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Acura TSX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I've purchased three Acura's from Radley Acura over the last 17 years, and 6 or 7 of my friends/co-workers have also done business with Radley as well. No offense intended but if you live 3 miles from Radley Acura - I have to question your post. You sound like you work for Rosenthal because we all know that their prices are ALWAYS higher than Radley's plus Radley's service department is open from 7AM until 2AM, so why would you drive 30+ miles to pay 6% sales tax and ultimately more money?

    I will agree with one thing, no matter where you purchase a vehicle (or anything for that matter) your experience depends on who you do business with. If you're in the market - and you live in Northern Virginia/DC, I highly recommend talking to Joe J. (his last name is long and I can't remember how to spell it) at Radley Acura. I recently purchased a 2010 TSX from him and he is respectful, knowledgeable, not pushy, follows through with what he promises, and overall he's the best salesman I've dealt with in a long long time. There are other posts on this forum mentioning his name and Radley Acura, so I'm not the only person with this opinion.
  • mike651mike651 Posts: 24
    I have to agree with dcengineer. Frescagod has to work for rosenthal acura. His story was somewhat believeable up until him mentioning that he live next to radley, but decides to drive 30 miles to do business with rosenthal. When car salesmen make up stories and pose as customers on this blog it just makes me have think less of car sales men. It makes me want to tell all my friends to not go to rothenthal Acura. This blog is for real buyers, not for car salesmen that want to make up stories to trick people.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,223
    Hmmm ..

    How about we all assume that our experiences may not match others... and, that doesn't necessarily make them liars?

    The member in question has been a member of Edmunds for over five years... and, shows no propensity for shilling for any dealership..

    Now.. back to prices paid..


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  • vt6vt6 Posts: 6

    I just picked up a pearl white V6 with ebony leather. I paid 30600 plus VA 3% tax, tags, and other small miscellaneous fees. Total came out to 31800 OTD. Basically, I got $5000 off MSRP. I think it's a good deal. Oh yeah, I got them to throw in the all weather mats too. And I also got 2.9% for 60 months.

    I had a hard time choosing between the TSX V6 and TL as the price was virtually identical, but I went with the TSX because I liked the way it looks and I preferred the smaller size compared to the TL.
  • tannistannis Posts: 9
    Wow. That's a fantastic price. I think dealer cash on that was around $1,500 as well. What dealership was that? I'm in the VB area and I'm trying to find the best price possible. Sounds like that dealer really did you well.

  • washkawashka Posts: 2
    I picked up yesterday I4 (non tech) silver with black leather and mud guards. Paid 26,229 plus VA 3% tax, tags. Total 27,099 OTD. Financing 1.9% for 36 months.

    Rosenthal Acura in Gaithersburg MD. Perfect buying experience.
  • Hello
    am in the mid-atlantic area. Looking for 2010 Tsx + Tech;
    1. What is the best offer folks have got in the area;
    2. am looking at also getting the 7y/100k warranty;

    any feedback on prices would also be appreciated

  • Chios and others on GAP insurance:

    Check with your auto insurance providers first. On my policy, I can purchase GAP coverage for $110/yr on new 2010 TSX. I can keep this for as long as I wish on my policy at likely the same price.

    Why is this better than buying thru dealer?
    1. Even at $500 cost from dealer you're going to pay more outright than thru your insurance
    2. You'll likely only need to keep for 1-2 years (IF you're likely upside down driving off the lot with little or no $$ down or leasing....if trading in or putting a good amount of $$ down you might not even need GAP covg)
    3. You don't pay the finance charges on your insurance premiums (like you would if adding to car loan)

    What is GAP coverage? Pays the difference between amount owed on a loan/lease and the cash value you'd receive from your insurance policy in the event of a totalled out car. GAP coverage is really becoming more & more relevant in light of all of these 'no money down, great financing rate' deals (and why wouldn't you take those at 1.9 or 2.9%....obviously saving money overall even if you need to pony up a couple years of GAP coverage).

    Why is it less critical for this particular auto? Acura's hold value better than many other makes....which means the cash value won't drop as dramatically when driving off the lot which keeps the potential "gap" a lot lower. And you really only need this coverage in the event of a totalled out car...partial repairs = fix it and continue driving.

    I'm going to add it on and set a note for 12 months to do a quick check on finance balance & car value and decide if doing for another year.

    I know it's likely too late for those of you who've purchased the car already but hopefully this info on GAP insurance helps.
  • oh wow! I wish I would have known this! good info! Maybe my next car..hahahah.
    I wasn't even asked about adding it but I would have accepted it of course.

    Thanks! :)
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,260
    the 7 year/ 100K mile warranty on the Acura is a waste... this is a Honda after all.

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2011 Pilot EX-L 4WD, 2015 Infiniti G37x Q40 AWD

  • washkawashka Posts: 2
    If you live in Northern Virginia and purchase car in MD you still pay 3% (VA) not 6% sales tax. On top of that Northern Virginia dealers charge 0.017% county tax, which amounts to about $50 for the new TSX. Also, Northern Virginia dealers charge $350 to $500 admin/processing fee vs. $100 in MD.

    I also dealt with, Joe J. He's good, but did not buy from him. Went to Gaithersburg and saved about $500 on the new 2010 TSX.
  • 1- Thanks! I want to say thank you to all of you who have gone on before me, and posted their experiences and advice. It was extremely helpful to me! I hope this post helps someone, too! Seriously, as a community, ya'll helped me save thousands of dollars....

    2- Price I paid: I just bought a 2010 base TSX automatic, 26,700 sale price, 3% NC HUT tax (801), 472 fees, for an OTD cost at 29793. (No true sales tax- NC has a 'highway use tax'). I bought the car from my local dealer, who matched the price from another more distant dealer. No options/accessories (apparently, not all regions/dealers are equipping their cars with standard protection packages- this was a misconception I had from reading earlier posts). Make sure you know what accessories come with the car- these little options can make a difference.

    I had to politely refuse a whole bunch of protection packages and warranties and maintenance plans... and yes, the finance guy is still in a back room where you have to face them alone! But he was nice and polite and not pushy.

    100% Financing thru Honda at 2.9%; 502/month payment x 60 months. Hopefully it won't take that long to pay off, but heck- that's a better interest rate than my school loans and home mortgage- so maybe it will....

    3- Offers: I did end up with three different offers of under 27000 from different dealers. Two other dealers fell out of the competition (28370, and "that would be a negative profit deal that we cannot match" when I asked for offers around/under 27000). I shopped 6 different dealers from 15 to 100 miles away.

    I also had sign and drive lease offers of 373 and 419/month for base and navi models, respectively (12k/yr, 36 months, residual % and value of 61%, $18,373.20 and $58%, $19,267.60, respectively. Money factor of .00189 for AHFC super preferred credit tier. After my last experience with leasing,and this experience with buyin, I will probably never lease again.

    4- Opinion/Advice: I think the car could be had for a little bit less money than that- but not a whole lot less. I'm guessing maybe 26200 to 26500 is about as low as would be possible, at least around here, at this time. The whole "end of the month" thing seems to be very helpful. Check out Carmax and you'll see that lightly used TSX's cost about the same amount... or MORE! and were both very helpful. and Car and Driver's website were also helpful to me.

    I would recommend by starting with extensive internet research, and then go to your local dealer and check out the car, to see if you like it. (DO NOT buy it the first time you visit!) I thought I wanted a used TSX from 2007, but I found out I didn't really fit in the car. Then I thought I wanted a used TL, but I test drove it and it's handling is softer than my 2007 V6 Honda Accord, so yuck. (The TL-Sports models are probably better). So then I decided to test drive a new TSX, and it's NICE! Responsive, tight handling, fun to drive. Awesome electronics features and beautiful interior. Is it perfect? No- less horsepower than my Accord and a definitely a little bit slower in straight line acceleration. The TSX is still pretty quick,though (and how many drag races was I winning in my 244 HP V6 Accord sedan, anyway?), and it will get better mileage. However, premium fuel is recommended for TSX, so that part is a bit of a wash.

    If you like the car, then go to's website and click through and ask for offers from several different dealers. After they send you "offers" or inquiries, then send them back your specific requests (ie, buy vs lease, navi or w/o navi, V4 or I4), and ask them how close they can get to a specific price (this implies that someone else is quoting you that). Make sure to ask for itemized quotes- find out what (if any) accessories are installed and make sure they aren't sneaking in stupid dealer charges. Keep emails relatively short and to the point. If the dealer/sales person is a bit obtuse (ie- starts asking about monthly payments, etc) then simply ask a single question in a single email.

    5- Other costs: My auto insurance went up by 10 dollars a month. I did refuse GAP coverage- it's a rip-off through the dealer at 5-6 hundred, and it seems like you can only get it from whomever you get the loan through (my insurance co. does not offer GAP insurance- my credit union offers it for 135$- but only if you finance the loan thru them). Used Acura's retain their value so well, that there's not a long/huge upside down period, and I don't have too much exposure. (Take a look at Carmax or certified used Acura prices, for example).

    well, it's a long post, but hopefully helpful to someone out there!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,223
    2- Price I paid: I just bought a 2010 base TSX automatic, 26,700 sale price, 3% NC HUT tax (801), 472 fees, for an OTD cost at 29793.



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  • whoops, I screwed up the one sentence anyone really cares about, good grief.
    my sincere apologies. I just double checked everything, OTD at 27973...... that should compute more accurately. Pretty good deal, no?
  • tannistannis Posts: 9
    That's $23 more than I negotiated. And I considered it a very good deal especially because the dealer is literally 1.1 miles down the road from me.

    However, in the end I was sold on the environmental protection package. I'm obsessed with my paint and it will allow me to go without a car cover (which can also be damaging) and it covers the interior too. Figured with Taupe leather, stains would occur easily from normal use and to know they'll replace anything that gets screwed up in the next 5 years makes me pretty happy. I declined everything else because my insurance will take care of it. Which reminds me, everyone should consider checking with their insurance company to see exactly what is covered so you can save a little dough when you see the F&I guy.

    And you know what? Even if the "protective coating" doesn't work, they still have to replace anything that gets screwed up so either way it works out.

    In the end I financed $700 more but I only see it as spending $425 more because I don't have to buy the car cover for $275.
  • Sounds like you got a good deal, too! I think there's a couple of folks who beat us, but not many. Speaking of protecting the paint, I'm wondering if I should have gotten the splash guards- I wonder how well they work. I guess I could go back and get them installed.... Now, if only all this darn snow/ice will melt so I can take it out for some more driving!
  • Signed off yesterday on a grigio/taupe 2010 4i base. $27,165 including wheel locks and body side moulding. Dealer transfer from out of state. Total OTD $29,717 (I'm jealous of those who live in states with low sales tax). Financing for 60 at 2.9%.

    I started by emailing a handful of dealers in California with grigio models on their lots. Within half an hour I had several responses so I was able to use that in Vegas for negotiation. They came back with an offer for $26,665 for a white/parchment on the lot, but I'm fine with paying a bit extra to be happy with the exact color combination I wanted. And it was absolutely a great experience at Las Vegas Acura!
  • Okay I lied... it was $30,040 OTD. I also added the body molding and the splash guards, so it was about $30,400 when all said and done, did not trade-in. My building has a garage w/ small spaces so the molding will likely save many dings and such. Backup camera will help with this as well. I should mention, too, that I live in Arlington, so only paid 3% sales tax, even though purchased in MD. Great buying experience, no nonsense and very intelligent and friendly salesman. 2.9% for 60 months. I have student loans that are higher than that, and I will put this debt on the bottom of the list to be repaid.

    Did feel a bit lowballed when I tried to trade in... ended up doing my own deal with that car. It's staying in the family. The trade offer was about 50% of blue book, lower than even the rough trade number. There was a substantial mechanical defect emerging, though, with the ABS so that may explain this outcome.

    Got it in Grigio gray... loved the blue shade to death but it was only available in auto and I'm not a fan of the slushbox. The gearbox on the manual is very effortless; the car drives very well.

    The nav redirected me on the way home based on traffic... how much time will this thing save me driving in DC traffic?

    All in all I'm quite happy... my first new car in 8 years. I tend to drive my cars a long time, hope this one lives up to my expectations going forward.
  • Can anyone tell me what would be the ideal price for a 2010 Acura TSX, 6-Speed Manual, Non-Tech Package in and around Chicago area ?
  • gkg680gkg680 Posts: 25
    My experience may or may not be helpful to you. Last September, my car was nearing the end of its useful life. I wanted a new Acura, either a TSX or TL. I wasn't sure which, and wasn't sure I liked the design of the TL.
    I've driven a manual trans since 1983, and tried to find a 6-speed Acura. A suburban dealer had a new TSX, 6-speed, black. He told me that demand for the 6-speed is strong, few are available, and he didn't think that a buyer should expect much of a discount. At that time, there were no TL's in Chicago with a manual.
    His TSX was quickly sold. It had the tech package.

    I bought a different brand of car, but yesterday, I went to and searched for TSX's within 100 miles of downtown Chicago with manual transmission, just for the heck of it, and none came up.

    I wish you the best of luck, but I believe that if you're seeking a TSX with a manual trans, without the tech package, and especially if you have a strong preference for a certain color, it won't be an easy task to find the car and get a good deal. Maybe the situation will improve as time goes on and more cars are delivered to dealer lots.

    In 1996, the last time I bought a new car, I test drove an Acura CL coupe with a manual, loved it, ordered a black one, but the dealer misled me, told me it was on the way, when it wasn't. At that time, same as last October, I needed a car and had to buy another brand. Despite the fact that Acura owners with manual transmissions love them, Acura just doesn't seem to build many of them.
  • billpaulbillpaul Posts: 103
    Generally speaking, if you want a 6 speed TSX, you have to order it. Dealers prefer to stock cars that appeal to the majority of buyers (i.e. with automatic transmissions). A good way to get a good price is to use one of the online services that negotiate a low price for you.
  • I got 26840 plus 810 destination fee in the dc area. Manual is the best. If you love manual and settle for automatic, you will not be happy. I love my manual trans!
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,041
    what the others have said, a non-tech TSX with a manual is hard to find, and I wanted a specific color as well. Had to have it trucked in from Denver (I live near Phoenix) & couldn't deal nearly as hard, but did get what I wanted.

    It's a good car, for FWD.

    Good luck with your search, Salad.
  • And the sucky thing about going for manual is that you only get one interior color to choose from which is black. I myself, love parchment, but I had to settle given that I wanted a manual trans.
  • I am looking for a new car and thinking about purchasing the TSX. I am in the S. Cali area. Any advise on getting a V6 vs a V4 and what prices people are paying would be great.
  • tl5tl5 Posts: 2
    Dealer is not budging at all on this. Car has about 20k miles
    What do you guys think about this... Yay or nay?
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    That is a 25K car at best at trade in. Brand new '10 models can be had for about 2K more. I'd say wait - at least till the end of the month when they might be more willing to deal. If you want a deal on a used car you'll have to go the private sale route.
  • I'm getting the following quotes in the SoCal area:

    2010 Acura TSX Base MSRP: $30,120 Your Special Internet Price: $26,900
    2010 Acura TSX Tech MSRP: $33,220 Your Special Internet Price: $29,550
  • Thanks. This is good information to know.
  • I just purchased my Acura in 1 week, and I love it.

    2010 Acura TSX Base: 27000K OTD (everything is included)
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