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Acura TSX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • No the TTL wasnt included but here is the deal that I got.

    On the day of purchasing, before I even got there dealership 1 gave me a lower price of 30,400 blk/blk Tech +TTL(car only had 1 mile). So while I was driving there dealership 2 gave me an even lower price of 29,500 blk/blk Tech +TTL(car had 65 miles on it). I told dealership 1 about the price...they wouldnt go lower, so as I was walking out the door the salesman asked me if I had a trade in, when I said yes...he said he could work the numbers for my trade-in. Well lets say they gave me a VERY fair price(a whole lot more than I was expecting) for the trade in.

    I went with the dealership 1 because I didnt want to drive to the other side of town, 2 car was basically fresh off the truck(65 miles isnt alot, but it has been test drivin one too many times for my taste), and dealership 1 was the only acura dealership in the area offering a FREE lifetime powertrain warrenty(probably will never need to use it but you never know).

    With my trade-in final price was 27900, OTD was 30,500.
  • Ive been offered a certified 09 TSX/9k Miles with ebony chrome wheels. For $ this a good deal or should i buy a new one.
    let me know your thoughts
  • $29K used - is this a Tech? From what I have seen, the better deals are on new cars. Difference of about $2K between new and used isn't much after the 2.9% rate and advantage to deduct the sales tax above the line if you buy in 2009. I really wanted a used TSX, but i think I've talked myself into a new one. Has anyone else received a deal on a 2010 base for $27K?
  • gbosilgbosil Posts: 88
    Well the best deal I could get on a 2010 TSX Tech Blk/Parch was $ 31,400 + TTL...that I had to order because there were none in the country at the time.. for some reason that combo is hard to come by? I also live in an area where there isn't an Acura dealer within a 200 mile radius! :mad: I also got screwed on the Financing. The 2.9% came out two weeks after I took delivery of the car. I think you got one hell of a deal!
  • jbl69jbl69 Posts: 2
    After test drive, I got a ballpark number from local dealer @ $28,200 for 2010 base TSX. The price included destination charge ($810), but not TTL. I'm gearing up for serious talks. Do you think they will sell it for $27,400 (includes dest) with protection package ($250) thrown in?

    My second option is to hold off purchase until last week of Dec to see if there are any final year end clearance sales (to avoid $500 property tax). I would hit some out of state dealers that probably sell 25 - 50% more cars than the local dealer. I don't know how much incentive they get from Acura for volume and what percentage they would be willing to share in the form of a discounted price. Someone posted a price of $27k even (includes dest) for same model, so I'm wondering if this is a reasonable goal to shoot for?
  • Hubie79, You could get a new 2010 Base for a lot less, heck you could probably get one with the tech package for maybe $1000 more. That's too much money for a car that has 9K miles IMO. I would just get a new one, and take advantage of the 2.9 financing.
  • I think the reason I got such a good deal was because there are 5 Acura dealerships in my city. I just played them off each other until I got the price I wanted and even then I got a price that was lower than expected. I take it you won't be taking your car to the Dealership for service...200 miles is a long drive! Isn't there a way you can refinance what you already have?
  • gbosilgbosil Posts: 88
    The dealership is right over the hill from me but the next nearest one is 100+ miles away. I got 5.1% through my bank at the time and I see now it's 2.99%. I put well over 1/2 down so the difference is like $750 more in interest over 5 years. It's just the point of it! My salesman said he doesn't know about the financing from Acura until it comes out from Corporate or I would have waited. :cry:
  • Congratulations. By my math that is $769 below invoice. Could you share dealership name and location?
  • it was $29K OTD , with tech..
    the 19inch acura chrome wheels,new tires,
    and 9k miles
  • I was quoted 26,910 from one dealer in MD and then another dealer in VA undercut that guy with 26,600(volume dealer), I still have not purchased (these are not OTD, they are base car + destination). I asked both guys if there were any doc fees or processing fees, but they assured me it was that price plus TTL.

    Seems like they are trying to move product and discounting aggresively right now, but I agree the last week of the year they will be even more eager to make a deal.
  • I got it at Paragon Acura in Queens. They had a holiday sale going (might still be going on now, I'm not sure though). The prices on their sale flyer I saw were a little lower than what I paid, but only for the color combos that weren't selling well or that had been sitting on the lot for a long time. For ex, they would have sold me a base 2010 black/parchment for the advertised $26,995, but I wanted grigio/ebony. Either way, the negotiation was simple and everything went well. I drove the car home the same day.

    Just FYI to everyone who may not know - you can deduct the sales tax on a new car purchased by Dec. 31 on your 2009 tax return (subject to income limitations, but they're pretty high). This was part of the economic stimulus package for 2009, so that's an extra perk of buying a new car by year-end.
  • Car Man,

    First time leasing a vehicle.

    First offer for a base 2010 TSX, 12K miles, 36 mths was $28,169 + TTL. Money factor is .00168 and the residual is $18,373 (I think 35%). $1,500 down (probably for TTL). Monthly payment $359.

    How do they calculate the monthly payment for the purchase price, money factor and residual? I'm totally confused.
  • pj1369pj1369 Posts: 16
    I paid $29K plus TTL. For the grigio, dark grey w/ black interior and they threw in wheel locks, cargo tray, and trunk hooks. Bought it out in VA.
  • 2010 Acura TSX auto 4cy w/ Technology pkg is $31,532. Is this price too high?
    Seems like many of you have bought this sub $30k. I'm talking about prices with out TTL - just the car. Is there really no incentive money out there back to the dealers. My local dealer has a bunch of 2010's on the lot.
  • pj1369pj1369 Posts: 16
    As noted earlier, I got the same car you outlined for $29k + TTL. So, I think $31K+ is way too much. You should be able to bring them down to at least $1000 below invoice. All dealers in my area came to that amount, which was $29,612. It also helps that I have five dealers all in a 20 mile radius. Where are you located? Location/region and relative popularity in that area makes a big difference. Good luck!
  • jbl69jbl69 Posts: 2
    Signed buyer order for $27.2K discounted price + TTL, but not sure about arrival date. Could be next week, could be next month. Dealer screwed me on $300 in options since I thought they were included in price when we started negotiating. Didn't realize until I was signing order they were excluded since we went back and forth 3 times. He didn't want to bargain any further. I'm also worried that if I don't receive car by dec 31 I'll lose several more hundred because of the special tax deduction.

    Is it worth going back and trying to get another $500 or $600 in options and threatening to cancel order or just chalk it up to experience. I still feel $27.2 is a great price and I don't want to be greedy about the sale since I will be taking the car there for service. Any thoughts?
  • I'm being quoted $400 for the protection package which includes the splash guards ($189), the trunk tray ($139) and the wheel locks ($93). This would total $421 but the dealer will sell it installed for $400.

    This seems high to me. How can I find the invoice price on this package?

    What have you paid for the protection package?
  • You can easily get this 2010 TSX for under invoice...depending on where you are and how many dealerships you have in your area.
  • Jbl69 and NOT pay a single penny for the protection package! Let me tell you why. When I started calling the dealers up in my area, one of the kept telling me that I would get the mud guards, wheel locks and trunk tray. I told him that I didn't want all that. Then he said all the Acura dealers in the Atlanta area installs the protection package at no extra cost. Sure enough when I called the other dealerships they confirmed it.

    So not only did I get the car for under invoice, I got a free protection package(which apparently is considered "standard" for the Acura dealerships around here). Have them throw in that package for free. I didnt pay for it and neither should you.
  • How do you negotiate not paying for the protection package?
  • that's definitely too high for the protection pack. the prices listed on (build and price section) are much less than those you mentioned. My dealer doesn't include this for free (I doubt any in NY would) but I paid $250 when I bought the car for the mud flaps, wheel locks, all-season mats, and trunk tray. You can def. shoot for much less than $400 IMO. Good luck!
  • sa116sa116 Posts: 1
    Which dealer and city is this offer?
  • Do you think getting a certified 2008 with Nav for $28K (OTD) is too much? I am in southern cal. I went to a dealer in the San Fernando Valley and their sales person told me that they are sold out on the 2009 models. What can I get a 2009 TSX with tech package, certified in southern cal OTD for?


  • I got a 2010 TSX Base w/ all-season floormats thrown in for $26,495 (includes $810 destination fee). Plus, if you buy in 2009 you get a tax break on sales and local taxes. Check out Pohanka Acura in Chantilly, VA.
  • Did this include the protection package? Mud flaps, trunk tray and wheel locks.
  • Wow. That's a great price. It even beats my Ohio $26,769 (including destination) price from September.
  • Xianwai, I am looking for the exact same car right now and live in DC area too. Could you please send me a copy of your deal to Thanks a lot.
  • Hi, xianwai,

    I am looking for the same car at Houston area, could you please send me a copy of your deal to me?

    Thanks a looooot!
  • Xianwai, I am looking for the same exact car right now and I live in Los Angeles area. Could you please send me a copy of your deal to Thank you so much!
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