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Acura TSX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Is $27,800 OTD (3% tax rate) a good deal for a auto tran base model? Thanks.
  • satt2satt2 Posts: 4
    just pulled the trigger today, and used Acura 1.9% financing term as well. A little tired of car research these days. Probably not a very good deal based on what I saw from the forum, but glad to have the deal finalized by the end of the year, and tax credit may help a little as well.
  • hokie28hokie28 Posts: 16
    What prices are people paying for this in the Washington D.C. area?

    Happy New Year to all!
  • How much would you say a person would get on the stimulus auto tax break for a 30,000 vehicle? If takes were about 3,000?
  • I would say that's a pretty good deal.
  • Pulled the trigger on a 2010 Base TSX Black/Black on Monday. Purchased at Sunnyvale Acura in Bay Area. Excellent Service as I was in and out in under 2 hours. I paid $27,000.00 (not incl. taxes and license). Bay Area dealerships were real limited on Base models as most Models in the the Bay Area are Tech Package. This limited my choices (in which ebony interior was a must with my two year old son) but was able to find what I was looking for. I couldn't be happier as the car drives like a dream. A real nice upgrade over my 2004 Honda Accord 4-cyl! :shades:
  • Good deal! Congrats!

    I got the parchment leather and I have a 7 month old! I should have probably gotten the ebony interior...I fell in love with the Parchment though...maybe my next car. ;)
  • mike651mike651 Posts: 24
    I got the black on black too! It's a great car and I opted for the manual trans which I love! Tell me though, does the 27k that you paid include the destination charge ($810 fee)?
  • I would have loved a manual (my accord was a 5 banger); however they were impossible to find! Yes, the 27k included destination charge. I was quoted several prices throughout the bay area. 28,200 being the highest and the lowest being 27k. I couldn't be happier with the car. Acura/Honda sure knows how to put a nice package together. You can't get much more for your hard earned $$$.
  • mike651mike651 Posts: 24
    Wow! You got a great deal! I paid 26840 PLUS destination which brought it to 27650, but I did get the body side molding included (280 value). I totally recomend getting the body side molding if you haven't already....... That was the one thing that surprisingly didn't come standard with the car. And you're right about it being hard to get a manual because they did have to locate it. I guess I would have had more leverage on bargaining for the car if they had what I wanted right on their own lot. Oh, and f.y.i., after I bought my car I checked around and one dealer in virginia quoted me 26500 with the destination included, but that's because I called on december 31st. I was curious about how low they would actually go and I bet that's it...... I bet people pay anywhere from 26500 to 28500 with destination included. What they quote you depends on how flexable you are with colors/ transmission type and what time of the month you're buying..... As for me, I wasn't too flexible and I bought in mid dec.
  • As I keep my cars for a long time I am considering picking up a new 2009 Auto w/Tech.
    Any idea what these are going out for now? MSRP is 33020 with invoice of 29156. I appreciate any help - thanks!
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    If you keep your car for a long time (say 7-10 years) why would you want the Tech package? Do you still have your PC from 7-10 years ago? How is that working for you? Technology in cars is changing almost as fast as PC technologies but unlike those other technologies, you can't upgrade (or at least not easily) a car. Until 3-5 years ago people were still paying for "car phone" pre-wiring in the their BMW. Do you think anyone uses that anymore? Technology is great but you do not want to be tied to it in a car whose long term use greatly exceeds the life span of the technology.

    If you can't get a feel for prices from this thread you can always check them at TrueCar.
  • gbosilgbosil Posts: 88
    Well for one... if you don't like getting lost it's a good thing. You can always get updated DISCs from Acura each year. I prefer every other year since they cost $185 a crack! As far as re-sale a person will be more opt to purchase the Tech over Non-Tech. Fact is it gets you from point A to point B regardless of how old it gets. I purchased my 2010 TSX Blk / Parch with Tech for $31,500. That's the best I could get in Western PA since I had to pre-order the car from Japan. There were "0" in the US with that combo. I plan to own mine for years to come. Love the car! Don't skimp get the Tech. Also the sound system is awesome. Remeber everything is integrated through the Nav System. It's awesome! :shades:
  • mike651mike651 Posts: 24
    I have to agree with biker4. The tech package also greatly inflates the price of the car by a good 3k. The main difference between tech and non tech is that with tech you get 10 speakers in your car instead of 7, you have a built in gps system, as well as a camera for going in reverse. 7 speakers is more than enough speakers, you can buy a great gps for about 200 bucks at your local best buy, and the rear view camera is worthless since you have a rear view mirror. Also, why would you want to go for a 2009 when you can get a 2010 tsx? Whatever money you save by purchasing an '09 goes out the door given that the model is a year old. You should be able to get a 2010 without tech for under 30k out the door. No sense in Throwing away any additional funds...
  • I am very surprised to see some 2009 still in the market. I purchased my TSX with tech 7 months ago and I am really happy with my purchase. I never regretted about my extra spending on tech. Because as Gbosil stated in his post, you have to remember everything is integrated in build-in GPS.
    The voice command option is priceless. it starts from reading mp3/ipod titles and songs to setting interior temperatures/ mapping without punching buttons. Indeed, it is simply amazing feature.
    Plus there are two more advantages of build-in Nav over portable GPS, big screen size(between 6~7 inches) and worry-free factor (thieves of portable GPS). Ups! I almost forgot to tell you the back up camera is also set thru your Nav system. After 7 months of my experience with back up camera, it became a must item for my next car.
  • Is there any incentive left beside 1.9% finance for TSX?
    I want to get a new TSX for my wife BirthDay in April latest May :-), replacing an old 98 Acura CL 2.3.
  • mike651mike651 Posts: 24
    It's 1.9% for 1-36 months of financing and 2.9% for 37-60 months of financing. The tax break is over with. Those were the only two incentives back in '09 so now it's down to only one incentive given no more tax break. :-(
  • I noticed most of the great deals and went to a local Acura dealer in Madison. They wouldn't budge from sticker price. Figured oh well forget about it, I am not paying that inflated price, Best they would do was about 300 off. Went to Brookfield acura which was 54 miles away and got it for invoice + 200 markup. excellent experience
  • mike651mike651 Posts: 24
    Wow! They really wanted you to pay sticker price?! Did you request quotes prior to going to the dealership? You were very smart to go somewhere else! That's what happens in areas where the other Acura dealership is 54 miles away..... They probably figured that you wouldn't make the drive. What's the name/ location of the Acura dealership who quoted you sticker?
  • zimbrick acura madison quoted me the high prices. I noticed all the great deals from all over the US but nothing was ever mentioned here from Wisconsin. So I thought I would put my two cents in. Because maybe someone else was like me. Checking on this discussion forum and wondering why the heck can't I get a decent price and it seems everyone else is all over the US.
  • tannistannis Posts: 9
    So this model is over a full year old with above average miles. It was a loaner and everyone I know including myself treats loaners the same. (We) beat them because they aren't ours to deal with down the road. Taking all that into consideration they are still asking $28,988. What is it worth? Is it even worth it regardless of the price? I don't mind a driven vehicle though I'd prefer new but I still have to be somewhat price savvy here. What price should I start at for negotiation? From what I've seen that price is only about a grand under invoice, NEW. I'm not a great haggler but if I knew a good price that would be acceptable and have some valid points to argue then I might find myself in a better position. If I really must go new, so be it. It would be my first new car, ever, and I'm about to turn 29. Is that a good enough excuse to purchase new or am I just letting my emotions run my wallet? If that's the case I'll wind up paying sticker for a V6 w/ Tech. That'll hurt.

    Any advice or buying experience/prices for the year-old loaners would be greatly appreciated. I've got a date with the dealer mid-February. Am I in a better negotiating position at that time of year?

  • i worked out pricing before heading to Rosenthal Acura, and it was hands down, the best experience i have had buying cars. this should mean even more, considering all i have purchased over the past ~7 years have been 3 acuras (04 RSX, 05 TSX, and now 10 TSX) and a honda S2000. there was no bait and switch, there was no "oh i lost your paperwork" routine, there was no four-square sheet, it was just me asking for his best price, him honoring it, me coming in, seeing that the car was detailed, prepped, paperwork was ready, financing was a breeze (the 2.9% over 60 months), and the woman working the numbers was fine and didn't pressure me too much about any of the extras. i left the dealership feeling great. i just got home and the car is perfect on the road (knock on wood). i plan on keeping this car for at least 4 years now (which would be a first for me).

    if you want a good experience and live in DC, make the drive to Rosenthal. i seriously live 3 miles away from Radley, and i work 10 mile away from Pohanka, but Rosenthal seriously impressed me. while my girlfriend was waiting, she was reading a book and at least 3 other salesmen stopped to talk to her about her kindle, if she was okay, if she needed a drink, etc.

    all in all, i will be giving perfect scores for the whole experience. well done, Rosenthal!

    and no, i am not a salesman trying to pad the dealer's reputation. please feel free to contact me if you have other specific questions.
  • satt2satt2 Posts: 4
    what is your OTD if you do not mind sharing?
  • Got 29850 for 2010 TSX w/ Tech pkge and splash guards all in except tax and registration. DCH Montclair and Springfield give the best prices in Northern and Central NJ. Can you share what you paid for similar car.
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    That dealer and others are bound to have many more loaners available for sale soon now that their 2Gen TSX fleet is starting to age. I would never pay anything approaching invoice on a used vehicle with that many miles. When people are getting new cars under invoice it just makes no sense to pay that much for a used vehicle - loaner or not. Last Sept I had a chance to buy an 09 w/Tech (w 10K on the odo) for $25K from someone on Craigslist. Obviously that price would be even lower today.

    As is the case with any car purchase end of the month on a weekday will likely yield the best prices. Detach yourself emotionally from the car and treat it as a simple business proposition. Widen you search area if you want to get a deal. Car purchases are always about how much value you put on your time and aggravation.
  • pj1369pj1369 Posts: 16
    If you don't mind what was your OTD and did you go tech or no tech? Thanks!
  • tannistannis Posts: 9
    Hey, thanks for that lead. I've been looking for at least a half decent dealer here in Virginia Beach and the one won't even dare give me a number to go on. They want a solid commitment from me to say that I'll buy before they even tell me what the numbers are. I'm a little tired of that game. After reading your post I contacted Rosenthal via email. The Internet Sales Manager called late afternoon and no b/s, he straight up gave me the full OTD price including tax and title and he broke each cost and fee down to their components. He also gave me a price no one here in VB would touch. I was thrilled. I'm going to DC next Saturday to make my purchase.
  • ddobddob Posts: 11
    What kind of dealership wants you to commit to purchase before they tell you the price? Do they actually think they'll make any sales that way to anyone other than the totally ignorant? It's those types of shenanigans that keep car salesman in such high regard.

    what were the numbers?
  • mike651mike651 Posts: 24
    You had a trade in, right? Or did you not include the destination, tax, and tags to the 29850?
  • tannistannis Posts: 9
    I haven't a clue but they sure shot themselves in the foot over it. I did find out today at yet another dealership that the other one I thought was giving me straight answers really wasn't. Actually they completely lied and omitted some information. Then I asked for buyer's order and they couldn't produce one because the OTD price they gave me via email was all b/s. At this rate I'll never buy my new car. If I wasn't si excited about this car I would have given up already.
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