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Acura TSX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • lborglborg Posts: 4
    So we test drove the 2012 TSX Wagon today and really liked it. Got a quote of $28,895 for the base package. Trying to read through this thread to see how much to negotiate or what a good price is for the wagon (they wanted $4k more for the tech package, which just didn't seem worth it). Any other negotiating strategies to make this purchase easier?
  • dlwmandlwman Posts: 2
    What market? Be patient and check at least one other dealer. 1st dealer told me his price and I walked. There are definitely deals on the 4Dr, not sure on the wagon. Try this site truecar.comJust read the graphic after choosing your car and market. I pushed for the low end of the spectrum in my market. Unfortunately the quarter just ended and that may have been a good time to push them.">link title
  • lborglborg Posts: 4
    I am in the Boston area and tried other dealers, but nobody could match this price. I tried truecar and get that the dealer cost is 29,573 and I got it for less than that, so I think I got the best deal I could. I think we still got the end of the month pricing. Can't wait to drive it!
  • Hi there,

    Did you end up buying the TSX wagon? I'm gunning for the tech pkg. I need it for work. I've reached out to all the Boston area Acura dealers and so far my best quote is $32,500.

  • lborglborg Posts: 4
    Hi Jeff,
    We ended up getting it at SunnySide Acura in Nashua w/o the Tech package. Couldn't justify paying $3600 more for the tech package (although it would have been fun to play with). We really liked Rob at SunnySide if you decide to try getting a quote there too. I think he also quoted us around $32,500 for TSX wagon with the Tech Package.
    Out of curiosity, what do you do that you need the Tech package for work? I'm intrigued :)
  • 3brodrig3brodrig Posts: 11
    Paid $27,800 before TTL for a TSX base in Columbus, OH. I had offers as low as $27,600 but that dealership only had cars with black interior.
  • roubaudroubaud Posts: 58
    Did you lease? If so, what'd you put down?
  • I just purchased a used 2012 TSX w/tech package from a dealer in Columbus, OH for $27,400 and they threw in all weather mats. It was a service loaner with under 8000 miles listed for $28,477.
  • zyazya Posts: 1
    I was wondering what you all think of the pricing for this '09 TSX? CarFax shows clean as it came in off lease.

    2009 Acura TSX Base 44,100 miles in Chicago from a Honda dealer. Price is 19984.

    It's been on the lot since April.. which makes me wonder if there could be something wrong with it? I plan to check it out next week if it's still there.
  • It sounds like a pretty ok deal. If it's been on the lot since April I think that gives you more room to negotiate. Personally, I prefer the certified used vehicles with extended warranties. I was considering a certified 2009 TSX with 22,000 miles but the price was too much @ $24.9 K. There was a certified 2009 TSX with tech package selling for $23.9 K here in Cincinnati a few weeks ago w/44K miles if that helps.
  • roubaudroubaud Posts: 58
    We tried to sell our 2010 TSX ourselves (had super low miles), bought it off lease, but no one wanted to pay anywhere near what KBB says it's worth (on market for 6 weeks). So we traded it in for a 2012 tech. Called three dealers--one gave ridiculous numbers for both lease and trade in, and the other just stopped responding after we found a car and I asked for numbers. Which was great. Go to Jay Wolfe Acura in Kansas City -- by far the nicest, most cordial, warm, efficient buying experience I've ever had. They seem to run a great operation, offering free concierge service as you wait for work to be done (dry cleaning pick up, panera lunch, etc). Why didn't my Merc dealer ever do that? Anyway -- $31,677, $395/mth, $1,000 down, 10,000 miles per year (36mths). Came with "protection" package which I was able to negotiate some since I don't need wheel locks.
  • tirpitztirpitz Posts: 5
    I'm starting to look at replacing my 2001 CR-V and though I will shop the current CR-V I'm really interested in the TSX Wagon as an up market substitute. I have fished around a bit and the best prices I have seen are $29,674 for the Base model and $32,184 for the Tech package. I'm not yet convinced that the Tech package is worth an additional $2,500.

    All the dealers I looked at have very few Base models on the lots but plenty of Techs. The bigger dealers have 10-15 wagons on the lot right now.

    I'm leaning toward the lighter interior color which means either a white or red exterior. There are a ton of white cars out there and almost no red ones. Guess which one I prefer? :cry:

    I'm probably going to wait until the 2013 model rolls out to buy. I'm happy with a 2012 so I'm hoping the prices go down a bit more or that Acura offers an incentive on the remaining 2012 models. Of course I will have to take what colors I can find then but I can live with that.
  • Hi there!

    Sunnyside is aggressive with their pricing and also puts out 0% financing several times a yr. I'm a Realtor and would use every part of this tech package. At times I wish I had a regular job. I have all the tech toys that most folks don't even need. Lol.

    I think I'll wait until the 2012's go on clearance. My goal is to get the tech package for 32k. I think it's doable!

    How do you like your tsx wagon? Any issues?

  • lborglborg Posts: 4
    So far we love the car. They didn't even try to sell us the tech package, so I guess we don't know what we are missing but are now on vacation an rented a Ford Flex with the Ford Sync tech package, and I sure hope the Acura one is better than the Ford.
  • mung35mung35 Posts: 18
    edited August 2012
    Just paid $30,388 + TTL @ Los Gatos Acura in Los Gatos, CA. Was originally quoted $30,300 but was apparently off an old price list. New price is $30,888 but we got it for $30,388.

    Most low-pressure sales environment I've ever been to. Ask for Joel and Mitch (Internet Department) if you go there. Better yet, get a price quote from their site first and make an appointment. They're not on an auto row so they'll give you all the attention you want.

  • Looking to lease a 2012 Acura TSX + Tech package. Looking to only put down the first month's payment, tax/title/registration included. Was offered at $510/month, but talked down to $440. Any advice?
  • ln1979ln1979 Posts: 4
    I am not an expert and haven't checked August's money factor or residuals for the TSX Tech but $510 is rip off. At $440 you could be driving a TL. In the mid $300s is more realistic. Check Acura's website for lease specials. They are offering one at $299 with money down and and another at $350 with nothing down except TTL. I don't see why you couldn't get them to roll in the taxes and still be at or around $350.00.
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    As has been said many times, don't shop the lease payment, shop the price of the car. Once the price of the car has been settled, the lease payment simply follows based on terms (length, miles, MF).
  • masonjkmasonjk Posts: 8
    I was at dealer today in Maryland and best price I could get was $31,395 plus TTL for Tech package configuration. Did your price of $30,388 include destination charge, or was that additional?
    Thank you.
  • mbac23mbac23 Posts: 12
    Hi guys. The best deal I was able to get from Acura dealers in my area was $27,007 including destination. I am willing to give $2000 total out of pocket for a 36 month/12k a year lease. Residual I believe is at 56%. How much would my monthly payments be?
  • mrrm11mrrm11 Posts: 5
    I'm in Columbus, Ohio. Looking at a 2012 TSX with Tech and they aren't moving off the $30,695 + TTL. I think it's a good deal but just can't pull the trigger. Plus the .9% financing is nice for the remainder. These decisions are so difficult.
  • dmvesqdmvesq Posts: 4
    $32500 (including destination, processing, and 6% tax). I want to be near $30500 OTD.

    Went to dealer in Northern Virginia today and they couldn't make a deal. High volume dealer with lots of my color combo TSX in stock. You would think I have leverage, but they were happy to let me walk.

    1. Is their offer a good deal?
    2. Can I get to my price?
  • mrrm11mrrm11 Posts: 5
    I bought last night. $30,395 with floor mats and upped the trade-in by $200. I am happy it's over. It was the forged grey exterior which I couldn't find anywhere else. Lots of black and silver but no grey with tech.
  • dmvesqdmvesq Posts: 4
    Is $30395 including taxes and dealer fees? Either way sounds like a great deal!
  • mrrm11mrrm11 Posts: 5
    No, that was before TTL -- thanks. I saw "Target Price" on truecar at $32.5k before tax. I was at around $30.7K so I feel good about it.
  • Bought a 2012 TSX Tech for $31,500 including tax/tags, destination, dealer fees ("OTD")!!! Also got 0% financing. Think I got a good deal, but I KNOW I got an awesome car. Thanks for everyone's post for helping.
  • I live in Naperville, IL. The cheapest quote I received for a base model is $29705 (incl. TTL). One of the dealers is willing to match the cheapest selling price of another dealer and offer a 5% off the difference (which is not much actually). The 0.9% APR for 60 mnths promotion expired yesterday per the dealer. However does anyone think this deal is the best or there is room for negotiation, if so, how much can I push?
  • Included in price.
  • Would you mind telling me where you get the quote for $30,695? Is it from Columbus Acura or Linksay Acura? Does this price include destination? It seems quote low compared to my first quote from Linksay, $33,300 (including destination)


  • Congratulation. This is incredible great price, but the price seem even lower than the

    Invoice price - dealer holdback which is 32,884 - 3%. Yours even include TTL. Do you mean TSX base or TSX with Tech package?
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