealer from S/Jersey who originally gave me above price to sell it to me for $34,192.
  • albert72albert72 Posts: 146
    Thanks Stripe1. We are looking at the 4 cyl model - I am thinking the 18" tires on the v-6 will wear quicker and be very expensive to replace. Maybe they could swap them with some 17" from the base model.

    The V-6 would certainly be quieter and offer a lot more power - do you know if it has the VCM system that shuts down some of the cylinders?

    Do you think the deals will get even better in Nov? Current offers I think end 11-2 and from what I can tell, the cash for clunkers high they were all on is fading quickly.

    Good luck and if you feel comfortable saying, it would be great to know what your final deal is and where you get your car from.
  • Those fees all seem small reasonable and non-issues when added to the final sales price. What is a messenger fee though? Someone made that up! I like your lower sales tax too.

    From the other recent posts, it sound like good deals are going on with the V6 in your area. It's too bad there's no known marketing incentive for the dealers on the V4 Base.
  • hbeanhbean Posts: 4
    I did speak with Richard at the dealership. Unfortunately, the best he could offer was $399 (including taxes) for 36 months, 10,000 miles. Only first month payment and $85 license fee due at signing. They did not have the color combo I wanted in stock and would have to order it. They were very nice and explained that you got such a great deal because of intense competition with Columbus, OH dealerships nearby.

    I ended up with a lease on a 2010 Acura TSX base model (no navigation) from a local St. Louis, MO dealership for $412 per month (including taxes), which includes $500 worth of maintenance coupons to cover maintenance over the course of the 36 month lease. When you include the $500 value and deduct it from the monthly lease price, it is effectively $398 per month without maintenance included. The dealership also had the color combo I was looking for. Although I was hoping for $358 (including taxes), this deal seemed like the best I could do after a lot of research and pursuing other avenues with lease brokers, such as VIP Auto NY.
  • Thanks mattdadee. I have to stick with the 4cyl eventhough there are some good deals going on with the V6 in my area. I don't know what is a messenger fee for, but it is only $15.00 so it is not big of a deal. I did shop around with a couple different dealers in the area and none of them would go lower than the price I got from the first dealer. By the way, there was a miscalculation on the OTD price. The correct OTD is $30,042. Not $30,104. My bad.
    I'm still not quite sure whether it is a good deal or not??? However, I'm planning to pick up the car tomorrow.
  • Madison WI dealer quoted 29100 for TSX w/o technology 4 cylinder automatic Trans
  • 2010 TSX auto I-4 w/tech $31,311 (includes wheel locks) + TTL in Maryland
  • gbosilgbosil Posts: 88
    Just picked up my TSX BLK/Parchment w/Tech. $31,300 + Tax/TTL. Ordered and waited 3 months to get this car! Love it! My only gripe is the Temp contols are hard to access and display is very hard to see what settings are set. Very small LCD screen with a ton of info packed into that little bar. The joystick takes a little to get used to also. Car is a real headturner! It's alot of car for the money and a "No Brainer" in my mind. Comp cars are 40K+
  • $399 per month, including tax and $85 title, still isn't bad. That's about $1,500 more than I'll pay over time, and probably comes out to about a $27,500 purchase price (the price used to calculate the lease). I'm no expert on the time value of money, but $1,500 over three years has a pretty low present value.

    I had received offers from brokers at around $350 per month plus $2,400 up front (tax, fees, etc.), but Richard's deal (or even another dealer that can match) is better because it rolls the tax into the payments over time, so you retain the present value of the money.

    My math is a rough estimate, and anyone can correct me if I'm wrong.
  • I went on here to get an idea what kind of incentive is available and what people are paying and cannot believe what most people are paying.

    You do not pay any more than invoice + destination, etc. For example, a 2010 Acura TSX 4dr Sedan w/Technology Package (3.5L 6cyl 5A) per Edmunds has an MSRP $38760 and invoice of $35692. This means that the vehicle's stated price already includes destination. Since there is $2000 in factory support or "trunk money," you should be able to buy this car at $33692 or less + tax/fees. Remember that the dealer has another 3% of holdback to play with.

    If you leave anymore than $1000 for the dealer, that's simply too much in this market/economy. I just paid $18050 for a new 2009 Accord LX auto. This car has an MSRP of $22400 and there's $1500 in factory support and $2000 difference between invoice and MSRP. That's nearly $4400 off on a $22000 car.

    Right now I am considering a TSX and was quoted $25500 for a base 09. I am still debating if I should deal for a 2010.
  • Hi I'm 19 own an 05 altima 3.5se that I plan on giving to my little brother very soon because I saw a tsx and fell in love with it. I am thinking really hard about the tsx but I need some opinions. Do you guys think I should get a new tsx or by me being so young just try an 04 or 05 tsx. I'm really in love with the tsx because it seems like its the perfect car for a young college girl like myself.I'm not trying to impress anyone by getting the tl which is much bigger I just need something nice && cute. By the way what is the cheapest price I can find an 04 or 05 tsx. Your opinions will count and will be very helpful!
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,260
    what's wrong with your Altima? You're going to give a 3.5 SE Altima to your little brother who is presumably 16? Did the car do something to you to make you not like it?

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2011 Pilot EX-L 4WD, 2015 Infiniti G37x Q40 AWD

  • gbosilgbosil Posts: 88
    Good luck! I would wait if I were you. Unfortunately I am in an area where there is just ONE Acura dealer in my area. They can't keep the TSX in Stock. Another reason is Acura has cut back production in Japan. The TSX is made 100% in Japan unlike the TL is made in Ohio. Again I ordered and waited 3 months for my 2010 TSX. It sure the hell isn't an Accord! It's like comparing a Lexus and a Toyota! The maintenance isn't like an Accord either. So be prepared.
  • yfansyfans Posts: 4
    Just got an offer from one of acura dealers in NJ. OTD 30149. 2010 TSX 5A 4cl Base. Also there is a special event running now for financing APR 2.9% 48-60 months. Is that a good deal? Please share your thoughts!
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