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Acura TSX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Best quote I've seen is $30,800 for a 2011 Acura TSX with the tech package. Has anyone gotten a lower price, what's a really good deal? PLEASE HELP!
  • veerenveeren Posts: 64
    edited October 2011
    Do you guys think this is a good price, offcourse this is before TTL, in Dallas TX area
  • Yes it's before any fees. I read somewhere that a person got the car for $30,500 out the door. Does that sounds reasonable? I'm in California by the way.
  • veerenveeren Posts: 64
    The Dealer called me to offer 27,500, i said 26,500 is something i can consider.

    What say.

    26,500 works out to be around 28,000 OTD.
    Do you guys think i'm low balling? i wish to do the deal, but haven't had experience to haggle.
  • $33,890 is the lowest I found. Is that price for a new car??? How did you get that price? These guys won't budge! :( please help
  • veerenveeren Posts: 64
    Yes 27,000 before TTL is for a new car... with no prior damage (no not even hail) and zero /below 50 miles.
  • Veeren, can you share which part of the country are you in? I'm in New England and all the dealers are selling 2011 at $2k off MSRP, meaning $28,500 before TTL :(
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,174
    If you get a good deal please post the city and dealer for others.
  • veerenveeren Posts: 64
    Dallas Tx (acura dealer in Irving TX on 183 & loop 12)
  • veerenveeren Posts: 64
    Dallas, TX (Acura Dealer in Irving TX near hwy 183 & loop 12)
  • thanks, Veeren. The difference of $1500 is enough to pay for one-way ticket to Texas, spend a few days there and drive the new car back to New England!
  • veerenveeren Posts: 64
    you may not save that much then... and think about putting those extra 1500 odd miles..... Also.. it may work for you to just get the car shipped/get delivered in New England... when you do the transaction over the phone/internet.
  • Just got a couple of quotes from Washington, DC area:
    2011 TSX w/Tech Package - $29977 (Radley Acura)
    2011 TSX Wagon w/Tech Package - $30869 (Tischer Acura)
  • After a week of phoning back and forth, the dealer would only come down to $28,750, and that is if I agreed to finance through Acura. I decided to pass. $3000 off sticker is not enough of a discount to cover the previous hail damage, even if it was repaired. The search continues!
  • Wow, really? $30,869 for a wagon with tech is $1500 below what True Car say is dealer cost. I'd be all over that. $30,500 is what I am being quoted for non-tech wagons.
  • tropotropo Posts: 15
    I was offered an extended warranty for a new 2012 TSX Wagon 125K miles, 84 Months for $1,300. It is not from Acura or Honda, but rather from Zurich insurance company. According to the dealer "They write all the extended warranty for Acura". Any feedback from the forum, as to price and company?
  • veerenveeren Posts: 64
    i'd be wary of any extended warranty not provided by the manufacturer.

    Warranty is a scheme to get money from you... not to protect your car.

    But to each his own...
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,266
    If it's not an AcuraCare warranty, I'd just say no....

    And...there are about 100 insurance companies with the name Zurich in them.... It sounds so solid and Swiss, but you never know who you are buying from..


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  • veerenveeren Posts: 64
    edited October 2011
    I second that.....
    One dealer forced me a Warranty for Accord.... it was by "Fidelity" (well not the Fidelity we know about), some crappy company just created to eat the premium paid, i guess the dealers keep about 50% of the premium if not more than that.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,262
    You do not need an extended warranty on an Acura - underneath the perforated leather, the heated seats, the navigation... It's a Honda

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2011 Pilot EX-L 4WD, 2015 Infiniti G37x Q40 AWD

  • tropotropo Posts: 15
    Thanks for the feedback. Since my son is a traveling sales person and drives around 20K miles a year, I would like to have a warranty that would cover the car for 120K miles. Does Acura offer extended warranty (bumper to bumper)? What should I expect to pay?
  • whats a good price to negotitate for the TSX Wagon with Tech Package. Also is there any difference between 2011 and 2012 models?
  • I'm not finding a lot of wiggle room on the wagon, tech or non. I asked for a quote on a 2011 tech early last week. The dealer has added $1000 in floor mats, window tint, splash guards, and wheel locks. MSRP with accessories was $36,570 and he was willing to sell it for $35,250. Uhh, pass. I know they add this junk right off the truck, so I'm having a hard time finding one without it.
  • I am being quoted 34900 + dest+ttl for a 2012 wagon with tech package. This is just the initial internet quote, but what number should I shoot for? I have heard there's not much bargaining room here because of the lack of Acura dealerships nearby(Baton Rouge).
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,174
    You have the quadruple whammy going against you for getting a great price.
    1. Wagons are in short supply and high demand.
    2. 2012 model year just came out.
    3. Sunami has created shortage of parts and subsequently supply of TSXs.
    4. Not much other Acura competition in your area.

    All I'm saying is that don't assume that you're going to be able to get close to somebody's price in a large market with 4-5 Acura dealers bidding for business. Since everyone seems to be paying top dollar for the wagon, your deal probably isn't bad for your area.
  • ysnysn Posts: 1
    I would like to share the price I paid for 2011 TSX Premium (Non Tech).
    Dsicounted by 3K, and my final purchase price (including all) is 30,280.
    I paid 1K as downpayment and got 1.9% loan for 60 mos.

    I wanted Black, but eneded up my 2nd choice Blue.
  • I guess you are right. I will take a look and see what I can negotiate. I have 2010 Pilot EX that I am planning to trade in( have about 19.5K balance on it). If I can get a 32K price after tradein, I will go for it, otherwise I will just pass and wait for something else.
  • I shopped for a month and I got the best deal for tsx and tl at ACURA of GLENDALE, bought it from the internet/fleet Manager there, he was a very honest straight forward guy. I was between Tl and tsx and on both models he gave the best deal including destination charge compared to center acura, acura 101, cerritos, and tustin.

    Try them out hope I helped!

    good luck
  • Hey everyone. Im in the market for a new 2011 TSX Base model since the 2012 models are out. Ive noticed most dealers are asking nearly the same price for both. Ive offered $28k which i honestly dont think is unreasonable when there is a newer model. Any suggestions from anyone that has made similar offers? Why pay for a pre-owned or a 2011 what you can actually pay for the most current model? I think it's sensible to make a deal and reduce inventory before the year ends.
  • jivarojivaro Posts: 13
    After visiting the Acura and Edmunds web sites, I do not see the 2012 TSX with technology available with a manual transmission. Am I correct in seeing this? I am surprised that this combination has been available for years, but not on the 2012. I have been driving a manual transmission for 40 years, love it and want to purchase a new car with manual. Do I have to eliminate the 2012 TSX as a possibility? I do want the Tech package.
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