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Mercury Mariner



  • mzantimzanti Posts: 1
    Can anybody tell me where the pcv valve is on a1998 mercury mountaineer v8

    thanks mike
  • My 2005 V6 3.0L engine, at a stop when in drive or reverse the engine reduces rpm and stalls. Please advise. Thanks J
  • cammys2cammys2 Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 Mercury Mariner FWD 4 Cyl. and about 78000 miles on it. When I come to a stop from driving the RPM drops and the engine gets real sluggish and dies. It has been doing this for about 1000 miles so far and tool it into a Ford Dealership, wrong thing to do. Charged me $73 to tell me the Idle Air Control Valve was bad, so I replaced it and about 24 hrs later started having the same problem all over again. Took it again to another Ford Dealership out of state as I was on a trip. Cost me $93 to tell me there was nothing the computer could find and no faults in the memory. You have to get the engine hot and be running the AC for this to act up, any ideas anyone? :confuse:
  • kmausskmauss Posts: 74
    Hi there,
    I looked at a Ford Escape a few years ago and basically I like the vehicle, but I thought the interior was cheesy and the seats were awful, so it got eliminated from my list. I'm just starting to look around again for when my lease is up, and I need a vehicle that will haul 'stuff' but isn't a land yacht. I haven't actually gone to look at these yet, but I was wondering about the interior comfort issue. I'm fairly picky about seats and the person who would most often be riding with me is incredibly picky about seat comfort due to a bad back.

    Also wondering about long term durability. My family's experiences with Fords have not been too good.

  • ebc79ebc79 Posts: 2
    I bought my 2006 Mariner brand new and have had it in the dealership now 3 times for the same problem. My power steering keeps going out on me. The first time they said it was the power steering switch and they replaced that. 8 months later, it happened again and they said they probably just replaced it the first time with a faulty switch and replaced it again. Low and behold 8 months later, it happens again! This time they said they had to call Ford and find out what to do and they told them to change the power steering pump. Has anyone else had this problem? Also, my warranty is up in a couple months, do I take my chance on keeping this car? Is there anyway I can make the dealership take it back after this has happened 3 times? Any advice is greatly appreciated!
  • I just bought a 2008 Mariner V6 2WD Premier and noticed that it sits around 2000rpm for 10 seconds or so before starting to lower its rpms.This hasn't made me nervous because my roommates 2006 lincoln LS does about the same thing and his BMW X3 before that always started at a higher rpm level before lowering. The computer module is programmed what rpm level to run the engine at until it is warmed up, then either a quick tap on the gas pedal or putting it into gear will lower the rpm's.
  • I love my 08 Mariner V6 2WD Premier and I think the sound noise is good-Very good but this is the first american SUV I've owned. I really notice the tire noise on the road, but I have just accepted that its because the factory Continentals are probably cheap SUV tires. They do seem to grip fairly well in a snow storm, but sound more like a large truck with oversized tires. If you turn up the stereo like I do, then you won't hear the road noise.

    Happy Driving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • KLH547KLH547 Posts: 1
    I have an '08 Mercury Mariner V6 that I leased in May of '08. I have not owned an American car in some time and this one was leased very very quickly with very little research. The purchase of a leased car fell through at the last minute and I had to find a car and fast!
    Anyway, I was wondering if anyone else had experienced any of the following?
    the passenger doors - front and back - were taking on water, soaking the carpet and underneath the plastic edge. All of the door seals had to be replaced - only had the car for 4 mos. at the time. The car also has the reverse sensing system - now periodically, when I put the car into reverse, it starts going off even if nothing is there. I have gotten out and checked and nothing. Also, I cannot get the gas tank to fill beyond 3/4 of a tank. No matter what, I have even overfilled the tank and no dice. In addition to the gas tank, the mileage per gallon gauge which I reset everytime I fill the tank swings wildly, and I mean wildly! Anywhere from 9 miles per gallon to 42! Which I know is so not true!!
    Any feedback would be great!
  • paulcarterpaulcarter Posts: 1
    I know your message is old, but we also have a 05 Mariner FWD 4 cyl. had the same problem replaced the idle air control valve and had the same problem. Did you ever get the problem solved? If so, how? If not how has the car been since your post? We like the car and want to take good care of it so that it will last for a long time. Any information would be helpful.
  • Having the same problem here on my 05 Mariner V6 FWD with 86K mi. Car stalls sometimes when coming to a stop. Brought it into my local dealership (Fette Ford) and they changed everything from spark plugs to fuel injection tubes. Cost me $1400. Now, one week later, still stalling. I am taking it back in tomorrow.

    When the stalling first began, I found that Ford had released a technical service bulletin (bulletin 07-5-6) for the 05 Ford Escape and 05 Mercury Mariner models that state that sporadic stalling may be caused by a failing torque converter. I told the dealership this when I went there last week. They said no. I guess they will have to re-evaluate this. I am not paying them another $1400. This is ridiculous.
  • We had a bunch of rain yesterday and the inside of my Merc Mariner flooded on the driver side floorboard!!!! Has anyone else had this happen? and if so, What in the world do I do? I took it to the dealership and their run around story is, there is a drain plug in case of big spills inside the cabin happens they can unplug it and drain whatever liquid.....But could not tell me where the plug is....So, I know they are full of it but need to know how to get it fixed.....
    Please anyone who has any info... :confuse:

    Thank you
  • I have owned a vehicle tht leaked on me on the drivers side. It was not this vehicle, but it was caused by the vehicle being parked on unlevel ground and the drivers side raised higher than the passenger side and the accumulation of water underneath the door.

    Hope it helps to know this information.
  • Just bought a 2010 V6 AWD Mariner. Am interested in getting a remote start installed. The car comes with practically every bell and whistle except that. The dealership wants 600+ to install. A local installer wants 250. Another installer quoted 175 for basic package. How many different types of remote starts are there and what are the differences? I want one solely for the purpose of warming my car in winter and helping to melt the snow off the car when necessary. :(
  • I just bought mine with the remote's listed at around $350.00 option...I can't believe they asked $600 may just want to go to a private shop. I found out that with the new "my key" feature, the engine shuts down when you open the door much for the "factory install" being better. Most after market systems allow you to enter the vehicle with the engine still running. I would check with Best Buy, or Car Stereo Outlets to get a price. Good luck! :)
  • ben74ben74 Posts: 1
    I'm also having severe issues with power steering on my 2006 Mariner. Bought new. Replaced the pump and rack and pinion at around 40k miles (outside warranty of course). Replaced the pump again at 60k miles. I have about 90k miles now and the pump is screaming again. Have you or anyone else had these issues and found out the root cause. I called Ford telling this has to be a factory defect. I've never had a vehicle with this many power steering problems. Trying to figure out if adding an inline filter or some type of hydraulic regulator might help pressure spikes in the system?
  • ebc79ebc79 Posts: 2
    Fortunately, I haven't had any problems since they replaced the whole power steering pump instead of just the switch. However, I'm not quite at 60K so I'm hoping your experience isn't an indicator of my future experiences with that car! Sorry, I'm not much help!
  • I inherited a 2007 Mariner Luxury from my parents with 34k. Yes, the factory tires are ridiculously loud on some types of pavement. They seem to be wearing well though. Must be a REALLY hard compound.
  • I have a very small (and evidently low) 1.5 car garage and the Mariner will not fit inside because of the antenna!!! Anyone know of a flexible antenna or at least one of a smaller size that would fit the vehicle without a lot of fuss?
  • hopdevil77hopdevil77 Posts: 1
    I had the same issue with my 2005 dealer couldn’t find it so I took a bunch of 2 liter bottles with food coloring and started dumping them on the driver side wind shield, found that a hole on the inside fender was wide open its about 1.5 inches and you can see it when you put your head up under the steering wheel kind of awkward but look up towards the fender and you will see the hole its right above were the wires come through the side wall please let me know if you find and fix it. I fix mine with high end duct tape. Good luck!
  • jh42jh42 Posts: 1
    Have an '07 with factory installed moonroof. About a month ago, moonroof began failing in various stages. First, it wouldn't completely close so that it would seal tightly leaving about a quarter inch gap. Then it wouldn't open or close unless I pushed the button and manually pushed the glass into place. Then the last time I tried to operate it, the motor worked but pieces of the rail assembly began falling into the cabin. I called American Sunroof, one of the largest aftermarket sunroof companies, and they explained this is a common problem with Escapes, Mariners and Tributes. Little plastic pieces that are part of the assembly commonly fail and that to fix it would require repacing the entire assembly as Ford does not sell the components separately. Bottom line....$800. However, found a company on the internet that manufactures a kit with metal parts, T.G. Automotive. Price of kit...$135
  • I bought a used 2008 Mercury Mariner last February with roughly 32,000 miles on it, a clean car fax and spotless inside & out. In August I had a cracked exhaust manifold fixed, now 3 months later there may be a problem with the Power Steering Rack that the Ford garage has "never seen before". I brought it in for a very loud clunk/bang noise made in the front end upon turning and shifting gears, you can also feel this bang in the steering wheel, shifter and floor. Also, when the car is in park, and off, you can feel something banging around when you move the wheel back and forth. I do not know why all of a sudden these things that "shouldn't be happening"(as the ford garage has said to me), I take very good care of my truck, I don't go off roading or abuse my vehicle, and I don't drive it accessivly (I've put around 10,000 miles in the 8 months I've owned it). I don't think I have unreasonable expectations on this used car. Another thing that bothered me, and I don't know what a dealerships responsiblilities are here, when I brought my truck in to have a tire looked at for possible repair (en lieu of replacement) I was told that it looked like that tire had been repaired before, and I would have to replace all of my tires by the end of this year. I was irritated that I purchased this vehicle with used (and repaired) tires, I thought that a dealership would ensure that a truck they were selling would have tires that would last beyond one year of the purchase date.

    I live in MA and I'm not exactly sure how the lemon laws work for used vehicles, from what I've read some places require that the same issue be repaired (or attempted to be repaired) multiple times. With this vehicle, it appears to be one thing after another, for items that "shouldn't have happened". Someone suggested that I bring the truck in (once I get it back) to an outside garage and have them go through it, and check milege to see if the odometer was accurate. The car fax was clean, but I was told that is just what is reported and may not necessarily be accurate.

    Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I'm getting to be afraid to drive my truck, especially with my two small children in the car!
  • My daughter's 2008 Mariner Premier has two problems that I am betting are interconnected. When you open the doors, the interior lights do not go one, none of them. I can manually turn on the roof light but the others do not come on. And when you start to drive. the doors do not lock automatically. Anybody have any idea what's up?

    Mr. Ed
  • My mother-in-law has a 2010 Premium Edition. Just after 40k she started noticing the same exact steering issues you describe. The stealership also said they had never seen such a problem (BS) They told her (after 3 visits to get them to acknowledge there WAS a problem) that they needed to replace the WHOLE rack-and-pinion and the STEERING COLUMN! She battled with FORD customer care and they took care of some of the bill. NOW they told her she needs new tires because the wear indicators are even with the tread. Well I took a look at the tires (I have been a service advisor for several automotive repair shops) and the tire they where taking the reading from was the front tire that wore prematurely due to the STEERING ISSUE!!! In my opinion this vehicle is sub-par to have the Mercury badge so :lemon: BOO on FORD and BOO on this dealership! Buy a Jeep Grand Cherokee and be done with it!

    You may file your own complaint by calling the NHTSA Monday-Friday 8am to 8pm at (888) 327-4236

    I have a formal complaint listed with them already. They only have a handful of the complaints because people are not aware they have to file a complaint with them in order for a recall to happen. THEY SAY TO KEEP THE RECEIPT IN CASE A RECALL HAPPENS, THEN YOU WILL BE REFUNDED.
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