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Acura TSX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Would you mind sharing the names of the MD & VA dealers? I am in the market for a TSX with Tech. Pkg., a local dealer has offered $500 under invoice so far, I've asked them to match your price.
  • The one in VA is Pohanka, I submitted a request through their website and they came back with a price that didn't include the destination fee, so when adding the fee it was about $26360 or so for the std model. Then Norris Acura in Ellicott City offered the $25600, but didn't respond back when I asked them if that included the destination fee or not. I am assuming that it didn't. Rosenthal Acura in Gaithersburg is the one I am dealing with right now. I can PM you the salesperson's name. I didn't ask the others about the Tech Pkg one, but did ask Rosenthal and they initially offered to do $29000 minus $400. You can definitely do better than $500 because there is currently a $1000 incentive on the Tech pkg. I initally found the lowest price by going through last month, but when I tried to do the search again this time it required me to contact the dealer to obtain the price. What I would do is submit a price request from Pohanka and Norris for the Tech Pkg and see what they come back with and have Rosenthal match it or beat it. Hope this helps.
  • Thanks for the info, it came in handy when negotiating with a local dealer, who matched the deal… here are my numbers:

    2010 TSX with Tech Pkg, black exterior and black interior.
    Price: $28,600
    Fees: $198.50
    PA 6% Sales Tax: $1,716
    OTD: $30,514.50

    Picked up the car yesterday, so far so good! Thanks again for the help.
  • Pulled trigger today on Grigio/Ebony Base TSX, no tradein

    $26,500 + TTL
    .9% for 60 months/basically free money
    Chicagoland/Acura Of Libertyville
  • tcasboytcasboy Posts: 214
    edited November 2010
    That is a good deal. I was at 27,250 + TTL (included all fees) about a month ago, but didn't accept the offer. Salesman called on Sat offering 27,000, but I again declined. Also had another dealer offer the same about a week ago. I am shooting for 26,500 or so before I make the deal. I think you did very well, would love to match it.
  • Thanks. I had been shopping for about 5 months and interest rate change to .9 from 1.9 for 60 months saves about $600-$700 over life of loan. That did it for me plus I love dealer and they're only 4 miles from me, so I had win/win. Doesn't look like '011's are going to make it till January plus I was worried about color selection being depleted. Finally VIN # was "fresh" meaning it had not sat on lot for 8 months!!
  • hp6130hp6130 Posts: 49
    I also live in Pa. Can you give me the name and location of the Acura dealer where you bought your TSX. Thanks
  • Thanks to all those who participate on this forum. I got my new TSX last night. Details:

    2010 TSX base
    - 12k/36m
    - $700 out of pocket including 1st month
    - $329/month
    - the selling price was $25,063.00
    - taxes are included in the payments (tax rate is 8.625%, NY)
  • hlo2hlo2 Posts: 1
    In the San Diego area I am being quoted a price of $26,997 for a 2010 TSX- 4 cyclinder automatic with no tech package. Is that a decent deal.
  • Got the car from Piazza Acura in West Chester. They were easy to deal with.. straight forward and not pushy with add-ons. Hope this helps. Good luck with the purchase.
  • radar6radar6 Posts: 28
    I just saw the information on 2011 models. Acura made alot of improvements in 2011 TSX except for one they dropped the Grigio color and did not replace it. I was waiting for the new navigation system on the 2011 model and Grigio was the color I was interested in. Anyone looking for that color don't wait to long to find a 2010 model. I hope Acura adds a color or two.
  • Hi joesol,
    which dealer offered you that price? won't mind driving up to NY for a good deal.
    Thanks for sharing the information.
  • Here's the deal I agreed on with dealer today (have paid only deposit), due to pickup the car on Monday. Please comment if this is a good deal:

    Acura TSX base model:
    - 12K miles per year/36mos
    - Monthly payment $289/mo + tax ($20 in NJ) = $309
    - Money factor: .0007 or 1.68% Interest
    - MSRP: $30179
    - Agreed on price: $27630
    - Residual: 56% so $16895
    - Fees agreed to pay at driveoff: $1610 (includes $595 bank fees + $398 doc fees + 1st mo pymt + motor vehicle registration charges)
    - 6 free oil changes

    With the above mentioned money factor and price factor, all the online calculator were giving me the monthly payment of $322 + tax so I didn't argue for the actual money factor or agreed on price as the lease payment was quite low.

    What do you think of this deal? Any input over this weekend will be much appreciated.
  • tcasboytcasboy Posts: 214
    edited November 2010
    Wish I could help you on the lease info, but it is voodoo to me. The "price" seems a little high, it appears that outright buyers (and maybe leases as well, I just skim those posts) are paying less for the car. That also seems like a lot in fees to me, but again I have never leased a car.

    I bought a leftover 2010 TSX (base) yesterday for $26,900. "Price" was 26,300, dealer "fees" (ie: profit) were 250 and they insisted on invoicing what I call their profit package (they call it something else of course) of useless add ons and wheel locks for 350. I call that a "price" of 26,900 because that is what I had to pay before taxes and registration.

    All a big game by the suits to try and convince customers that they are losing money on every deal and they must recoup some of their costs via fees. I am all for the dealer making some profit, just man up and put it in your price.

    Anyway, I tried to get down to a "price" of 26,500 but wasn't able to. I had an offer of 27 in KC that I declined, and 26.9 in ATL that fell through (said it was dealer transferred but it is still in their inventory on the website). Those were both black, but since I wasn't 100% sure I wanted that color, I wasn't too anxious to buy. After I decided that I would rather have any other color than black or some form of grey/silver, that left only white. I found grey and black cars (base) with manual in several states, but the only white one I could find left was in Houston. So I flew down there and made the deal, drove it home to TN yesterday.

    I had no trade, and I used the .9% financing.

    For those wondering if I offset any savings on the deal by flying down to Houston, I was able to jumpseat down for free, and getting from the airport to the dealer cost me about 30 bucks. I would have preferred to buy from my local dealer but he hadn't had a manual tranny model in since the summer. He couldn't dealer transfer one as cheaply as I could go get it myself, so I went national.

    As of a week or so ago, here are the manual transmission (base model, no tech) cars that I was able to find in inventories:

    Gatorland Acura Tallahassee Silver
    Stevinson Wilmington NC Grigio
    Brookefield Wisconson Black
    Superior Acura Kansas City Black
    Hubler Acura Greenwood Indiana (Indy) Grey
    Radley Acura Virginia 3, 1 black, 1 grigio and one grey or silver
    Frankel Acura Baltimore 3, all black
    Spitzer McMurray PA 1 black and 1 grigio
    Park Acura Akron OH 2 black

    There are probably more out there, but these were what I could find as of last week.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 13,296
    Sounds good, except the $398 DOC fee is total profit. In NY, Doc fees are limited to $90 I think.

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2015 Infiniti Q40 AWD, 2017 Honda Pilot Touring AWD

  • This posting came at a great time. My husband ONLY wanted manual. He didn't want to part with his 1995 Mazda 626 with 240,000 miles. Says it is much for more fun to drive. We were dealing with the Radley dealer in Falls Church, VA. He went up in price after 2 weeks. Finally contacted dealer in Chantilly, VA. We had agreed to a price of $25,640 + $399 "processing fee" + TTL. They were desparate to get rid of this car so yesterday he called and offered it to us for $25,400! We paid an OTD price of $26,670. Looking forward to picking it up on Sunday.
  • tcasboytcasboy Posts: 214
    Now that is a deal! Congrats and enjoy the new ride.
  • kilnkiln Posts: 41
    edited December 2010
    $90! In Florida some of the dealer fees are around $600 - $700. How you do go about getting it lowered if everyone charges that amount?
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 13,296
    They are just added profit for the dealer. Find out what their doc fee is an lower your offer by that much. Make an "out the door offer" so you don't have to play around

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2015 Infiniti Q40 AWD, 2017 Honda Pilot Touring AWD

  • Sandman6472Sandman6472 Coral Springs, FLPosts: 4,868
    We have ridiculously high doc fees here in Florida and usually have been lucky to get an OTD price so they can put whatever numbers they want in the individual boxes as long as they get to the agreed upon OTD price. But they are still to high none the less.

    Wonder why most other states have much lower one's? Doesn't seem fair at all! Makes for disgruntled buyers down here.

    The Sandman :( :sick: :shades:

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  • Cerrtios Acura here in Southern California is offering me $28,514 including destination. No taxes, registration...etc.

    How is this offer? Can I go lower?
  • tcasboytcasboy Posts: 214
    When I was negotiating with the dealers via email and in person I constantly asked them for the bottom line amount "price" that included whatever they wanted to include, other than taxes and registration fees. When I made an offer, I made sure that they knew that it was the max I would pay other than taxes and registration, they could put what ever fees they wanted into that amount, but that is all I would pay.

    Just decide how much you are willing to pay total and make that offer. If they don't accept, walk away. Eventually they will come calling if you have made a reasonable offer. If they don't try again with another dealer or up your offer a bit. Just make sure you are clear that your offer includes EVERYTHING except the taxes and licensing fees that they can't control anyway.

    On paper, my "price", according to the dealer, was about 26,300 plus 250 in dealer doc fees and 350 for their pro package, for a total of 26,900, which is what I would call the price, and was the top amount I was willing to pay. The finance guys tried to add the doc fee in again, and I had to remind them that the offer included it. They are always trying to get a few more dollars out of the deal.
  • jacandem,

    Did the dealership keep their word on this deal? Please let me know. That sounds like what I am looking for. I am willing to travel to get a "good deal"
  • Yes the dealer kept his word. It was their last manual transmission left and they wanted to get rid of it. Plus the additional lower offer came on the last day of the month. Guess he wanted to make his quota. I know Radley Acura in Falls Church, VA has 2 manuals left but he wasn't willing to deal when he had 3 manuals left. Who knows, maybe now he is willing to come down some. Good luck.
  • I bought 2010 TSX with tech package yesterday, bought it for 27900 including destination + taxes(total of 30900 in CA with 0.9%)
    and got 4 years of A1 (4) and B1(5) services for free.

    Is it a good deal?
  • Can you please tell me which dealership in CA?
  • Stevens Creek, santa clara
  • benjamin9876benjamin9876 Posts: 17
    edited December 2010
    Did you got fiance from them too?
    is there a special APR?
  • yes 0.9% for 30m or 60 m.
  • So I'm getting an offer for a new base tsx for $25,562.23 and after TTL (and fees) $27,550. The only thing included is tint and wheel locks. That price does not include the $500 AmEx gift card offer, which essentially nets the offer to $27,050 DO. I've searched far and wide around Texas for someone to beat that price but I just can't find anyone. Do you guys think I should wait for more cash to dealer from the manufacturer? Does anyone actually think the dealer will increase the holdback money from $1250 (plus $500 GC) to more than $1750, which will make it worth the wait?

    Also, has anyone in NM, OK, AR or LA gotten an offer cheaper walkout than this? All of these Southern states think it's a good idea to have ridiculously high sales taxes for cars and I'm not about to drive to CO for a few hundred bucks.

    I really appreciate the help!!
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