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Acura TSX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,175
    You completely missed my point. But if you like OTD price when the vast majority of people in these forums don't, that is your perogative. Good luck on your shopping.
  • minghiminghi Posts: 24
    That's not bad too. Is that the 2012 base automatic? I'm interested in the manual special edition but according to the inventory on their website, there aren't any available.. too bad :(
  • minghiminghi Posts: 24
    I was just offered a 2012 tsx 6-spd manual special edition for $29.3k+NJ TTL OTD. Is this the best offer around?
  • I just bought my TSX 2011 w/Tech Package for $28000.00 plus tax. Price includes Doc and DMV NJ tire fees. I got my TSX from Ramsey Acura. I think it is a good price consediring MSRP is $33595
  • dxxvidxxvi Posts: 12
    wow, congratulations. That's a much better price ($28k * 1.07 = $29,960) than mine.
  • My lease is up in May for my 2009 Acura TSX with tech package. I am considering financing/purchasing a new one and had gone to the dealership yesterday to see what my options are. Buying out my car is not worth it. Luckily, there is no buyback fee because of the condition of my car and the colors are desirable. Please help me determine if the offer I got is a good offer. I am new to this so not really sure what I am doing.

    I am looking at the black/black 2012 tsx with tech package. The car is 33,795. He knocked it down to 32,000 and included $500 in my down payment. The interest rate is 1.9% and since I live in NY the taxes are 8.765. I am willing to put down $8,000 so technically it will be $8,500 bc of the $500 they are including in the down payment.

    The car comes out to $26,552.50 (not including my down payment). For 60 months the payments come out to $464.24. I plan to add more to my payments monthly so I can pay it off sooner.

    For those of you who know how to do the numbers, would you consider this a good deal? Please help!!
  • dxxvidxxvi Posts: 12
    edited January 2012
    $32,000 for a 2012 TSX with tech package? Even if he gave you $500 for the down payment, I think it's still expensive. The guy in the post #4908 bought a 2012 TSX with tech package for $28,000 (including all fees) + NJ tax.
  • So how do I get them to lower the price?
  • sergeymsergeym Posts: 271
    I beleive your price is good. Basically they selling it for $31,500. Truecar gives you $32K, used to be $31.6K last month. The rest is a simple math.

    2012 TSX-tech for $28K does not look realistic to me, 2011 - maybe?
  • Do you think I should try another dealership and say that the dealership i went to (the one who is giving it to me for $32,000) is giving me the car for $31,000 and see if they can do better?
  • sergeymsergeym Posts: 271
    Sure, you can always try to play with them, but dealers usually know what is realistic what is not.
    I am going tomorrow to my dealer trying to lease exactly the same car. The best offer I've got for a 3/36K miles lease is $400 per month for 36 months That includs everything - MV, doc, taxes. Will post what selling price they will use.
  • I leased my 2009 tsx with tech package for $411 a month-36 months 12k miles. Sounds like a good deal to me!
  • The sales manager at the Acura dealership I went to is offering me the remote starter for $525. Is this a good deal? I notice on the website when you build and price the car it shows the remote starter for about $320. Is there a difference in price when you build the car you want versus installing the remote starter after the car is made?
  • Came back from the dealership and got a 2012 special edition tsx for $367 a month including all taxes per month, paid 400 down that including the 1st month, tag, etc..wanted to get some feedback, good deal? 15,000 miles per year, 3 year lease.
  • Sounds pretty good. What was the selling price of the car?
  • $525 sounds expensive. Why not call other Acura dealers for a price comparison?
  • I believe 29, threw in tints and a couple of oil changes
  • I'm shopping around for a 2012 TSX base model. Best I'm getting is $29k plus TTL. Didn't take it. Anyone getting better offers?
  • The best price I got so far for a 2012 tsx with tech package is 31,851 with $500 towards the down payment. Would you consider this a good deal? This is the price before taxes n fees.
  • Sounds about the same as mine. If you look at the "invoice" price of the Tech package as listed by Edmunds, the package runs about $2.8k. So adding my price of $29k for a base model to $2.8k, you get $31.8k+. The tech package might have some extra built in profit so you might get a slightly better price by bargaining. Also, there are regional price differences (I'm in a slightly higher priced region) that will cause the price to vary a bit too.
  • the best I got is $28396.75 plus $750 cash incentive before tax in CA for base model. should I take it?
  • Sound really low. Are you saying of the $750 incentive, you looking at $27646.75 + TTL? Read the fine print. If this is a cash deal and this is really the price, I'd take it.
  • My buddy is a salesman at our local Acura dealership in NJ. I called him asking about a base tsx. He tells me there currently is not any cash back incentives (not until the end of the year), however, he did tell me the dealership has flex cash they can give to customers. He is telling me he can give me $1000 max in this flex cash. He stated he will get me the car for invoice, and quoted me a price of $29,767 OTD. He says there is no way any Acura dealership will be any lower than this at this time. Does this sound like a great price or more of an average price?

    He also states he will give $9000 for my trade in (05 Honda civic, 51000 miles). With this, I would be financing $20767. Please share your thoughts and opinions. Thanks in advance for your help.
  • dxxvidxxvi Posts: 12
    $29,767 OTD? I think you should wait until Xmas to have a better deal. I bought my base tsx last xmas for $29,600 OTD and I don't have any buddy working for any acura dealership in NJ.
  • Hey, I'm in Mukilteo too and have had no luck with the local dealers. Looking for the same car as you and dealers aren't budging - 29k is about right as you noted. Wish I lived on the east coast where others seem to be getting below invoice deals....
  • Was offered $29k. Anyone get in at $28k?
  • Which state are you? None in NorthCA would offer below 30K.
  • Looking at an '11 Sport Wagon with technology package 5K miles listed as certified pre-owned which includes 6yr/72k b to b warranty and 7yr 100k powertrain. offered at 32k +ttl. White/taupe. Car was used as dealer loaner car.
    How does this seem?
  • Currently being offered $27,900 before TT+L. And that is just for the base model.
  • I need opinions on what you would do if you were me.
    My ideal car is a 2009-2012 TSX tech package white exterior black interior
    The two best deals I have found so far are

    2011 TSX tech black exterior/black interior 9000 miles for $26,300 before TTL


    2012 TSX tech white exterior/tan interior brand new for $31,200 before TTL

    Do I settle for black exterior or parchment interior? Are either deals a really good deal?
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