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Acura TSX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • dan41dan41 Posts: 180
    "OTD" differs depending on your state tax ( which varies) and the dealer fee. Assuming there wasn't a trade involved, what did you pay for the car ( less state tax and dealer fee )?
  • yfansyfans Posts: 4
    No trade-in.
    car price : 27600
  • >> Also there is a special event running now for financing APR 2.9% 48-60 months.

    Anyone know when this expires?
  • yfansyfans Posts: 4
    It will expire on 1/4/2010
  • I am considering a 2010 Accord EXL-V6 with Nav and the new 2010 TSX V6 with Tech. My best price on the Accord is 29,092 plus TTL. It looks like even the best negotiating on a TSX will will not get me below $34,000. A side-by-side comparison tells me that in addition to the Acura badge, with the TSX I get an additonal 12 month warranty, rear seat heater ducts, memory seats, lumbar support, surround sounds, HID headlights and 18" wheels but a little less room. I know this is subjective, but has anyone successfully justified the $5,000 price premium on the TSX over the Accord? I like the styling on the TSX much more but I am having a hard time convincing myself to spend the extra 5K. My significant other has no interest in engaging me in this conversation so your comments and thoughts would be appreciated.
  • My god, do NOT buy the Accord. Have you even just sat in each one? The Acura is soo00o much nicer. My wife and I sat in the Accord, thinking we were leaning toward that car based on $$$ and features. We sat in the Accord for about 5 seconds and left to go buy the TSX base with tech (her new car). My question is, why are you going to give Acura another 3-5 grand for a V6 that is not worth that? They are screwing everyone with that price hike. Yes, it's more power than the 4 cyl, but the 4cyl ain't awful. Frankly, I'd get the car that feels more finished and nice on the inside, with features that are backed up by that better warranty. And xenon lights, wow, so bright at night. Sound is sweet, too. GET THE TSX. There IS a difference.
  • dan41dan41 Posts: 180
    If money is a main factor, you may want to compare the total cost of ownership of each car, to include insurance. Also, factor in depreciation.

    The accord and TSX are also two different vehicles that, I believe, have different target markets. I owned a TL-Type S and my wife owns a 2004 Honda Accord - EXL. Although I no longer own the TL, the driving experience of the two cars were indeed different. The TL provided a better driving experience and it was also sportier and, in my opinion, a better looking car ( again, subjective ).

    Last week I went to an acura dealership to look at the 2010 TL, but when I saw and sat in the TSX I was blown away. I had not considered this car, but I plan to test drive one later this week. Although the TSX is smaller than the TL, it's not an issue for me (grown kids).

    In the end, both are great cars and you can't go wrong with either choice. For me, I want my next car to offer those things I miss from my TL and I believe either the TL or TSX can do so.

    Good luck and keep us updated...dan
  • dan41dan41 Posts: 180
    I plan on taking both the TSX 4 cylinder and V6 for a test drive later this week. I agree that the price delta between the 4 and the 6 is significant and unless I'm blown away by the 6 cylinder, I'll opt for the 4 cylinder.

    Did you purchase a 2010 and are you happy with your decision on buying it? If you haven't already posted it, please provide pricing you paid. thnx...dan
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,260
    about 3 months ago, I purchased a 2010 Acura TSX Tech (4 cyl). I also drove an Accord EXL- NAV. The Accord is nice & comfortable. The TSX has a driver focused interior, great road manners, sharper steering, & a huge trunk. I drive a 2001 Prelude Type SH & the Acura drives like a 4 door Prelude. The extra year/12K of warranty is just gravy. While the 4 cyl won't win you any stop light drag races, it really loves to REV. Put it in sport mode & let it fly.

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2011 Pilot EX-L 4WD, 2015 Infiniti G37x Q40 AWD

  • Thanks for all the responses. I have not made the purchase yet. I am still test driving and negotiating. To me, the TSX is clearly worth a premium over the Accord and I agree it is a better looking and better driving car. However, I think Acura was not agressive enough with the pricing on the V6, which is why they have had to give the dealers cash incentives to move them off the lot only a few months after the V6's introduction. With an MSRP of almost $39,000 for a V6/Tech, the TSX is 7K more than an Accord and in the same general neighborhood as a BMW 328, Infiniti G37 or even the base Acura TL. Despitew that, the TSX has been a success for Acura so they are probably not looking for any advice from me. ;)
  • hdjcpahdjcpa Posts: 15
    I have only bought Honda Accords (all 4-dr sedans & 4 cyl) since 1984. They were all great vehicles and I got very reliable service from each of them and great resale value at then end of my ownerships. However, on July 31, 2009 I bought a 2010 TSX 4-cyl auto w/tech pkge (Instead of another accord). This TSX is the best car I have ever owned! The accords are nice, but the TSX is finished off so much nicer. The 4-cyl is plenty of power. The 4-cyl TSX w/tech comes with everything that the accord 6-cyl w/nav comes with, and much more. You have factory installed rear view camera, awesome stereo, memory seats, homelink (not avail in 4-cyl accord), and great instrumentation panel. However, to me, the 6 cyl is a waste of gas.

    Hope this helps.
  • gbosilgbosil Posts: 88
    I just purchased a new 2010 TSX w/Tech Blk/Par. I also own a 2007 TLS which I also purchased new. Acura is a world of difference from Honda. Period. They ride like glass but Acura's use Premium Fuel... just something to consider. Acura is excellent in every way including their Service experience and free loaner car. My wife and I both work so the free loaner is a huge sell for us. Service is a bit more than a Honda but this is a premium luxury vehicle. If you want to be like everybody else by a Honda. If you want to be different by an Acura. The styling is next to none. Very cutting edge and they hold their value. Honestly their isn't many on the road either. I have been very happy with both so far. With minimal problems. So far 0 problems with the TSX and 1,400 miles thus far. The TLS had some squeaks and rattles and other warrantly issues. Remember the TSX is made in Japan 100% unlike the TL is made/assembled in Ohio.
  • I have a Accord on the Table for $30,000 out the door with 1.9% APR in NC (that comes to $500 under invocie for a brand new 2010 model) or I am thinking of getting a Acura TSX w/ Tech for ????????? What is the best price anyone has seen or is getting in Va beach area? And is it worth to pay 2k more for an Acura version?
  • Don't buy the Accord. I had a 2008 Accord V6 and hated it. I finally traded it in on a 209 TSX. Smart move. Honda has gone in the wrong direction with the Accord, and I have owned several 6 cyl models. Stay with the TSX and ditch the thought about the Accord. You will be so sorry going with the Accord.
  • I have a local dealer in Ohio quoting TSX V6 base for $31,500 + tax / tags. How does this fare for a non-tech? Was also looking at Accord V6, but wanted something a bit different.
  • I have one dealership in the Atlanta area offering me 2010 TSX Tech blk/blk for 30,500(includes destinition) +TTL w/ free Lifetime powertrain warrenty. When I told the other dealership that I wanted the powertrain warrenty, they gave me an offer of 30,000+TTL. I'm stuck on what I want to do. Any suggestions?
  • Hey syb2010, the 30k with TTL included or not?
  • So I've decided to either buy or lease a new 2010 TSX (base/V4). Here are the 2 initial deals I have on the table.. just wondering if I can do any better:

    36 mo, 12k mi/yr
    total cap cost $28,519
    0 cap cost reduction
    $2126.61 (+ DMV fees) due at signing, which includes $595 acq. fee and taxes up front (NY @ 8.625%)
    $360.61 total monthly payment
    money factor .00168
    residual 61%

    BUY price: $28,519 @ 2.9% APR
    with $6k down this would be $450/mo for 60 mo. incl. taxes

    What should I do, and how much better of a deal can I possibly get? I appreciate any input. Thanks!
  • @cargirl31, is that buy price OTD?
  • no that's before NY tax, but the $450 monthly payment and $6k down takes all this into account. total cost after 5 years with financing and taxes is $33k in this case
  • So I'm looking into purchasing a certified used 2009 TSX. Shopping around I've found 2 dealerships that have mileage from 6,000-10,000 and prices ranging ~$26,999. I've read different links on the website on purchasing a used car. First, since it's used I figure I should have some range to puchase-how low should I start off? invoice on a new is about $26,800-if I start at $20,000 is that too low? (i have looked at TMV) I only want to finance 20,000 when it comes down to everything.(or LESS) Second, should I just buy new? If someone says yes then I guess I'm back to the drawing board!! Thanks for the help.
  • I am currently torn between the Acura TSX (4L) w/ tech and infiniti g37x. I don't care much if the car is a V4 or V6 so that is out of the equation. One of the big things for me is the car's sound system.

    How does the TSX ELS sound system stack up against infiniti's bose sound system?
  • The TSX sound system is very impressive. I do not know about the G37's, but with a Bose, and it being the G37, I'm sure it's very good, too. Here's the real question--why in the world would you NOT get the G37 and opt for the TSX? Are you looking at a base G37 with no leather or tech or premiums? I would not hesitate to get the G37, unless you must have over 30mpg. Can I have your G37? We like our 2010 TSX 4cyl with tech, but a G37 all wheel drive... mmmm....
  • The Acura is cheaper.. but yes, the g37 AWD is something I definitely want, however it may be out of my price range and RWD is definitely not an option.

    I need more money!
  • How is the ipod integration? Can it play apple lossless files and/or flac files off of a flash drive?
  • so i have better offers now. again, it's for a 2010 base TSX I4.
    $27,900 purchase price or $349/mo lease, $2k down to cover up front taxes and fees, 12k miles, 36 months.

    How much more can I get away with if I go into the dealer with a firm buy offer, or what would be the best price I can expect to actually get?

    I'm still torn on the buy vs. lease thing though. How do you all feel about having this car long-term (meaning 5+ years)? How well do you think the value of this particular model will hold up? Historically they've done well, but it seems that so many people are iffy on the new design Acura has opted for on all it's models. If this changes again in a few years, will it be a disadvantage to own one in this design? I personally like it, but aesthetics is all a matter of opinion.
  • Have an offer on the table for a 2010 TSX with tech package for $29,185 + freight ($810), taxes and tags. Although a good price, this was the dealers first offer to me so I can assume there is room for negotiating, but should I ask for lower price or accessories?
  • I've been lurking here for a while, there's a ton of great info here, figured that I should share... I just picked up the TSX v6 with tech for $33,500 (inc destination) at a Central NJ dealer. Thanks to the edmunds TMV and the $2000 incentive, the negotiations were pretty stress-free.
  • I just picked up my base 2010 TSX for $27k even, incl. destination. I also got the protective pack for $250. I LOVE THIS CAR!!!
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